Trusting Scarlett

Seventh installment in the Scarlett Series. Spencer and Scarlett's lives would never be described as normal or quiet... Follow the continued story as they deal with working together and the dangers of their jobs, as they keep adapting to each other's personalities and then most of all, loving each other... Rated M for some chapters (Violence, Language, Sex)

Chapter 1

The hallway shifted to the left where old wallpaper hung listlessly from the wall, showing years of neglect in the abandoned house. Scarlett fought the urge to sneeze due to the mold and dust that tickled her nose as she rounded another doorway, covering the room with her weapon raised.

"Clear!" she called out to the team, moving on to the other bedroom. Down the rickety staircase she heard Morgan's voice carry the same message.


Her earpiece buzzed and she heard Reid's voice.

"He's gone out the back… Far right window from off of the porch roof! I've got a visual! I'll follow him!"

Crap… Scarlett pushed back against the stab of fear she felt in her chest as she ran into the back bedroom to follow the unsub. She had to duck back from the window when she heard shots firing into the room towards her attempted entry.

"Fuck!" she swore heavily, feeling her adrenaline pour through her as she quickly recovered, clearing her view first before trying again to follow.

"You alright?" Morgan's voice now echoed in her head.

"Fine! Get the bastard!" she shouted as she looked out over the roof. This time the man had completely dropped out of sight. Moving fast but cautiously she made her way from the window sill to track him herself.

As she slid towards the edge of the sagging roof, she felt it buckle slightly under her feet. Her eyes widened a bit and she stopped, stepping more slowly across it. Taking a deep breath, she judged the area below her carefully.

She steeled her spine against the height and searched below her. She could see Reid giving chase to the perp through the yard into a back alleyway… from her vantage point she had a clear view that the man had run into a dead end. Spencer couldn't tell from his angle that the unsub had turned to make a stand, raising his weapon against the next agent who would round the corner.


Scarlett raised her weapon and squeezed off two rounds in her clip in quick succession.

Spencer stopped in his tracks at the sound of Scarlett's warning call, throwing his back to the fence line. He heard the bark of the gun firing from in front of him, then more shots from overhead. Derek was beside him in a heartbeat, his own gun drawn.

"He's down and disarmed! But watch yourselves!" her call came over the com-link's to them. They both turned to look up towards the back roof where Scarlett stood on the edge, overlooking the scene below. Her weapon was still trained on the now downed figure of the man at the end of the alleyway.

"Quite an avenging angel you got on your shoulder kid," Morgan joked as they moved together to capture the serial killer.

Spencer grunted a response as he helped his brother in law try to haul up the now screaming man.

"I've been shot!" the man cried, holding his bleeding hand and his knee as he cowered down on the ground. Morgan kicked away the revolver that was lying uselessly on the pavement. She'd shot it out of his hand…

"Nice shots," Spencer said into his link at the shoulder of his vest. "We got him. He's going to need medical," he added. "GSW- Right wrist, left knee…"

"You're welcome," Scarlett's voice reached his ear in a cocky tone. He grinned at Morgan, shaking his head at her attitude.

"Good job everyone," Hotch's voice entered the connection. "We'll reconvene back at the station…"

Spencer turned at the sound of a loud cracking noise. He couldn't tell where it had come from- until he heard it once again along with Scarlett's scream.

He and Morgan watched horrified as the back porch roof- where Scarlett had just been standing- suddenly gave way, collapsing into itself and taking her down with it.

"KATY!" Spencer screamed her name into the link as he ran back to the debris. Morgan followed behind him, shouting orders to the locals to keep the prisoner covered, even as some medics came around the corner.

"What happened?!" the voice traffic that buzzed through the com-link came in all at once. Reid ignored it as he dug through some of the rotted wooden planks that were on top of the pile.

"Where did she go down?" he heard Derek yelling at him over the roar in his ears. He kept pulling some of the larger boards away in the area where his mind kept seeing Scarlett fall. He saw Morgan lift away one of the larger posts and the entire field began to shift…

"Stop!" he told him, stepping carefully over to the side. "The rest may fall on top of her!"

Seconds later, he felt an arm grab him away from the wreckage and he swung out wildly.

"Let me go! I've got to get to her!" he connected a fist to someone's face and an elbow into another's ribs.

"Reid! REID! Knock it off!" Morgan yelled into his face as he shook his friend's shoulders. Spencer twisted once more, trying to get back to the area.

