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To Change History Chapter 1

Theses where the jobs that Happy enjoyed doing. He was given the honour of taking the new parents home for the first time and he couldn't be happier then to get out of the Avenger Tower. Don't misunderstand him he enjoyed working for the great Tony Stark but ever since he became Ironman he was no longer needed to be his bodyguard. So now he was just so overpaid errand boy at times. But then something like this would come along. He pulled the limo up in front of the small two story house in Queens and new this little job would be coming to an end soon and then he would head back to the tower to wait on the next task Tony had for him.

Stepping out of the limo he quickly stepped back to open the back door so the people inside could get out and enter their home. First one out was a young man with chocolate brown hear and eyes. To anyone on the street he would look like your average young man but to all those that knew him best this was the Amazing Spiderman or Peter Parker.

"You know Happy you didn't have to do this. We would have been perfectly happy catching a cab?"

"That might have been the case sir but Mister Stark wanted me to make shore you had no troubles getting home with those two new little ones." Happy replied as he looked down into the Limo to the two sleeping forms and their mother. "After all it also gave me a good reason to get out for a while."

"Well thank you Happy from both of us." Said the young blond women. Now this person made most people look twice at her looks. She was known as one of the most beautiful woman on the planet and did I mention one of the strongest. This was the great Captain Marvel or to her friends Carol Davis Parker. "Peter can you please unlock the front door while I get these two out."

A little over a week ago she had given birth to their twin children. She had lost her powers while she was giving birth and they were yet to return. Beast said they would return shortly but until then she was told to stay away from any of their usual affairs. They have two children twins one little girl named May Carol Parker named after Peters dear Aunt who died while Carol was pregnant with their children and Steve Joseph Parker named after their two brothers who both died in combat.

"Ok I'm going. I'm a going." Peter replied as he walked off.

Happy smiled shock his head and headed around to the boot of the car. Popping the boot he let in to get the bags out of the boot only to be rocked and pushed right off his feet by a massive explosion. With his ears ringing he slowly made his way back to his feet to look around and all around him there was bits and pieces of the house and then he hear her voice.

"Peter!" Carol screamed as she got out of the car and ran over to where his body was laying on the front lawn. Rolling him over she heard him grown as he slowly came around.

"Not now Aunt May I've got a really bad head ach."

"Oh Peter. Are you ok?" Carol asked

He never got to answer as they heard a very disturbing laughter coming from over what remained of the house.

"Welcome home." The Green Goblin chuckled. "I thought I would bring your two kids a little welcome home present and you know what I thought the best thing I could give them is." The Goblin pulled a pumpkin bomb out of his glider and activated it. "I'm going to make them orphans." And with that he lobed the bomb as them. Peter grabbed Carol and leaped out of the range of the explosion. Happy didn't even think twice pulling out his gun he placed himself in the open doorway of the car protecting the now crying babies with his own body.

Peter put Carol down and looked her straight in the face. "Get the kids and get out of here Ill distract him."

Carol took off at a full sprint towards the car while pulling out her Avengers ID card. Activating the communicator she didn't even wait for a reply as she started talking.

"Mayday, Mayday this is Captain Marvel calling Avenger HQ. Spiderman and I are under attack from the Green Goblin I repeat we are under attack. Please send backup."

Ironman's face came on the view screen. "What's going on Cap?"

"Peter and I have just gotten home with Happy when the Goblin attack. Peter has none of his gear and is trying to fight him off while I get the kids to safety but still we could use some help here."

"I'm putting out the call now," Tony hit the emergency call. "JARVIS deploy my Armor I'm getting in on this myself."

Just as she arrived at the car where Happy was still standing and guarding the kids. She heard another explosion rock the street. Turning around she saw Peter hit the street hard. "Peter." Turning back to Happy, "Get the kids to safety." Taking out her ID card she put her card into Mays capsule she took the gun off of Happy. "I'm going to help Peter."

Turning back to the fight she raised the gun and started unloading the clip at the Goblin. The first bullet bounced off his helmet getting his attention so as she shot off the rest of the clip he dodged each shot. Racing up to her as the clip emptied he grabbed her by the throat and lifted here off the ground.

