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Ami smiled as she scrolled down her mini computer's screen, reading the news headlines. Searching for something that would interest. She and the girls had been evading the pilots for the past two weeks. It was an amusing game, especially since they knew that it was pissing off so many people and they couldn't leak it to the press to get help. They even managed to be at every race, thought that was a little trickier to handle.

In the end they showed up with just enough time to get everything ready, and the pilots, celebrity hero's or not, couldn't just waltz in without a warrant and Une dared not do that before a race. Racing was the biggest entertainment value in the alliance. She didn't have the power to do anything to them there and Ami knew that it grated on her nerves.

The blue haired girl set aside her computer and stood up and stretched. She was wearing a simple powder blue swim suit, single piece and streamlined. She ran a pale hand with long slender fingers through her short dark hair and walked over to the edge of the pool. She kicked off her sandals and made a clean dive into the water, popping up beside her friends.

Setsuna shook her head softly. She was wearing a rather scandalous black bikini and thinking hard. They had been evading the pilots for two weeks now. They had a few choices to go over soon, and she knew that she would have to talk around a few of the girls to whatever the majority choice was.

The problem was that they were busy with their racing cover, trying to stop a new war from raging because a company that was staying below the radar wanted to rule all, trying not to get caught by the infamous gundum pilots, trying not to let the paparazzi get a look at where they were at any particular time, and trying to stop other companies and individuals from donating to the fore mentioned evil company. It was stressful and most of the girls weren't thinking about it at all. They had to decide on options.

One: They could let themselves be caught by the pilots and taken to Une, forsaking their own pride to assuage Une's and allowing what needed to be done to be done. Finding evidence and asserting force to stop the war that was starting to brew.

Two: They could do as they had been doing, and hope that they wouldn't make Une lose her temper with their antics. Though it was highly unlikely that that they would have much help from that faction until it was too late and the war was on.

Three: They could turn themselves into the preventors and share all information that they had. That way they could keep their pride and still be able to tease the pilots about not being able to find them. It would help put them on a more even footing and not allow the preventors to try and act condescending.

Four: Disappear without a trace and create new lives.

Setsuna sighed again. Four wouldn't happen, and she wasn't sure where it had come from. She looked at all the rest of the girls, they were having a chicken battle. Michiru on Haruka's shoulders, Ami on Rei's, Hotaru on Minako's and Usagi on Makoto's. She smiled softly as Ami and Michiru teamed up against the other two. Of course the two water lovers defeated their opponents. She laughed softly at them all. They were having fun, that was why they were at the resort, to have a few days of fun without thinking. Of course, that had always been hard for Setsuna. Even when she had briefly considered marrying a man she thought she loved, she had worried about the girls and Momaru. Hell, even when making love she thought of other things that were important. A wry grin spread itself across her face as she admitted to herself that she was a worry-wart.

"Setsuna, why did you bother buying that scrap of fabric you insist on calling a bathing suit if you're not going to get in the water," Usagi demanded of her, splashing the older woman with water.

"Interesting tan lines?" Setsuna retorted thoughtfully. Before she knew what was happening Haruka and Makoto had jumped out of the pool and lifted her struggling form before throwing her into the water. Setsuna surfaced, glad that she had braided her rather long hair.

"A love getting a beautiful woman wet," Haruka said proudly, a wicked smirk gracing her features. Makoto gave her a hard shove and the blonde went tumbling into the pool.

"And that leaves me, amazon queen," Makoto announced. She struck a pose in her dark green string bikini with little wooden beads edging it before cannon-balling into the water.


"Boys, I am slowly losing my belief in you," Une told them, her voice soft and angry. The five gundum pilots were sitting around a table with her for a meeting. None of them liked the tone of her voice. At her use of the word 'Boy' Heero had to remind himself that it was against the rules to shoot his boss. Then again, Quatre had to fight with himself to even stay in the room with someone who lacked in manners.

"Then why don't you go find them," Duo told her with a smile on his face. Quatre raised an eyebrow at that. Obviously he wasn't the only one starting to lose it with their superior.

"Maxwell, take care with your tone of voice. Those girls are a menace and are making you a laughingstock. It's pathetic," She spat out at them.

"With all due respect, we have been doing our best," Quatre started, only to be interrupted by the normally calm woman. The girls were obviously getting under her skin in an unhealthy way.

"If you were doing your best you'd have found them already," She thundered.

"Une, you'd do best to mind your tone. You might be annoyed and aggravated, but it's breach of protocol to take it all out on us. This time I'm serious, if you want them so badly, go find them yourself. I'm not helping you anymore. They didn't do anything wrong, you're just jealous that they're at least a step ahead of you at all times," Duo thundered at her. He took a deep breath to calm himself and continued. "Now, I am tired, I'm hungry, I'm starting to smell and I don't care what kind of power you think you have. You can't stop me from going home, taking a shower and the setting in for a nice long nap. When you get over the temper tantrum and decide to behave like a mature adult woman, call me and I'll get back to work," The man stood up and walked out the door, his braid swinging behind him.

Madame Une looked shocked. The man had surprised her. Then again, he'd surprised everyone. It wasn't often that you got him that serious about something. He must be really tired. Quatre stood up as well.

"Well, Duo has just voiced my own sentiments, Good day," He told the woman. The other three young men followed him. They were surprised to see Duo standing not that far down the hall, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Hey Q, I just realized that I don't have a place on this colony," He said sheepishly. Quatre grinned. Good old Duo.


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