Chapter One


He stared down at his charge, a person he had sworn to guide on the correct path no matter what happened or what opponent the boy faced.

Now he had to prove that allowing this boy to continue to live…to exist was the best choice that he could have made. That he would be important to the future where many things would occur and that eventually he would become the most powerful protector of not only the world but of time itself.

Clockwork, Master and Protector of Time smiled down at his charge with sorrowful eyes, knowing that the teen had been through much and would continue to go through just as much in the future. "I'm positive that you'll be able to handle what is to come." Clockwork spoke softly as he reached down and ran a hand over the pitch black hair as he raised his staff with his other hand. "But you must remember what you have beaten in the past before you are capable of continuing on this path."

With that Clockwork waved his staff over the sleeping teen while keeping his free hand on the boy's head.

A small screen above the teen's head and soon Clockwork was staring at a picture of two parents and a little girl staring at a little raven haired baby. "Remember Danny Phantom, for if you don't…everything shall be lost."


Robin growled as he hurriedly leapt onto his Titan Motorcycle and sped out of the tower with Raven and Starfire flying overhead. "We need to figure out what happened and where Cyborg and Beast Boy are. They could be injured beyond what they were before so be careful if you find them." Robin said as he talked through his communicator to the two girls.

"Yes Robin, I shall call if I see them." Starfire announced through her own as she took off towards the eastside of the city.

"I'll make sure to move them carefully if I find them Robin. Be careful yourself as I have a feeling that we are not up against the living. Whatever it is, it is a ghost and it is a powerful one at that." Raven informed as she took the west side of the city.

Robin groaned mentally at the information before sighing and driving down the main street of Jump City. He was still wearing the uniform that Phantom favored while working under Slade, and so he still had all of the weapons that Phantom had in the utility belt he wore. Robin knew that the utility belt had several anti-ghost weapons within it so he'd use those to face the ghost or ghosts that were attacking the city.

So with that in mind Robin went straight to the center of the city where he knew the best strategical attack point was. If there was leader to this attack, then he would be there, and hopefully Beast Boy and Cyborg as well. Villains always loved to have witnesses to their chaos.

With that in mind Robin sped up even more and would leap over fallen cars or debris without a second thought, ignoring the jarring feeling he got when he landed. The only other thing he noticed was the fact that there were no other people in the city. It was completely quiet and this creeped Robin out. It was never this quiet in Jump City, not even when Trigon had taken over the place that one time, there was sound even then.

Robin gritted his teeth as he got closer to the middle of the city where there was a cluster of businesses gathered around a four way intersection and a large plaza that sat in front of two businesses that the Boy Wonder had gotten to know very well in the past. That is where Robin came to a stop to with a fierce scowl on his face. "You have got to be kidding me." Robin muttered as he climbed off of his bike and pulled out his communicator. "Raven, Starfire, it looks like Dalv has been broken into again. I'm looking at a huge hole that's been blasted into the wall." Robin explained.

"This sounds very familiar." Starfire said from her own end of the communicator. "Should I continue looking for our friends or shall I come and join you Robin?" She questioned next.

"Déjà vu much." Raven came through a few seconds later. "I think we should head to you Robin, I have a feeling that Cyborg and Beast Boy will be in that building as well. Wait till we arrive before entering." Raven stated firmly.

Robin grunted before accepting the command. "Fine, come quickly though because if something comes out and attacks, there'll be nothing I can do about it." Robin informed them as he clicked his communicator shut and put away back onto his bike. He then leaned against his motorcycle and waited for his teammates to arrive.

He kept his eyes focused on the hole in the building wall, refusing to take his eyes off of it, and he had his hands laying on the pouches of the Utility belt ready to pull out a weapon at a moment's notice.

Everything was silent, not even the birds or any animals were making sounds, it was like a ghost town and nothing alive no longer lived there. It was creeping him out a lot and he didn't like it all that much. He just wanted things to go back to normal, back to when it was just him and the other Titans fighting bad guys that were alive and had a heart beat and blood pumping through their veins. Not…not this…not fighting ghosts that could do a hell of a lot more than normal human beings ever could dream of.

