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Emma walked, arm in arm with her most recent lover, down the stairs. Johnny Storm (of the 'Baxter Building Storms') wrapped an arm about her waist as they walked, reaching about her and cupping his hand up beneath one perfectly, literally sculpted tit. Emma kept one of her hands over his boyish ass as they walked down the steps.

Selene's lovely body glistened in the light as she walked about the main room of the Hellfire Club, positioning her women on the floor. The servants had brought out thick fur rugs to add to the deep, luxurious softness of the carpet. The women lay about on the fur, making a circle of their youth, their willingness, their beauty. Emma took her place in the circle beside her slender young slave, Tessa.

"Good!" Selene smiled over at Emma, reaching her hand out to pat the blonde's tits lovingly. She then ran a finger over her own dark-haired pussy, smiling in anticipation of having her opposite number's mouth sucking at her. "You lay there between Tessa and me. I want to be sure that I get to suck the softest pussy here tonight."

The Black Queen gave the girls their instructions. They would form a chain of pleasure from one of them into another and then back again. They would suck each other into ecstasy while the men stood in another circle and cheered them on. At a given signal, the lights would be turned out and the men allowed to crawl into the mass of female bodies. Anyone could fuck whoever he found in the darkness. The thought of the game sent a soft shudder through Emma. She was sure it would be irresistible to their very special guest that evening, Sue Storm, whose thoughts she could hear in panicked flight as Sue listened to Selene's obscene commands.

Selene dropped down beside her and turned her onto her back. Emma licked her lips in preparation as Tessa eased her cunt down over her face, bringing the dark hairs to the girl's lips. As Emma began to part her lips for Tessa's pussy, she felt Selene's sensuous mouth clamp over her own cunt and begin to suck and tongue slowly and deliberately.

"Mmmmmm!" the statuesque blonde moaned as she slipped her tongue into Tessa's soft pussy. "Mmmmmmmm!"

Selene drew quickly at Emma's pussy, sending a sudden breathtaking spasm through the blonde's body. Then the brunette began sucking her deeply, pulling as though she wanted to suck Emma's soul out through her quivering pussy. The White Queen writhed about in delight and reached upward to catch the firm, tight breasts of the Black Queen. Selene was beginning to massage her tits. The three women twisted and moaned as they sucked and shuddered with rising passion.

The moans which came from all around the circle increased the feeling of erotic fulfillment. Emma listened to the frantic gasps, the low delighted moans. She sucked deeper at Tessa's cunt, then blew upward into the girl as two thighs clamped tightly and ecstatically against her face. She fingered about the hard, tight nipples as her own tits felt like they wanted to explode in glorious passion.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned louder. "Mmmmmmm!"

She felt the spasms that began to wrack Tessa's juicy cunt. She tasted the gushing juice as the slave writhed and panted above her. Around the circle of sucking, fondling women, breathing had become far more rapid, gasps far more passionate. Above them, the waiting men were gasping and panting equally as they felt their cocks trembling in anticipation.

"Ohhhhh, God!" Johnny exclaimed. "How much longer? They can't expect us to take much more of this!"

"Ahhhhh!" a woman cried from across the room. "Ohhhhhh! She's got me there! Ohhhhhh, get me a piece of meat!"

At that moment the lights went out in the room. Emma lay gasping as the room became a swirl of movement. Bodies slammed against each other in the darkness. Hands groped lustfully about as the men felt over the bodies, searching for tit and pussy. A male hand came down across the blonde's tits. An exclamation of pleasure followed. Then a heavy form came on top of her. A thick prick pushed its way into her pussy.

"What a sweet cunt for such a bitter woman," a deep voice called out from just over her. "A worthy means for the Scion of Atlantis to occupy his time…"

Namor rammed at her roughly, plunging his manhood deeply into her waiting cunt. He shoved his cock through the quivering passage of her pussy as Emma writhed and panted in soaring passion.

"Oooooeeee!" she screamed, joining the moans of those around her. "Ooooeeee!"

The voices of the women joined with the lusty grunts of the men. The air was alive with sensuous excitement. The smell of cum began taking hold of them all, the gasps of orgasm shaking the house about them. Emma shuddered as she felt the cock inside her pussy shake and shudder, then unload its heavy wad. She gasped and panted as her pussy shimmered into her third orgasm of the evening.

"Ooooeeeee!" she screamed, letting her voice soar to match the surging delight that pounded through her body. "Ooooooeeeee! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooooeeee!"

