Summary: The war was over, the light side had won and Severus died a hero. Right? Well apparently not. Severus reawakens to find himself in bed with his enemy, a ring on his finger and a toddler calling him papa. Cue the freakout. JPSS, Mpreg

Warnings: Mentions of mpreg. This will also deal with the thoughts and feelings of a canon Severus finding himself in a gay relationship with his arch enemy. So expect drama, angst and basically crack.

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Considering everything he'd lived through, Severus liked to think he was remarkably well adjusted. He'd known and watched many a man die, each of which had failed to cope with even a fraction of what he'd been forced to do. He'd seen more horrors than most could handle, killed more people than he could ever forgive himself for and for what? The greater good? Well some good it was, what good was it to him when he was dead? That's what he'd like to know. Unfortunately for Severus, despite everything he'd done, the people he'd saved and the chaos he'd prevented, it seemed the universe hadn't quite finished with him yet.

One moment he was in the Shrieking Shack, breathing his last, the next he found himself lying in a bed. Now that wasn't too suspicious. It was technically possible that the Potter brat had somehow managed to save his life, even if the odds were astronomically against him. If that were the case then he was most likely in a hospital bed, no doubt Poppy would barge in, in her usual manner. Only something was off.

The walls weren't white. In all the hospitals he'd even been in, the walls had always been white. Or at least a very drab grey. And the bed, it wasn't stiff and uncomfortable. No, it was soft with just the right amount of firmness. The kind of bed that could only belong in a home, a well off home at that. That really should have been a clue. But so caught up in his confusion it took some time for Severus to notice one rather glaring difference that really should have clued him in.

"It can't be".

James bloody Potter. It was definitely James in his bed, not that brat of his. Well not so much a brat as a rather constant annoyance in his life.

"Mmm, Sev?"

Severus froze as the other man stirred. Dimly he recognised that his chest was tightening, his breathing grew shallower and huh, he'd never noticed all those spots swimming around his vision before. The next thing he knew, his head hit the pillow once more. Had he been awake he'd have surely argued he'd blacked out. Such a shock might do that to a man, it was perfectly understandable. But the truth was, no matter how he tried to sugarcoat it, Severus had fainted dead away. Like a swooning maiden being reunited with her lost love. Only this was no love. This was Potter.

In the back of his mind Severus could recognise the sound of a wailing infant. But it wasn't until his brain finally registered that a heavy weight had been lifted off the bed and an even heavier one had returned that Severus finally awoke. As soon as he did he wished he hadn't.

"Harry was crying, guess he wanted his Papa. Fancy a coffee? I'll have Mimzy bring in the breakfast. You'd like that wouldn't you champ? Breakfast in bed with your two favourite people?"

It was official, Severus was in hell.

"Wha-?" Severus froze as he felt Potter's lips press against his own. Before he had time to react and ideally punch that dopey little grin clean off the other man's face, he felt a second clumsier pair of lips touch his own.


Severus was quite sure he was about to have a bloody heart attack. If he hadn't had one already that is.

"Hey you okay?" Severus turned to James in somewhat of a daze. "Still thinking about last night ey? Can't say I blame you, you were positively wild. God just thinking about it makes me want to-"

Severus shot out of bed, alarming the man and the baby who stared at him with wide eyes. Without pausing to think Severus staggered to the bathroom, grateful the door had been left open making it easy to locate. Seconds later he found himself retching into the toilet, bile clawing its way up his throat. It was only as he paused between heaves that he registered the soreness emanating between his legs. It didn't take a genius to work out why that was, the thought of which had him retching once again.

"Sev? You okay? Did you eat something funny? It wasn't one of those potions of yours was it because I-"

Please Merlin would someone shut the bastard up? Had he not been so mortified, disgusted and terrified all at once, Severus would have surely shut the man up himself.

"Wait, you're not well you know, are you?" James asked as he so helpfully grabbed a glass and filled it with water. Grabbing some toilet paper he offered it to Severus who reluctantly took it from him. Even he in all his greasy ways drew the line at having sick splattered around his mouth.

You know what? What was he supposed to bloody know?

"Fuck. You don't think it happened at Christmas do you? Like it did with Harry? But you were taking the contraceptive potion weren't you? You insisted on it. I mean not that I blamed you. We were only seventeen when we found out we were having Harry. We weren't ready for any more so soon. Hell you weren't even ready to have Harry back then, you just about killed me when you found out".

As strange as it sounded, that last little bit gave Severus the smallest amount of comfort. At least in this screwed up parody of his world, his younger self hadn't completely lost his mind. Of course that small amount of comfort was no match for the sheer panic and disgust that came about at what Potter was insinuating.

