Although Alissa was considered a peculiar child, her behaviour wasn't unheard of in her family. Her mother, a skilled painter, filled their large house with watercolours of white rabbits, caterpillars, mice, and the most beautiful red and white roses. To Alissa, it seemed, imagination was her legacy.

One afternoon, when the sky was brandishing a particularly beautiful array of clouds, Alissa found herself outside, dozing off under a tree while her mother and her friends drank tea. She yawned, glancing over at her mother before settling back down in the shade.

Suddenly, Alissa saw a flash of white fur in the corner of her eye. She glanced around, but saw nothing. She reclined once again, and just as her eyes began to drift shut, it reappeared, this time right in front of her: a handsome white rabbit, holding a pocket watch! She marveled at this peculiar sight for a moment, until he suddenly turned and began to hop away, looking back over its shoulder as if to beckon her.

Alissa rose to her feet and decided to follow. She zigged and zagged through the dense shrubbery as she took chase after the strange rabbit.

"Mr. Rabbit?" She called out.

It was perfectly logical to assume that he would answer - he was clearly not a normal garden rabbit.

"Oh, Mr. Rabbit!" Alissa called out again.

"We're late, we're late! For a very important date!" He replied, hurrying along even faster and motioning for her to follow.

Alissa was getting tired, but she was determined. After all, he did say it was important. And so she ran as fast as her feet could carry her, through the garden and out into a clearing.

Then suddenly, just as she felt she had caught up, he hopped down a rabbit hole.