The Prayers of Vampires


June 04, 3012; morning


As I roll over in bed, I notice the time on the clock on the nightstand on the other side of the bed. It's five in the morning and I really just want to go back to sleep but I know we're going to have a full house today as most of our descendants are coming for the party. What party you might ask? Well every year on the day the reworked Pervonachalnyue spell was cast we, read that as Asya, throws a party to celebrate another year of us officially being family. This will be the 1,000th year celebration so I'm expecting it to be way over the top.

Originally, the only guests invited were the 18 of us but now our descendants come too. More about that in a minute, first, Bonnie and the other Witches, including Briseis, Balthazaar, and the three Originals who regained their Magick when the reworked spell was cast, have done a lot of spells to help our family in the last thousand years.

First we hid Esther in the Mariana Trench just as Matt suggested after placing a number of spells on the coffin to prevent it from breaking or decomposing or being opened if found. Bonnie also did the spell Finn found so even 1,000 years later no one has ever found the coffin with the Original Witch inside it despite Humans regularly exploring that section of ocean in this day and age.

Some of the other spells they've all done for this family included spells to make us all both appear younger for a time so we can attend high school if we want. They also do spells to make us appear to age as though we're Humans, which also allows the Witches to make us all look slightly different each time so we look like we're related to ourselves but not clones. We take turns being the adults in the family so some of us are always spelled to look like we're old enough to be out of high school and the rest are spelled to look the right age to attend junior high and high school and then we all age like normal Humans after that. Then when we look to be in our 80's or 90's we fake our deaths, and then we come back as preteen or teenage long lost cousins of the younger ones who suddenly lost their parents and are in need of legal guardians. Therefore, except for the occasional stint at college and the many vacations we all take as a family we've been able to live in Mystic Falls pretty consistently.

The reworked Pervonachalnyue spell had an unintended consequence or more specifically turning us all into Hybrids had an unintended consequence. A month after the spell was cast all the women were surprised to find that they were menstruating. As I'm sure you realize that was a little startling for some of the women who, except for their time as Humans, hadn't bled for hundreds of thousands of years. As a safety precaution, we all started using condoms and the women went on birth control. However eventually each couple decided to stop using the birth control and we've all had children together. The first time in 455,000 years that Briseis told me we were expecting was easily one of the best days of my long life. Incidentally, the first time Bonnie told us she and Jer were expecting and that mine and Briseis' and Balthazaar and Lilith's lines would be continuing was one of the best days too.

Our children and theirs are all Hybrids too, Vervain and Wolf's Bane immune Hybrids to be specific. The ones descended from Balthazaar and Lilith, Briseis and me, Bonnie and Jeremy, Carys, Laraina, Reyna, and the three other Originals all also have Magick due to at least one person in each pairing being Witchy or in Balthazaar and Briseis' cases Magickal.

Our descendants all know our secret though we did begin compelling the younger children not to tell our secret to anyone after two incidents where children got angry with us and tried to out us to the council. When they're older and less prone to temper tantrums we remove the compulsions.

Since Bonnie included the Wolf's Bane and Vervain in the potion that made us all Vampire Hybrids we're all able to compel even those who ingest Vervain on a daily basis, so the council was no match for our compulsions despite all of them taking Vervain regularly.

There have been a few times when folks suspected we weren't Human but that was usually fixed by compelling someone to suggest they slip Vervain and/or Wolf's Bane in our food and see what happened. And again since Bonnie made us all immune to the herbs nothing happened and the council was convinced we were all Human.

Of course, since a Lockwood has held the office of Mayor most years since Tyler's great, great, whatever became Mayor, with the notable exception of the four years that Caroline Forbes held the position, the job of keeping our secrets secret is much easier.

In case you're wondering, her becoming Mayor happened only because she made one comment too many to Tyler about how easy his job should be. He dared her to find out and one things for sure after she held the job for four years she never made another disparaging comment in regards to his job as Mayor.

Briseis, Jeremy, Asya, Tyler, Ric, Dante, and myself are all always on the council when we reach adulthood so that helps with not only the secret keeping but the peace keeping too. Asya helps keep up appearances with her event planning business. Mostly she organizes the town functions every year such as the Founder's Ball and the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, which incidentally she, Beks, and Briseis usually take turns winning that event every three Human lifetimes. She also does a few weddings or birthday parties here and there for the wealthier or more 'important' members of the community, sweet sixteens are her favorite.

My friendship with Liz Forbes was fully restored, as was her trust in me, shortly after we helped rescue Mary from the pedophile that was hunting in our town. We remained very close until her death in 2056 of natural causes. After Liz retired in 2038, there were a few short-term sheriffs before little Mary Sullivan, who had been so moved by being rescued by the sheriff's deputies, became Sheriff. However, after she retired, the job has been in the hands of one Stefan Salvatore 'Jr.' and Stefan/Dante and Caroline/Asya's descendants.

