Anakin followed Mace Windu through the Temple Gardens at noon every day. Instead of being sent into some kind of holding cell, he was now Master Windu's shadow. Everything Mace did, Anakin did. The Master had a lot to teach him, and Anakin was willing to learn. Anakin's built-up rage had been released on Obi-Wan nearly a month ago, and now he was being trained to let go of that anger. Master Windu really did help him, and Anakin was grateful. But Qui-Gon was his master. Anakin missed the man's gentle grace, his silence, his smile. He even missed his Master's voice. Anakin sorely wished that he would be rid of this punishment soon.


When Mace Windu came upon Qui-Gon in the healing wars, he didn't exactly know what to say to him. Anakin was ready to begin with Qui-Gon again. It was time for them to go on a mission alone.

The Jedi Master knew that Qui-Gon would be hard to sway. But he also knew that Qui-Gon would see that this was the way that things had to be. Obi-Wan would stay at the Temple, and Qui-Gon and Anakin would leave.

"Qui-Gon, I wish to speak with you," Master Windu said, interrupting a lively conversation between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. The elder Jedi walked out immediately.

In a low voice, Mace said, "Your apprentice is ready." Qui-Gon could see Anakin sitting peacefully in a chair across the room.

"The two of you will report to Council Chambers tomorrow morning for your next mission." Mace could sense the sorrow rising from Qui-Gon, but at the same time, acceptance. Mace knew that the Master and Apprentice would survive together.

"Understood, Master," Qui-Go said, hading back to Obi-Wan's room.

Mace Windu blocked Qui-Gon's entrance, nodding toward Anakin.

"He is your responsibility now. Let go, Qui-Gon. You will see Obi-Wan again."

Qui-Gon took one last look at Obi-Wan's door before going to Anakin.

Mace watched as Master and Padawan walked slowly down the hall.

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