Other voices took up her chant. Male voices and female voices joined together in the lewd, passionate chanting.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" they gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Of course, Namor wasn't there for her, but his thick prick in her still did exactly that. He fucked her into raging desire. He fucked her into wild, frantic pleasure. Emma knew the evening was only beginning, yet she could only embrace it. She felt herself being sucked headlong into this whirlpool of lust and passion. She went to meet it gladly, eagerly.

"Oooooeee!" she squealed. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She felt the jagged jangle of his mental excitement as he approached climax. He pulled himself from her—no loss, Namor had already made her come multiple times—and forced himself into her mouth, claiming her throat. Suddenly his cockhead exploded a torrent of swirling jizz. Her luscious tits were jiggling deliciously beneath her as she thirstily swallowed his hot stream of cum.

When the last drop had finally been sucked out of his slowly shrinking prick, Namor let out a deep sigh of contentment as his head fell back on the cushion.

"Are you finished with me?" Emma asked. "Or just begun?"

"Finished? Not hardly!" he said slipping down her body and burying his face once again between her slender legs. Emma's thighs pressed close to his head as he began lapping and licking and sucking at her cunt.

Sue watched in rapt fascination. He was eating her out like it was the ultimate gluttony. It was just as she always imagined it would be. Namor's face vanished in the blonde fur of her bush, so much like Sue's own. Every now and then his head would bounce up and down, showing that his tongue was working the entire length of her labia. It would be devouring all her juices. Every drop leaking from her tight-pressed lips would be sucked up and swallowed with gusto.

The rough tongue would lave away all the hunger and hollow feeling as it drove far up into her cunt. And there, it drove hard against the walls, soothing, stimulating, giving a full measure of satisfaction to the girl.

Emma moaned softly. "More, stuff it all the way up! Tongue fuck me!"

A mumbled sound came from Namor's mouth. He was too busy with more tasty things than to worry about answering.

Sue had only come to the infamous Hellfire Club because her brother had been sucked into their world, seduced by their White Queen and made her boytoy. Of course, it was perfectly in keeping with Johnny's immaturity for him to be more interested in hedonism and Roman orgies than in a nice bookish girl he could bring home to, well, Sue. But Sue couldn't discount the possibility that he was being manipulated, and not just by his… appendage. So, on his latest date with the notorious Emma Frost, she followed them around invisibly.

Somewhere, Johnny was making mad, passionate love to the same woman Emma had—sharing her after the fact—a couple doing things together—but all Sue could pay attention to was Namor.

She'd had no idea that he was involved with these debauched swingers.

Namor's tongue speared out and collided with Emma's clit, her most sensitive, vulnerable place. And he played on that fact to bring her off.

The orgasm ripped through the White Queen's body, making her completely rigid with the ice and iron grip of climax. As she gently floated down from her sexual high, she felt his tongue continuing to work against her sex. All across her labia it stroked before driving far up her cunt. Not satisfied, his tongue left the clinging warmth of her cunt and traveled around all of her most delicate places..

The bristly hair prickled and tickled before becoming totally wet with saliva and arousal. That didn't stop his probing tongue. He found her sensitive asshole and slid his tongue into it as if demanding her pleasure there as well. Wiggling around, he completely controlled her.

Emma loved it, she loved every second of it.

Moving out of her asshole with a wet hiss, he slid back to her clit, making sure he properly licked the entire length of her sex. The clitoris was fully erect and ready for anything. When the Atlantean's tongue pressed firmly down on it, the throbbing of her heart could be felt.

"Oooooh, that's tremendous!" Emma moaned aloud. "Fucking tremendous, feeling your tongue moving all over me like that!"

Sue silently echoed the words spoken by the other woman. Her own hand was working busily all over her sex, feeling the juices flowing, the soft folds of her cunt. A finger stabbed into her pussy, wiggled around and then retreated.

"Yeah," she said softly, "it is fucking tremendous!" And then, shocked at her vulgar language, she blushed. It was ridiculous. There was no one to see her. Just the opposite, in fact. She could see everyone else engaged in such a wild variety of sexual perversions it was almost incomprehensible to her.

Yet... yet her eyes kept coming back to her old boyfriend and Johnny's current girlfriend, Namor eagerly devouring the pleasure gushing from Emma's cunt.

It was so easy for Sue to imagine herself the one lying there, legs spread wide enough to take the avidly licking face between her thighs. And the joy on Emma's face was obvious. Sue knew what it must feel like.