Robin sighed in annoyance and closed his eyes for a few seconds. His body hurt and ached and he was surprised he was still able to move at all from the damage that he felt on his body. Phantom had put his body through the ringer all right and Robin was now suffering for it. He could even feel the bandages wrapped around his chest, arms, and legs. Then he could feel the burning sensations in his hands and face and feet. There was a lot of injuries on his body that he hadn't known about when he had seen Phantom on the screen or when he traveled with him to the Ghost Zone. "I hope I'll be able to fight." Robin muttered as he opened his eyes.

Only to stare directly into the hole where two sets of glowing crimson eyes were watching him from the darkness.

"Oh crap." Robin muttered in surprise as two figures leapt right at him.

Teen Titans

"You!" Slade hollered as he stared up at one of the floating figures in front of him and Batman with hatred shining in his eyes. "How are you here when I saw you die!?" He questioned as he pulled out an anti-ghost bo-staff.

Batman frowned at that confession but pulled out a batarang but kept it hidden under his cape without hesitation as he stared at the two figures as he tried to figure out what possible reason they had for being there and what connection they had to Robin. "Who are you exactly?" He questioned as he stayed prepared for any attack that could come.

The blue skinned figure turned his crimson eyes onto Batman and frowned at the Dark Knight's appearance. "Well if it isn't Batman, what are you doing all the way from Gotham?" He questioned in return. "Though if the brat wonder gave you a call I could understand you being here then."

Batman narrowed his eyes at the voice that he remembered from somewhere but he wasn't sure where. "I'll ask again, who are you?" He wasn't up for games at this moment, not with the city on fire and literally no screams or anything else coming from that direction, as if nothing was left alive there.

The blue skinned ghost smirked as he crossed one arm over his chest and bowed to the two humans in front of him. "I am Vlad Plasmius! I am the most powerful ghost in existence…or should I say half ghost." He stated with a vicious smirk on his face as he looked back up at the two men. "Despite one person's valiant attempt at making me full ghost that is." He said as he stood up fully again. "And this here is my ally Dan Phantom."

Slade glared up at Plasmius before turning and taking a good look at this Dan Phantom, the flaming white hair and the glowing crimson eyes and the matching blue skin that the ghost had. He wore a hazmat suit with white sides, boots, gloves, and a cape. On the middle of his chest was a D with a P in it. "So you recruited another lowly ghost to help you Plasmius? How cowardly can you get?" Slade snarled as he glared at the Halfa. "How did you survive that explosion?" He questioned next. Slade needed to know the answer to that question so he could keep Vlad from pulling it off again when Slade tried to kill him again.

There were a lot of 'again' and Slade was really starting to hate that word with a passion.

Vlad smirked at the question as he looked down at the human in front of him and the Halfa knew that Slade was a human. There was no doubt about it even though the human was powerful in his own right, he still could harm Vlad too terribly without some sort of Ghost weapon at his disposal. "I simply made a clone when you weren't looking. It's not a hard thing to do and Daniel would have learned it if he had joined me when I requested it of him." Vlad said with a frown forming on his face before he out right glared at Slade.

Slade smirked and chuckled up at Vlad in his own humor. "Well if you weren't such a monster and tortured the boy to begin with then I'm sure you would have gotten what you wanted from him. But thanks to that screw up of yours he's mine and I'm not letting you have him!" Slade growled at the end as he ran towards the edge of the building, intent on jumping and smacking the damned half ghost billionaire with everything he had, but he was stopped.

Not by Plasmius, but by Dan Phantom, who was smirking viciously at him as he grabbed Slade by the throat and began to squeeze. "Did you really think it was going to be that easy to attack us and be rid of us?" Dan asked he continued to squeeze. Slade struggled to break away but whenever he tried to punch or kick the other, Dan would just turn that part intangible and the attack would do nothing. "To think you are the one that Danny chose to side with in the end. Though it's not surprising after I found out what Plasmius did to him." Dan sent a scowl at Vlad who scowled right back.

