So I realized this week is Yullen week and I feel horrible that I forgot, so real quick I whipped up a little fic for the theme Onsra (to love for the last time)

So I decided a random prompt generator was a good idea… I got: "A witty vampire meets a cynical doctor while vacationing at the beach."... So many questions. Why would a vampire be at the beach? Why's the doctor at the beach? Why a beach?

But anyway, I rolled with it, sort of… you'll see I fixed it a bit…. a lot.


Onsra: To love for the last time


The man's desperate calls were cut short by the razor sharp claws that thrashed diagonally across his frail torso, a choking of his own blood pooling past his lips, silver eyes widening to the size to plate's as the pain registered throughout his system.

He gazed down upon himself, watching as blood freely stained the front of his clothes, his legs shaking, weakening beneath him as he reached down and felt, with his own two pale hands, the flow of the incredibly warm liquid as it left him .

Something in his mind told him to cry for help, to run, to scream with the same intensity as the curdling agony he felt… but instead he simply looked up, locking shocked and desperate stares with the man he had just been calling out to, the man he'd been relentlessly fighting to come back home to.

The dark cobalt eye's belonging to a creature of the night matched his gaze, fear to fear, shock to shock, it seemingly frozen by the unthinkable turn in their lives.

It was what they got for thinking they were invincible.

"Moyashi?" The inhuman creature in the form of a man whispered into the battle, humans and creatures clashing iron and steel around them, drowning out the sound of his voice to all except for the one man the nickname was meant for.


It was unspoken, no rush of air escaped the lips of the shredded man, but in the slight movement of his mouth the creature could see it's own name form.

The smell of burning flesh polluted the salty ocean air, undertones of blood and death staining every inch of the sand below them, every inhale a horribly searing pain. He could practically taste the fear and death in the air, until he saw the Moyashi drop onto his knees, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he fell forwards, face-planting violently into the wet burgundy sand. Then it was like nothing else existed.

"MOYASHI!" The creature shreked upon the sight, the dark figure flying from the safety of the shade, moving across the beach at a speed barely caught by the human eye, all the while the heart wrenching sound of a deep scarring pain escaped it's lips.

This was not the pain of losing a comrade to battle, no, this creature made a sound that could only rise with a shattering heart.

"Allen! ALLEN!" Screamed the man of shadow as he gathered boy of light tightly in his dark arms, knees firmly planted in the sand beneath them, his skin hissing under the poisonous rays of the sun.

At the moment he, just as every other vampire on that beach, was burning away. If he stayed it wouldn't be too long before he died of the most painful death imaginable to his kind, yet he couldn't feel his skin boiling, couldn't see the steam rising from his own body, for that was nothing to this pain in his soul, to the overwhelming intensity in his heart as a piece of it was ripped from existence.

"Allen wake up!"

Allen's eyes stayed gently shut, his soft white hair matted and dirtied with a horrible mixture of sand and blood, the prices of battle obvious against his innocent pale skin.

The worst part was that he had nothing to do with this, with this war, with his kind… he was just an innocent caught in the crossfire… and the only man Kanda had ever truly loved.

"Allen!... Allen, please! Get up Allen, GET UP! YOU FUCKING IDIOT, GET UP!"

He was dying, right in his arms, he could feel the others fragile life draining away, could feel the natural warmth of his body dimming as his soul faded from him. The dark man felt powerless, for the first time since he'd become the monster he was, he felt weak and helpless. He could practically see the grasp of death on the boy, see it's bony digits slowly tighten on the younger man, feel it leaning with him over Allen's still and war torn form.

He couldn't handle anymore loss, couldn't handle this loss, couldn't lose him, not after all this.

The love of his eternal life was dying... this is what they led up to, this was how they ended, to soon… unprepared...

"Allen." he whispered once again, only this time silver iris's fluttered open, revealing scared and fading emotions.

"Y-yuu…" The male coughed out, using what he had left of his strength to raise a blood drenched hand to his lover's cheek, smearing the substance as he caressed the skin.

Yuu Kanda didn't seem to care, pressing his own strong hand over the Moyashi's slightly smaller one, holding tighter to himself the smaller frame of his only loved one.

"Y-Yuu, a-am I…?" he male in his arms stuttered before breaking out into a fit of coughs, a mixture of blood and saliva flying from him and onto the ground between them.

"Shh-sh-sh, Allen, you're fine Allen, you're going to be fine."

He chuckled weakly, giving the elder a small smile, nothing like the blindingly happy smiles of the past, but still a smile.

"I-I'll fix this Allen, I will, I'm going to fix this." Kanda spit out his words desperately, gathering his strength inside himself, preparing to do something he hadn't in nearly a decade.

And just like that the smile was gone, replaced by a deep frown at the sound of those words, eyes hardening into something serious, a sight that was so rare for the male, so damn unfitting for his death bed.

"You listen - mh," the white haired male hacked, gasping in deeply the air his lungs craved, but instead receiving a lungful of red liquid, "you listen to me Yuu, d-don't you-you-you dare use that power… don't you dare do th-!... guah, ha, ha-... Not-Not after everything."

"B-but Allen I can't… I can't lose you…"

Kanda sounded so broken and defeated, whispering those words to him so sweetly, both their bodies shaking together in agony, holding back their cries of physical and mental anguish in unison as they held on through each others strength, their hearts breaking together as one.

"N-Never forget me Y-hua- Yuu, promise me, promise me you-you won't ever forget me."

Shakily Kanda pressed his lips to Allen's stained ones, ignoring the metallic taste that any other time would have drove him to sink his teeth into this beautiful person, giving him a soft kiss that contained every ounce of love he held for the younger man. He pulled away quickly only to rest his head against the cooling dirty forehead of his Moyashi, his breathing labored, his sight becoming blurry.

"I… I promise Allen… I promise."

With what little strength Allen had left he whispered out the last word's he would ever speak, his final few breaths dedicated to the one man he had loved the most in his life, to the last of his family.

"I love you, Yuu Kanda."

And as the world faded away he could only feel the warmth of his lover's body and tears, only hear his pleads for him to stay wrapped in his grasp forever reasoned with 'I love you's', his last sight the teary eyed face of the male above him helplessly breaking down as he lost him to death's cold embrace.

Tears poured heavily down Kanda's face as he clenched to the now lifeless body of the Moyashi, his blood curdling sobs escaping with no end as his heart shattered in his chest, the world around him nonexistent even though he could feel the tug and pull of someone heaving them off the battlefield and out of anymore harm's way.

And that would be the final moment, the last time Yuu Kanda would truly love.

Because Allen Walker was the only one.

Any other person in this moment would have wished for the power to go back, to turn back time, to get a second chance to save the one they loved.

But not Kanda. Yuu Kanda already could go back in time, he could return to when he had made a huge life changing decision, could have that second chance and pick a different path. He could clearly see his choices, could know exactly which ones he could change and which he couldn't, which ones he could return to and redo again and again.

As transparent as glass Kanda could see the last decision he could return to in order to save the man he loved, right there within his grasp was the day that would reverse everything.

Yet in order to keep Allen's dying wish he could never grab it, he could never go back or he would break the promise he made with his dying lover, he would destroy his last wish.

He would never go back to the day he met Allen Walker.

The day he'd picked Allen out of the crowd was the last moment he could return to, no sooner, not minutes back in time, but years. With his promise he'll never go back, he'll always have met Allen Walker.

Even though Kanda would survive, and even though the human's would win this war against the creature's of the night.

This was the day they would love for the last time.