All right. Who would've known I could actually get around to writing for such a...what should I say...elite ship? XD Quite ironic how sephesis/gephiroth was the ship that got me into yaoi, but it took me like 2 years to actually write for it.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, but I would like it if you PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE PROCEEDING. This is not to make you fall asleep but to ensure a well...proper understanding of the gibberish I am about to present.

Warnings and advice: Firstly, if you've been reading my longer works (hahaha if people like these exist, please know you have my sincerest thanks) you'll already be familiar with my persistent knack for writing my fanfics like they're my original novels. Please do not complain about Gen and Seph holding no semblance whatsoever to the original Gen and Seph. And as for the mandatory sephesis angst and conflict...all of that is dumped in the 2nd part, so if you could just kindly wait.

And I know us Sephesis readers and authors are the pickiest and most judgmental and most critical. If you don't like my characterization, no one is stopping you from pressing the x button. Yes, I am quite aware that Sephiroth is the most emotionally-stinted one out of all of them but please there is something called creative license.

Second, I know writing Sephesis without smut is's unheard of. It's final, there is absolutely NO smut in here even if it's a clear yaoi relationship. Hang on for the 2nd part and they get to kiss.

Third, if you're still reading this I'm assuming you are going to give this fic a go - I would like to explain some points to clarify prior confusion. This is written in Seph's point of view, a late-teenage model who, I'll just say, can read people quite well and is very anxious of the world around him as a result of it. Text in left-italic are his thoughts, text in bold are Genesis'. Genesis has been in the same model gigs as Seph and is about to pursue a musical acting career. He's written a play called LOVELESS and this won him a scholarship to a big acting school. Sef has had a very traumatic experience with relationships for the past two years (Aerith here is a guy called Aer) and is just emerging at the end can say recovery. He's at a point in his life when he has to decide what to do: to stay in the past or look towards the future. Both characters are at the point after the harshest tests of their lives, and they get to know a "victorious" version of each other.

Text in center italic are Seph's flashbacks, or Seph and Gen's thoughts.

Fourth: "Gdeiph, omggg is that you? What happened to your writing style?" I know. I know. Yes, it is me, gdeiph and yes, my writing style...well, complete makeover would be the appropriate word.

That should be enough to clarify formatting and voice confusions. I most certainly hope (if the looooooooong intro notes haven't bored you yet or scared you away) that you enjoy this quite rebellious Sephesis fic. I know it's really renegade. Any feedback, kudos, favs, comments, criticism are welcome and much loved. Even just a view of my fic makes me so grateful. I am really grateful to all my readers, favers and commenters.

This is quite an atypical relationship story, to be honest. As opposed to the "meant for each other, but stars not aligned" we usually see, this is "stars aligned but not meant for each other". I didn't write this fic alone. Thank you so much to my aniki, who discussed this with me for hours and helped me clarify the details of every single memory. Mountains and mountains of thanks to my previous English teacher who totally gave me backbone to write successfully-structured plot-based stories and who picked me up when I was on the verge of giving up this effort and supporting me tremendously. Forever grateful to Raben, my partner-in-crime who always has the time to sin with me.

And to one particular male specimen in my life who will never ever ever ever see this fic as long as I'm alive, I wouldn't be able to have written this without you. Yes, I know that you will murder me in a bathtub the moment you see this, and no I am still not changing my mind.