Slade gasped for breath that wasn't coming and his vision began to darken. He felt his grip on his bo-staff falter and fall out of his hands entirely. The grasp on his neck was too much for him and he was going to die at the hands of this ghost that he didn't even know. There was only one thought going through his head at this moment.

'I'm sorry Danny.'

Teen Titans

Robin stared in horror as two people jumped out from the shadows and he couldn't help but curse as he realized who the two people were.

"Cyborg? Beast Boy? What are you two doing?" Robin questioned as the two moved towards him fluidly, something neither of them should have been capable of at that moment, especially Beast Boy whose leg was still injured from being dislocated. The green teen shouldn't be up and moving at all. "Why are you here, what's going on?" He questioned confusedly and worriedly.

"Sorry but Cyborg and Beast Boy are out." The two said as one, their voices sounding weird as they spoke, and large smirks appearing on their faces as well.

"They won't be in for the rest of eternity!" Cyborg spoke as he changed his arm into a Sonic Boom Cannon and blasted it right at Robin.

Robin dodged the attack but his bike was destroyed and his only way of communication with the other two Titans. "I hope Starfire and Raven are close." Robin said to himself as he rolled out of the way of a green rhinoceros that ran into a car, getting its horn stuck.

He continued to dodge the attacks the best he could, but he was getting tired faster and the wounds on his body were screaming in pain as he did as well. He quickly patted the pouches on the Utility belt and eventually found what he wanted, whipping out the glowing green bo-staff. "Now we're talking." Robin muttered with a smirk as he slammed the staff against the ground and used the leverage to jump over the charging rhino and then used it to slam Cyborg in the head and knocking him off to the side. "I don't know who you are but I want you out of my friends right now!" Robin roared as he glared at the two recovering forms of his friends.

Cyborg laughed as he turned both of his crimson eyes onto the Boy Wonder, Beast Boy's own matching eyes joining a moment later. "Do you really think it'll be that easy to get your friends back?" He questioned as he continued to laugh at the boy wonder. "You are just as much of a failure for a hero the second time around as the first. Why are you trying when you're going to die anyways?" The Robotic teen laughed out.

Robin blinked at that and stared in confusion for a long moment. He ended up shaking his head though as he glared at the two. "Guess I'll have to make you leave them then!" Robin shouted as he ran hand into a random pouched and pulled out several little neon green marbles. Robin wasn't sure what it was going to do but he was going to find out. "Take this!" With that he threw them at his two friends who just laughed when the marbles landed at their feet and did nothing.

"What is this? A marble tournament?" Beast Boy asked as he kicked a marble away from him and turned to continue towards Robin, but was stopped when popping sounds sounded around him.

It was a delayed reaction, Robin was sure, but it was still worth it to watch as the marbles released a green gas that wafted up at the two possessed teens and soon both screamed in pain as the gas entered into them through their mouths and noses. Robin watched with wide eyes as two black shadowy like figures were forced out of the two and then vanished.

Cyborg and Beast Boy soon hit the ground, one awake and one unconscious. "Cyborg! Beast Boy!" Robin yelled as he ran over the two, hitting Beast Boy first and checking the Unconscious boy over before running over to the awake Cyborg. "Are you okay?" Robin questioned as he looked at his friend.

Cyborg groaned in pain as he looked up at his friend, blinking continuously as he took in Robin's face with a smile. "So…you got your body…back?" He questioned slowly as he tried to get his mind back under his control. He felt lethargic and tired and ready to go to sleep.

Robin smiled back and nodded his head. "Yeah, I did. But I want to know what happened to you and Beast Boy and what Ghost attacked this time." He stated as he helped his friend sit up and lean against a nearby tree.