"Now Pete. I want you to pay geed attention to this."

"NO NORMAN LET HER GO" Peter yelled and with that a sickening snap sounded. "NNNOOOO"

The Green Goblin dropped Carol's lifeless body to the ground as Peter fellow into a rage and attacked with all he has.

Happy ran up to the first house he could find with their door open to watch the fight. So he had no idea what was going on behind him. All he could see was an open door and a young couple standing in the doorway looking at him as he came running up to them. Pushing one capsule into each of their arms he didn't even bother to ask or even talk nicely he was just trying to get his point across as quick as he could.

"Take these two, lock the door, go down into your basement and don't come out unless you see me or an avenger come for you." And with that he turned back around not even looking to check to make shore they did as they were told and ran back to the boot of the car. Once there he risked a glance to see what was happening and he was shocked into a statue. He saw the lovely Captain Marvel the women how had gone toe to toe with all the worst this world has seen lying on the ground and his whole body went cold. And there was Peter losing his focus as he attacked in a blind rage. Pulling back on the lying of the boot he exposed a secret stash of weapons that he keeps on hand for emergencies and he pulled out an experimental energy gun that Tony had made but never but into production. Activating the fuel cell he looked back to the fight and there was the Goblin with Peter in a bear hug and slamming his masked face into Peter's stunning him. Pushing him off the glider Peter crashed to the ground and the Goblin pulled out a spear. Throwing it as quickly as he could. Peter didn't even have time to react as his spider scene had already been going crazy for quite some time. The spear went straight through his chest pinning him to the ground.

"Now I know that this probably isn't enough to finish you off so I made that thing just for you." Pulling out a remote he slowly came down to Peter's position. "You see all I have to do is press this little button and you will be in for a nasty shock. Ready?" Pressing the button down Peter was shocked with waves of electricity flowing through his already broken body. This time the Goblin held the button down and it all stopped and Peter coughed out blood. "Well as fun as it has been over all these years it's time for me to put you out of your misery. But before you die I just want you to know I'll be looking for you children next."

Just then he heard a noise just like a repulser charging and firing. Looking up he caught the hit of light right in the chest and it burnet some of his armour. Looking at his chest and then back to where the sound came from he was looking Happy right in the eyes.

"Well I'll be a little old human has decided he will try and mess with the Goblin." Standing up straight on his glider he stared straight down at Happy. "You do realise how out classed you are right?"

"Drop the remote and leave the Spider alone."

"Ooww I don't think he realises what he even said. Fine one remote dropped." As soon as the button was realised the electricity started to flow throw Peter again until he stopped moving. "Well what do you know he just died and it's all because you told me to let go of that little button. What do you think of that?"

Happy didn't even answer he just charged up another shot and as he fired the Green Goblin started flying in cycles around him. Meanwhile Happy continued to charge up and fire not even taking his eyes off the Goblin. Every shot missed the Goblin and so he hit a button on the glider which shot out another pumpkin bomb which he redirected straight at Happy. The bomb blew up right at his feet throwing him back and making him drop the weapon.

The Goblin pulled out a bat blade and ready to throw it put blank to kill Happy. "As I said total out classed you know you never stood a chance at beating me right?"

Happy just laughed as he looked straight back at the Goblin. "Oh I wasn't trying to stop you just slow you down and buy time."

"Oh really and what where you waiting for anyway?"

Just then there was another charging sound right before another repulses blast hit the Goblin sending him back away from Happy. "Just that." Sitting up he looked up at Ironman flouting down towards him not followed behind by one of the Avenger jets. "Hay boss what took so long?"

"Sorry I had to wait for Cap to stop waxing his shield." Iron man landed right next to Happy. "How you going buddy?" As he asked this the back of the jet opened up and out ran Captain America who came straight for Ironman while Hawkeye and Black widow went to check on the other two.

"I think I might take a holiday after this. How's the spider and marvel going?"

Just then they heard both widow and Hawkeye sware. Drawing everyone's attention as they looked back and forth between the five of them both agents just shook their heads not wanting to say what had happened.

