AN: This is not completely historically accurate. It is set in medieval times.

This is a drabble, so 200 to 600 words per chapter.


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Set in medieval times, when diseases are prevalent. Bella who has been alone since her father's death helps an injured Edward that collapses outside her cottage with one request, "Save me." Drabble. E&B.

No Grave

It was the same lonely morning. Except the sun was actually shining in the sky. It was the little things that made Bella smile now. There was nothing else to look forward to. At least, not since the white X marked her cottage. Telling wanders that the fever had reached her home and consumed her father. Warning them away.

After her father died, she waited and waited. But the fever never touched her. She wished the fever had consumed her, too, to put her out of her misery. She even had thoughts of suicide. But Bella shook those thoughts away each time they came. She didn't want to go to hell and lose her chance in true paradise.

Months had now passed since she last spoken to another human. After the first month, her throat felt dry from her lack of speaking, so she began to sing and read the Bible out loud. She sang from when the sun came up to when the sun came down. She sang while she gardened. She sang while she bathed in the riverbed. And she even sang to the chickens when she fed them and collected their eggs.

But Bella longed for more. She longed for the comfort of another person's voice. She sometimes heard voices coming from the woods, but the white X scared them away.

For most of the day, she stored food and wood for the pending winter. Since, here father died, she had to do her work and what used to be his work. She worked and worked until she felt bone tired.

As the sunset, the air around her cooled and Bella went inside to start for supper. She hummed loudly to herself as she made stew, but stopped when she heard the loud footsteps of another person.

Bella stilled and listen. The footsteps sounded dragged and seemed to get louder. She felt alert: both excited and scared. Excited that someone was coming and scared by the danger the stranger possessed. She grabbed her cutting knife and waited. Her heart beat faster and faster until there was a big bang on her door.

"Please," said the raspy voice of a man. There was another bang, softer this time.

"Please," he said in desperation.

Bella slowly inched to the door. She took a deep breath, before unlocking and opening the door. The man that was leaning on the door for support, collapsed forward towards Bella. His head landed on her legs and he looked up at her with his green eyes and begged.

"Save me."

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