I know the show won't go this route, they'll bring in Killer Frost in an entirely different way, but I like playing with the possibilities that having a breech to other universes opens up.

Trigger warning, I think, for the whole entire piece, because Zoom is not a nice person in public or private.

Flash and its related components belong to the CW and DC comics, not me.

No matter how many times she saw it, the sight of Zoom without his mask on was no less shocking. With it on, he was darkness and death and the double-toned voice, the face people expected a monster to have, cloaked in blue lightning.

But when he didn't have it on, he was handsome, green eyes and tilted smiles and hair in disarray. The thought crossed her mind occasionally that he was more of a monster like this simply because he didn't look like one. He looked like anyone on the street, and that was probably why he wore the mask rather than a helmet as the Flash did. He wanted to be more, to be the best and the only. He would be the fastest man in existence, by killing off everyone who posed a challenge to that title if necessary.

He was standing at a workbench when she came in, mask tipped back to pool around his shoulders, brows furrowed in concentration as he transferred a solution from one flash to another. She leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed over herself, and watched him work, faster than anyone else ever could. Solutions vanished from beakers and reappeared in test tubes in a haze of blue lightning, until suddenly it was still.

"Killer," he greeted, lifting his hands toward her. She went willingly to him, relaxing as his warmth chased away the ever-persistent chill, however temporary that relief was. She'd had another name once, but Zoom never used it and he was the only one whose opinion mattered.

"I think I found something," she said into his chest.

"Hmm?" his arms came around her , pulling her in more securely, and he tucked his face into her hair, "Have you found the Flash?" The edge in his voice was only barely buried below the warmth and she wrapped her own arms around his middle.

"I found something," she answered, "a way he could have gone."

Zoom slipped a finger under her chin and tilted her head up to meet his eyes. "Where?"

"Fourth and Main," Killer Frost replied, "inside the bank."

The hand he'd had under her chin pulled his mask back up and over his head while the other tightened around her. She had that instant to brace herself, drawing her feet up as the lightning surrounded them, counting her heartbeats until they arrived.

Zoom set her back down on the marble floor, and people started to flee for the exit. Killer Frost saw someone reaching into his pocket and stretched out a hand, sending spikes of ice flying through the man. She didn't need the gesture, but it made the whole thing more dramatic and would lull the police into a false sense of security if they ever managed to capture her.

"Where?" he was back to the double-tone that he always used when not in his lab.

"Up there," she pointed one hand up to the railing on the second floor. Raising the hand higher, she shot a bolt of ice into the space. Something rippled in the air, and the ice bolt didn't reach the ceiling.

"See that no one disturbs us," he said, and vanished, reappearing upstairs a second later. She turned and layered ice over the doors, blocking them off until it would take a battering ram minutes to get through.

She'd had the thought once, that she might be able to kill Zoom, but before it could even become a fully formed idea, let alone even the beginnings of a plan, she had tried to imagine life without him, without his warmth chasing away the chill, without his voice lending her purpose. She'd failed utterly. Zoom had become her world, and she didn't know how to lose him.

He was leaning both elbows on the railing when she made it up, watching the space about five feet in front of him contort. Killer Frost leaned against him, and he adjusted almost automatically, slipping an arm around her to tug her close, all the while not taking his eyes off the anomaly.

"This was what it looked like the day the Flash disappeared," Zoom said, he made a gesture, and lightning shot forward through the portal, disappearing as it surged.

"Where does it go?" she asked. She had realized it was a portal when the ice hadn't reappeared, but she hadn't been able to figure out where it led. Zoom could see things that other people were too slow to catch.

"The same way the Flash went," he replied, "And now you, my lovely Killer," in the tone she could hear the smile, even if nothing was betrayed under the mask like death, "are going to go through it."

He slipped away, and she felt the cold descend again immediately, but he was back again in a blur of blue lightning. She felt an arm go around her, and movement, and then they were hurtling through the air. It was not a smooth journey, they bumped around, ricocheting off things she didn't dare open her eyes to see.

And then it was over. Zoom's gait smoothed into the one he used on flat ground and then stopped. There was ground beneath her feet and Killer Frost opened her eyes and looked around. They were standing in an alley, building rising up on either side.

"What now?" she asked.

The mask disappeared for an instant, and he took her chin in a grip like iron, tipped her face up to search her eyes. He kissed her then, harsh and possessive. "When he's dead, let me know," Zoom breathed against her lips, "and I'll bring you home."

And then he was gone, the alley alight with blue lightning for the span of a heartbeat before she was standing there alone.

Killer Frost wrapped her arms around herself, the chill already sinking back into her bones in Zoom's absence. After a moment's deliberation, she picked an end of the alley and started walking.

It let out onto a small side street, and she strolled along the edge of it, her fingers leaving trails of frost on the windows of cars as she dragged them languidly along. By the time she found a main road, people were starting to whisper and point, but Killer Frost ignored them for now. She needed something bigger, more people would draw the Flash faster and she could be home in Zoom's arms by the end of the day.

Someone stepped into her way, and she laid a hand delicately on their shoulder. The obstacle turned blue and fell away, and she continued walking, leaving a scramble in her wake. Good, she wanted to make as much noise as possible, and every little bit helped.

As she walked, she noticed this Central City was a little more low-tech than her own, and the towers of STAR Labs were different, somehow. More broken than Harrison Wells' gleaming model in her own world.