"Goblin you are under arrest for the murders of both Peter and Carol Parker. Stand down." Captain America yelled at him.

"I don't think so matter of fact I have a little present for Mister Stark." With that he throw a ball at Ironman and turned to fly off.

Ironman caught the ball in the air before it could hit him and nothing happened. "Well that was eventful." Just then the ball beeped and electricity started to flow through his body shutting down his armour.

"Ironman." Captain America yelled. Throwing his shield he knocked the ball out of his hand and Hawkeye put an arrow to his bow and let fly in very quick motion. The arrow sailed through the air and lodged itself into the glider and with that the Green Goblin disappeared from sight.

Ironman's armour slowly reset itself. As he stood up put his hand to his communicator "put the word out the Goblin has just killed both Spiderman and Captain Marvel and there is no way in hell does he get away with it. I want every Avenger whether they are on call, active or on leave pulling this city apart right now. No one goes home until he is in the deepest darkest hole we can find and then we will bury him." Letting go of the communicator he looked over at the archer. "Please tell me that arrow didn't miss."

"Please it's me you're talking to." Pulling a display screen out of his belt. "That arrow was a tracker. Where ever he goes we can follow."

The Goblin was having a really hard time of it since leaving the Parker house everywhere he turned he saw yet another hero waiting for him somewhere and he had no idea of how they were following him. Just then thunder and lightning rolled across the sky and he knew his day just got even worse because that meant ether Thor, Storm or both had just turned up as well. He needed to keep moving he needed to find somewhere to hid and yet he knew that was going to be close to impossible as he was probable even being tracked by that painful six clawed animal somewhere. Just as he glided around a corner his glider caught on fire crashing him into a building as he fell from the wall he was caught by some sort of ice slide that directed he decent down to the street right at two of the people he least wanted to see at the moment. One man was made of pure fire that burned so hot at the moment the tar under his feel was melting and the flame in his eyes was just as bad and the other was made of solid ice and all over his body the ice came from him in very sharp and dangers ways.

"You just killed one of our closest friends," Jonny Storm said.

"And in our books that puts you in a very bad place," The Iceman continued. "I would like nothing more then to freeze you right to the bone."

"Then I'll take over and melt you right down to such a paste that you would not be recognisable." Reaching down Jonny picked him up by his shirt and held him in-between the two of them. "But Captain America wants us to bring you in alive for some reason. What do you think of that?"

"I think I'm luckier then you." The Goblin raised his hand to produce a pumpkin which then blew up in his hand producing such a bright light that they both had to cover their eyes for a moment. Which was all he needed to try and make an escape.

This didn't get him far because as he made his way down the street he ran straight into some sort of wall. One that he could look right through and this was when Susan otherwise known as the Invisible Women made herself visible right in front of him.

"Dam it. Where do you lot keep coming from?"

"We have all come out for this one. You just killed two of the most influential people in the superhero community. You didn't think we would let you walk away did you?"

Just then more lightning crackled overhead and as he looked up to look around him he saw both Thor and Storm descend on either side of him. Just then lights lit up all around him as two more Avenger jets come to flout near him and as he looked around he saw even more Avengers old and new as well as X-men standing around him.

"Stand down Goblin." Ironman said.

"No I don't think so." Just then a new glider came into view and as it drew closer to him it threw out smoke bombs, flash bombs and explosives in its wake. As he took to the sky to get away Spider girl swang down and planted both of her feet into his chest kicking him right back off his glider. As he fell Spiderwoman entered the fray flying at her max speed she hit him as hard as she could right in the head braking his masked helmet right off his face. She was traveling so fast she couldn't slowdown in time to follow up the hit with another but she didn't need to as a new web line attached itself to his chest. He felt himself being swag around picking up speed as he then was throw down into the ground again braking the ground with his impacted.

He had no idea how he stayed alive or even conscious after those two hits all he knew was that every part of his body now hurt. And this was when Spiderwoman chose to land on his chest. Her hand glowed with all the rage in her body and she looked down at the man responsible for killing two of the most important people in her life. The venom blast just kept charging brighter in her hand and he knew this was it. He had seen this look before in other people's eyes. The end had come for him.