Cyborg groaned as he leaned against the tree before looking at his friend and leader. "We don't know what ghost attacked us." He stated as he rubbed at his forehead. "The tower was attacked and the ghost got past the shield and then we couldn't see it on the cameras except glimpses." He explained tiredly but determinedly, looking at Robin with dull and furious eyes. "All I know is that I saw blue, white, and black. Then flames or something burning me. But that's all."

Robin nodded his head in understanding before standing up. "I'm going to go back over to Beast Boy and look his leg over. He's still unconscious so I'm going to see if I can't help him." Robin said as he stood up.

Cyborg nodded his head as he pulled up his arm and tapped onto his communication device. "I'll try and get a hold of Star and Ray. See where they are." He suggested as he tried to do just that.

Robin nodded and then moved over to his unconscious friend and began to look him over again. Beast Boy was shivering heavily and was gasping for breath, his leg looked like it was dislocated again while there were several cuts on his body that hadn't been there before. "We'll have to get Beast Boy back to the Tower as fast as possible. These wounds are too much for just here." Robin called towards Cyborg. "We'll have to do the same for you Cy, all of your tools are there."

Cyborg nodded his head in understanding. "Yeah, Starfire and Raven aren't answering their communicators." Cyborg informed as he frowned down at the device implanted into his arm. "They are in the city right?" He questioned as he turned to Robin, who was carefully rotating Beast Boy's leg and popping it back into place.

"Yeah, last I talked to them they were on their way." He answered back, grimacing at the loud pop of Beast Boy's leg returning into place that caused a scream to rip from the boy beneath him and jolt him to consciousness. "Sorry Beast Boy, I had to get it back into place." Robin explained as panicked eyes landed on his face.

Beast Boy growled as he kicked out his good leg at the Boy Wonder, forcing Robin to back up quickly or else get hit. Robin could only stare in surprise and horror as the green skin teen growled threateningly before transforming into the Beast and lunging at him. "Beast Boy! What are you doing!?" Robin shouted out as he leapt out of the way and to the side, just barely dodging the swipes of sharp claws.

Cyborg sat where he was with wide eyes, unsure of what was happening. "BB! Come on dude! Snap out of it!" The mechanical team shouted out as he forced himself to his feet, he wouldn't be able to fight but he could talk.

Beast Boy didn't respond visibly to what they said and instead continued to growl as he ran straight at Robin again, snapping teeth and swiping claws furiously. He continued to lung and both currently sane Teen Titans could see the strain that was being put on the damaged leg. Both knew that if they didn't finish this soon then the leg could either dislocate again or some even worse could happen.

"Any idea on what to do about this or what's even wrong?" Robin shouted towards the still cyborg. "We've got to stop this somehow!"

Cyborg just shook his head. "I don't know! I don't even know what's wrong!" He exclaimed as he watched the Beast snap his teeth dangerously close to Robin's neck.

Beast Boy froze in place suddenly, ears moving around rapidly as his eyes widened in terror. IT was only a second later that he took off running away from the two other teens to leave them standing there in their own surprise and confusion. "What just happened?" Cyborg questioned as he made his way slowly to his friend and leader.

Robin gulped and shook his head in his own confusion. "I have no clue and I have a feeling things are about to get worse." He admitted as he turned to his friend to continue, only to gasp and tackle Cyborg to the ground instead. "Down!"

Cyborg shouted in surprise as he hit the ground and then gasped as he saw a bright green beam fly over him and Robin, slamming into the tree that had been behind them. The tree disintegrated. "What the heck was that!?" He shouted as he tilted his head back to see what had been behind them only for his eyes to widen in surprise.

Starfire floated in the air, hands flaring with green energy but her normally brilliant green eyes were now fully crimson and a devious and ugly smirk played across her lips. "Oops…looks like I missed." She said but her voice seemed to be overlaid with another voice, much like how Cyborg's and Beast Boy's had been. "I'll have to make sure I don't miss a second time." She chuckled lowly as she powered up another attack to throw at the two boys in front of her.

