Summary: He didn't meet a breast-loving pervert. What would happen should Hyoudou Issei, a child who wants to become a hero meets a certain Counter Guardian who rejects heroes of justice?


A ten-year old Hyoudou Issei was crying since his friend was leaving for England. He didn't know why they were suddenly living but his friend's father said that it was important and he didn't want to leave his child alone in Japan so Issei gave up and ran away.

So right now, he was alone in the park, crying for his friend's sudden leaving. He was trying to stop the tears from leaking out of his eyes but he wasn't able to, he just held on trying to cry too much, and just let out tears. He was approached by a silver-haired man wearing a skin-tight sleeveless black bodysuit on the upper part of his body and black jeans on below.

The stranger talked to him, asking why he was crying. "Why are you crying, brat?" He asked in a somehow jaded voice as he looked at directly at him. Issei just looked up, seeing gray eyes staring back at him. The eyes made him somehow fearful but he just explained why he cried.

"My friend went overseas today, but he promised that we'll both become heroes!" Issei explained as he tried to stop the tears from leaking out.

"Hero?" Issei saw the man raising an eyebrow from his mention of the word "hero".

"How can we become heroes of we're not together?!" He cried out at the silver-haired man as he screamed his frustrations.

"Give up on being a hero, brat. There are no heroes in the world." The silver-haired man reprimanded him which just made him even more frustrated. First, his friend left him alone, breaking their promise of becoming heroes together. And now there was a man in front of him, saying that heroes do not exist.

His mom said that saying bad words against older people will get him punished, but he didn't care this time. "You're a liar! Heroes exist! Like Batman, Superman, Robin Hood!" He yelled at silver-haired man, startling him and making the silver-haired man look at him weirdly.

The silver-haired man just argued back at him, saying that they are not true. "Stop living in a fantasy brat. They don't exist. You should just stop dreaming of becoming a hero." Issei was scared by the irritated voice the silver-haired man used but he didn't give up.

"I'm not dreaming to become a hero, I'll become a hero!" He stated with a childish smile in his face as he looked expectantly at the silver-haired man, hoping that the man would just give up on making him give up.

He saw the man staring at him with something akin to reminiscent look but since he didn't know what the man was feeling, he just grinned smugly at him before speaking. "You're not saying anything. Then you realize that I'll become a hero!" Issei stated as he stand tall, proud of himself as he pointed his thumb at himself, declaring defiance at the silver-haired man who was looking at him confounded and daze.

"I see." The silver-haired man muttered in an inaudible tone, but he heard it. He was looking at Issei with an unreadable expression as he was staring with Issei, as if he was judging him and looking at him appraisingly.

"Prove it to me." The silver man stated at Issei seriously, making him stiffened nervously but he just listened. "If you proved your mettle of being a hero is true, then perhaps we'll meet again someday. That moment, I will test your convictions, and if you fail, accept the fact that heroes never exists."

Issei didn't understand what the silver-haired man said, but his words kept ringing in his mind as he unconsciously recorded it inside his head. It was something that will test his worth of being determined to become a hero. He saw the silver-haired man turning his back as he started walking away from him, but he saw the silver-haired man look behind his shoulders.

He wanted to cower in fear, but he didn't. He wanted to show that he'll become a hero so he looked at the silver-haired man directly in the eye. The grey-metallic eyes met the brown-determined eyes. At that moment, there was an unspoken promise between the two.

Should they meet next time, it will be a fight to prove each other's ideals and beliefs, putting everything in line, to show who is right and who is wrong.

[Scene Break]

"Where did you go, Ise?" His mother asked him worriedly as she grabbed him in the shoulders, looking at Issei's eye.

"Well… In the park, since I didn't want anyone to see me crying since Irina left me." He replied in a depressed tone. That made his mother looked at him sadly, before she tried to cheer her somber child.

"Are you okay now? Irina-chan was sad as well. Since, the two of you would be separated." She spoke at Issei, grabbing his attention as she continued. "But don't worry. Irina-chan said that you'll meet again in the future." She stated at Issei in a merry tone as she finished.

"Yeah. And when we meet next time, both me and Irina will become hero!" Issei raised both of his hands in the air as he declared that proudly. His mother just smiled at him as she patted him in the head.

"Did anything else happen? You didn't talk to any strangers, right?" She regretted was she just asked at her child. She saw Issei's eyes which were happy earlier changed to a determined one. While she might've been happy about that, there was a dreadful feeling creeping up on her as she looked at the determined eyes of her child, but she just shrugged it off as she shook her head, waiting for Issei's answer.

"I'm sorry Mom, but I talked to someone I don't know." He spoke apologetically as he looked downwards, not wanting to face his angry mother right now. When her mother didn't respond, he continued. "But he was making me angry. He said that heroes don't exist! I'll show him!" He proclaimed in front of his mother. His face could be seen filled with conviction as he made a bump fist in the air.

[Scene Break]

"Did that satisfy you, Zelretch?" The silver haired man called out towards the old man who was just stroking his beard while he was looking amused in his eyes. After a few seconds, he stopped stroking his beard as he grinned at the silver haired man.

"It did. Archer, you're bringing a hero-in-making! I wonder how would this turn up?!" The old man named Zelretch stated in glee as his eyes was filled with obvious mirth, looking at the silver-haired man named Archer.

"I'm glad that you chose me to be your toy." He stated dryly at Zelretch, his voice was filled was sarcasm as he glared at Zelretch hatefully.

The old man never let his grin drop as he replied at Archer. "Don't be like that, Archer. Do this old man a favor and entertain me will you?" That remark made a tic mark appear in Archer's head. Archer was really tempted to project a certain crimson spear and gut the vampire in the heart.

If it wasn't for the deal that the Dead Apostle would take Rin as his apprentice, he would've just let himself fade away instead of forming a pact with the vampire. He really hates his E-Rank Luck. At least it was better being the troll's plaything instead of being Alaya's slave for the time being.

He heard the vampire's voice speaking to him, breaking his stupor. "Do you want me to give him that?" Zelretch asked him, obviously waiting for an amusing answer to come, though it definitely irked Archer. Especially since that was something that would definitely connect him to the brown-haired boy. It might even be possible for the boy to be connected to him through the Dream Cycle should he agree of giving that to the boy he met.

"Do what you want, you goddamn vampire." He disappeared in his spirit form as he left, not waiting for the vampire's answer. The vampire just chuckled as he spoke out to no one.

"I see. It would certainly be amusing to see two fakers fighting each other. But that's boring as well. I wonder what should I do?" He stated in a mirthful tone as he started laughing boisterously.

Author's Note:

This is an idea that formed inside of my head. What would happen if Issei meets Archer instead? A person who wants to become a hero versus a person who rejects heroes and their beliefs, this is what this story is.

Zelretch mentioned that. That is the class cards, as much as I want to bring the class cards here, I'm really contemplating on whether doing so or not since I think that I'm losing some originality (I didn't have one to begin with anyway). Even if you guys reject the class cards, I would still be able to bring an Issei where he wants to become a hero. I think. If you want me guys to bring the class cards in the story, just PM it to me or post it as reviews.

If you guys have any suggestions, questions, inquiries, and such. PM it to me or just post it as reviews and I'll answer them when I post the next chapter. If that's all, I hope you guys liked the prologue, if you don't, then I guess I'll delete the story.