"So why did you choose to meet me here of all places?" Barry asked effectively breaking the comfortable silence between us.

"Hmm " I started drawing my attention away from the specs of gold I had found in his crystal greens "it was a stop in the middle " I said shrugging my shoulders as if it were no big deal that I had asked to meet him at one of the most highly secured facilities in central city because to me it really wasn't a big deal. "Come on" I said leading the way to the large doors of the polished building.

"You know Caitlin. In the whole year you've known me I think I might have forgotten to mention one thing" Barry debated casually tapping his finger to his chin "I'm not down for breaking and entering " he deadpanned coming to a standstill and refusing to walk any further. I shot him an amused look and began to chuckle causing him to look at me with a worried expression "Caitlin?" he asked only making me laugh louder

"I'm sorry I said in between breaths "Trespassing? We're not trespassing, Barry. Just think of it as a convenience stop" Barry looked at me probably feeling as exasperated as he looked if not more.

"Convenience? Trespassing is not convenient Caitlin , not for anyone" I stifled my laughter and proceeded towards the entrance when suddenly I felt a pair of arms lift me up into the air and I found myself being pressed up against a hard chest . He walked us over to a hedges and sat us down behind them

"Barr..." I started to protest, my voice was muffled out by the action of Barry's hand over it

"Shhh Cait someone's coming" he whispered into my ears. Well no kidding idiot I thought to myself as Barry tried to keep us hidden from the two men approaching who by their voices I recognized to be Mike and Tom.

"It's over here I swear " I heard the shorter of the two insist. Mike sighed and decided to go with the latest recruits instincts

"No Tom. That is just the Lamborghini. They're probably already inside" reasoned the more professional of the two. Now if Barry would just let go of me – not that I mind the contact but this is completely unnecessary I thought to myself as I struggled against the vice like grip he had on me .

"Barry" I tried speaking through his hand the sound came out more muffled than I intended "Barry let me go ".

"Caitlin just shhh two seconds" he uttered just above a whisper causing one of the guards to turn around

"What was that?" asked Tom

"NOTHING" exclaimed Mike "it was absolutely nothing. Just like it has been for the last six times you've made me walk around the building in this hour" and with that he stormed away back into the security block politely informing Dave over the radio that they would be going back to watch the gate .

I chuckled out loud once they had left, was I seriously hiding in the bushes with Barry Allen for no apparent reason whatsoever, After what like forever Barry finally released me.

"Caitlin, we've got to go" he said frantically trying to drag me away from the door

"No" I said stubbornly shaking his firm grip off "you wanted to talk and now we're going to talk" I stated crossing my arms in an authoritative fashion.

Barry just groaned out aloud "Yes I do want to speak to you. Ok? We can talk but anywhere but here Please Caitlin, just listen to me. I've been caught here once before in high school when I was sixteen and trust me the owner does not like me. Not at all"

I looked on amusedly at him "Hmm is that so? Well seven years is a long time. I'm certain they has forgiven you by now " I said reaching out to open the door when Barry began to frantically grab at my hands holding them in his "What now ? " I asked getting quite annoyed with my companion.

The air surrounding us suddenly must have seemed like it had dropped to be below zero because suddenly I could see every word Barry spoke "Caitlin. What are you doing?! Places like this have alarms that go off the minute someone touches the handles and then some crazy robot scans your irises" he expressed using a showcase of various ridiculous gestures.

Iris scanner and door sirens – What kind of jacked up fictional show did this guy even watch? I sighed in defeat "Barry." I spoke aloud "Move yourself this very instant or I swear I'll remove you myself"

In an instant his panicked expression morphed into his familiar smirk "Oh really Snow? You think you can take this?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

"Yes I do" I dead panned.

