Welcome to my first drabble series! Within these short chapters I will work to convey as much as I can without having more than 500 words per chapter. Because of the nature of these chapters expect for several to be posted a week. Though I won't promise an exact amount or a set schedule. I don't particularly plan to have a serious plot in this, but we'll see what my mind concocts. Especially since, as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Talk Show proved, I am pretty bad at not letting my plots get more serious than originally intended. Though in that case it has worked out well. At least here I have word restraints to help enforce the light hearted nature of Unexpected.

Also. I actually doubt I'll do Majin Buu in this though we'll see. This is simply about Gohan, Videl, and their relationship. So if you like fluff . . . you'll get plenty of it throughout.

This is just an introduction chapter so I don't waste time on having this above actual the first chapter. I'll be sure to upload the first chapter along side this. Thanks to this being a drabble series I can potentially have several written ahead of time. Thankfully this will allow me to put out content of some kind pretty easily should I be too busy have something done for the longer stories. Author notes will be far and few between. With the quick update schedule I am aiming for there will only be so much I can say between updates. So for the most part they'll likely just be "please enjoy this chapter." Basically anyway.

At this moment, as I put the finishing touches on this intro, I have the first two chapters done. Though chapter 2 might change a bit. It is a tad longer than I would like. We'll see. Still need to edit them after all.