Ric is still a history teacher, and Rebekah, who married him right after she graduated from college the first time, usually teaches English at the high school. Incidentally, Jeremy did end up going to art school after all, and he usually teaches art at Mystic Falls High too.

Kol, who married Laraina, teaches history at the local college. His brother Finn, who has completely come to terms with who and what he is and has found peace and happiness within our family wound up teaching Art History there as well. His wife, Reyna and Laraina both help Bonnie and their descendants run the Witches' Brew, which is her little Witchy shop that she opened in the center of town in Grayson Gilbert's old office building after it was repaired from the fire that killed the tomb Vampires. It and most of the buildings in town have been torn down and rebuilt multiple times in our thousand years here but we all still think of it as the building where the tomb Vampires died.

Carys, mostly just raises her children with Tyler and does the things a mayor's wife is expected to do, so all the charity events that she helps Asya plan and the like.

Lilith and Balthazaar own a financial planning firm that they run together. I wound up giving a good chunk of what I inherited from the tomb Vampires to each of the members of our family. Lilith and Balthazaar's business allows them to manage most of our families' huge fortunes and vast holdings as well as keep an eye on everyone else's finances.

There are only ever maybe a handful of 'wild animal attacks' every decade or so since everyone in the Supernatural world knows Mystic Falls is off limits when it comes to killing. But when one happens we have a pretty easy time covering it up since Elena/Briseis and our descendants became doctors and fill the position of Coroner through the years.

Then there's Matt, I bought him the Grill for his 30th birthday, so he and his children with Lexi and their children have been running it ever since, which allows us to keep tabs on the rumor mill since drunks still have loose lips even a thousand years later.

I pull my thoughts from my memories and focus on getting up and getting breakfast started, as I know 23 of our descendants arrived last night and hundreds more are expected later today.

As I get dressed, I look out the window at the neighborhood I had built for everyone while we were in college the first time after the spell was reworked. The boarding house is just down the street from the neighborhood I built where the forest used to be behind the boarding house. I started the neighborhood with eight houses, in addition to the boarding house, that are all comparable in size to the boarding house. Dante and Asya moved into one, while Balthazaar and Lilith moved into another. The remaining ones were originally intended for Kol, Finn, Beks, Laraina, Carys, and Reyna. However, by the time they all graduated from College, Kol was paired off with Laraina, Finn was with Reyna, Lexi was with Matt, Rebekah was with Ric, Tyler was with Carys, and Bonnie and Jeremy were still going strong so each couple got a house to call their own.

Of course, since we've had many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, etc., in the thousand years since I died from Tyler's Werewolf bite the neighborhood has grown considerably. Every so often, I buy up all the properties adjacent to our neighborhood and then tear down what's there and build new and bigger houses for the descendants that want to remain close to us.

All the houses have subbasements and they're all connected to each other and the boarding house, which allows us to both travel between the houses without anyone knowing and also allows for room for all the books each of our Magickal members of our family have written with all their spell work in them. There's even room for the journals of those members and our descendants who have taken after Dante, Briseis, and Ric and prefer to record everything that happens.

As I walk down the stairs of the boarding house, I laugh that Briseis hasn't changed much since Dante and I signed over the house to her. We've made repairs through the years since it was built so very long ago but the spells Bonnie originally did to prevent mold, decay, and aging, seem to have applied to the house as well and not just the items inside the house. Therefore, for the most part it's the same house. Briseis and I still live in it with our family and every morning all the many members of our family congregate in the many times remodeled and drastically enlarged kitchen for breakfast as made by Matt, Tyler, Ric, Finn, me, and some of our children whom we made sure followed after their fathers' cooking footsteps and not their mothers'.

Today is no different, and as I enter the kitchen, I discover Matt, Tyler, Ric, and Finn have already arrived and started the coffee pot. We quickly set about making hundreds of pancakes, strips of bacon, and links of sausage and soon various members of our family begin filtering into the room and sitting down to eat.

I smile as Matt kisses Lexi good morning when she comes in and hands her the coffee he made for her. She smiles as she's greeted by the other members of our Vampire family. I turn my smile on the Donovan children and tell them, "Vic, Kate, Matty, it's 'bout time you got here. I need my favorite nieces and nephew to help make baby pancakes for all the kids who are still sleeping, can you guys do that?"

They nod and practically vibrate out of their skins before they set about helping make breakfast. It's just a normal morning in the lives of 18 Vampire Hybrids and their family. Goddess I love my life. I don't think it gets any better than this. I say a prayer of thanks to whomever listens to the prayers of Vampires and then continue making pancakes, which are still made exactly how each member of my family likes them, even after all these years.


The End