Barry shook his from side to side in a mocking fashion "Hmm" he feigned interest in what I was saying even though he clearly wasn't paying attention. In that moment I swore Barry must be the fastest man alive because in the next second I was backed against the glass once again being forced to stare intensely into his eyes. He leaned forward a bit moving to whisper in my ear by this point I was sure my legs had turned to jelly. One more advancement would surely see the great Caitlin Snow on the ground a gooey mess. "Hmm still so sure you can take me Cait?" he spoke in that deep husky voice that had me trying to grip on to the glass behind me for support.

I lazily dragged my finger up his chest "Yeah I'm sure" I said through hooded eyes, Stamping on his foot at the last minute. Barry's hands fell down from either side of my head and he began a dance of hopping on one foot.

"Aggghhhh" he groaned out "God Cait. What did you do that for?!"

"You were blocking the door" I said simply slipping my hand into my back pocket for my access card.

"No Caitlin " Barry began before his eyes came to rest on the white card in my hand "Where the hell did that come from?! " he asked throwing himself in between me and the door once again panic returning to his facial expressions. "Did you take that from someone who works here...? No Caitlin we can't do this… it's stealing. I told you the owner hates me. I swear they'll probably have me sent to prison… and look at me I wouldn't last in prison" Barry warned all while still hopping on one foot.

I threw my head back in exasperation and brought a hand up to massage my temples before piercing my heels into his other foot too "Ms Caitlin Snow, daughter of Dr Aurora Mercury and Dr Gregory Snow" I said swiping my access card and yanking the door opened "Soul heiress to Mercury Labs it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance" I turned around holding my hand out to him.

It took a few seconds before Barry made the connection "You're half Mercury?!" He asked in disbelief and absolute horror.

"Yes" I nodded.

"You stepped on my foot" he stated still hopping on one foot.

"Yes?" I nodded again.

"TWICE?! " he declared alternating between hoping on his right and left foot respectively.

"Good well now you can hop to it " I said gesturing grandly to the foyer inside the building. Barry looked at me as if I had grown an extra head. I was grateful when he realized he wasn't doing us any good by standing out in the cold and finally listened to me manoeuvring flamingo style inside.

"You're cruel Snow ... Wait SNOW. You said GREGORY SNOW as in THE GREGORY SNOW. HE was YOUR father?! Oh my god. This is happening. I have been best friends for the past year with something that came out of my idol?!"

I rolled my eyes not at all surprised by the reaction given the giant poster of my father that I had found in Barry's cupboard I was sort of expecting him to combust on the spot once he found out. "First of all never say that sentence again and secondly I came out of my mother. My father just ... You know"


"Yeah … I and almost everything else in this building" But Barry completely ignored me

"Oh my god Gregory Snow could have possibly TOUCHED this ACTUAL desk" he said eyes as big as saucers "And what about this pen? He could have used it" I couldn't believe this was happening. Here I was trying to let the most important person in my life in on one of my most well kept secrets and turns out he is a bigger fan of my father than he is of me. Am I seriously jealous of my father right now?

"Bartholomew that desk was bought 3 years ago and I got that pen this morning" I said speaking to him as if he were a child.

"Oooh what does this do?" He asked reaching for the bright blue remote that was casually resting on the front desk. I wonder how that even got there.

Moving faster than I ever have in my life I hopped onto the desk grabbing it off the table before he even got a chance to touch it "That's the lock down button you moron. Touch that and we're stuck here till next Tuesday"

"So do you have your own parking spot?" He asked randomly.

"What? Of course I do. I own every parking spot in this place"

"Can I have my own parking spot?"

"No, you cannot, that's for employees only and important ones at that" he seemed to ponder over this for a moment

"Can we share your parking spot?" He asked trying his luck again.

"No, I don't have an Oompa Loompa Car and neither do you Plus no. It's MY spot"

"Caity didn't Barney teach you how to share?" What the actual hell was he doing dragging that over-sized purple creature into this?

