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Chapter 8

Every Saturday at the same time Luna would leave the Ravenclaw table after she had eaten her lunch and headed to the Room of Requirement to wait for Draco to arrive so that they could continue their discussion from the previous week. She still had not had the opportunity or the courage to tell Draco that he was her mate. She was really having so much fun with just talking with him about trivial things and she just didn't want to ruin the time she was allowed to be with him. She always found a way to touch him so that her progressively worsening headache would go away for a limited amount of time. It had been only 2 weeks and each week had been different when it came to when her illness would come back. After the hug, it had been gone until Friday of the next week, which had been a very big relief to Luna. When that Saturday had dawned, Luna had decided to test out how long each sort of touch lasted for her and she had slowly learned that the longer the touch lasted, the longer her headaches would stay away. This had her thinking about the girl who had helped her get Draco to the room of requirement so that they could begin their conversations and getting to know each other in the first place. In the last two weeks, she had actually forgotten about Lilith, but it was Friday and the second week of December and she figured that this would be a very good early Christmas gift to her new friend. As she roamed around the castle looking to find Lilith, she thought about how she would finally be able to tell Draco that they were mates. She had thought she had the best plan all figured out at the first meeting but she had gotten distracted just by him being around. When she met up with Lilith she thought maybe she could ask the girl for some advice on how to broach the subject to her future partner about them being mates but she didn't know if that was a very good idea as Lilith didn't have her own partner yet.

When Luna finally reached the double doors that lead outside to the white covered ground and trees, she spied the telltale streak of color that was always sighted before Lilith ran into anyone because of her always running around after her partner. She watched as Lilith changed directions when she caught sight of Luna. She slowed down several feet from her and nodded her greeting.

"Good morning, Lilith. Why do you insist on always running everywhere? Is that really necessary?" Luna asked with obvious amusement.

"I actually like running, but I'm only running because I keep catching the scent of my mate and I really want to find them. I'm almost out of time and I really need to find them before I go completely insane." Lilith elaborated a little and then sat roughly on the step that was right underneath the one Luna was standing on.

"That is actually why I have come looking for you, Lilith. I actually promised you two weeks ago that I would help you find your mate, but I had forgotten until now. I only have one question for you; would you like me to tell you who it is or would you prefer a hint or two instead?" Said Luna sitting down next to Lilith and facing her. Lilith actually looked to be thinking about that for a moment before she finally gave her answer.

"Just tell me who it is. I know that I won't be able to figure out any clues that you give me, so go ahead and lay it on me." Lilith said with a nod of certainty and a straight decisive face.

"Your mate is none other than Neville Longbottom. I hope you two are happy together forever." Luna answered with a smile. She slowly rose to her feet as if to leave, but Lilith had one more question for her.

"What color are our auras? Neville's and mine?"

Luna turned around and smiled again at her new friend. "Baby Pink." She said before turning back towards the castle and walking back through the double doors without looking back again. If she had turned around, she would have seen Lilith smile widely as she began glowing a light yellow color before growing pink angel wings and flying off towards the forbidden forest for reasons unknown.

What neither of the girls knew was that someone was waiting in the forest and saw the strange sight of a girl flying through the sky on wings of an angel.

"The Dark Lord will not be very happy about this development. I must tell him of this. I hope he is in a good mood." The hooded figure then turned away from the castle and began his journey back to his master.

The winter holidays had ended and it was now well into the new year. February 14th was only a few days away and Draco and Luna had been in the room of requirement for almost an hour just like they usually were and talking about everything and nothing at all, when Luna finally got up the courage to tell Draco that they were mates. She had just opened her mouth to inform him of what she had learned when they both heard and felt someone pound on the door to the room. It felt like an earthquake was going through the room with how hard the person on the other side was banging on the door. Draco jumped to his feet clearly afraid that it was someone who knew his father and would tell him and the dark lord that he had been talking with a blood traitor in a pleasant way instead of bullying or torturing them. He was being way too paranoid and Luna knew it, but she didn't say anything. She instead motioned for Draco to go through the door across from the shaking one and he hurried into it to hide. She moved slowly and gracefully to the door, pulling on her glamour with a shrug as she went. Opening the door, she tilted her head at the person on the other side. Harry lowered his hand and looked very confused at seeing Luna.

"Luna. What are you doing in there?" He asked, clearly not sure how to talk to her.

"Just reading. What are you doing here? Why did you need to bang on the door so hard? Are the Nargles getting to you again? I can help you with that if you would like." Luna said attempting to get him to go away quickly.

"I saw Malfoy go in there a little while ago and I wanted to know what he was up to, so I figured if I knock hard enough then what ever he was doing would be interrupted. Is he in there with you? Are you okay? Has he been hurting you?" Harry couldn't help but ask in suspicion speaking quickly. He always seemed to think the worst of Draco at all times.

"He isn't in here. I am all alone and just fine. The books haven't attacked me so far but I expect them to later on. Those Nargles are tricky creatures and very much invisible. Malfoy would never hurt me, just so that you know that. He couldn't hurt me." She reassured him, knowing that he would be incapable of hurting her due to him being her mate, which Harry didn't know. Anything he did would end up hurting him as well. Except he didn't know that yet and she really wanted to tell him. She just needed the chance to let him know so that he didn't do anything to her in front of his people and end up giving away that they were something instead of enemies. Harry looked at her in the way most people did after they spoke to her; with major confusion and wonder.

