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Tailed Beast in Fiore

Prologue: Reincarnation

Valley of the End

It had been a long and arduous battle, but at long last the Fourth Great Shinobi War was coming to a close. After finally defeating and sealing Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke were able to save the tailed beasts by removing them from the outer path statue. As a result, they effectively trapped Kaguya within her own decaying dimension. Thankfully Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the sage of six paths and creator of the bijuu, summoned the spirits of the former Kage to summon them back to the elemental nations just as the dimension collapsed.

However, before they could stop the Infinite Tsukiyomi, Sasuke declared that he would bring peace by bringing about a revolution, starting with him killing the current Kage. He then took control of and sealed the nine tailed beasts imprisoning them within small moons he created using the power of his rinnegan. Unwilling to let Sasuke carry out his plan, Naruto challenged his rival to one final confrontation. They decided that their fight had to take place to the spot where it all began, the Valley of the End.

Both Naruto and Sasuke, despite being incredibly tired from the war and their fight with Kaguya, were still able to cause a large amount of destruction to the area in a battle that could only be described by onlookers as a battle between gods. Eventually both Naruto and Sasuke had finally reached their limits and we're now standing face to face with one another. Both shinobi were injured and bleeding and it was clear that both fighters would not be able to continue the fight any longer. Sasuke raised his arm channeling his remaining chakra into his hand, transmuting it into a strong lightning current that gave of a sound like that of a thousand screeching birds and surrounded by a sphere of black flames. Naruto raised his arm channeling his chakra into a spinning sphere of energy.

As Naruto channeled chakra into his rasengan he could feel his partner, the nine tailed fox Kurama, reach out to him.

'Kurama I pretty much on empty right now. '

Within his mindscape the yin half of Kurama snorted, 'You're not the only one. You're battle with the Uchiha brat practically drained me of everything I have.'

Naruto smiled, 'We're in real trouble then aren't we?'

Kurama hummed in thought then his eyes snapped open and looked down at Naruto with a determined look.

'We aren't dead yet, there is still one more thing we can try. I will give you whatever drop of power I have left. Whatever happens you have to make this shot count or it really will be over.'

Naruto frowned, 'You're hiding something from me. What'll happen if you do give me the rest of your power Kurama?'

Kurama appeared hesitant to tell him, however before Naruto could argue Kurama sighed in defeat before revealing his plan, 'By giving you my powers I will basically be giving you my the remainder of my life force.'

'Wait a minute what will happen to you if you do that?'

'Best case scenario is that I will fall asleep. If that's the case when you win all you have to do is merge with my other half and I will be restored.'

Naruto still remained unconvinced, ' What's the worst case scenario?'

Kurama looked at Naruto with a sad expression, 'Naruto...'

'What will happen Kurama?'

'... The worst case scenario is that... My soul will leave this world.'

Naruto stared at his companion in horror, 'But if you do die then won't I die too? '

'Not exactly. It's kinda like with the jinchuuriki of the Juubi. Even if it is removed, the host will still survive because the presence of the Gedo Mezo in the hosts body. It will be just like that. My soul would may leave but my body will remain within yours until you merge it with my other half.'

'Then forget it I won't risk your life for this. I'll find a way to make do with...'

However before he could think of something Kurama slammed his paw down, 'Listen to me Naruto, even if the worst case scenario does come to pass, I will still live on through my other half! There is no other way to do this. It's our only choice!'

Naruto refused to listen as tears threatened to spill from his eyes, ' No! We can try to gather some more nature energy! We can…."

"Damn it Naruto there isn't enough time for that!"

"YOU AREN'T SOME TOOL OR RESOURCE TO ME!' Naruto shouted surprising the kitsune, 'Damn it Kurama you're my friend! I can't just let you die, I won't allow it!' Kurama looked down at his companion and lowered his body so he was eye to eye to the blond.

'Naruto… this battle is the pinnacle of history. The outcome of this fight will determine how the future will be changed. Like many have told you, you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. When you compare my life to the lives of every person out there trapped in the Infinite tsukiyomi, the tailed beasts and those who are yet to be born, then it's a no brainer. Besides, use that brain of your, I won't be gone permanently. I told you before when we released the other beasts, you still have my other half.'

Naruto could not hold back the tears and they began to flow freely, ' I just don't like it. Even if there is you're other half. You are still Kurama, my friend. I can't ever sacrifice my friends.'