"No. But I'm sure he taught you how to use your imagination. So enjoy your imaginary parking spot" I said continuing to walk ahead

"Is that a yes on the giving me my own parking spot?" He hollered

"NO" I snapped marching towards him and swiping my FAVOURITE device off the desk "one more word Allen and I use it "Barry looked petrified


"The all night online Taser store" I replied sarcastically "It's reserved for people who keep asking me for parking spots. The last two ... Well let's just say sometimes you can still hear their echoes of their voices through the halls" I said eerily. "Now, are you going to be a good boy and come along or am I going to have to bring along my friend 'Mr Taser'?!"

"YOU NAMED THAT TOO? First the lingerie and now THE BLOODY TASER?! That's it I get naming rights for your children." I threw the Taser onto a nearby couch

"I'm walking away now " I said rolling my eyes and making my way further into the lab as predicted Barry jogged after me .

"Pssst Caitlin I think someone else is here with us" UGHH not this again I thought to myself feeling the need to avoid a repeat of outside I decided to point out the obvious to him

"Yes that's Dave. You didn't think we'd leave billions of dollars of equipment and research unattended overnight. Did you?" That seemed to shut him up for a while – Finally sweet silence.

"So is it true you have an indoor gym for your workers?" He prodded.

That's it I thought to myself "DAVE!" I yelled my voice resounding throughout the entire lab and possibly the entire earth.

"God Cait" Barry winced covering his ears "If this heiress thing doesn't work out. Have you thought about becoming a professional banshee?" I was about to lose my mind thank god Dave appeared before I did.

"Dave can you please escort Mr Allen to my office. I'll be there shortly. Don't let him touch anything" I said beginning to walk away

"And where are you going?" Barry asked

"To get my pen" I responded before making a bee line for the waiting area.

"So Dave right… Is it true they have a Jitters and Big Belly Burger on site for all employees? I also heard there's an ice cream parlour" I heard Barry ask Dave as I walked away.

"Feel free to shoot him if you must" I called over my shoulder rolling my eyes at Barry. How can I be drawn to what I can only call my father's biggest fanboy? "Only in the leg or arm… nothing life threatening" I quickly added.

"You're not going to shoot me are you?" Barry asked Dave which only made me wish that he would.

"Thank you Dave" I smiled entering my office to see Barry standing by the model structure of DNA, rolling my eyes at him I wondered if he'll ever be able to do as he is told – I tell him not to touch anything and he wants to touch everything. If I knew for sure telling him to touch whatever he wants will not make him touch everything then I would but I can't risk it, the last thing I need is for him to destroy everything in this building. "You can leave us" I added knowing Dave had work he needed to do and if we're going to talk them we need to be alone.

"Very well Ms Snow … I'll be doing my rounds if you need me" he informed me. Nodding my head as acknowledgment to what he said. I waited until he left my office, closing the door behind him before turning my head to look at Barry.

"I thought I told you not to touch anything" I placed my hands onto my hips with a look that said 'explain yourself'.

"I…" it was at that moment the five foot model collapsed to the floor making all the small coloured balls roll run free across the carpet. "My bad" Barry turned to look at me with his hands up in the air.

"You think?" I asked slamming the taser down onto my desk, making sure Barry saw it clearly as a silent warning to not touch anything else. "You do realise that took me two weeks to build with my parents when I was nine" I watched the ball roll around the floor. It was in this office which he shared with my mother that I spent two weeks of my summer vacation sat in the middle of the floor building that model then my parents would spent their breaks, lunch and even taking time out of their day, dropping whatever they were working on to helping me build it. Fourteen years it stood there and it took Barry all of three seconds to destroy it.

"I'll help you rebuild it" he slowly stepped away from where the model stood, tip toeing between the coloured balls so he didn't crush any of them.

"Just leave it where it is, the cleaning staff will collect all the pieces tomorrow – you wanted to talk so talk" I flopped into my chair waiting for Barry to find his way to the seat opposite so he could talk because not two hours ago he was begging me to talk to him and as of yet he hasn't said anything to me.

