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The Misfit

Chapter 24: Caught and Cuffed.


Pain jolted up Natsu's arm as the officer delivered another blow to his forearm.

Despite the sharp pain, Natsu gritted his teeth, never allowing any form of sound to come out when the policeman hit him. He wasn't going to let the bastard get any form of satisfaction. Instead Natsu bared an arrogant smirk at the man.

The police officer snarled.

"You think you're tough shit?!"

Natsu shrugged.

"I can't really tell if I'm just tough, or if you're just a weak sack of-" The beanie-wearing teen let out a grunt as the police officer sent a kick to his midsection.

"Not so talkative now, are you boy?!" The man taunted.

Natsu tried controlling the pained breathing. Succeeding minutely, the downed teen managed his breathing from pained gasps to ragged breathing. As soon as he recovered a bit, the law enforcer let out a dark and savage grin as he curb stomped Natsu's shin.

A slight crack and pop was heard as Natsu let grunted violently at the pain. He was sure the man had just fractured his tibia.

"This is assault." He whispered hoarsely.

The man across from him mockingly mimicked him. "Oh, 'This is assault'? really? I didn't fucking know that." He scoffed. "OF course I fucking knew, but who's to say otherwise huh?!" He looked around in mock-fashion, "Oh there's so many people around! Whoever is gonna stop me?! There are sooo many cameras around-"

"Do you know where you are officer?"

"Of course I know where I am, in between the alleyway of-" His stubby little eyes widened. The voice that had interrupted was most definitely female. The person he was beating on was definitely a male… he thinks.

The police officer stared suspiciously at Natsu.

"You… you're a boy right? You're not one of them- whatchama' call it, you ain't a tranvesty are ya?"

"I'm a fucking guy you stupid fuck."

The stubby little man frowned. "Then who the hell-"

"Hey asshole!" the feminine voice called. "It was me!"

The police officered wheeled around and turned to see a little blonde bombshell that was glaring at him. The stubby little man shifted to the right to cover the battered form of the teen he was roughing up.

"Hello, can I help you little lady?"

"I asked if you knew where you were." Lucy said coldly.

"Ah, you must be lost-"

"You're in an alleyway between a bank and expensive brand-name store. Do you really think there wouldn't be cameras in here?"

The officer's eyes widened before he gave a tight and strained smile towards the girl. "I'm sorry little lady, perhaps you should move along?"

It wasn't a suggestion.

"Hmm, perhaps you're right, maybe I should walk along and show the police station a little something." She pulled out her phone. "The new IPhone has an absolutely amazing camera. It can take videos in HD, isn't that stupendous?!"

The police officer glared at the blonde.

"Give that here, you don't know what you're getting into missy."

"Leave and the video will never get out."

"How do I know you'll keep your word?" The pudgy man narrowed his eyes.

"You don't, now get out of here before I run to the actual police officers."

The police office snarled and spat at the ground before turning and leaving.

He would not let this go unjudged.

Natsu closed his eyes and finally relaxed on the ground.

"Thank you Lucy… I don't know what I would've done without you-"

Natsu opened his eyes as Lucy rushed to tend to him. His sharp eye caught her trembling body and anxious pace of breathing. His browed furrowed in worry as her breathing was on the edge of hyperventilation.

Ignoring the massive jolts of pain shooting up his body with every miniscule movement, he shuffled himself closer to the blonde. It was a slow process seeing as to how he was still handcuffed-

'Oh god dammit! I still have these cuffs on me! Gildarts better have- Oh right, Lucy.' he guiltily admonished himself.

"Luce," he spoke softly. "Are you okay?!"

She leaned onto him and tears streamed out. Resisting the urge to painfully howl and flinch, Natsu comforted her with soothing words.

"I was so scared…"

"It's okay Luce-"

"No!" She forcefully pulled her tear-stricken face back. "It's not okay! Natsu! I was so scared… you don't understand, I hesitated in helping you! What kind of horrible person am I if I hesitated to help out one of my closest friends?!" She sobbed miserably.

"Hey." He pulled her face up to look directly at her brown eyes, "but you did help me, regardless of your hesitation. And I really appreciate you, 'kay?"

She nodded and sniffed. "I'm supposed to be helping you, you idiot. And here you are, helping me."

Natsu scoffed. "But of course- ah!" he let out a grunt of pain as Lucy accidently put weight on his leg that he was sure that was fractured.

Lucy jumped with fear.

"What did I I do! I'm sorry Natsu!"

Natsu tilted his head. "Didn't you see what the officer did to me?!"

"Um… well, I didn't really know what was going, when I arrived, that was when I literally acted. I just assumed he was being an asswipe and I gambled correct."

Natsu stared at her.

"Wow, you are one piece of woman."

Lucy flushed adorably. "I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or an insult…"

"Definitely a compliment." Natsu confirmed.

"Oh. Okay." Lucy flushed a deeper red.

"Alright, can you give me a hand and we can get out of here?"


"… No seriously, the whole time I was on the ground, I was like 'What the hell, she recorded the whole beating before actually stepping in? She could've prevented the beating if she just stopped it in the beginning!' but, y'know, it's all good. Seeing as to how you justgot there." Natsu yawned before violently flinching. "Fuck, that hurt."

Lucy rolled her eyes as she supported the surprisingly heavy teen.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get there earlier but this is your fault too! And stop talking!" Lucy scowled. "Especially if you're just gonna hurt yourself each time you open your mouth!"

Natsu stared at her incredulously, "My fault?! How do you figure that?!"

"You should've just stayed at school!"

"Ah… Touché."

As they walked, the silence was companionable, Natsu decided it was nice having Lucy around.

"Y'know, I think I'll keep you."

"I'm not an object." Lucy deadpanned.

"Man! Why are we walking!" Natsu complained, completely ignoring her response.

"I can't be seen with someone in handcuffs. Trust me, you do not want that to happen. If word got out…" 'My dad would come here and kill me.'

"Gah! Why didn't you get the key from the officer?!"

"I'm sorry! I forgot, I was in a rush; trying to save a certain someone!" She glared meaningfully.

"You know what this means right?" Natsu stared at her.

"That you're an idiot." Lucy retorted.

"Close! Well not really, but… this means you'll have to take care of me now!"

Lucy scoffed. "How do you figure that? Mr. Dragneel?"

"Well… if you think about it, this is actually all your fault."

"How!" the blonde beauty cried out.

"You said I had cancer! Nothing wrong with that by the way! BUT! I don't have cancer!"

"Then this is Erza's fault! She's the one who told me!" Lucy defended herself. "You should have her help you."

This time, the silence that reigned was awkward.

It was several minutes before Natsu responded.

His voice was low as he stared off to the side, a tiny blush coating his cheeks.

"But I want you."


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