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So ya know…

{****} = Thoughts



            "The battle is over, the battle is over.  The winner is…the Lightning Team!" The judge announced over a battlefield with several fallen Zoids littering it.  There were two downed Lightning Saix, one Kris Taskers, the other belonged to Sami Flot, an amateur Saix pilot.  Then, much to Naomi's disappointment, were the Blade Liger, a Gun Sniper, and a black Cannon Tortoise.  Well, let's not forget her own red Gun Sniper, lying on its side.  She couldn't believe it.  The Cannon Tortoise pilot had said he had plenty of experience with snipering and could take down a Saix. {Hah, that's a laugh…} She thought. {He didn't even last two minutes.}

            "Well, good battle Jack, Kris, Kelly.  I'll see ya guys some other time.  But, I'll win." She gave a fake smile and terminated her link to them. {Well, what now Sniper?  That's the second straight loss.  What's wrong with me?  I just can't hit a target for a million dollars.} The Sniper growled.  "What?  Why can't I shoot anything anymore?" The Zoid just hissed.


            "The battle is over, the battle is over.  The winner is…the Champ Team!" A judge echoed over a different battlefield.

            "I don't believe this crap!" Brad slammed his hand on the control panel so hard it went numb.  "UHH!"

            "We……lost…?" Bit whined from the Liger's cockpit.  "We never…never lose…"

            " Well, it wouldn't have happened if Brad hadn't shot us to pieces!" Leena yelled fiercely over the comm. link.

            "It wasn't me! The Fox went berserk!" Brad argued.

            "Yeah!  It's Brad's fault!" Bit whined.


            "Well, if there's something wrong with the Shadow Fox, Brad just can't battle anymore." Doc announced.

            "Ah, come on!  I can fix whatever's wrong with it!  Come on!" Brad was furious.  No one tells a mercenary (or ex) not to fight.

            "Sorry, but, unless you can get it fixed by tomorrow around three, you can't fight."

            Brad stared at the rest of the team as Doc finished his statement.  "Fine." He walked quickly out of the room into the hangar.


            Naomi checked over her Sniper's combat systems.  Leon was tired and had gone to bed early.  Naomi wasn't really happy with that, she had to be quieter than she liked.  "Well, I…it seems like there's something weird going on.  Let's try the shooting range." The Sniper growled a 'yes.'


            Brad ran a scan of the Fox's systems.  "Well, there's a problem!  The cords are loose!" He let out a sigh as he plugged in two cords that had come loose on the Fox's Vulcan Cannon.  He ran a follow up scan and found nothing wrong.  "Well, that's a relief."

            "What?" Jamie walked in.

            "I can battle tomorrow."


            "WHAT?!" Naomi shouted in disgust and disbelief.  She had fired only 200 feet away from the target, with perfect aim, and completely missed it.  "That was not my fault.  What's wrong with you?"  The Gun Sniper simply hissed.  "Well, it better be fixed by tomorrow.  We're fighting the Blitz Team."




            "The Blitz Team versus the Fluegel Team.  Battle mode 0982.  Ready…fight!" The judge started the battle.  On the field for the Blitz Team were a Liger and a Shadow Fox.

            The Blade Liger and Liger Zero Schneider charged each other immediately, while Naomi and Brad tried to get moving.  Naomi pulled her control stick hard, trying to turn for a nearby cliff, but her Zoid wouldn't budge.  It just stood, staring at the Shadow Fox.

            On the other side, the Shadow Fox wasn't moving either.  Bit came up on the comm. link.  "What are you doing Brad?!  Get moving!"

            "I can't!  The stupid thing won't move!" Brad noticed the Gun Sniper staring.

            "Naomi?" A link to the Shadow Fox opened in Naomi's cockpit.

            "Hi Brad.  Uh, I've got a bit of a problem."

            "Me too."

            "My Zoid won't move." They both said at the same time.

            "Yours too?" Naomi asked.

            "Yeah.  What's going on?"

            The judge noticed that two of the Zoids weren't moving.  He began to deliberate whether or not to call them out.

            "Nice job of handiwork Brad!" Bit yelled as his Liger struggled against Leon's.  Then, to everyone's amazement, the Gun Sniper and Shadow Fox laid down where they were standing.  The judge had seen enough.

            "Zoid units 0975 and 0743 are out of the battle." Naomi and Brad recognized their unit numbers right away.



            "Seven Blade Attack!" Bit yelled as the Schneider jumped up to meet Leon's red Blade Liger.  The two hit the ground, and Leon's Zoid collapsed.

            "The battle is over, the battle is over.  The winner is…the Blitz Team!" The judge blasted off leaving Bit happy, Leon disappointed, and Brad and Naomi confused.

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