"So about this parking spot" he took the chair opposite me, resting his elbows on the edge of my desk. Rolling my eyes at him I swiped the taser off the desk and snapped it into action as a warning for him not to ask again. "OK we'll revisit the parking spot later"

"You're not getting a parking spot – you don't need one so stop asking or else the next time I press this button it will not be as a warning" I pressed the button on the taser again making it snap again.

"Cait, Put the taser down. You're beginning to scare me" Barry moved around in his chair, his arm stretched out in front of him as he is was debating if to attempt to talk the taser off me or not.

"I'm scaring YOU? Am I the one who showed up on your doorstep in nothing but a towel" I placed the taser down onto the desk beside me out of his reach but close enough in case I need to us it on him… as a warning or for real.

"No... But if you still want to give that a go… I'm not going to stop you" Barry raked his eyes over my body from mid-thigh to head where he could see due to the rest being hidden by the desk.

"BARRY" I called in horror at the feeling of his eyes undressing me.

"OK – ok maybe a robe. Robe is better than a towel and I promise to keep my eyes closed the entire time"

Raising my eyebrow at him, in a mock way of asking him is he was being honest because not one cell in my body believed him. "Really? That didn't happen the last handful of times you ended up crashing on my couch "

"I'll at least pretend as if I'm not looking. If it makes you feel any better" rolling my eyes at him due to him being such a gentleman – Not.

"Come on. It'll be fun and I promise not to alert any neighbours this time ... As long as you don't scream "

"'Me? with all your girlie high pitched screeching at finding me on your doorstep YOU will probably wake Mr Grumpy next door "

"Oh yes, Who can forget the man who listens to Marvin Gaye on replay but constantly tells people to turn Mozart down" Barry said sarcastically bringing that night into question flooding back as we both broke out laughing at the old man who lived on the other side of Barry.

"Oh my god – That was so embarrassing. Why are you laughing? Stop laughing" I covered my hand with my mouth to stop myself from laughing but just couldn't, not when I look across the desk at Barry who has his head thrown back in a full fit of laughter.

"Hey come on it was funny, the look on your face when I told him. 'I'm sorry. I promise to play Beethoven for you, Tell your friend Marvin to shut the hell up and get it on somewhere else'" Barry quoted which sent us both into a fit of laughter once again.

"That isn't what you said… try ,tell your friend Marvin to shut the hell up because we're trying to get it on in here – It was a very traumatic experience for me" I told him honestly, never in my life had I confronted anyone about an issue until then. I can still remember how badly my hands were shaking from the moment he knocked on the door until his door closed once again.

"Come on Cait. It was funny"

"Ok it was kind of funny" I admitted as we both threw our head back laughing a full belly laugh this time.

All of a sudden Barry stopped laughing as he turned to look at me, a look of seriousness crossing his face and all signs of fun and laughter gone. "What happened to us?"

"What do you mean by what happened to us?" I asked confused because from where I'm sitting everything is ok between us … isn't it?

"Why are you acting as if you don't know what I'm talking about…everything was great between us then you went and disappeared on me?"

"You hurt me Barry, you ditched me for that girl after you promised me that you wouldn't" I told him the truth, he promised me three times he wouldn't ditch me, Once in my apartment before we left and twice in the car on the way to the masquerade ball.

"You said you didn't mind if I danced with other people" Barry threw his arms up into the air.

"You left me standing by myself – BY MYSELF for over an hour in an environment I didn't want to be in … an environment I put myself in for you… because you asked me too then I mind" I told him honestly. I didn't mind him dancing with other people for one song, I didn't expect him to spent the whole night by myself but when I'm left alone for over an hour then I mind and we have a problem. I didn't even want to go to that stupid ball; I went because Barry asked me to go with him and no other reason.

"Well you didn't have to" Barry jumped up from his chair, slamming the palms of his hands down onto the large wooden desk separating us. "I trusted you would be mature enough to be honest with me. We're not teenagers anymore"

"I wanted to be there because you asked me to be. No other reason than because you wanted me to be there. Do you think I would have done that for anyone else apart from you… do you think I would put myself in that situation for anyone else?" I asked mirroring him by standing up and placing the palms of my hands onto the wooden desk, leaning slightly over it with narrowed eyes directed only at him.

