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Love is Never What It Seems

Chapter 1

Hermione, Harry, and Ron all met up in the train compartment that they always sat in. They didn't know how it always seemed to be vacant when they got to it no matter what time they got there. Today was a little different than the two years' prior as Neville was sitting in the compartment, obviously waiting for them maybe, even saving places for them. When they entered the small room, Neville turned away from the window to see who had entered and, seeing the golden trio, he smiled widely and gestured at them to come in.

"Hello, guys. Good to see you here and right on time as usual. 9:59 exactly." Neville said, laughing and knowing that they would understand his reference to always make it just before the train left the station, except once.

"Yeah, we know. We are always late getting to the train. I am actually surprised that we haven't missed the train before now because of it." Ron said, sitting down next to Neville, obviously not remembering the car incident.

"Well, actually, you two have, but I haven't." Hermione said, as a way of reminding Harry and Ron of their second year and the flying car versus the Womping Willow fiasco.

"Yeah, Yeah! We know we made a mistake, but it wasn't entirely our fault. It was partially Dobby's fault for blocking the passage to the train." Harry tried to excuse himself of the crime but was not completely succeeding.

"Blame the elf for your mistakes." Neville said with a smile, obviously poking fun at them a little.

"We are all aware of why you did it and who was responsible, but I am sure that you could have found a different way of getting to Hogwarts besides the illegal flying car." Hermione said, causing Neville to nod in complete agreement.

"That's true. Anyway, onto another topic, have any of you seen Luna yet? Or gotten a letter from her during the summer?" Neville asked, hope clear in his voice. This made the golden trio look at each other with knowing expressions and sad smiles. The trio knew that he had a crush on the blonde-haired girl, but none of them thought he had a chance. She didn't seem to like him in that way. They all looked back at Neville and shook their heads, indicating that they hadn't seen nor heard from her all summer.

Before anyone could say or do anything else, the door to the compartment was pulled open. When they all looked up, they saw a student that they had never seen before but who was definitely not a first year. She had dark brown hair that curled in perfect ringlets down to the middle of her back and light, mesmerizing blue eyes. She was very tall, too. If Ron stood up, she would probably have beaten him in height, but only barely. She was about an inch shorter than Neville, which would make her about 6'3". Her skin was a lovely light olive color that made her even more striking to look at.

"Hello. Can we help you?" Hermione offered with a smile. The girl walked into the compartment with a shy smile and sat next to Neville who was now sitting by himself on one of the benches as Ron had moved to sit next to Hermione. He was now sitting closest to the window and kept looking out it as if looking for something before looking back at the new girl expectantly.

"I hope so. My name is Lilith Brams and I'm new here at Hogwarts. I'm starting my 5th year." She told them with a southern American accent.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Hermione Granger. Where are you from? You sound American." Hermione observed with her usual curiosity not bothering to introduce anyone else.

"I'm transferring from Salem's School of Wizardry in America, but I am from Southern Missouri. I'm actually here to find someone and, this is where it will get a little strange, I don't know who the person I am looking for are, but I know that I need to find them before the end of this school year." She told them; obviously hoping that they would understand what she was talking about without having to explain more. When they all gave her a blank expression, she sighed and continued, "On May 31st of next year, if I haven't found this person and bonded with them, I could very well die. You see, I'm not fully human. I can't explain what I am exactly, but you could say that I am a mixture between a vampire and a veela. I have to find my mate before the end of my 16th year or I die from heartbreak or something like that." She finished with a shrug as if dying was nothing to worry about.

"Will you know your mate immediately?" Hermione wanted to know, going into learning mode.

"Not necessarily. My kind have several ways of knowing their mates. My mother found my father by scent while my grandfather found his mate by their voice resonance. I have also heard of others finding their mates by things like personality and eatin' habits. For all I know, one of you in this compartment could be my mate and I wouldn't know it yet. There isn't a special scent in here that tells me anything, so that might be something. Or it could be nothing. For all I know one of you is indeed my mate," She replied as best as she could.

"Well, I guess we could help you, but I can't promise that we will find anything." Hermione said after looking over at her friends for their approval. They all nodded and then smiled at the new girl.

"Thank you! I would really appreciate the help," Lilith said with a wide smile and a small bounce on the seat.

"This year is already starting out interesting. I don't think I want to know how much more interesting or dangerous it will get. I hope that Voldie doesn't get a stick shoved up his pie hole at any time this year," Harry said, with a shake of his head and a chuckle.

He had no idea that his words would come back to bite him in the butt later that school year in an interesting way.

Only a few compartments down from the golden trio and their friends, a single girl sat watching the scenery quickly fly passed as the train headed in the direction of Hogwarts and what she knew would be a very interesting and full 6th year. Luna couldn't wait for the train to reach her destiny and for her classmates to finally see how special she really was. She had always wanted to tell her friends who she was, but was never allowed to. She knew that it would probably take a little while for them to realize it, but by the end of this year they would all be completely informed about the person they had known as Luna Lovegood. Most of them would even question whether others that they thought they knew were truly who they said they were.

'This is going to be so much fun. I just hope things turn out the way they need to for the good of my future and that of the Wizarding world.' She thought glancing at the door when she heard loud banging coming from it. She didn't answer just in case the people on the other side wanted to join her in the compartment. She just wanted to be alone for her final train ride to Hogwarts ever. The person on the other side of the door obviously decided that no one was inside the room as they opened the door and walked right on in. When Draco, Crabbe and Goyle saw who was sitting there, they stopped and looked at each other. Draco smiled before stepping forward again.

"Hello, Loony. Ready for another year of fun? I know I am. We could always start our fun now instead of waiting until we get to the school." He said. He didn't even give her the time to answer before he continued. "Never mind, I don't want to have dirty blood on my robes before we even get there. I guess the fun must wait for another time." He finished, before he turned around and all three of them walked right back out, closing the door behind them.

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