'You worry too much brat. Being in a death like state isn't so bad. I was trapped in your dead father for almost a decade in some weird otherworldly limbo. It isn't anything I haven't tried.' Kurama's attempt at humor did nothing to alleviate Naruto's worries. In fact they seemed to only grow.

Kurama smiled softly, 'Naruto when we were on our way to the battle field do you remember what you told my other half?'

Naruto wiped away his tears, ' I promised that I would rid you of your hatred.'

Kurama nodded, 'Exactly, earlier when I bumped fists with my other half, we did more than just transfer our chakra. I was also able to feel his feelings and memories right down to his very core. When I joined with him, I felt complete for the first time in years. But the most satisfying part was that where there was once hatred, was now a burning desire to help you, my comrade in arms, to vanquish the evil that the old man tried to banish a long time ago.'


'Naruto you are the first person besides the old man to ever look at me and the others as comrades and something more than wild beasts. You have a kind heart, an unbreakable will and the potential to be a great leader. I would do anything if it means helping you. Including giving my own life.'

Naruto wiped his eyes on what was left of his sleeve, ' Kurama... Thank you.' Kurama grinned as he bumped fists with Naruto who gave him an equally foxy grin.

'Now go and kick your friend's ass back to reality!

Time returned to normal and Naruto dashed forward at the same time as Sasuke. His rasengan roaring through the air matching the shrieking of Sasuke's chidori. Inside Naruto's mindscape Kurama slowly began to close his eyes as his remaining life force went to Naruto.

'Naruto...thank you.' Those were the final thoughts of Kurama as he closed his eyes just as Naruto and Sasuke clashed with one another.

Unknown Location

"...Where am I?'" Kurama blinked the sleep out of his eyes, and unfurled his body from the fetal position he had been lying in. He lifted his paw up and was surprised to see that his massive human like hand had diminished in size and was now (at least to his perspective) the size of a small child's. "What the hell?"

Kurama looked around and saw that he was currently in a shrine floating in a pure white void. Kurama hesitantly made his way into the shrine and looked around with a curiosity that he had not possessed for many centuries. He took note of a circular pond located directly in the center of the large shrine. He quickly took notice of a human sitting in front of the pond. He was sitting in a meditative position, floating a few inches off of the ground. A black monks staff lay on his lap and he had white hair with two horns protruding from his head. On his back was a white cloak with a familiar symbol on the back, a rinnegan with nine megatama underneath it.

Kurama was at first shocked by what he saw the he had trouble believing that it was actually true. He was finally pulled out of his stupor when he heard a hearty chuckled escape from the old man's throat.

"I almost forgot how adorable you looked as a youngling. I understand that the circumstances aren't the most ideal, but it is good to see you again Kurama." Hagoromo Otsutsuki stated as he turned around to smile at the young fox with lilac eyes that resembled the juubi's, displaying great power but also great kindness as well.

"Hagoromo?" Kurama took a few hesitant steps before he went into a sprint and charged into the sage's body, practically crushing him underneath his still larger body.

"Hagoromo-jiji!" Kurama spoke in a happy tone while the old sage laughed as he gently patted Kurama on the side of his head, causing all nine of his tails to wag happily. However, the tender moment ended when Kurama fully realized what he had just done. He pulled away and turned around facing away from Hagoromo, blushing from embarrassment.

'What the hell did I just do?'

Hagoromo smiled as he hovered in front of the kitsune, "Don't be so embarrassed Kurama. This place does have the habit of bringing the best out of people and turning one into their most pure state of being."

"Pure state of being?'

"Exactly. In my case, being a sage, I attained a star of pure enlightenment many years ago so I retain my current appearance. You however reverted to your child like state for that is the state where you felt the most pure of heart.'

Kurama stared at the old sage, "That makes no sense whatsoever old man."

Hagoromo sweatdropped at the kitsune's response, "…. Yes it does Kurama."

"Well state of being aside, where is here exactly Hagoromo?"

The sage smile vanished and he regained his serious expression. "An excellent question, Kurama. You could say that this place is a type of crossroads. Its appearance varies depending on the person. Sometimes it's a shrine like now, other times it appears as a train station, a waiting room and so on."

"So does that must mean that I really did perish?" Kurama yelped as he felt Hagoromo's staff slam down on his head. He swore under his breath as he rubbed the growing bump on his head.