A rough tongue, driving hard into her cunt, would only be part of it. The way he would start at the top of her mound running his tongue in little circles, pulling up her pubic hair, would stimulate and excite. It would be almost as much a turn-on as having his tongue plying back and forth on her clit.

The little nubbin of flesh would be the most sensitive. She reached down and began fingering her clitoris. The electric volts hurtling into her belly seemed to make her glow. She felt more alive than she could ever remember.

The words drifting over to her from the impassioned couple spurred her on. Her fingers tweaked and massaged and caressed the slick little fire until she felt rubbery and weak in the legs. She had to prop herself against a pillar as she heard the pale blonde moaning in ecstasy.

"Keep going! I love your tongue in me! Yes, oh, yessss! Yes! Stuff it all the way up me! I love it, I love it!"

The lewd sounds of Namor sucking and tonguing her center came to Sue. She knew it could be her over there. It would have been her if things had worked out differently. Her fingers worked diligently on her clit, then back along her lower lips, rigid with lust. The engorged folds guarding her cunt were overly sensitive now. She was totally aroused. She wanted more than a finger up her cunt.

She had to have more than a mere tongue up her pussy, wiggling around, swirling against her slickened cunt walls.

She wanted cock.

It wasn't an easy thing for her to just ask for. She knew any of a dozen studs here partying would be more than happy to oblige her. But there was more to it than that. She had her psychological hang-ups to overcome.

Listening to the obvious enjoyment as Namor ate out the Frost woman stirred her own passions even more. Looking, listening, spying, those were the things that she got off on.

It wouldn't do to really have Namor fucking her. It was so anathema to her she shivered.

What bothered the woman was not knowing if the shiver came from dread or if it was something else. If that something else was a deep-seated need for sex, she simply couldn't go through with it.

Better to just watch.

But Emma looked so lovely, her white legs moved to expose her pussy to Namor's questing tongue. The expression on her face was one of sheer bliss. She couldn't have been happier. The way her young, firm tits heaved up and down told as much of her arousal as anything else.

Sue found herself envying the girl. She wished she and Emma could trade places. Just for a few minutes, just long enough so that she could get off, then she'd be satisfied.

All of a sudden, it didn't seem like such a bad idea having a guy fuck her.

Her body was winning out against her carefully built up mental barricades.

Emma's body arched and she made a choking noise that Sue thought had to be orgasmic release. The way the White Queen's body was shaking, there was little doubt as to the feelings echoing through it.

Sue envied the pale blonde even more. To have the release of climax given by a man like Namor, that was a gift greater than anything she could imagine existing for her.

She started fingering herself faster and faster. She pressed down firmly on her clit. The little organ was pulsing with life. She knew it was suppressed lust. It didn't matter. She could release it. Just like she'd done in the past, it could be done.

Maybe not as satisfying as Emma's climax, but it would be better than nothing.

Sue let her mind cast out again and she fantasized herself into the blonde's position. Legs still split wide, pussy exposed, Namor's face moving up and down her sex, she was humming in joy. The feelings washing through her body were getting better.

The pressure of sexual desire in her body mounted with alarming speed. To have that tongue sweep back and forth then plunge into her cunt. And once there, it would spin around and around like some berserk tornado, mixing with her own lust to lay waste to all of her.

Sue fingered her clit and started pressing hard against her pussy. A middle finger stabbed into her cunt. No man's tongue, but better than nothing. And the sight of Emma still enjoying Namor's kiss heightened her sensation.

She came.

Weakened to the point she could no longer stand, Sue collapsed behind the pillar and sat there for several minutes. When her breathing returned to normal, she found she could get her legs under her and stand. Wobbly still, but she could get a good picture of what was happening in the Hellfire Club's wild party.

Several couples had moved closer. Johnny's ass was up in the air and he was pumping hard into Selene's cunt. Each time he went down, there was a wet noise as he plugged her fully with his cock. She had long since been reduced to moaning wordless encouragements.

Sue watched them fucking for a few minutes. It amazed her the vitality these boys showed. They were so much better than the men she'd dated before Reed. But then, they should. They obviously got a hell of a lot more practice than she'd given anyone.

As their bodies collided, each would make a tiny animal grunt. Her brother was enjoying himself, his partner was enjoying herself, but she was doing without, getting nothing. She knew Namor's long cock was fucking directly into Emma's cunt. Idly, as if it mattered, she wondered if Emma's pussy was as tight as hers

She walked over and sat down in a chair, watching them. The way his body moved fascinated her. This was the first time she could remember ever seeing him so passionate. The other times, he was always so imperial, so aristocratic, so refined. Now he was a wild animal.

