Of Prophecies and Parables
A story based on Sports Night
Written by DJ Carter

Dan Rydell walked through the newsroom of the Sports Night studio, humming a happy tune. It was a good morning. A reasonable temperature in outside New York city, and the sun shined brighter than ever. As he quickly glanced out a window, he laughed out loud, and strode past a few confused people.

"Good morning, Casey!" he said as he walked into his and Casey McCall's shared office.

"Good morning, Danny! You're in a good mood I see," Casey grinned as he looked over some footage of a recent basketball game.

"What've we got for footage so far?" Dan asked, sitting down on the couch.

"Not too much. Only a few games today. I've been looking over this footage of Orlando's recent loss. They've got no chance. The defense they have will be slaughtered tonight by the Chicago," Casey said, turning away from the monitor.

"What are you, an oracle?" Dan asked.

"I consider myself more of a prophet of sorts," Casey replied.

"Oracle sounds much cooler," Dan returned, turning to a stack of papers on his desk.

"It sounds immortal," Casey said, turning towards Dan.

"It does indeed," Dan replied, still sorting through papers.

"Do you even know what a prophet is?" Casey asked.

"I do know what a prophet is. I also know what an oracle is, and oracle sounds much cooler," Dan responded.

"One who prophesies, or foretells events, a predictor, a foreteller. I think I am a prophet," Casey said turning back to his own work.

"An authoritative person who divines the future, that's an oracle," Dan said, looking towards the ceiling for a second as he thought.

"I know that. I also know another definition for oracle is a prophecy," Casey replied, then stopped.

"Casey?" Dan questioned.

"Yeah, Dan, there is pretty much no difference," Casey said quietly.

"That's what I'm saying," Dan said.

"Good morning, Gentleman," Dana Whitaker said as she walked in and handed each a piece of paper.

"Dana-" Casey started.

"Don't ask Casey," Dan interrupted.

"Dana-" Casey tried again.

"Casey, abort!" Dan yelled.

"Dana, am I an oracle or a prophet?" Casey finally got out.

"Neither of the above," Dana said as she walked out.

Silence filled the room as the answer sunk in.

"I shouldn't have asked," Casey muttered.

"Yeah, that's an affirmative," Dan replied, laughing slightly, and turned back to his work.