"We're you not listening to me Kurama? You are at a crossroads, meaning you are neither dead nor living. Whether you want to be either one is entirely up to you." Kurama stopped rubbing the bump on his head and blinked in realization as he remembered something important.

"Old man what happened to Naruto? Last I remembered, he was about to clash with that Uchiha brat. "

Hagoromo turned around and floated along the edge of the pond, Kurama following close behind. The old sage said nothing as he floated the entire circumference of the pond. Kurama waited patiently for his answer, until Hagoromo came to a stop at the spot where they started. He lifted his staff and it proceeded to float away until it hovered a few inches above the center of the lake. The staff gently lowered itself, until the tip barely touched the surface. From the point of contact, large ripples appeared distorting the surface of the water. Kurama watched as the reflection of him and Hagoromo began to distort and the water swirled into a miniature whirlpool. After a few seconds the whirlpool subsided and a brand new set of images took its place.

"See for yourself."

Kurama watched in awe as he saw images of two familiar people lying on the ground surrounded by the ruins of two statues. Naruto and Sasuke were lying side by side one another. Naruto was smiling happily while Sasuke had tears spilling from his eyes. They were both were missing one of their arms and were positioned together in a way that the blood leaked out of their arms and dripped down the stone where they met and merged together. The image zoomed out showing both shinobi, lying on the remains of Madara and Hashirama's statues. The fingers from both, in the aftermath of an explosion had fallen to the ground, the index and middle fingers forming the traditional shinobi seal of reconciliation, symbolically indicating the end to the long fight between the incarnations of Indra and Ashura.

The images then changed to a completely different scene. Naruto and Sasuke stood with their palms together in front of the remnants of the Shinju tree which was slowly dying as they broke the effects of Kaguya's Infinite Tsukiyomi and all of her victims began to wake up. The scene shifted showing Kurama several more scenes that were unfamiliar to him but that still brought a smile to his face.

"Time does not exist at the same pace here as it does on the mortal plane. What you are witnessing are images of the future that have already taken place, despite the fact you feel you just arrived."

Kurama only faintly heard him as he smiled watching as the Naruto he knew grew from a hyperactive teenager to a mature adult with the Kage cloak fluttering in the wind behind him. Kurama watched moments both good and bad. He witnessed events ranging from Naruto's marriage to Hinata to his fight with the remnants of Kaguya's followers. The images concluded with a full grown Naruto standing next to a beautiful and more mature version of Hinata. What really caught his eye were the two children standing with them in the image. One was an exact duplicate of Naruto who sported a black and red jumpsuit with a bolt tied around his neck. His hair was blonde and was done in the shape that made it look like a leaf. Like Naruto, he had whisker marks on his cheeks, but had two on each cheek. He was standing between the two smiling adults sporting a wide grin with his arms extended outwards showing off peace symbols. The other child, a young girl, also had the same face as the boy, with bright blue eyes, her hair was also designed in a way that it resembled a leaf. Unlike her brother who had sun kissed blond hair, her hair was dark blue like Hinata's and she sported two whisker marks on her cheeks like her brother.

The pool finally returned to its original form and Kurama could see his reflection once again. The old sage quietly observed the young kitsune. He did need to use his all-powerful eyes to tell, that while he was very much happy for his friend, he could also sense that he was sad for some reason.

"Is there something wrong Kurama?"

Kurama did not seem to hear him. He kept on looking at his reflection lost in thought. "Kurama" Hagoromo called but with a gentler tone. It seemed to work as Kurama snapped out of his trance.

"What is it Jiji?"

"I asked you what is wrong. Are you not happy for Asura's reincarnation?"

"Of course I am happy for Naruto. I mean after everything he has been through, I am glad he managed to get a happy ending and have a family of his own. It's just that..."

"You are envious of him." Hagoromo concluded which only confused him.

"What exactly are you getting at old man?"

"Come now Kurama, you cannot hide your true feelings from me. I created you and your siblings with the objective to help protect the world and prevent the Juubi and my mother's resurrection. However, the one thing that I failed to foresee was how much you and the others would suffer for it. For that I am truly sorry for the pain you and the others have suffered as a result of my carelessness."

"Old man…"

"You yourself have experienced an especially troubling life Kurama. I have noticed that you have always been hateful of the one power that always seems to quell the rage of a tailed beast. I am sure you know to which power I refer to."

Kurama hummed in thought, he did indeed know the answer. The power that he spoke of; the one that constantly got in the way of him spreading his hatred to others and that kept him at bay. The very power that prevented him from taking over and killing Naruto so many times.