"Starfire!" Robin shouted as he jumped to his feet and shoved a hand back into a pouch and pulled out the bo-staff, extending it quickly. "Get out of her!" He shouted as he ran towards his teammate.

Starfire's smirk only widened as she flew up into the air where she was out of Robin's reach. "Do you really think I'd fall for that again, let alone the Ecto-gas that you used earlier?" She questioned as she tossed several blasts at Robin, who was dodging the best he could while keeping the attention off of Cyborg.

Robin scowled up at his possessed teammate. "So you're the same ghost from earlier, good to know." He stated as he swung his bo-staff like a baseball bat, hitting Starfire's blast and sending it back at her.

The possessed Tamaranian scowled as she dodged the blast and then used her eye blasts at the ground in front of Robin, sending dirt and rock flying into the boy wonder's face and body. "Don't think just because you stopped me earlier that you can do so again. Especially since that demon couldn't beat me either." She taunted with a smirk on her face.

Robin blinked in confusion at that before something clicked in his mind. There had been only one demon they had faced and there was no way he would be back but that didn't stop his daughter from being a good friend to Robin and the Teen Titans. "What did you do to Raven!?" Robin shouted in anger as he glared at the girl.

Starfire lowered herself to the ground with a cruel smirk on her face and her hands settling on her hips. "Oh was that her name? Raven? Well either way she's not going to be joining you anymore." She chuckled and Robin could barely keep himself from lunging at the girl angrily.

"Where's Raven!?" Cyborg shouted from his place behind a tree, using it to get back to his feet. "What did you do to her?"

Starfire didn't even bother to turn towards where Cyborg's voice came from and instead answered towards Robin. "Well you see I can't possess her like I can possess you lot. Mostly due to her abilities but also because of her lineage…even in the other future I wasn't able to control her like I wanted." Here Starfire's crimson eyes turned into a frighteningly bright color that caused her face to take on a red hue. "So I disposed of her permanently."

Robin and Cyborg both froze in disbelief for long minutes until they both acted instantly. "I'll kill you!" Robin shouted as he took a running leap at the possessed teen and swung his bo-staff at the other viciously.

The girl simply flew into the air with a malicious laugh, getting out of Robin's range easily. "I'm already dead you fool!" She shouted, that overshadow to her voice strengthening. "But if you want to kill this idiotic girl then you can." She offered as she held out her arms with that smirk seemingly never leaving.

Robin scowled at that as he reached into the pouch that held the marbles that he had used on Beast Boy and Cyborg earlier. "I'm not going to kill one of my friends!" He stated angrily as he readied himself. "I'll just knock you out of her instead!"

"How are you going to do that when you're all the way down there?" She questioned with a raised brow and the once vicious smirk turned into amusement instead.

"By bringing you down!" Cyborg shouted as he fired a Sonic Boom.

Starfire's eyes widened as she turned around just in time to get the blast straight to her chest and knocking her out of the air. Robin wasted no time and threw the marbles right where she landed and all they had to do was wait for the smoke to be released and then surround her.

"This isn't over." A rough and deep male voice stated as a shadow with crimson eyes appeared where the smoke still surrounded Starfire. "I'm only an eighth of the power that is out there. There's more to come and I can guarantee that you will not survive it in one piece…if at all." With that the dark shadow disappeared into thin air with a malicious laugh.

Robin gulped at the sound of the laugh before shaking his head and running towards the now visible Starfire, who was groaning lightly already. "Starfire! Are you okay?" He questioned as he slammed down onto his knees next to her, quickly helping her sit up as she struggled.

"I feel as if I was ran over by a hoard of Globsnarbs." She stated as she rubbed at her head and her voice tinged with exhaustion. She took a moment to reorient herself and then looked at Robin with tired eyes. "I do not know how I came to be here."

Robin nodded his head in understanding, ignoring the sound of Cyborg's heavy footsteps behind him getting closer as he spoke to his friend in front of him. "It's okay Starfire, I don't expect you to but I need to know what the last thing you remember is." He said seriously. He didn't bother asking if she was okay again because it was obvious that she wasn't.

