This is basically Avengers in a really loose plot of Lord of the Rings. Although it's not just the Avengers on the quest...mission...thing.

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It was a hot sunny day, the kind where you hold your breath and wait for someone to announce that spring turned to summer. But summer wasn't coming for two weeks, so Steve Rogers had to settle for spring. He sighed. It wasn't so bad being up on the hovercraft during that amount of time, and it wasn't that he disliked it, but he needed to do something. Stay too long in one place, and he'd end up spending time on thoughts he'd really rather not dwell.

Which was why he had requested to take a few weeks of leave. The actual hovercraft had landed about an hour ago. He was currently waiting to be admitted out. Some people had…difficult experiances with the air pressure adjustment, and that along with security checks had been regulated over the past few months.

The woman who was scanning him barely looked up. "You can go."

"Thank you." The sound of his voice spread recognition on her face, but by the time she looked to acknowledge him, he was already long gone.

First stop, Stark Tower. Steve broke into a run, cherishing the use of his legs on solid ground.

The sun was bright and heavy, and the lack of wind hardly helped. Steve was drenched before he even neared the building. He could see it, though. Stark Tower was hard to miss.

Pepper's eyes widened in shock when she saw him, then scrunched a little when she saw his state.

"Shower stalls. Eighth floor, across the hall from Weights. I'll tell Tony you're here."

Steve nodded and made his way up the stairs. He'd had bad experiances with elevators. He also knew he wouldn't find anyone on the stairs, except maybe Banner, but even then the chances were slim. Tony had added the stairs because the board of New York City had required him to build one into the structure. The only time he might use it was if a fire broke out from some experiment gone wrong.

The thudding of water eased Steve to a relaxed state, but he finished it quickly, mindful of who might be waiting for him. Tony was not exactly the most patient person in the world.

He had expected to see Banner at most, but not everyone. Natasha gave him a nod as he came in, then went back to watching Clint, who was restless, and wouldn't stop staring at-

Steve's mouth dried up. Loki. Thor was standing next to him, keeping guard.

Tony gave a mirthless grin. "Glad you could join the party, Cap."

"I don't see how this is a party." Nat's words withdrew Steve to memories of New York and all that had happened in the last few years. All that had happened because of Thor's brother.

"It's not." The elevator opened and Coulson walked out, but for all the seriousness in the situation he couldn't keep a smile off his face.

Steve, on the other hand, was shocked. So was Tony. "Are you...what? Is this because of the letter I sent to Fury? Can he even do that? And how did you get through my door?!"

"Do what?" Coulson looked slightly amused.

" know, dead people. You were definitely dead."

"Well, he recruited me, but I'm definitely not dead. Any more. I'm not even sure if I was dead in the first place. That's not the point. You're probably wondering about my ex-murderer, so I'll let Thor take over this."

Thor straightened. "Of course. Father's sentenced Loki here in my care for the time being. He wishes for Loki to learn from our example as the Avengers, as well as restoring all the damage."

"In other words, wherever Thor goes, so does Loki," Coulson interjected.

"And you're not worried that he might try to…take over again?" Steve looked back and forth from Loki to Coulson. If Fury had been there, he would have given him all the money he had at that moment.

"Shield assured him with a piece of technology. My power is connected with Mjolnir, but Loki's is with his magic."

Loki's head did a two degree twist towards Thor in alarm, but Thor held him in place, pressuring his shoulders so that his arms were forced to come together.

Coulson produced a metal strip of silver about five inches long and slapped it over Loki's wrists, making him flinch, then shudder as it expanded and began to shimmer green. It used his own magic to enlarge itself, shifting around his arms until the last liquid molecules settled in place. A smooth metal band connected to intertwining laces around Loki's wrists was the finishing result. They pulsated an emerald green once and faded to grey.

Loki looked down at his fists, now handcuffed. "Lovely."

Thor burst out laughing. He clapped a hand against Loki's thin frame, making him wince. "Ah, brother, you'll get used to it in due time. After all, I thought you liked tricks!"

"I'm not your brother," muttered Loki, face turning slightly red. "How did Earth find alien technology and transfer it to their uses so fast?"

"You'll have Banner to thank for that," said Natasha. Tony started to say something, but Natasha held him off. "Yes, yes, Tony helped too." She rolled her eyes. Tony nodded.

"We pulled out all the stops on this one, so you can kiss your magic goodbye. Until we take it off, anyways, but I doubt that will be happening soon."

Loki seemed sufficiently irked. Then a realization came upon him, and his glowering expression twisted into a guarded smirk.

"By the way, where is that monster of yours?" Natasha immediately looked his way with a glare that could kill. "He's not a monster. And we decided to let him off on this one, let him relax."

"You'll find that the one we replaced Mr. Banner with on this mission is more suitable to stress."

"And who is that?" Loki's eyes flicked between Natasha and Coulson warily, slightly raising his chin.

"You'll find out soon enough." Coulson consulted his watch. "In fact, he should come through right…about…"

The stair door slammed open to no one but Wolverine himself, scowling, claws projected. Six looks of disbelief appeared in the room.

"Wolverine?!" Tony exploded, "You got Wolverine to replace him?!" while Clint shouted, "He doesn't even GO HERE!"

"Watch who you're speaking to," said Logan, glaring, before turning to Coulson. "You told me that I was needed for a mission, not a circus joint."

"Hey!" Natasha was now trying to calm Clint from two directions.

"Mission?" Steve was becoming more confused by the minute. Coulson cleared his throat.

"Let me explain."

Okay, so it wasn't just Avengers.

About the wrist cuffs: Loki has a huge amount of magic. No one noes what would happen if they took it away, it's like an enormous blood loss. Loki's used it all his life. So the cuffs are attached to him, taking the magic and storing it close to him in a way that neutralizes the power instead of ripping it out of him. He has it, he just can't use it. This is also why, if any of the Avengers were to disable it, Loki could have the magic back. Technically, I think that the handcuffs in Thor 2 disabled Loki's magic (either that or he didn't use it until they were taken off) but these allow a bit more movement. They're really more like vambraces than anything in that they start with a band at the wrist and go up from there, although they aren't really great with shielding. the only handcuff part about it is probably the strip of metal that connects the bands together.

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