Past Harry/Ginny. Current Sherlock/Molly. John/Mary with the baby of course. ^.^

Lily and James are alive, and return with their other children years after the battle of Hogwarts. Sadly, a broken Harry left the Wizarding world years before... After trying every magical route to find him, they go to new Scotland yard... and find much more then they expected.

This is a try at a emotional fic about abandonment, and it's long term affects. I will try my best to do it justice to the picture I have in my head. I hope it all works out like a I hope! Thank you all for reading!

January 6th, 2000

Harry felt nothing but pain. Emotional pain from biggest back-stabbing of his life, Physical pain because of the cuts and wounds inflicted on him during his last fight, mental pain from fighting off the imperious curse before that...

Just pain... Just the pain of Heartbreak, weariness, and betrayal. So he ran. Turned and ran like a bat out of hell. Ignoring the screams of the two women behind him to come back.

As as soon as he was out of the wards, He turned heel and apparited away. That was the last the Wizarding world saw of Harry Potter.

December 10th, 2015

Detective Lestarade sat at his desk, drinking his coffee as he read a few reports. The picture of his daughter and his Ex-wife the only personal items among the paper clips, files, and other random things on his desk. He sighed as he finished his last report and tossed it in the "Out" box with a flourish. He then leaned back more in the chair as he worried about the state of things...

December had just started, but already he was worried. Sherlock was back and safe at home, he had his daughter for winter break, His cheating ex wife had been very quiet, and John and Mary had a healthy baby girl... yes.. It was all good.

Too good.

The other shoe was going to drop soon, he was sure. His Ex would scream to spend time with her daughter, His daughter would scream that she wanted nothing to do with her mother, Sherlock would run off on one of his mad dashes soon enough... And while he wished for no harm to come to John, Mary, or little Violet he was waiting a call that would send him running to them all the same... all because of one fact.

Moriarty had yet to make a move... And that worried the hell out of him. He sighed as he hoped, and wished, for a quick end of this madding silence. He was a man of action, Damn it, not a wait-around.

It was then a Soft knock on the door alerted Gregory to the fact that someone was waiting for his attention. A pale faced Donavan stood at the door, and soft and pleading look in her eyes. Appearly, someone had been pouring their heart out to her, and had earned the spot in to talk to Him.. Again. Gregory inwardly sighed. while He liked working with Donavan, She just couldn't keep her heart in the right place. She was hard as nails to some people, while a push over to others. She'd made enemies out of a lot of the other women on the force by antagonizing them, but made a name for herself with her hard work and cooperation with other branches. She was cruel to Sherlock, but a sucker for a sob story.

He sat up straight in his chair as he waved her in. Wondering what she brought him this time. She stepped in, her eyes giving a silent apology.

"Sorry, Gov... But I just caught wind of a personal case." Personal case indeed... He thought, but held his tongue.

"What's the run down?.." He asked. If it was worth his time, he would give it. If not, he would hand it over to Dimmock if he had too.

"It's two Parents... They gave custody of their son, Harry Potter, to relatives before they left the country about 33 years ago... Now, they came back a found out he disappeared 15 years ago. They just want someone search the database and find if.. You know..."

She didn't need to say anymore, He knew. The "dead Database" as it was called in Scotland yard.. A list of all the unclaimed bodies in England. His face went straight as he nodded solemnly in acceptance... In the end, it was just two parents that made a horrible mistake that wanted to know if their son was dead. It was a quick request, and the search wouldn't take that long to do... And if it could help two grieving parents, He'd do it.

Donavan turned and went to retrieve the to parents, as Greg straightened up his tie, and then his desk. A few seconds later the couple walked in. The woman had striking red hair pulled back into a knot at the nap of her neck and high cheekbones. The man was tall, noble looking with messy black hair and glasses. Gregory got up and greeted them solemnly. The man obviously had a stiff upper lip, and was taking this meeting with all the professionalism and calmness an Officer or army man would. The woman though, looked heartbroken and defeated. She looked around the room without actually seeing anything, and was nearly crying already. It was a if he had already told her boy was gone.

They quickly exchanged pleasantries then they all took a seat. Lestarade flipped through the file that had come in with them, and only after checking it over, did he then then ask the first question he normaly asked parents whose child was missing.

"Do you happened to have a photograph?..."

To which the gentlemen reached into his pockets and pulled out three different photos.

"They are a bit old... One was on the Christmas before he disappeared, the others are when he was 11 and 13..." The man said. Lestrade nodded as he looked at the newest photo first. A young man with very black hair, short, sharing a dance with a red haired girl. It was an photo that was caught at a bad time, it seemed, as they were nearly blocked by another couple, another red headed person with a bushy brown hair girl smiling happily. It was obvious the picture was of the other couple, but the boy and his girl were also in it, if just on the sidelines... it wasn't a good picture to go by.

The next picture was a bit better. It was the same young man, looking at the camera, next to a large tree by a lake. The lighting was good, and his hair was just as short. He was smiling and waving, more then likely at the person with the camera. He looked about 13 in this one. the sun glare was a bit much. but it was good.

But it was as he turned to the last picture that his breath caught and his mouth dropped open. It was 11 year old boy, with wild, unkempt hair. Unsmiling. With a thin, serious face, and obvious cheekbones... With bright, intense eyes... and a red and gold scarf wrapped tight around his neck. It was then the Lestarade rushed back to the other photos and did a double take.. a closer look confirming his suspicions.

The black hair.. The cheekbones.. The long, floating coats.. the Bloody scarfs. He cursed under his breath, and turned to look at the two people in front of him.

"Don't worry.. I know just where to look." he said angrily as he grabbed his cell phone.

Sherlock walked into Scotland yard once again. Police officers and others more custom to his presence simply looking and giving him a nod, others looking away in shame. Those newer to his presence lit up with ether excitement or shock. Sherlock just walked past them all, leaving John to the nods and scowls.

He quickly made his way to Lestarade's office. When he opened the door, he froze. First because of the deadly look in the other detective's eyes...

Second because of the two people sitting in the office. Both who stopped and turned and looked at the door, and both froze. Sherlock froze as he saw them too. All three of there eyes widened as they took in the site of one another..

And for the first time in 28 years Lily and James looked at their first born boy. He stared back.

"Hello, Harry Potter..." Lestarade growled, obviously beyond pissed.

Sherlock, AKA; Harry Potter just stood frozen in the door. Not sure at all about what to say or do...

Then, all of a Sudden. Sherlock balled his fist, took a few steps forward, and punched his biological father square in the face.

A/N; I just found out that Sherlock in Canon was born in 1980.. As was Harry potter... And Daniel Radcliffe and Benedict Cumberbacth both have Blue eyes, Cheekbones, and look good in suits. There have also been a few "Sherlock is Harry" Stories already, so I felt pretty good about mixing the two. I Hope you guys like!