Author's Note: I had actually originally intended for Videl to also be described in this chapter. But I stopped when my gut told me to. It felt good to end it off there honestly. Don't worry though. Chi-Chi will get a better idea of her next time instead.

What do you think about how Chi-Chi's character is coming out? Hopefully I'm doing well with my goal to make her more or less the same, but not too cartoony. I don't want her to be a caricature of herself. You know?

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Fight 50
The Helpful Blonde

"What about the girls? You mentioned that their names are Erasa and Videl." Chi-Chi nodded encouragingly while making sure she didn't get too far ahead of herself. After all as much as she wants her baby to get married, and more importantly give her grandchildren, the girl has to be the right one. Hopefully the girl will be a scholar like Gohan.

The glint in his mother's eyes made him shudder slightly, but he nodded. "Erasa has short blonde hair and honestly reminds me a little of Mrs. Brief." Gohan laid his cheek in his palm and looked towards the ceiling as he considered his friend. "She can be a bit spacey and is really bubbly. Though I get the feeling she is pretty smart under all that.

Chi-Chi wasn't really sure what to think about the image that description gave her. "Anything else?"

The half-Saiyan paused, "Well she was the one to invite me up to sit with them on my first day." Not to mention helped sort out his mistake with Videl he added silently with a small chuckle. Gohan looked back down at his mother, "I don't know what I would have done without that. Probably wouldn't have made any friends yet."

"Erasa Son," Chi-Chi curiously sounded out in her head. She ignored the look her son gave her as she grinned. Wasn't terrible, but at the same time didn't sound quite right. "Then she has my thanks for helping you."

"As for Videl," He trailed off as he tried to think of how to describe Videl Satan. "She's interesting."

Word Count: Approx. 280