"That is correct" Hagoromo floated over to Kurama and placed a palm over his heart. "In the beginning, your hatred of humanity was born from the ignorance and fear they had towards you. That in turn caused your own rage to grow. As it grew you grew mistrusting and hateful of everyone around you. In fact, it grew to the point that you refused to form your own bonds. You believed that the strong did not require them and that doing so would make you weak. You even refused help from your the other tailed beasts. Yet there is one thing that has made me curious. I can tell that up till the moment before that Naruto boy won your power from you, your hatred and refusal to rely on others was strong."

"Why do I sense a but coming?" Kurama yelped in pain as Hagoromo walked him with his staff again.

"Don't interrupt! As I was saying, it was only after that Asura's reincarnation took your other halves' power that you began to take a whole new approach to how one obtains true power. From then on you and your other half did everything you could for Naruto and vice versa. Can you tell me why?"

Kurama rubbed his soar head, "Well when I synced my thoughts and memories with my other half, and we once again became one mind... I saw and experienced everything that he did since our separation. I witnessed how Minato helped his son gain control of my power once more and even how Naruto, Kushina, Bee and Gyuuki worked together to steal my chakra. In the beginning I admit that I did not understand it. I would probably say that I was wary of such a concept, but after Naruto and I finally became one, I was able to see it clearly for the first time. I finally understood the importance of bonds and the strength they can give people. Naruto treasured his friends and family and they in turn supported him all the way. He literally ended up changing the whole world for the better. If I had not been able to see it, then I would still be the raged fueled monster that everyone despises. In fact I would go so far to say that I would have been just as bad as Obito and Madara. Those two severed their bonds instead of maintaining them and they ended up falling down into some pretty dark places."

" I see so that is your answer yes? Well then you seem to understand things a little better, so I ask you Kurama, why is it that you feel sad despite seeing your comrade living such a happy life?"

"Don't get me wrong old man. As I said I am happy for Naruto. However, like you said I can't help but be a little jealous of him. I now that is one hell of a thing to say, but it is the truth. I envy that he has so many people who care and look out for him and that he is able to make so many bonds. For many years I believed that looking out for myself was the only way to ensure my survival and to become stronger. I now see that I was foolish to believe it. In reality one gains strength through the bonds they create with others."

Hagoromo watched as tears started to form, but Kurama's quickly wiped them away, "God I must appear downright pathetic right now... Old man Hagoromo, I don't want to disappear. I want to be able to create my own bonds. I want to know what it feels like to have comrades. I want to be able to fight alongside and to protect those close to me, just like my first friend Naruto".

Hagoromo turned to look at Kurama's reflection. "It appears that you have arrived at a crossroad."

Kurama was puzzled, "A crossroads?"

"Correct, as I see it you have three options, thus one of three roads you must choose to take."

Hagoromo pointed his staff behind Kurama and a blue portal emerged, " you're first choice would lead you back to your friend Naruto. There you would assimilate with the other you inside Naruto. Choosing this path means that you will have no memory of this moment and you will fight alongside him once more. This is the easiest option you have."

He then pointed his staff to his left and silver portal appeared, "Your second choice would lead you to the next life where you would pass on and finally know peace, but you would not be able to return."

Hagoromo then pointed to his right and a gold portal appeared, "Now your third choice is something different, yet I feel this may hold the answers you seek. If you choose this option then I will reincarnate your soul into a new body. However there are conditions."

"What conditions?"

"The first condition is that if you choose this path then you would not be reincarnated into the same world as Naruto. Instead, you would be reborn into a different world altogether."

"A different world?" Kurama could barely contain his surprise at the statement. Alternate worlds were something he often thought about, but he never actually took it seriously.

"Correct. The second condition is that you will not immediately retain memories of your former life. They may eventually return to you, but I do not know how long that would take. A third condition is that you would be reincarnated as a human."

Kurama was surprised at that bit of information but remained silent prompting the sage to continue. "The last condition is that while you will find what you seek it will not be all sunshine and rainbows. You will also have to face the harsh realities of life and the pain that comes with it. To put it simply, you will find happiness but you will also face pain and suffering."

Kurama had a neutral look on his face and looked at each one of the portals. Kurama took a deep breath and made his choice, moving to his right to stand in front of the gold portal.

"Is this your final decision Kurama? It will be a hard and arduous journey. Would you not rather go back to your friend?"

