A Shameless Parody

"Elaine?" John was standing near her desk and was watching at her secretary. "Could you please find out what kind of site is?"

Elaine stood up and stretched herself. "I have already done this." she explained. "It's an internet site, were people can post fictional texts."

"But isn't this a good thing?" John scratched himself at the head. Just in this moment one could hear Ally screaming shrilly. Elaine and John went quickly into her office to see a boy standing on her desk. The boy with the raven black hair and the glasses jumped down from the desk.

"Sorry for that, always trouble with the floo powder. I'm Harry Potter, I have an appointment with John Cage?" he looked around.

"Oh, that me, John Cage." said John and stepped forward. "We just talked about your case."

"Well, I'm in a hurry, because actually I'm not allowed to be here. in fact I miss the defence against the dark arts lesson." Harry stated. John escorted Harry potter to his office. He knew half of the office was trying to listen at his closed door.

"I told you it's about " Harry began. There are some stories about me on this site. About me and my friends, about the whole of Hogwarts."

John nodded. "Yes and were exactly is the problem?"

"The stories are not true and I don't like them. Hermione and Ron don't like them, as well."

"I'm afraid that's not enough for the judge. You have to get more explicit."

"Uhm…well…that's the problem, Mr. Cage." Harry shifted uncertainly on his chair. "There are many explicit stories about me."

"What do you mean…explicit?"

"In this stories I'm in love with so many people, with Hermione, with Ron, with Ginny, with Draco." Harry said with an alarming voice.

"But love is a good thing, Mr. Potter." John said.

"Having sex with Draco Malfoy is not a good thing." Harry said loudly.

"And what's about Ron?" said a voice from the door. Harry turned around and looked puzzled at Richard Fish. "Just kidding. Bygones." he said and went nearer.

"So this is your Harry Potter?" he asked John. "I just had a look at Miss Rowlings books. There is said that Harry Potter has a lot of gold in the underground of London. That's interesting me."

"Please, Richard. Would you leave us alone?" John demanded. Richard shrugged and left the room.

"So the people were writing stories in which you have sex with different other witches and wizards from Hogwarts?" John assured. "And you want to stop it?"

"I want the stories to remove. They're all not true!"

"And what about the books of J. K. Rowling?"

"All what's written in her books is true. And I wouldn't mind some what the muggles call 'fanfic', if it wouldn't be that…err…graphic."

" There is no financial damage. So we have to plead for mental cruelty." John thought loudly. "I will need a second lawyer."

"Mr. Cage?" Harry interrupted him. "I can't pay so much money. But may I can do some spells for you?"

"It's ok, Harry Potter. I guess from now on, you have a lawyer.