"Stand down Spiderwoman." Captain America said to her as he rested his hand on her shoulder.

"He deserves it."

"That may be true but that isn't what they would have wanted." This made her head wipe around to face him. "Peter never took a life he always defended all life even those that didn't deserve it and Carol agreed with him."

She throw her hand into the sky letting the blast go above her head and it exploded out breaking glass all around them. Moving her foot she began to walk away. "Get him out of my sight before I change my mind." And with that she walked towards Logan. He took her into his arms right as the dam as rage broke in her turning into tears that poured down her face.

Steve bent down and picked the Goblin up by his shirt. "No more tricks or I will let all of them have you."

Just then a gun shot rang out and the Goblins head exploded and Steve dropped the body to the ground. No one even payed it a second thought and throughout history no one knows who pulled the trigger but a lot of people had a pretty good idea.

A few blocks away the Punisher was packing up his sniper rifle and walked way saying quite simple, "Justice has been done." Standing up he folded up his sniper rifle and looked over at the building across from him. Looking into the window of his intended target he could see the Jackal looking straight back at him. "Next time your mine," he said knowing that the Jackal couldn't hear him. Walking over the elevator he reached back into one of his pockets and pulled out a spider-tracer

"I just know I'm going to regret this." He heared Spider-mans voice in his head, "but keep the tracer. If you need help with something, anything just turn it on and ether myself or the Scarlet Spider will find you."

Later as some Avengers returned to the tower along with the Fantastic Four. They now had a very difficult decision a head of them. Happy had brought the twins back to the tower while everyone went hunting and now he stood in the middle of the room with the twins in their carriers. He had not let them out of his sight since he took them back from the Parkers neighbours and even now he was standing guard over them like they were two very fragile pieces of glass only he knew how to care for.

Around him stood all the members of the Fantastic Four with Iceman standing with Jonny. Also around the room was Captain America, Ironman, Daredevil, She-hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Luke Cage. Up on the wall Spider girl was surprised to be invited back with the rest of them but she wasn't going to turn down anyone tonight for tonight she had lost her mentor. Finally Wolverine was there holding Spiderwoman in his arms. She had cried most of the way back to the tower for her she had just lost another two members of her family and this man holding her giving her the comfort and strength she so desperately needed was the big brother she needed and cared for. For Logan it was the same for him the four of them Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Spiderwoman and he where a very close nit group. When the X-men split he lost one family just to realise he had another waiting for him in these three people and when he left again to open the school all three of them supported him. Tonight he had lost another brother and sister.

Finally Toney spoke up as his Armor folded away from his body, "so what do we do with these two now. I don't mind having them in the tower but someone needs to care for them."

"I know they both had wills and Jennifer and I both have one as their chosen lawyers but it will take time to go throw the processes with them." Daredevil said.

"In my book there is no question who should look after them." Jessica said as she moved out of Logan's arms. Walking up she picked up both carriers from Happy. "I'm taking them. Carol, Peter and Logan where the only family I had until these two came along. Now they are gone and all I can think of is when I first meet these two. Carol looked me straight in the eyes and said 'come to meet your nephew and niece have you. Come on you to it's time to meet Aunty Jessica.' So I might not know how to raise them but I will try my best."

She tried to leave the room with that only to be stopped by Tony. "If you are going to be that then I suggest the first thing you do is head down the infirmary." This made her turn her head around in a flash. "I believe that Beast still has the two cribs they slept in down there and one you have them settled in a bed come see me in my lab so we can reorganise your room here in the tower. After all you will need somewhere to care for them."

"Thanks Tony that means a lot."

"Whenever you need advice or even some time off come over to the tower. I have plenty of experience with super powered children." Susan Storm added.

"Thanks Su." Jess added before once again starting for the door.

Just before she made it to the door she was once more stopped this time by a hand on her shoulder. As she looked back over her shoulder she came face to face with Logan. "You won't be alone in this." Reaching down he took Steve's carrier from her. "After all I'm Uncle Logan."