Kurama smirked, "Who do you think you are talking to old man? People don't grow by going back the way they came, they stride forward head held high. No way in hell am I going to take the easy way. If I did then Naruto would never let me live it down."

Hagoromo gave him a kind fatherly smile, "Very well then let us begin." Hagoromo began chanting in an unknown language while weaving through a series of hand signs. Kurama narrowed his eyes at the power he felt the old sage gather in an attempt to perform an ancient ritual that would allow him to bypass the barriers of reality. When he was done his hands glowed with a bright otherworldly light as he placed them on Kurama's chest. From the point of contact, the white glow left his hand and began to slowly encompass Kurama's entire body.

"I am proud of the decision you have chosen Kurama. I know that you will do great things."

"Thanks old man. This new world better be ready because Kurama is coming to take it by storm."

"Well said. Although I should probably mention that with you becoming human you may also have to deal with the side effects that come with it. Such as being attracted to members the opposite sex."

Kurama, blinked owlishly, "Wait say wha...?" However at that moment the glow had finished encompassing Kurama and in a flash of light, gone was the young kitsune and in its place was a floating red sphere surrounded by a white shell.

Hagoromo smiled as he gently picked up the sphere and cradled it in the palm of his hands. "Good luck to you Kurama. May good fortune favor you on your journey."

He took a deep breath and exhaled, sending the orb flying into the golden portal where it disappeared taking with it the soul of a soon to be reincarnated tailed beast.

Somewhere in Fiore

Fiore was a kingdom located in the world of Earthland on the continent of Ishgar. It was home to a population of 17 million people, among which only ten percent of the population consisted of people called mages who had the ability to use magic. Magic, was another way to describe the ability to absorb the ethernano in the atmosphere to power their magical abilities, ranging from minor spells to powerful and ancient spells capable of warping the laws of nature.

Currently in a small town located somewhere in Fiore was a women. This women was of noble blood, it was her family that helped to build this town with its own mix of mage and normal human population. She herself was a mage, and a skilled one at that. She was currently enjoying a walk through the garden of her family's mansion enjoying the smell and sight of roses and other forms of flora as the sun began to set. In terms of appearance she was extremely beautiful. She had long and beautiful silver hair tied in a braid and turquoise eyes that glowed like gems. She was wearing a red night gown that showed of her well-endowed breasts and curvaceous body that would catch the attention of any man and make other women jealous.

"Lady Heather!" the women, now known as Heather blinked and turned to meet an elderly maid. "Oh hello there, Alstromeria."

The maid, Alstromeria, was in her late 60's, with graying hair tied into a bun with two fringes hanging on the sides of her face. She wore the traditional maid clothing and the only accessory she carried was a pair of spectacles that gave her a grandmotherly appearance. Alstromeria gave a tired sigh' "I keep telling you my lady, that you may refer to me as Meria. Why do you always insist on saying my full name?"

Heather gave her a playful smile, "I just enjoy seeing your reaction."

"Your antics will be the death of me my lady."

The elderly maid sat next to Heather as they watched the sunset paint the sky in red and gold. There was silence between the two before the maid decided to break the tension. "You know you really should be taking it easy... Especially considering your... special cargo."

Heather smiled as her hand gently traced over her stomach. "So you've heard then?"

"Word travels fast my lady."

"Well you don't need to worry about me Meria. I actually feel so full of energy that I can't sleep."

Meria chuckled, "You say that now, but the bigger you get the less energy you will have."

Heather gave her an adorable pout, "You always have to damper the mood don't you." Her pout vanished and replaced with her beaming smile once again. "I was going to come in soon anyways. I just came to see the sunset."

"Well now that you've seen it why don't you come inside for an extra special and delicious meal that I've prepared for you."

"Alright, if it will calm your nerves I will go." Meria satisfied with her response walked by her side. As they were walking the sun slowly began to disappear over the horizon, However just as the sun was about to completely disappear, something unexpected happened. Heather and Meria stopped walking when they felt an intense light shine behind them.

"What's this? The sun should have set by now." Meria and Heather turned around and their eyes went wide with shock at the sight in front of him. Shining brightly in the night sky, was a vibrant and beautiful aurora that danced with a mixture of gold, red and silver colors. Heather was captivated by the lights as they danced across the sky. It felt as though she had stood there for hours, but only a few minutes had passed since the aurora appeared. Heather's awe was replaced with confusion when she noticed something unusual. In the centre of the aurora was a single red star surrounded by a white light.

