A lone manstood above a dim city. A Cresent moon rose above the horsin, casting the smallest possible light upon the ground. The man's blue hair had two curled ivory horns growing out of it. The man grinned, showing his fangs and his glowing red eyes. He wore a white suit and carried a red katana on his back. His eyes held a cocky knowing look. This man seemed to know everything. He just did. And only someone like him would know why. After a second of admiring the view the man started to mutter something:

"Sunflower, Sunflower, In too deep.

Living in a world where evil creeps.

The winds are coming, the storm abrews.

We'll watch this city as it renews.

Sunflower, Sunflower, you're all mine.

Let's find you a new master so you can shine."

The man sighed. And as a breeze shifted of the city, the man disappeared without a trace.


This is an SYOC that differs from others. Why? Because the characters (you), help make the story! The characters make up the guild four main guilds, plus bonus characters, and guilds that will appear later in the story (like Mermaid Heel) and they make up their own roles in the guild! I only choose the plot (and sometimes I'll let them deside that to!) Anyway I need characters! I'm excepting OVER 250 CHARACTERS! So send some in!



I'm taking both PM's and Reviews (I prefer PM's because I can ask you questions later on, reviews don't really get a chance to make as many decisions)

Please no OP characters! Its cool to be weak not superman!

You can have up to 2 magics, only one can be a slayer magic.

I'm ok with some cannon character background (laxus trained... met Gajeel... fought Natsu... onced loved Mira... ect) but no long lost sisters of natsu, etc.

No cannon character pairs, please, its ok if your character has a crush on a cannon character, but I'm not doing OC x Cannon characters.

Everything is required on this form unless (optional) is put in front of the ":" in which case its obviously optional.

Ok! ready PEEPS? here's the form:

Character Placement (Choose the one that best describes your character):

NightGale Member

Eternal Guardian's Member

Store owners, bartenders, etc. I need more of these!


Villians-Turned-Good (this means your character is currently a villain and we see them become a hero) Please state which guild you would prefer to be in after being a villain.

Good-Turned Villain -I need these!



Nickname or preferred name (optional):

Title (optional):




Race (Human, Mermaid, Zombie, Ghost, Goddess Etc):


(Body shape, height, scars, tattoos):

Skin Color:

Guild Mark Placement/Color:








Pairings/Relationships: (Yes/No describe who your character would like, both personality and appearance, yes you can ask for characters already in the story):

Catchphrases (things a character say a lot):

Quotes from your character (Battle quotes, or friendship quotes, etc):







Rate: (10-1, DON'T GIVE ME ALL 10'S!)

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Strength (lowers speed):

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History and Magic:

History/Past: (2-10 sentences) try and keep it less dark, you don't have to kill your family to be a powerful mage (I promise).

Magic (2 types max, I repeat only one slayer type per mage, secondary magic will be weaker then primary magic):

Spells (at least 5 but if its a secondary magic only 3 are needed):

Magic Strengths:

Magic Weaknesses:

Weapons (optional):

S-Class: Why are they s-class? Make me believe they're right for this. You can be powerful with out being S-class

Other :

Outside Life: (other jobs, hobbies or secrets)

Housing: (dorms, renting house, has house)(what dose their room/house look like? be specific)

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