Starfire took a deep breath as she tried to remember what the last thing was before everything went black. "I was heading here to meet up and help transport friends Cyborg and Beast Boy back to the tower. I was not far but then a shadow fell over me. I turned to see what it was but everything when dark after that…I woke up here afterwards." She finished with confused eyes.

Robin nodded in understanding before he helped her stand, allowing her to lean on him. "We need to get to the tower and get Fenton Deflectors on again. We can't risk being possessed again." Robin said as he looked at both his friends. Both were terribly injured and exhausted and none of them were in any condition to continue to fight…not to mention two of their friends were missing…one most likely dead.

Cyborg nodded his head in agreement. "It might take a while but we'll have to walk. We don't have any other way to get back to the tower quickly and I don't think Star can fly."

Robin nodded his head in agreement. "We'll have to make due...we'll have to be careful as well. We don't know when we'll be attacked again or even if we will be. That and the city itself is in disarray and chaos…this is going to be a long walk." Robin sighed as he shook his head and turned to begin walking with Starfire on one side leaning heavily against him and Cyborg on the other, limping and struggling to move.

That was when a large shadow and the sounds of engines came from above them. All three looked up to see a large jet of sorts and a boisterous voice called out. "Hey, I got a call from Bats and it looks like he wasn't kidding. You guys are going to need some help and a ride."

Robin could only sigh in irritation as the voice matched a face in his mind. "Oh great, just what we need." He stated sarcastically but was ignored as Cyborg and Starfire gaped up at the ship with wide eyes. "Well, are you going to land and let us in or not Flash?" Robin called.


He couldn't remember what was happening or how he got where he was. All he remembered was pain and fear and the inability to control his movements. He felt trapped and controlled but he wasn't able to understand why or how.

He had been in a dark place for what seemed as an eternity, causing him to freak and panic at it. It didn't help that he had been freezing cold with what felt like bugs crawling all over his skin as well as pain lynching at his nerves on what seemed a constant basis.

All he wanted was to get away and get out.

So the first chance he got he was out of there. He took his strongest and fastest form and attacked anything that had been near before he had felt the cold returning. The shivering of his body and his senses flaring in danger told him that he needed to flee and to hide. He didn't want to be near whatever was causing the cold because he knew that it would cause pain.

Once he ran though he realized that the cold and danger was all over the place. He was almost surrounded the entire time but he knew that there was a way to avoid them…he'd just have to track it down. It would take time and he would have to be patient, but that was fine, he could be patient. It was something that came with being a predator all the time.

He crawled along the wall of some sort of cave carefully, staying hidden in the shadows, sniffing every few feet to make sure that there was no danger. He wasn't about to be taken by surprise again.

It was his sniffing only a few feet later that he smelt something that sent his blood boiling with excitement but it was pushed down in fear as he remembered his situation.

Hunting right now would not be the best idea, even if his stomach was growling in hunger at the moment, he could not risk being caught.

He moved to continue down and ignore the scent of food but stopped when something flashed in his mind.

He wasn't sure what it was but he had a feeling that he knew this scent…it was important…it was….familiar.

He stood there for a long time trying to figure out what he was going to do for what seemed years. The scent was strong though and the familiarity of it forced him to move towards it and soon he was coming upon a scene that would have had him launching at the vulnerable prey.

Only a flash of blue covering the bleeding thing stopped him and the memory of a warm and comforting smile flashed through his mind. The warmth and comfort of a hand in his own and the patting of his head and kind words.

Whatever this was, was important to him and he couldn't leave it behind. So with careful movement he moved closer to the lump hidden beneath the blue cloth and carefully grabbed it by said blue cloth.

Luckily the cloth seemed to stay attached to whatever was injured and he was able to carry it like a pup, something he was thankful for.

So with his burden in hand he quickly disappeared back into the shadows with the intent to disappear and wait out the chaos that was happening around him.


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