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Chapter 7 Sydney bit her lip to stop herself from laughing at her chocolate covered father, it truly was something she hadn't expected to see, ever in her lifetime. She was just about to approach Emily when she heard a tiny, childish moan and turned around to find Ivan sucking on the sleeping gas mobile phone in his sleep. Unsure if that was a safe thing for him to be doing and tentative of the fact that there was a possibility he could set off another round, Sydney eased the phone out of his mouth and stared at it.

There were a couple of questions clouding around in her mind, not in the least her wonderment at why her father had even had it with him at all. When they had been briefed on the mission they had decided that sleeping gas would not be necessary when it came to putting the little kiddies to sleep, considering that it may be a extremely suspicious to the security cameras to see gas moving around the child care centre, throwing children to the ground, left, right and centre. Kendall had even asked that all devises that put people to sleep be left behind on this mission. Her father wasn't supposed to be carrying the sleeping gas phone and would probably get in trouble for doing so. Sydney was also wondering why none of the security guards had come to check up on why six screaming kids and two grown men, one of which with his pants down and the other in, shall we say, a very compromising position, had all suddenly gotten the urge to all fall asleep at the same time. The unknown reasons behind her meeting with Sark bothered her. His actions were very illogical and that bothered her more, for a moment she wondered what her mother would think of the little run-in with the cocky bastard and decided it was indeed something needing more attention. But later on, of course.

It seemed as if he was waiting for her to open the vault and take the artefact out, when he should have been more than capable of doing it himself. His security guard outfit only made her speculate further over what he had truly been there for. Why, for instance, had he not simply come in through the window, surely he wouldn't have minded creating havoc. She felt chill as a cold sticky substance came in contact with her leg and she turned back around. Emily hand touched her leg with her moose covered fingers, "Miss Sydie, doesn't Mr Jack look pwetty." Sydney looked over to her father he had a very thick layer of moose on his face. For a moment she wondered if this was what he would look like should he ever feel the need to get a full facial.

She looked back at the little girl and nodded. "My room mate does the same thing before going to sleep sometimes, to make her beautiful, but instead of using chocolate see uses mud" Sydney looked at the little girl and smiled. "So Jack is going to look beautiful when he wakes up," Emily nodded with a sweet little smile.

Sydney, through the mission was supposed to be serious, was, by this point, truly having trouble taking it seriously. At that very moment, she didn't really see how her up coming actions would have any affect on anything so she didn't really think too hard before turning to Emily again. She knew it was kind of cruel but she really couldn't help herself, "Emily! Do you know what Mr Michael told me before he took a nap?" Emily innocently shook her head and stared at Sydney, "He told me that he wants to look beautiful when he wakes up." "Weally" Emily replied so sweetly that Sydney nearly felt a bit bad, but then realised the possibilities and feeling bad were instantaneously the least of her worries. "Really, he wants you to put chocolate moose all over his face, do you know what else Mr Vaughn told me?" "Why do you call him Mr Vaughn, isn't he Me Michael?" Emily asked, slightly confused.

"Because...Do you know what he wants you to do?"


"Mr Michael told me he wants to have beautiful legs too. That's why he slept with his pants down, so you can cover them with chocolate and when he wakes up he'll be sooooooo happy about his beautiful legs." Sydney felt very guilt at this stage, not for poor Vaughn but because she was, sort of, using an innocent child. But to be honest, she had a really weird craving to see a chocolate covered Vaughn so badly she couldn't help herself. Emily looked at her bowl of moose and frowned, she looked about to cry. "Sydnie I don't think I have enough chocolate moose to cover both Mr Michael's legs and his face." "You know what Emily there might be some more chocolate moose in the fridge and if you run out of that you could always use chocolate ice cream." Sydney watched as Emily's face lit up and she ran into the kitchen, she the came out a couple seconds later with a tub of ice-cream and another bowl of moose. Sydney watched as Emily started applying the chocolate to Vaughn's legs with such care. Sydney suddenly felt the urge to go help Emily but then decided against it thinking that her urges had done enough for one day, not to mention her father who, should he wake up, would most probably kill them both. Sydney went over to her dad's brief case instead, hoping that he had brought something to awaken people affected by the sleeping gas so she could revive him. She really hoped that he could help her answer a couple of her questions. After a while of rummaging through his brief case, Sydney finally found it hidden in a bottle marked "Anti-aging cream for men". Sydney walked over to her father whose head was still under the table covered in moose and waved the bottle in front of his nose. Jack's eyes flew open; he looked at her and backed out from under the table. Threw the thick layer of moose Sydney could see the deep look of concentration on Jack's face as he tried to figure out what had happened. He put his fingers on his face and wiped off a thick layer moose on his fingers. He still hadn't said anything, after a few seconds of analysing the brown stuff on his fingers he looked at Sydney questioningly. "Emily gave you a beauty mask using chocolate moose while you were asleep," she answered. "Asleep?" Jack seemed even more confused. "Ivan found the sleeping gas cell phone in your briefcase and then he accidentally set it off." Her voice was condescending and intrigued, "Though I managed to escape you and Michael fell asleep," Sydney waited a second before adding, "Why exactly did you have the sleeping gas anyway?" ok I'm going to stop there, I hope you like this chapter. Donna when YOU write the next chapter you know the answer to Sydney's question right ;). Hehehe.

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