A few minutes after Jay had talked to Dan, he had left. The power had come back on as he did, and Dan went back and finished the show with Casey.

Now, he stood outside the door, and then knocked.

A muffled reply came from behind the door, and Dan assumed that was the okay to come in.

"Hello Danny," Isaac said, turning his chair towards him.

"Isaac, you got a minute?" Dan asked, sitting in a chair across from him.

Isaac nodded, then turned around towards the TV, turning it off. Then, he braced himself against the desk, and pushed himself up slowly, and started making his way across the room to his small bar.

"You want a drink?" Isaac questioned him as he poured himself one.

"Nah, but thanks," Dan replied.

Isaac nodded again, then made his way back across the room, and sat down.

"This have to do with your father?" Isaac questioned quietly. By Dan's silence, he knew he was right.

"Isaac... He told me he was sorry."

Isaac sat in silence, as Dan's comment sunk in.

"Wow," was the only thing he could come up with.

"Yeah," Dan answered.

"What else?" Isaac asked, as he slowly put his feet up on his desk.

"He wants to get to know me again."

"And, you're on the wall about it, because of the years of pain," Isaac finished.

"Yeah, you got it."

""What are you gonna do, Daniel?" Isaac asked.

"That's why I came to you... I figured you might have an idea," Dan replied.

Isaac closed his eyes for a second in thought.

"Danny, you ever heard the parable of the unmerciful servant?" Isaac asked suddenly.

"No sir. What is it about?" Dan replied, with his own question.

"Jesus had told Peter that he had to forgive not seven times, but seventy times seven. Then he told a story. He said, the Kingdom of God is like a king, who decided to settle his accounts and whatnot with his servants. One of them owed him quite a chunk of money, and the King ordered that this servant and his family be thrown in jail, and his personal possessions sold. The servant pleaded for the King to give him time, and the King relented. Told him, 'Your debt's gone, Now get out of here..' "

Isaac paused, and took a small sip of his drink, then continued.

"That same servant, on that same day, walked out of that palace, and found another one of his fellow servants, that owed him a few bucks. So that servant started going off on this guy, chokin' him, and told him to pay him back. That fellow servant, told him that if he gave him time, he would be able to pay his debt. The first servant though, just had him thrown in jail. That king heard about it, got angry, and had that servant thrown in jail, till he could pay him back," Isaac said, finishing his story.

Dan shut his eyes, and considered what Isaac had told him.

"Dan, from what I've heard, before and after Sam died, you and your father never got along well. This is your chance to change that. Don't let the chance slip away, or you may find yourself in your own prison," Isaac told him.

"So. you're saying that I should give him the second chance," Dan finally answered.

"Yeah, I believe so," Isaac confirmed.

Dan nodded slowly, then nodded again. Standing up, he started walking towards the door.

"Daniel," Isaac voiced quietly.

Dan turned, and looked at Isaac.

"I've lived a lot of years, and I've read a lot of things. Because of that I can say this. With parables, one can evaluate ones life to find new meaning. Every parable can give you new insight," Isaac said, a bit cryptically.

"..All right sir." Dan answered quietly, and left the room.