A/N: I was in the mood to explore a different avenue of the fandom and explore the possibilities of something that could be plausible in the canon as far a romance for our Bama Boy and a certain LT who was introduced and then suddenly disappeared altogether.

Chris LaSalle could only describe his relationship with LT. Addie Watkins as enigmatic, in other words confusing as hell. They were good friends (and drinking buddies), that would always be a given. Addie was just fun to be around. But there were so many other things that far outweighed his need for fun. One being that she didn't give a lick when he rambled on about such things as fishing and hunting. A staunch LSU fan, Addie understood his devotion to the Crimson Tide and his Alma Matter. She even liked his Big Al tattoo ( she gotten a glimpse of it once when he'd taken a bullet in the derrière, chasing down a suspect). He could even count on her for a good Roll Tide every once in a while.

And intelligence the woman sure had him beat. A graduate of Annapolis and the Navy War College the woman could speak three different languages. A far cry from his one Southern drawl though he had picked up a little bit of creole French due to working the local neighborhoods over the years.

As far as style went she could rock an evening gown and looked beyond fabulous in a set of BDU's with a sidearm at her hip. Best of all she liked crawfish, beer and on occasion a fine wine with a good steak. Beyond a doubt she was an educated woman of class earning her way in a male dominated military.

But unlike Percy, Addie was gentle and knew how to feminine, despite her ability to bond with the boys. She wasn't overly private like Meredith Brody yet she had a certain mystery about her that he found attractive. Addie had her set of moral standards which when needed were as high as they came. She was also loyal as all get out and couldn't give a rip about what others thought of her, save for her superiors of course. Thinking back, Savannah had been just a wee bit too conservative when it came to Miss Manners and the rules of a good Southern Woman. She could also be a bit snobbish at times, especially when she had gotten together with her Junior League friends. Not that he had held it against his beloved high school crush.

But Addie didn't seem to have a single flaw or at least none that he could see. If it weren't for his job and the fact that he was still nursing a broken heart he might consider her a candidate for the perfect soul mate.

They'd drifted apart for awhile when her assignment changed sending her on deployment. But after Savannah had died she started reaching out to him again. He'd avoided going out with her at first because he was still dealing with his grief. He had way too much respect for her to just treat her like one of his nameless pick-ups. But after settling down some he was happy to resume their friendship, doing simple platonic things like taking in a game or meeting with a group of friends at Pride's bar: all of which where relatively safe avenues.

"So how are you doing LaSalle, really?" She asked one night when Chris had seen fit to walk her to her car after closing time. Even for a highly trained Naval Intelligence Officer it wasn't safe to be walking the streets of the Quarter so late at night.

Chris shoved his hands into his pockets and gave her a faded version of his famous grin. "I guess the right thing to say is that I'm getting a little better everyday."

Addie stopped when they reached her car and cupped his cheek. He was presenting himself like an open book but one that she still wasn't able to read. "You'll get there," she smiled. "Until then we'll always have Christmas Eve."

They both let out small laugh as Chris opened her car door and watched her slide into the driver's seat. Thoughtfully he rubbed his chin as she shut the door and rolled down the window. She was still smiling like a fool when he ducked his head in.

"You're never going to let me live that down are you?" He said, his mouth dangerously close to hers.

Addie pulled back just a little insuring that that neither of them would make a move that he wasn't ready for. Being the girl on the rebound wasn't the option that she wanted to take.

"What Mr. Grinch caroling in Jackson Square?" She teased impishly watching his face turn a few different shades of red. "Or Watching It's A Wonderful Life?"

"Now as I recall we didn't quite make it through the movie." he countered averting his eyes. It wasn't the caroling or the fact that he had caved and watched the movie with her that bothered him: it was the after party that had gone along with it. Standing underneath the mistletoe at O'Malley' after engaging in a couple of cups of their famous Irish Coffee. He clearly still remembered thinking that the coffee was a good alternative to their usual beer and shots. But it was the look on her face that had stuck with him. It was a combination of surprise that had suddenly burst into the biggest smile he had ever seen. Anticipating. They had both just stood there like a couple of nervous school kids, palms sweating until he finally conceded giving her a polite peck followed by a husky Merry Christmas, Watkins.

"You opened up your heart to me(about your brother) that night, Chris. I haven't forgotten that." She replied a bit coy, purposely keeping her voice light. She hadn't been back very long but even she could that LaSalle had changed from the flirty fun loving soul he was before she left. A part of her often wondered what would have happened if she would had taken the lead that night at O'Malley's. Would he have waited for her and never become involved with the woman that he now mourned? The thought messed with her head sometimes.

He straightened and rolled his eyes. "I gotta go, take care Watkins."

"You too, LaSalle"

Shoving his hands back into his pockets he shuffled his way back to the entrance of CFA, where he found Pride waiting.

"Addie's good people." The older agent said, watching Addie's car disappear around the corner.

"Is that your way of givin' me a hint?" Chris quipped, his hand falling his surrogate father's shoulder.

"Just lookin' out for ya, Chris." Like LaSalle Pride had always liked Addie and was disappointed when the liaison position had been pulled from their team.

"Appreciate that King, but I don't need any help when it comes to the ladies." The flirtatious agent was a bit afraid the next words out of his best friend's mouth were going to be questions about where he was laying his head, more correctly not laying it on his own pillow.

"No ya don't, " Pride chuckled "But if ya slow down a bit ya might just see that the right one's standing right in front of ya."

LaSalle's brow furrowed until he picked up on the sound of heels clicking on the sidewalk. Addie was making her way back to him.