Hi there everyone:

This story came as a thought by my best friend, Violet Volturi. Hope you all like it!


Chapter I: Meetings and a Letter

It was just a normal day at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, all the students were home for the summer holidays, when suddenly some of the teachers, but the Headmaster, and a few students appeared at the Room of Requirements, no one knew why, as though they all heard someone else in the room, everyone heard six thuds on the other side of the room, one of the Professors, who had a hook nose, was dressed in black, said, "Whose there!?"

One of the strangers from the other side said, "Whose there? Where are we?"

The hooked nose Professor, a man name Severus Snape, said, "You're at a school, Hogwarts."

Another Professor, a woman named Minerva McGonagall, said, "Who are you?"

On the other side of the room, a tall man name Kristof, said, "My name's Kristof, these are my friends, Elsa, Anna, Anna and Elsa's parents, and our friend, Olaf. May we know your names?"

Minerva said, "Minerva, Severus, Poppy, Draco, Remus, Sirius, Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ginny, and last but not least, Hermione."

Everyone on both sides of the room all noticed long couch in the middle of the room, they all sat down, once seated, a book and a note had appeared in front of them, Minerva picked up the note, and read it to everyone:

Greetings everyone,

You all are probably wondering why you're here. Well, let me tell you all, the book that is in front of you is a book that will help you who have wands defeat Voldemort, which also includes finding out the truth about your parents.

Please enjoy this wonderful book.


Your friend

Everyone all wondered who had sent them the book and note, Minerva looked at the book, and the title said,

The Secret Life of the King and Queen of Arendelle

By: Violet Volturi

Anna said, "Mother, Father, the book is about you two! But what are you both hiding?"

The King said, "Anna, we don't know. Let's see what this Violet person has to say about us, shall we? I hope that she says good things about us. If not, then we'll hunt her down and slowly kill her for making fun of us."

Severus and Draco suddenly rushed to the door, they both didn't want to be in the same room with a bunch of Gryfinndors and Muggles, not long after, they soon found out that the door was locked, and they both heard Minerva say, "Severus, Draco, please come and sit."

Severus sighed, he just sat down next to Hermione, not long after that, Draco sat down next to Ginny, once they both were seated, the King said, "Now, shall we start the book everyone?"

Everyone all said, "Yeah."

And with that said, Minerva turned to the first chapter.