All of a sudden, the look of rapture on Emma's face became one of sheer surprise.

"Oh, my God!" she cried.

Namor broke the rhythm of his fucking. Still looking down into her face, he asked, "What's wrong, darling? Something I do?"

Then she pointed directly at Sue.

Curse the luck—in all her lust, her pleasure, she must've let her mental command of her powers slip. And Emma had just happened to notice.

Emma's eyes never left Sue. Sue continued to look back, unblinking. She... was enjoying this. It was interesting seeing the reactions of the two as they were caught.

Namor looked back over his shoulder. "Susan Storm. You come at an inopportune time. As you can see, one has taken advantage of the offer you have so oft spurred."

"I can see. Have seen. Call me self-centered, but I had no idea you had so many takers. I thought you were obsessed with me, not that you were enjoying yourself behind my back."

At the words 'behind my back' she guiltily thought how nice it would be to have her ass fucked. To actually be buggered, it was a dream.

Namor rolled off Emma and the woman left her legs open, proudly displayed how red and wet Namor had made her sex. "What difference should that make? Seeing how Emma has enjoyed herself should only make you more strongly consider 'taking advantage.'"

"I was thinking about joining in," she simply said. "I was, uh, watching and thought this looked like, well, it looked like fun. More fun than I've had in a long time."

"You want me to find someone for you?" Emma's voice challenged Sue with incredulity. It was as if she couldn't believe the prudish matron wanted to join in this orgy.

"No, I don't want you to go around and find anyone for me."

"What do you want?" Namor asked suspiciously.


"Wait a minute," Emma broke in. "You had your chance. Namor's with me now. Unless he's going to put on a show for me…"

Sue laughed at the girl's unabashed frankness. Then, as she sobered, she realized Emma was serious, dead serious. She really wanted to watch as Namor fucked her.

"Come on, Namor. Let's put on a show for her. It's only fair, after she did the same for me…"

"I cannot!" came his choked reply.

"Sure you can. You were fucking me. Just take your cock and ram it into your favorite hole."

"No," he said, looking down at his crotch. His erection was wilting like an unwatered flower. It was a pity. He had such a nice-looking cock when it was stiff. "I will require a show as well.

Sue and Emma exchanged looks and immediate non-verbal communication flowed between them. There was an element of sexual response, sexual desire, wrapped up in it. Both were immediately drawn to the other.

Sue was completely shocked that she could want another woman. But what a woman! Emma wasn't any run-of-the-mill chick. She had a fine body and displayed it proudly.

The young, firm tits were high placed on her chest. The nipples were a bright cherry red, impudently thrusting upward at the ceiling. And the breasts were only a small portion of the package. A trim waist, deep navel and absolutely enticing bush was about as far as Sue got with her examination.

There, at the furry little triangle nestled between the girl's thighs, was where she was drawn.

What would it be like to eat out another woman? Kinky, perverted even, but really, what was it like? Lesbianism was something Sue had only heard about.

But to try it. Just once...

Why not?

Without a word, she began stripping off her outmoded clothing. In a few seconds, Emma seemed to get the message and lithely flowed up to help the woman undress. Before she knew it, Sue was totally naked.

Namor let out a low grunt of admiration, but Sue barely noticed him studying her body. She was too engrossed with Emma. The girl had dropped to her knees and was kissing avidly all around the older woman's breasts.

The wet feel of those kisses ignited passions in her body Sue had thought long dead. The rough, pink tongue swirled out and around the very tip of her tits. When the girl's ruby lips engulfed the nipple of her left teat, the woman sighed and relaxed.

This was the way it should be. The feel of the mouth all over her tit made her relax, yet it excited her at the same time. It was sending little volts of sexual electricity zinging through her chest. The very nerve endings were beginning to burn with carnal delight.

"Just keep sucking on my poor little titties, Emma. Your mouth is so nice!"

To her surprise, Emma quickly left her station and looked directly up into her blue eyes. "Make it worth my while. Return the favor."

Sue grabbed her hair. "Shush, girl, and do as you're told!"

"Oh, all right! But I want some of your tongue... later!"

"Fine, yes, ohhhh, good, niiice, yes, later. So good!"

The girl's mouth sucked in the entire end of her clit. The tongue shoved down hard on the tiny pebble that was her nipple. The marble of amused flesh was completely pressed into the soft, marshmallowy mound of her breast.

It was Heaven.

