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Tugging a t-shirt over my head, I made my way to the door just to stop the annoying knocking. Everyone in town knows this area is populated with students – most of whom do not see the light of morning so why someone is knocking on my door at just gone nine in the morning I don't know. Pulling the door open I see a delivery guy stood on the other side, a brown box held out to me which I took, followed by a clipboard for me to sign. Scribbling my signature in the box, I handed it back to him and slammed the door on him.

Going into the kitchen, I toss the package onto the counter and switch on the coffee maker, waiting for my coffee, I grabbed a knife from the draw and sliced the package open knowing it's probably from my mom and dad as a welcome to your new home gift. Placing the knife back into the draw I opened the box pulling back the tissue paper looking inside to see some sort of blue material. Raising my eyebrow I pulled the item out of the box only to see the blue material turned out to be some sort of lacy dress thing that I've seen women wear in movies just before they're about to seduce a man. If this is from my parents then they have no idea what I want because this isn't even my colour, everyone knows I look best in red – not blue. Unless this is some sick joke they're playing and it's a hint to get myself a girlfriend because if this is for me then they have the wrong size, this will never fit me.

Flipping the box lid over, I check the address only to find out it isn't for me but addressed to the apartment next door, the girl I saw the back of yesterday on her way inside her apartment, when I moved in so either the delivery guy can't read or he just decided to knock me up on a Saturday at nine o'clock in the morning for fun. Shaking my head, I dropped the item of clothing – if it could be described as that back on top of the box and went to get my coffee. It's far too early to deal with stuff like this.

Two cups of coffee and a shower later I finally feel ready to deal with the problem sitting on my kitchen counter, the blue thing that only makes me wonder what the girl next door looks like, knowing it's for her has only sent my imagination into over drive. The only thing I saw of her last night was the blonde almost white hair as she disappeared from view. Running my hand over my face I went into the kitchen collecting the box and 'dress' and headed next door to try and explain why it's been opened and hoping she doesn't think I'm some creep who had been opening her mail.

Taking a deep breath I lifted my hand and knocked on her door, rocking back and forth on my heels waiting for her to answer – she might not even be up yet and she might hate me for waking her. The door finally opened to reveal my new neighbour, the blonde almost white hair being the first thing I saw, quickly followed by her blue like ice eyes.

"Can I help you?" she asked making me snap out of my daze to take her in properly. The sight in front of me making me wish I had of just sealed the box up again and left it on her doorstep because getting a real look at her, I couldn't help but imagine her wearing that blue 'dress' that would stand out against her snow white skin,

"I think this belongs to you" I dangled the offending piece of material off the end of my finger between us.

"You're opening my mail?" her blue eyesstaring at me as if they're looking straight into my soul.

"They delivered it to my apartment and I thought it was for me so I opened it. I never checked the address. If I had of known it was yours I wouldn't have opened it I promise – scout's honour" I raised three fingers into the air trying to defend myself but I know it's too late and she has already labelled me a creep. "I'm Barry by the way, I just moved in next door"

"Caitlin" she reached out to take the blue material from my hand. Her hand lightly brushed against mine but I couldn't ignore how cold they it felt against my hand - cold being an understatement as it freezing cold.

Cold enough to send a shiver down my spine, "You're hands are freezing" the words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them and judging by the look on her face she had expected me to say something about it as she quickly hid the 'dress' and her hands behind her back out of view.

"My heats out, I'm waiting for the landlord to fix it" she quickly reached out taking the box from under my arm and dropping onto the floor by the door inside her apartment. "Thank you for returning it, bye" she quickly spoke, slamming the door shut before I could find the words to speak.

I stood there for a couple of minutes staring at the white door wondering what I could have said to offend her, what I could have done apart from open her mail and look at what she ordered, both of which I have explained, it's not as if I meant to snoop through her private things it's was an honest mistake that anyone could have made while they're still half asleep and coffee deprived so why would she suddenly turn icy and slam the door shut on me. Maybe I did wake her and she isn't a morning person I told myself.

Shaking my head I made my way back into my apartment knowing my fantasies and dreams from this point on are probably going to consist of platinum blonde hair, striking sapphire blue eyes and that very small piece of blue material.

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