Title: Mission: Impossible...No really

Author: Doona, Aeryn, Aeria whatever, also so creator was Anjali.

Disclaimer: not mine, if your looking to sue, try someone with a social security number, they'll probably have more cash.

Summary: Fun little fic during which Vaughn, Sydney and Jack end up having to take care of six young children. Bound to end up in trouble.

A/N: Thank you to Anjali for helping come up with the kids and the basic idea, please read and review, cause this is not my usual style. Reviews are what I live off, so duh, do it. Um, this is not going to be my new fic, this is a side fun thing I may or may not continue.

This was their mission. To baby-sit six kids. They were armed with a change of clothes and chocolate biscuits. All that Jack Bristow and Michael Vaughn had to do was get them all asleep and then slip off to where the vault ley. Somewhere above them on the third floor of the building.

The CIA had paired them, hoping to have the book that lay in the vault, by the next day. Sydney was away on a mission for Sloane and considering this was yet another Rambaldi artefact, Devlin had decided the two men for the job. When detailing the mission, he had, offhandedly, mentioned that to get through security they'd have to work at the child care facility, possibly with up to five children. Vaughn had been the one to ask what they were expected to do with these children and Devlin had just shrugged. He claimed that they needed to get them to sleep because otherwise their walking off for coffee, as security would see it as being, would have been suspicious and they could have run into trouble. Devlin had dismissed them then, an important phone call his excuse and an hour later, both had gotten the same sheet of paper out lining the objectives and security. It was supposed to be straight forward.

An added bonus for Vaughn was that Sydney had returned earlier and volunteered to come along. Typically both Devlin and Jack had been doubtful that she was needed, but still, they'd let her go along, as a sort of weird vacation while Sydney knew she was only going because it meant time with Vaughn, even if her father was there.

Objectives had been as follows;

1. Infiltrate building and enter childcare facility. 2. Entertain children for security cameras. 3. Put all children to sleep 4. Go for coffee. 5. Make way to third story via service lift. 6. Break into Vault and obtain Rambaldi artefact. 7. Report back to CIA as soon as possible.

Straight forward and the security was simple, two fat guards who sat in a room surrounded by televisions with no sound. But still, both Jack and Vaughn were used to the CIA being careful and they accepted the fact that they had to be careful with this, not rush it, just in case someone was watching. Moving too quickly could botch the whole operation and they'd discussed it in the car over, making it very clear that they followed the list exactly.

Sydney had met them in the parking lot, stepping out of her own car with the required grace and walking over to them dressed in an appropriate pale mauve skirt matched with a cream turtle necked top with a mauve coat thrown over her shoulder. She was carrying a bag but didn't seem to have much with her. Vaughn had a sports bag containing spare clothes and Jack a briefcase. Sydney had greeted them before the threesome had made their way inside to the receptionist who directed them up the stairs and to the right.

And that was where they found themselves now, six kids, all over the place in a brightly decorated room with a very plump woman standing before them, eyeing them up and down. She looked up at them disapproval in her eyes until she came to Sydney who she thought looked enough like a child minder to be one. She smiled suddenly and welcomed them, "He, you must be the trainees." They nodded and she led them through, past the children and to a corner in the back where there were two seats, she took one herself and Jack and Sydney too the remaining two, leaving Vaughn standing.

"My name's Mrs Britto, the six kids you've got out there, I'll introduce in a moment. I'm off as soon as you're right. Any questions?" It wasn't much of an introduction and the woman was already standing to lead them out. Her voice rose to a squawk, "All right, in line." The children scattered to get into place. "These are your new leaders, listen to them and be good while I'm gone." She nodded to the three agents and waited for them to introduce themselves.

Sydney saw the other two hesitate so she smiled brightly at the four boys and two girls. She bent over so she could look them in the eyes, "Hi," there were a few muttered 'hi's and she went on, "My name's Sydney." She grinned again, they'd been told to use their first names but had been given fake last names just in case. Vaughn and her father were just staring down at the kids from behind her, Vaughn's line of sight slightly off the children and bending towards her rear, not that she minded.

She continued, "This is Jack, and this is Vau..." Oops, Jack glared at her in typical Jack fashion, " Michael. We're going to be hanging out with you for a few hours." Mrs Britto nodded curtly and smiled at the children before turning to leave.

"Be good and introduce yourselves." The moment the door slammed behind her, the expressions on each child's face changed as they glared, stared and watched their new bosses. And then they were off, s much for introducing themselves. One went to the left, one to the right, one headed for the kitchen and another for the toy box while the oldest boy and a girl of around six remained standing.

Jack just stood, arms crossed, empty, bored expression in place and making no move. Sydney just stood up straight and looked around her, in the time it had taken her to stand up, one child was missing, the toy box had emptied and she could see a boy climbing one of the shelves. She gulped; perhaps this wasn't going to be as easy as she had thought. She turned quickly to Vaughn who looked as about scared as her, "You go find the one in the kitchen," she demanded, "I'll handle out here."