She had to freeze three more people before she found what she was looking for. The sign at the top of the doorway said Police Station, and it would bring the Flash running. But she hesitated at the door, stopping before she touched it. She wasn't bullet-proof, and no amount of ice would save her if a bullet caught her wrong. But Zoom was depending on her, so she pushed open the door.

A receptionist sat up. "Can I help you?"

Killer Frost leaned over the desk and smiled her most disarming smile. "Yes, I'm looking for the Flash."

"Why?" she had attracted the attention of an officer coming in, coffee cup in his hand, "is something going on? we haven't gotten any reports of a meta-human attack."

She stretched out a hand, and the coffee was frozen solid by the time it and its owner hit the floor. "Now you have," she said. Turning back to the horrified man behind the desk, she added, "call the Flash."

He was shaking his head before she even finished the sentence. "I can't," he said.

A second later, he was howling in pain as she blasted him with ice. "Get him here," she commanded, "Now."

"Hands up!" commanded another voice, this one full of authority. She turned her head, not bothering to adjust her posture, as though she considered him a slight annoyance at best.

This one was older, balding and dark-skinned, wearing the plain-clothes of a detective rather than the stiff uniform of an officer. "I said put your hands up!" he repeated.

"Make me," Killer Frost answered. She pushed herself off the receptionist's desk and sauntered toward him, letting ice grow in her wake at every step, coating every object she neared. The overall effect was both demoralizing and would make it more difficult for the Flash to keep his balance later.

Zoom had once made her coat the walls and floors of his lab with ice, then spent an utterly undignified few hours falling over as he taught himself how to run on it, but the net result was that she could use her ice without having to try and keep track of where he was.

"I will shoot," the detective warned her.

A well-placed blast of ice coated his gun until he couldn't get it to fire, no matter what he did. He took one look at it and started backing up, bellowing a warning as she went.

"Where is the Flash?" she seized him by the front of his coat, lifting him nearly off his feet. She didn't bother freezing him yet, she needed this one alive until he either gave her what she needed to proved to have no use.

There was a blur of lightning, and then a man in a red suit was standing there. The costume was different on this Flash, he wore a mask rather than a helmet as the Flash she was more familiar with, and his head was shaking, just enough to blur his features, but the lightning was the same gold the Flash in her world had used. This was not the Flash she had gone looking for, but Zoom would be doubly pleased if he heard she had managed to kill two.

"Put him down," he called out.

And it was Zoom's double-tone. The double-tone that the Flash in her universe had never bothered to use.

The sound took her off-guard enough that she actually stopped moving, opened her fingers and let the man drop to the floor, the ice bolts she was planning fizzling into nothingness before she could shoot them. Had she not seen the lightning, she could have mistaken this for Zoom testing her.

"Uh, wow," he sounded suddenly young, "I didn't think that was actually going to work."

No matter that this wasn't the specific Flash she had been sent to kill, it was a Flash and that would be good enough for Zoom. She smiled, showing as many teeth as possible. "It didn't." The ice bolts she had held back now went shooting out as she raised her arm.

The Flash disappeared in a streak of gold lightning, and the man at her feet vanished as well, reappearing among the desks. "I've got this," Flash told the officers there, never taking his eyes off her, "make sure this area is evacuated safe-" the tail end of the word blurred off as she shot more ice and he vanished again. She turned with the lightning, building a wall around herself. The crack of gunfire resounded through the room, but she simply thickened the shield, closing off every exit the Flash tried until he was forced to face her.

The trail of gold led to a pillar and didn't emerge out the other side, tell her exactly where he was and how he was trying to hide. She shot it with ice, and there was a certain satisfaction in the way the little shocks of lightning, produced as he flinched, lit up the wall on the other side of the pillar. Flash popped out from behind, only a few steps away. She blasted the spot, but he was already gone.

"Why are you doing this?" he called out, voice resonating through the station and leaving her turning in circles trying to figure out where he was. This should not be this difficult.

"I want you dead," she snapped back, "come out so I can kill you."

"No thanks," came the reply, still Zoom's double-tone, "I kinda like being alive."

She found him, halfway hidden behind a spot where the wall thickened. In the way he had a hand pressed to his ear, she knew he had accomplices, people on the other side directing his actions.

She tilted her head, and encouraged the wall to grow around him. Flash only barely slipped out of the pincers of her trap, sliding on the ice underfoot. He passed close enough that she felt the crackle of the lightning, but he still hadn't done anything, seemingly content to let her tear up the police station without trying to do anything about it.

"It could kill her," she heard him argue back to whoever was on the other side of the line.

Ice poured out from her, following the encompassing gestures she made as she changed tactics. If she couldn't run a spike through him, she would shrink a sphere until he was caught. The walls surged higher and higher, closing toward each other at the top until the light abruptly dimmed as everything outside was gone.

Flash's lightning sparked, the light bouncing off the ice as she poured in more and more, pulling the circumference inward.

"Alright," Flash said, and then the lightning was headed directly for her. She flung up both arms in reflex, crystallizing a shield in front of her. It was cold enough now that the fog of Flash's breath streamed behind him along with the lightning as he inscribed a circle around her.

She realized what he was doing as her ears popped from the change in pressure and thrust out a hand, pouring ice through the space in front of her and held it, even as he took the circle tighter and tighter around her. The only sound now was his ragged breathing, as she had to hold hers while the air left the circle. She just had to hold on, put enough ice on him to stop the funnel before she ran out of air. She just had to outlast...

And then she knew blackness.