Severus had known the possibility of male pregnancy was technically possible. Only he'd never met a man stupid enough to give it a go, although he supposed the war might have had something to do with that. But then that had never stopped Molly from popping out a brat every year or so, now had it? But what Potter was suggesting, it couldn't be possible. Male pregnancy required countless potions to change and alter the male form so it could support a child. It required excessive amounts of magic to stabilise the child through the nine month period. In short it was a hell of a lot of work, not something a seventeen year old could go through. So why the bloody hell had Potter mentioned contraceptive potions? He was a man damn it! Even if by some long lost curse he'd ended up carrying a kid, there's no way he'd be capable of doing so again without the necessary potions and spells.

Potter was acting as though Harry had been an accident. He'd said they'd had him at seventeen. How in the hell was that possible? Was that normal in this quite frankly twisted version of his world? Did guys suddenly have wombs and go about getting knocked up every time they fancied a buggering? While Severus had never done it himself not with a man that is, he'd known of men who lay with other men in that way. Hell Dumbledore himself had been of that persuasion, although it was hardly talked about in polite conversation. No apparently that little tidbit had been saved for when he'd been made headmaster, where Albus' portrait could natter on as he pleased as much as Severus wished otherwise.

"Here why don't we get you back into bed, hmm? I'll leave Harry with you while I go fetch a healer and we can see if you are pregnant. Oh wait you should do your teeth first".

Potter was acting so helpful, it really was disturbing. But Severus found he couldn't bring himself to say anything. Hell he was all for going back to sleep. Perhaps this was just a delusion and he was really lying in a hospital bed, body racked with fever from Nagini's poison. Severus could only hope.

With his teeth brushed and a squirming two year old shoved into his arms, Severus found himself blinking up at the ceiling as he lay back in bed. Glancing down at the child in his arms, Severus frowned as Harry's eyes locked onto his own. Black. Harry's eyes were black. Black like his own.

Severus was quite relieved when the room began to spin. He only hoped when he woke once more that this nightmare would end.

"He's coming to" Severus heard a faint voice in the distance.

"Severus? Can you hear me?" He knew that voice, he was sure of it.

"Poppy?" Severus croaked. Almost immediately a glass was pressed against his lips and he was carefully propped up so he could drink.

"Take your time now; you must have had quite a shock. Of course I remember what you and James were like when you found out you were pregnant with Harry. I'd never seen you go so pale. But you were only a teenager at the time; you had all those hopes and dreams you had to put on hold. You'd get yourself into such a state. And yet you still managed some of the highest marks we'd ever seen. And then you had little Harry over the summer hols, six weeks earlier than scheduled. I must say there were some of us who thought you might end up having him right in the middle of exams. Wouldn't that have been a sight? Now lie back pet and let's have a feel".

Severus felt numb. This had to be a dream, a sick twisted dream to be sure but a dream nonetheless. It just had to be. There was no way in hell he'd ended up a teenage parent with Potter's spawn. There was no way, he simply refused to believe it.


A whimper caught his attention. Against his better judgement he glanced over to see a tearful Harry reaching out for him. His heart clenched once more. Maybe he really was having a heart attack. He was certainly having trouble breathing through his panic at the very least.

"Just relax now and oh-" Poppy broke out into a beaming smile. "Well it looks like you were right James. You've both got another little one on the way, I'd say around two months".

"So Christmas then, just like with Harry" Potter grinned, clearly elated.

"So it would seem. Are you sure you boys are up for the challenge? You're still teenagers you know, only nineteen and about to have your second child. That's a lot of responsibility".

What did she say? Nineteen? Surely he must be going deaf. There was no way he'd heard that right, was there?

"We can handle it, right Sev?" Potter turned to him, a caring smile on his face as he clasped their hands together. It sickened him.

"Papa!" Harry demanded once more.

"Alright, alright little man. I'll give you to your Papa, but you be careful alright? Your Papa has a baby in his tummy now, so he's going to need lots of love and care, understand?"

Harry nodded solemnly, thrusting his arms forward and leaving Severus no other option but to hold him. Fortunately for them both, Harry immediately burrowed beneath the covers, curled up carefully at Severus' side. With an almost reverent awe he pressed his face against Severus' exposed belly, pudgy fingers tracing the line of hair that Severus was very thankful was covered by his pyjama bottoms.

"Kiss!" Harry declared before pressing his lips against the faint curve of his belly.

In the back of his mind Severus registered Poppy and James' coos and awes. But all he could focus on was the bile that was once again crawling up into his mouth.

What the hell had he done to deserve this?


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