He smiled at her, thankful he was left with only one while she had five, before moving, still dressed in his grey suit, in the direction the young boy had last been seen heading in. He rounded the corner and went through the door. For a moment, he couldn't see anything out of place, but then he saw the fridge open and the bottom end of a person sticking out. He sighed and raced over, opening the door to find the rather puggy child, with his hand sticking into a large bowl of green jelly. He bent over and pulled the child up, kneeling down onto one knee he asked, "What would your name be?"

The child stared at him, from what Vaughn could tell he must have been somewhere around three years old and his blue tracksuit was covered in jelly. That's all he could take in before the little voice started, "My name's Cwaig and I'm fwor and a hawf." Vaughn grinned at him as he held up seven fingers, his arm coming out of the jelly and Vaughn was quick enough to pick it up and put it back in the fridge, slamming the door shut and hoisting the kid up to his feet. At first he had planned on carrying him back into the playroom, but Craig was heavier than first thought and Vaughn ended up leading him by the hand back through the door, closing it shut behind him.

Outside, Sydney had grabbed the child around the waist form the shelves and now had the young girl clinging to her leg as she stood in the middle of the room, the two elder children watched her like hawks as she tried to persuade the boy to come over to her and leave the upturned toy box to itself. Vaughn looked around again and found the older boy eying off Jack, he cracked a smile and went back over to Sydney. Craig smiled at Sydney and latched onto her one remained free hand, positioning himself between Vaughn and her, holding one hand of each.

Sydney looked up and caught Vaughn's eye grinning shyly, "Do you guys all want to sit down?" They looked at her blankly before Craig sat down, landing on Vaughn's overly polished shoe with a thud and dragging the two bodies attached to the hands he was holding down with him. Sydney stoped herself from bumping heads with Vaughn at the last minute, looking up and smiling, laughing a little as he looked down at where Craig sat on his foot, the weight surprisingly still heavy and almost causing him pain.

This was when the boy, probably around nine, made his move, he walked over, everyone's eyes glued to him as he sat down, a little too close to Sydney's foot, looking up at her, he smiled, "Come and sit down." His voice was far too level and demanding for a child and Sydney smiled at him, amazed when every other child came and sat in a haphazardly shaped circle.

Sydney too sat down, her legs together to one side, a hand steadying her body as she tried to squeeze between Craig and the bossy young man you seemingly had control. Vaughn just looked down uncomfortably at them, Sydney's pleading eyes the only reason he eventually sat down, legs crossed but close to his body as though he hadn't sat on the ground with children in quite a few years.

Jack remained standing off to the edge, still eying the children with distaste. Sydney glared at him, motioning for him to join them but he just raised his eyebrows and shook his head. She looked around the circle, to her right, the bossy one, next to him, the younger girl who'd been at the toy box, then the boy who's been climbing the shelves, followed by two more boys and then the quiet girl, next to Vaughn who sat beside Craig and then it was back to her. Breathing deeply, she began, voice level and controlling, "Okay, how about you tell my your names and your ages." The children nodded, a few hesitantly.

She was about to point out where to start, but the bossy boy butted in, "My name's Chris and I'm the oldest, I'm eight." It was good English but it didn't suit the childish voice he had.

Next to him the girl spoke, only after a painful nudge that almost took her to tears, "I'm Jane and I'm free." Sydney grinned and looked to the boy sitting next to her.

He spoke quickly and sure of himself, "Ivan and I are almost six." He grinned at her before letting his eyes slide to Vaughn.

The next boy seemed shy, his head was down and his voice shaky, almost stuttered, "Hi," he looked up briefly and Sydney flashed him a grin, "I'm Shannon, my mom says I'm almost six too."

Ivan cut across him, quite rudely, "But I'm older!"

Sydney nodded and looked to the girl, the most interesting of them. She smiled, looking older than she was and mature for her age, "My name's Emily," Sydney felt a pang at the name and saw Vaughn look at her quickly, Emily picked up on this but didn't mention it, "I'm six and a half. Why is he so mad?" She looked to Jack and Vaughn smiled before quickly covering it up as Jack glared at him again.

Sydney just smiled at her and shook her head before turning to Craig, waiting for an introduction, "I'm Cwaig," he sounded important, "I'm fwor and a hawf." Sydney ginned at him.

"Okay," she looked around, wondering what to do next. "What do you want to do?"

It was a stupid question because all of a sudden there were four voices, Emily and Shannon's the only mouths that were shut. From the squabble, Sydney picked up on various ideas, 'Hide and sweek' (Craig), 'eat lunch' (Craig again), 'Talk about the weekend (Chris), "Go on da compooter" (Ivan), "Play" (Jane). Sydney looked to Vaughn first for help but found him looking just as shocked as her and then to her father who was still looking at the misshapen circle with disdain written all over his face.

Sydney eventually stood up and put her hands in the air to signal for quiet, once everyone had stopped talking, mainly because Chris had a finger to his lips and was loudly hissing a 'shooooooooooosssssssshh', she decided, "Okay gang, let's..."

Hmmmm...new from me, different, hope you like it, as I said so creator goes to my friend Anjali who first thought of Vaughn and kids and we went from there though she couldn't be bothered writing. This is a fun thing, I'll probably have a serious fic going in a few days. Anyways, read and review so I know this is being read and tell me if it's worth continuing.