"You still could have given me some indication that you were not aright with it" Barry balled his hands into fists taking a step to his right, so the desk was no longer blocking him from getting to me.

"And how do you expect me to do that when you didn't even notice I was standing right there, you only had eyes for her. I could have easily have left without saying a word to you and you wouldn't have even noticed" stepping to my left so I could remove myself from behind my desk, I stood opposite him, my chest heaving heavily as I felt my anger building up inside me.

"You know that isn't true" he pointed his long slender finger at me.

"Really because I believe you didn't look at me once for over an hour" my hands moved to my hips as we stood in a standoff against each other… if Barry thinks I'm going to back down then he can think again.

"My eyes were ALWAYS on you. Maybe if yours weren't otherwise occupied you would have noticed"

"And what is that supposed to mean? My eyes were on you the whole time so don't come that crap with me. Your eyes were fixed on your dance partner the whole time"

"You're the only one I ever see in a crowded room – why can't you understand this." Barry spoke with his arms stretched out between us, for a second I thought he was going to grab me by the shoulders and shake me.

"You didn't look in my direction once. All you had eyes for was Aurora so don't give me that crap about only seeing me in a crowded room. We both know it's about as real as her hair" I huffed knowing neither of us are going to back down any time soon which means this could be a long night.

"if I didn't pay attention to you then how come when that guy started talking to you I wanted to march over to you and rip his head off because he doesn't deserve any of your time… you're worth more than him. Hell at times I wonder why you both with me" sighing Barry looked to deflate right before my eyes as if he had finally reached a point where he was giving up. His whole body sagged a little, that sparkle in his eye had gone out and his smile, that smile that makes me want to smile whenever I see it was nowhere to be found. "Caitlin I don't know what else to tell you. Do you want me to lie and say this past year meant nothing to me – that you mean nothing to me?"

"I don't know Barry, how about you just tell me the truth" I shot back knowing if we're ever going to get past this then I need to hear the truth from him and not what he wants me to hear.

"This past year has been the best of my life because you were in it. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life but it clearly meant nothing to you"

"DO YOU THINK I WOULD BE THIS HURT IF IT MEANT NOTHING TO ME" I shot back. Turning my back on him I walked over to the filing cabinet sitting against the wall behind my desk and opened the bottom draw, retrieving the half bottle a bottle of Scotch from the bottom draw and two glasses.

Placing the two tumbler glasses onto my desk I poured us both around two fingers into the glasses, soft sliding one across the desk to him. Leaving the bottle open on the desk knowing I might need a top up at this rate, I swiped the glass and took a small sip, feeling the amber liquid burn the back of my throat as it slid down.

"I don't know what you are anymore" Barry finally spoke, taking a small sip from his own glass. His eyes following my eyes move. "You're like a traffic light, one second you're go the next you're stop then out of nowhere you're throwing a cautious and warning sign in my face"

"Because I have to be like that Barry" I sighed, walking around to the side of the desk, I resting against the side of it, next to where Barry stood, slowly sipping his Scotch. "I have to protect myself Barry, I lost my parents when I was sixteen, I was left alone with no one so the only person who could protect me was myself… it's become a way of life for me. I no longer had my parents to protect me… I had to learn to do that by myself and now everyone who comes into my life I have to protect myself from because I don't want to hurt like that ever again." I admitted my parents protected me from people finding out about my powers, they were always there, they helped me understand them and suddenly they were both gone and I had no one so I had to protect myself from everything in the world that could harm me.

"You keep talking about getting hurt but I'm never going to hurt you. That is the last thing I want to ever do" Barry finished the remainder of the Scotch in his glass and placed the empty glass onto the desk. "You say you don't want to hurt me but this hot and cold thing you have going on is hurting me. I've spent the past three weeks going out of my mind because you wouldn't talk to me. You just took off and I didn't know if you were ok or not… and that hurts because what if something had of happened to you and I lost you for good?"