"Luna, you know that he would do anything in order to get into the inner circle of the Death Eaters. He is pure evil and there is nothing that he won't do, even if that means hurting you…" Harry stopped talking because he was in shock with what was happening in front of him. Luna wasn't just standing in front of him anymore, she was floating a few inches in the air with her glamour gone and her eyes had turned red. Her outfit was floating away from her body as if there was a wind swiftly blowing through the room.

"DRACO WOULD NEVER HARM ME. DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME THAT HE WOULD HURT ME. MY MATE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE DEPLORABLE LOWER WIZARDS!" Luna said in a loud and strange voice as if there were more than just her voice in the words. She would have attacked Harry for his words, but she was stopped from doing so by arms wrapping around her from behind and pulling her into a soft body. In only a few seconds, Luna's glamour reappeared and her eyes turn back to their normal silver color. She sighed as if in relief and leaned back into the embrace.

"Why don't you come in so that we can talk about this, Potter?" Draco said logically and then turned to lead Luna to the loveseat, which he sat down in and placed her in his lap. Harry lingered in the doorway for a moment before he finally walked into the room and closed the door. He slowly walked over to the previously conjured chair that Draco usually occupied and sat down, looking around curiously.

"What is going on here, Malfoy? Luna?" Draco knew that Harry really wanted to ask him what he had done to Luna and why she was reacting in the way she was, but he seemed to be restraining himself. Draco really hoped that Harry didn't get up the nerve to do so because he didn't want Luna upset again. Luna, who had been hiding her face in Draco's shirt, turned around now to answer his questions and to fill in more information for the benefit of Draco.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I think I need to inform you of what I am first, but you have to swear that you won't tell anyone anything that you hear in this room." Luna began. She didn't have to wait long before Harry nodded his agreement. "Thank you, Harry. I know that you are worried about me and I love that about you, but there is no need to worry about me. I am a Veela and I have my own protections so there is no reason for you to be overly protective."

"You seem so much different then you normally do. Why are you acting like this? Why did you defend Malfoy just now from what I said?" Harry had to ask.

"I haven't even informed Draco of this." Luna turned towards Draco to watch for his reaction to her next revelation, "I am a Veela and I have been looking for my mate, who is the most important person to me. If he is threatened in any way, then my nature or my creature side will feel the need to protect and defend him in any way I have to. My mate is Draco, which I found out in October of last year thanks to my father helping me figure it out. I have been trying to get up the courage to tell him about what I discovered but have been too afraid that he would reject me." She paused as if waiting for an answer to her confession, watching Draco's face for a bad reaction. She was surprised by what she got as a reply from him.

"I am greatly honored. I have always been told that to be the mate of a Veela was the greatest thing in this world besides being the Veela yourself. As I am not one, it is an amazing thing to know that I am your mate. I love spending time with you, so I know that we will have so much fun and we will agree on a lot of things anyway. Plus, I kind of suspected that you weren't all human." Draco said and then smiled at her. They heard a gasp and when they turned to look at Harry again, his mouth was open and he looked like he was about to pass out. Draco's smile faded as he realized that he had shown his true self to his sworn enemy. Luna's hand rubbed over his hand that was resting on her leg as if to reassure him that everything was going to be alright.

"Harry, I told you that whatever you heard in here couldn't be repeated nor can it change the way you interact with either of us when outside of this room. You agreed and I hope you realize that if you do say something, you might initiate my creature's protections." Luna warned with a cheery smile just like her human glamour would have used to put others off questioning her. Harry had to smile back at her because he knew what she was doing and it almost never worked on him again.

"Don't worry about me messing things up. I won't say anything about this, I was just surprised that Malfoy knew how to smile. You looked lovely before except that you terrified me with those red eyes. I am so used to you being so docile and happy all of the time that this and earlier was a little strange… well stranger than you usually are outside this room." Harry finished, with a shrug.

Luna laughed and shook her head. "I know, but all will be explained soon."

Harry left not long after that, saying that he would keep their secrets safe. After the door closed, Luna and Draco got their chance to talk and figure out how things were going to work with their bond. They were able to sit in the room for 3 hours without worrying about someone coming in and ruining their happy mood.

Later Draco would tell Luna that Crabbe and Goyle hadn't even realized that he had been gone from the common room. This pleased the two because that meant they could disappear more often without anyone being the wiser.

In another part of the world, the Dark Lord was being told about the unusual happenings at Hogwarts, such as the girl with angel wings flying over the forest.

"Lucius, I was promised that Draco would join our ranks soon. I think it is time he was initiated and quit delaying. I want that boy under my control NOW! Bring him here before the end of the school year or I will kill you and him." Voldemort said before turning and walking out of Malfoy Manors study where Lucius and Peter were both still standing, one terrified for his son and the other happy he had helped his master.

Lucius turned toward Peter and glared at him until he squeaked and ran out the door after his master. Once alone, the blond man sat at his desk to begin planning out a strategy.

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