"Let them do their job!" Rossi's face now came into his view. Spencer startled, stepping back a bit as he panted heavily. Rossi was back at the station… he thought wildly. How was he here?

"Ease back, Spence… Let the firefighters get in there- They have the equipment to get her out," JJ tugged on his arm, pulling him further away from the site.

He looked confused for a minute, searching JJ's eyes. How was she on scene?

"It'll be okay, just let them do their job," she tried reassuring him, rubbing his arm as she lead him back another step.

"That's it… Let the medics look at your hands, please," she asked him.

Spencer noticed now the blood that was covering his palms. He looked from them to JJ again, disbelief evident in his eyes. She met the concerned look of one of the medics.

"He's in shock…" the EMT stated. Spencer heard the words as if from the back of a tunnel. He looked over JJ's shoulder over to where the lights were flashing off of the local fire trucks…

"When… how- did they get here?" he asked, looking back to JJ. Her face showed sorrow and concern.

He didn't want to see the sorrow and turned his head, looking back towards the rubble.

"It's okay, Reid… the locals called them in when they saw the collapse… they have tools- they will get to her…" she watched his eyes closely and saw his pupils were dilated, a clear sign of shock.

"How long," he asked, flinching as the medic pulled a piece of glass from his hand. The pain brought him around a bit and he grasped at it.

Pain was good, his mind thought. Pain was in the now… instead of seeing his life flashing before his eyes…

"How long JJ!" he snapped, his voice rough with fear…

"It's been about twenty minutes, Spence, since we lost communication…" she answered softly.

She saw his face tense and he looked down at his watch. Twenty minutes… he had no recollection of the last twenty minutes…

"Where's Derek?!" the last thing he remembered was Morgan shifting the support post, before he blacked out…

"He's right there…" JJ pointed over towards the edge of the firetruck- he could see now where his brother stood, his back bathed in the flashing lights against the darkening sky. He stood up to go to his side…

"Dr. Reid- we have to…" the medic tried to pull him back but Spencer sent the woman a scathing glance that silenced her plea.

JJ touched the woman's shoulder. "It's… okay- let him go… the agent who is trapped- it is his wife…" she told her quietly.

The technician lowered her hand from Spencer's arm and released a sharp breath. She looked at JJ.

"I'm sorry…"

The words followed Reid with a chill as he moved steadily towards the edge of the scene.

Morgan turned when he felt someone at his side. He saw Reid's stricken face and held his breath.

"She's fine…" Derek forced the words out of his tightened jaw, looking back over where the men were scrambling to lift more of the pieces off of where he'd last seen his sister.

"She's fine," he repeated.

Spencer nodded, licking his lips and trying to swallow the lump in his throat. He couldn't speak- couldn't find the words. His hands clenched and he felt the pain rush over him, and welcomed it. They watched together in silence as Reid felt time click away…

"We got something- over here!"

They both jumped forward at the call, moving towards the area where some of the responders had started lifting pieces in earnest. Two other men had started shoring up a section of the roof with braces.

"Get back!" another man shouted at them, pushing them back to the edge of the scene.

"Get the back board over here!"

Spencer felt hands on his shoulders, turning him away roughly. He readied himself to fight whoever dared try to hold him back.

"Reid!" Hotch's voice stopped him. "Let them do their jobs!" Aaron said firmly but quietly. He held his gaze locked with Reid's.

Spencer shifted his eyes slightly, seeing Rossi standing in very much the same position with Derek. He swallowed thickly and nodded at Hotch.

They watched as the paramedics worked alongside the firefighters to move Scarlett's limp body onto the transfer board.

"Go!" some of the medics shouted, pushing the board up and out over the wreckage. Several others surrounded them as they moved towards the ambulance.

Spencer stood rooted to the spot, unable to move. Hotch shoved him slightly, snapping him out of his shock.

He squeezed his hands again, letting the pain roll up his arm, making him suck in a breath as he ran to follow the medical team.

He felt Morgan reach his side as they both watched them working in a rush over Scarlett. Spencer's eyes locked onto her face.

"Scarlett!" he called out her name, pushing toward the litter.

"We're taking her to Saint Vincent's Trauma Center over on Fourth…" one of the medics told them. "You can meet us there!"

Spencer stopped in his tracks, seeing that they needed all the room in the small area in the back of the ambulance to continue working on her. One of the medics was leaning over her now, obstructing his view.

"Let's go…" Rossi grabbed Reid's arm, dragging him back towards where they'd left the SUV.

Spencer let himself be pulled away as the medical team closed the doors and the sirens started to wail into the night.