But the girl didn't stop with a little mouthing of her tender, succulent teats. Her mouth began moving lower, leaving a trail of saliva behind. First a quick spiral down the sensitive slopes of the snowy-white tit, then across the slightly domed belly to the deep navel. There, her tongue speared out and down into the woman's belly button.

Twirling around in the depression did things to Sue that she simply didn't understand. It shouldn't have been as much of a turn-on as it was. But there was no denying the feel in her sex. She was beginning to moisten, to leak. Unconsciously, her legs began to drift open. As if expecting this, Sue moved lower. The blonde pussy received the full benefit of her mouth.

Her tongue pulled up little spires of well-drenched fleece. And then she was past the tangled jungle of pubic hair and working lower. When her lips brushed the pointy tip of the woman's clit, an electric surge went all through her body. Sue was held in place as if galvanized by a powerful shock. Her back arched and lifted her pert ass off the chair enough for the girl to slide even lower.

When the tongue stabbed out and into her juicy cunt, she came.

It was totally unexpected. All the frustrations, sexual desires pent up over the years, every need unrealized, were released in one huge orgasm.

Her legs clamped down on each side of the girl's head. But that didn't stop Emma's tongue from exploring up and down the juicy slot. Her tongue never rested. It seemed to be searching constantly, exploring every nook and cranny of that long neglected cunt.

The agile tongue slipped between inner and outer pussy lip. The thrill blasting into Sue's body was enough to trigger another orgasm. She couldn't believe it was possible to get off so many times just from having another woman's mouth moving all over her snatch.

It was happening. She had to believe it.

"Please keep going, Emma! More, I need more of your wonderful mouth all over my cunt!"

A wet tongue snaked out and slipped easily into her sex. The wiggly tip seemed to stir her more than any cock ever could. Being eaten out was such a turn-on she could never get off solely on a cock up her twat again.

She never had before, anyway. Not really. All her prior sexual experiences were so common. Missionary position, Reed on top fucking until he got his rocks off, then slipping off and failing asleep. That was sex to Sue Storm.

Until now.

She realized the full spectrum of what sex could be. The girl's tongue refused to stop. It was unrelenting in its pursuit of its pleasures. Emma was sucking up all the love she could find. She sucked and licked and pulled in every elusive drop of the tasty cream.

As she slipped her tongue all the way along the inside of the woman's labia, Sue came again. It was unbelievable. She had experienced three orgasms in a few heartbeats. This was living! This was what she'd been missing for so long!

Watching was a turn-on. She couldn't deny the thrill it gave her seeing two people fucking. But she couldn't deny this either. It changed everything. It changed her.

What else could she get off on? The feel of a cock in her mouth as she sucked off Reed on their honeymoon had been nice. There was no denying she'd felt aroused at the thought. And when she'd shoved that prick into her mouth, it was definite sexual excitement that ran wild through her loins.

She was slowly defining the limits of her sexuality. The thought of a cock fucking where that wiggling tongue was still didn't appeal much to her. But her ass... her ass was something else. Watching people get off on having their asses fucked had done something to her, also. It felt the same as actually letting this young girl's tongue slurp up her love.

That might be something else to explore.

After she finished letting Emma eat her out.

The tongue drilled and danced over her sensitive flesh. And when the girl came once again to her tiny clit, Sue couldn't hold back. Her entire world exploded as Emma sucked the button into her mouth and started laying her tongue over the sensitive tip.

The orgasm totally possessed her body and soul. She was tossed high on the winds. Never had any sensation been so intense in her body.

And it died too soon!

She wanted more! Lots more!

"Don't stop, please, Emma, don't!" she begged. "I love the feel of your tongue all over my snatch." The word slipped out of her mouth before she realized it. She'd actually said one of those awful words which so revolted her. And she meant it. She really meant to say 'snatch' and not anything else.

"My... my cunt needs your tongue!" There, she'd said it finally. And she found it wasn't so bad. It was only a word.

"To hell with that, Emma. Look," said Namor.

Both women turned and saw he had a raging hard-on. Emma smiled slyly and then dropped back flat on the carpet, saying. "Okay, lover boy. Let's see you and Suzy Q get it on!"

Sue felt her entire body tense. This was the moment she'd wanted to happen for so long and now she was terrified.

Namor stepped toward her.

Emma grabbed his foot. "Just remember. I've kept my end of the bargain. You keep yours."

Namor grunted. "I have my prize. You have my support. Now leave us in peace."

"Weren't you listening?" Emma asked, a hand slipping down her body. "I get to watch."