"Meria do you see that?"

"Of course my lady and I have to say that this is highly unusual. I have never seen an aurora like this!"

"No not the aurora I mean the star at the center of lights."

Meria seemed puzzled, "What star are you talking about my lady?"

Now it was Heather's turn to be surprised, 'She can't see it?'

Heather looked back to the star and was surprised when the red star gave a flash that forced her to shield her eyes from its brightness. When the light subsided, she was shocked to see that it was gone. Soon after the stars disappearance the aurora began to fade away.

"Well that was quite the unexpected occurrence, wouldn't you agree lady Heather?"


"My lady?"

Heather made no response, instead she watched as her vision began to blur and little by little she felt herself fall.

"Heather!" Meria cried in shock when Heather suddenly fainted. She grabbed the women in her arms and began calling for help as two guards came running towards them.

The aurora's appearance marked the start of a new series of events that would soon shake the core of Earhtland. For all over Fiore and beyond, people observed the aurora dance across the sky each with their own reactions. However only a specific few were able to see the star that Heather saw.

In a mansion a lot like Heather's a beautiful blond haired women wearing an expensive dress observed the aurora alongside a humanoid goat man wearing a tuxedo, a man with crab limbs dressed in a stylish suit and a blue haired mermaid. They observed with awestruck expressions as the star flared brightly enchanting them to its beauty.

In magnolia, an old man wearing a white coat with white fur along its edges held in his arms a bundle containing a blond haired infant. The old man hummed in thought as he observed the star outshine the beauty of the aurora while the infant in his arms giggled oblivious to the situation.

On an island off the coast of Fiore a petite girl with long flowing blond hair stared at the red star with a serious look on her face, clasping her hands in prayer.

Elsewhere on another continent, a young man wearing fancy robes and dark hair, watched the show with a neutral expression. When the star burst into a bright light and vanished his expression turned to curiosity. However out of all those who had witnessed the aurora and the star, there was only one particular group of individuals that would play a vital role regarding its importance.

In an unknown location, a black haired man stood on the balcony of a sinister looking castle that looked as if it were a living organism. The young man appeared normal enough, almost like he was a rich handsome man in his early twenties, but to the experienced mage, he reeked of pure malice. His hair was long and wavy, held up in a pony tail that kept it out of his face showing his playful smirk and dark eyes. For clothing he wore, a dark jacket with a light colored flame pattern, underneath it a frilly v-neck shirt with a light trim could be seen and he wore light colored plants over plain looking black combat boots. In his hands he held an old grimoire, with an ancient language scribbled over the cover. The title of the book was hidden by the man's arm.

"Is everything all right master?"

The young man did not even bother to turn around as he sensed two people approach him. "Magnificent is it not Sayla, Kyoka?"

Standing at his side were two women. The one on the left, was a beautiful dark haired women with horns growing out the side of her head and strange tattoo on her forehead. She wore a beautiful jade kimono that showed off her impressive cleavage. On the man's right was another women. Unlike the dark haired woman, this woman wore an armor that covered the entire upper, body from the waist up, including a helmet that covered everything but her eyes and mouth. Below her waist, her legs were exposed showing off a pair of legs that would have been beautiful were it not for the fact that her feet resembling that of a birds. Sticking out of the sides of the helmet were tufts of hair that resembled wings.

The women calmly observed the aurora, "Truly it isn't something that you see every day."

"Look a little closer Kyoka and you may yet notice something." The man answered cryptically confusing the women, known as Kyoka. Suddenly the star at the center of the aura shone like a supernova forcing her to shield her eyes. When it subsided the star was gone and the aurora vanished.

"A new chapter in history has begun." The dark haired women, Sayla answered with a frown.

"Indeed, this was not just an ordinary aurora. I could feel the immensely powerful life force passing through it into our world."

Kyoka chuckled darkly raised her clawed fingers to her lips, "Things just got a little more interesting. What would you have us do master?"

The dark haired man turned away from the balcony and entered the castle. The two women following after him, being careful to keep their distance. "Nothing right now, but notify out informants to let us know of any unusual phenomena that may relate with those lights in the sky. I have a feeling that it could prove useful to us"

The man finally stopped in front of throne made of bones and rose thorns and took his place on it. He looked at the two with a bored expression on his face as they bowed respectfully.

"It will be done…. master Mard Geer!"

Prologue End!

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