My hands began to shake at the idea of my life without Barry in it; these past three weeks have been the worst of my life. Being unable to talk to him and tell him everything I'm thinking. When he first gate crashed my life I hated him, I wanted him gone but over the past year he's become that person I need to be around. He's the person I stay up with until three in the morning talking about whatever comes to mind knowing he's not going to judge me for making him spent hours on end discussing the most pointless things. He makes me laugh but also makes me cry, he's the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. The idea of someone touching me makes me want to break their arm but with Barry I want him to hold me, I sleep the best at night when he's beside me – something I never thought would happen but it did and it all started because he opened my mail.

Draining the rest of my Scotch, I sighed placing the glass beside Barry's "I don't want to lose you either, I can't lose you"

"Then don't push me away" Barry spoke in a deep low voice, closing the space between us trapping me between him and my desk. Taking both of my hands into his I expected to see the familiar look of discomfort I am used to seeing whenever he touches my ice cold hands, that moment where he thinks about pulling back but I saw nothing, no discomfort or any intention of letting go.

It's as if the temperature of my skin doesn't bother him anymore, almost to the point where he is accustom to it. He doesn't feel it anymore when I know he does. Has he really touched me that much that it doesn't bother him anymore – if so when did that happen?

His emerald eyes looked down at me as he hovered over me due to the height difference, his hot breath fanning against the ice cold skin of my face as I looked up at him. "I don't want to hurt you" I told him again, he doesn't realise how dangerous I am, I don't think he ever will.

"How many times do I have to tell you" he pulled my arms around his back, placing my hands onto his lower back Barry moved his hands to brush my platinum blonde locks out of my face. "The only way you can hurt me is by pushing me away – don't push me away Caity"

In the blink of an eye I felt his lips on mine, the heat of his lips against my cold ones making me freeze in shock at what was happening – how did this happen? Sliding my hands to his chest I lightly pushed him backwards to put a little space between us. "Bar…" He cut me off again as his lips made contact with mine once again.

Caught in the moment I was vaguely aware of the moment my eyes fluttered closed as my lips began to move in rhythm with his. My arms twisting around his neck, pulling him in closer as Barry wrapped his arms around my waist pulling my small frame flush against his. Realisation at what was happening hit me as I quickly put distance between us, the last time I was this close to someone else – well I don't even want to think about what happened.

Stunned I pushed him away from me, my hands began to shake as I stood and watched in slow motion as the icicles shot my hands and into the wall behind him. How close I came to putting them into his body scares me, three seconds earlier and I would have impaled them into his chest…killing him.

Standing in shock I looked at him, hoping that there is a chance he never saw what happened but judging by the shocked expression on his face, he did notice and is now thinking a million and one things.

"Wh…Wha… What just happened?" Barry stuttered looking between the four icicles sticking out of the wall behind him and me.

"You kissed me - you kissed me" I hid my hands behind my back so he couldn't see me. If it wasn't for the icicles sticking out of the wall then I would have passed it off as him seeing things but it's harder to hide holes in the wall.

"How did that happen – what is going on here?" placing his hands onto his head, he began to pace the floor, his eyes flicking between me and the wall each time he passes me which just made me even more nervous.

The idea of telling him the truth about me has crossed my mind a couple of times but it never happened like this – it shouldn't have happened like this. "You took me by surprise"

"Oh my god what sort of black magic is this? Am I being pranked?!" his disbelief suddenly turned to full blown panic and he searched the room. I did expect him to be out of the door by now, a normal person would have run for their life but Barry is still stood here trying to work everything out. "Caitlin I don't know what is happened, did you do that? How did you do that? I don't understand anything that is happening"

Panic began to flood through my veins as to how I was going to take control of this situation, how I can explain all this to Barry in a way he will understand before I realised what I was doing, I had the taser pressed against his stomach shocking him. Barry fell forwards onto me as I caught him trying my best to hold us both upright "clearly I never thought this through"

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