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            Brad and Naomi went on to face Leon again, officially.  They won, and Leon's team (the Kat Team) fell one rank.  The Fluegel Team finished the season 45-5, and tied for second.  The Fury team took first place with 48-2, while the Lightning Team held its position at third (43-7).

            Brad finally got a chance to build his Berserk Fury model, and completed it in exactly 1 hour 17 minutes and 10 seconds.  Naomi timed him.  It was his second fastest time, ever.

            Three years later, the Fluegel Team went on to win the Royal Cup.  To do so, they defeated the Desert Team, the Kat Team, the Lightning Team, the Blitz Team, and the Fury Team.  Brad and Naomi received $750,000 in prize money.  And of course, the rank of Class S.  They were famous, like Bit and the Blitz Team when they won, and manufacturers began making merchandise with their heads on it.  The most popular clothing item was boxers.

            Soon after, Brad and Naomi were married at the spot where their Zoids united.  Naomi's ring has a comet pattern on it, while Brad's has a rose.  They're expecting a young warrior in two months.

            Although the merging of their Zoids was one of the best things to happen to them, the reason for its happening is still unknown.  Well, I know why, but I'm not telling.  'Who am I?' you ask?  I'm the Sniper Fox.

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