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Meeting Alice

We start our story at a dark snowing night somewhere in the North of Denmark.

As we look closer we can find ourselves at an expensive party organized by the Nakiri family.

The guests are there to celebrate the birthday of the oldest son of Nakiri Senzaemon, the head of the Nakiri family.

At the party, which is held at the Denmark Nakiri mansion, we can find many influential people from all over the world that have made haute cuisine their business.

We see many restaurant owners, well-known chefs and important food critics all enjoying the most splendid of foods prepared by guest chefs from all over the world, including the notorious ''Asura'' the former second seat of the elite ten council from tootsuki academy.

Among all the guests we find a little white haired, red eyed girl enjoying the party as if it was her own.

As a Nakiri, people looked up to her and were all wondering when she would start to show her gift for cooking.

As she smiles at all the people, she is approached every few minutes by many of the guests wondering how her cousin Erina is doing.

With every person asking the same question, her smile starts to disappear from her face.

Starting to sulk a little and feeling sad, wondering why everyone was only interested in her spoilt cousin with her god's tongue, the little girl named Alice walked out of the ballroom.

Walking through the hallway she can see many men and women walking with champagne, little snacks, and plates filled with delicious looking food walking to and from the kitchen.

Her stomach starts to growl hungrily from all the food that is carried past her and decides to make her way to the kitchen

Arriving at the kitchen she hears a lot of shouting.

''More champagne for the guests on the balcony''

''Where is the salmon for the food critic from Prague''

''I need scallops, where are the scallops''

Looking inside the kitchen, Alice spots a red-haired man working furiously with a wok preparing stir-fried vegetables.

Being enthralled by the smell, Alice stumbles towards the man, eyes closed and only enjoying the smell, as she accidentally walks into the man.

Looking up she can see eyes of a demon glaring down at her before they warm up and he smiles up to her.

''I'm sorry lady Alice, when I work in the kitchen I always get a little too serious'' The man softly said as he softly pets the hair of Alice, as she was shivering from looking in the demonic looking eyes.

Looking up she looks back in the man's eyes, that have a deep golden color instead of the scary red color and relax under his warm hand. Before asking the man ''How do you know my name, mister?''

Not expecting this question, the man laughs a little and said ''Your grandpa and I have known each other for a long time, we met at tootsuki'' he smiles whilst looking down. ''He also mentioned you and your cousin Erina''

Already expecting his question of asking about Erina, she is surprised to hear him say ''Would you like to try a little from the stir'' as he never stopped working on it whilst talking to her.

Furiously nodding with red puppy eyes, The man smiles a little and grabs a small plate and fills it with some stir fried vegetables.

Starting to eat, Alice tasted a lot of vegetables she had never seen or tasted before, and as she ate, the man finished the dish before giving it to the servers.

Taking a small break he grabs 2 bottles with root beer and walks back to Alice.

''Did you like it?'' he questions as he washes her empty plate, before taking a seat next to her.

Alice nodded wildly as she was enjoying her root beer. This brought a smile to the man's face.

''So tell me, Alice-chan, why are you in the kitchen and not at the party?'' The man questioned as he looked at her face, which was starting to look a lot sadder.

Alice explained, as best as a 7-year old can, that she was sad because of everyone only asking about her cousin Erina and feels neglected by everyone but her parents and grandfather.

The man could understand what she meant, having already cooked at the Nakiri mansion in Japan. He knew how people treated Erina ''God's Palate'' Nakiri. A small girl being bowed to by many chefs whose reputation is entirely dependent on the words of a small child.

As the man looks down at her gloomy face he said ''Erina-chan isn't always happy either. Because there are many people looking up at her, she doesn't have time for other things. Her only friend is Hisako-chan, her aide.'' He tells her as she is a bit startled by this.

looking down she said ''I thought she had it a lot easier than me'' as little tears start welling up in her eyes. ''And all the times I thought bad things about her..'' she said.

Sniffing a little about her cousin, she feels the man's hand wiping the tears from her eyes and said ''Please, if you see her again don't be angry with her. You both envy each others life'' the man said before he softly pets her again.

After a few more minutes of talking the man said ''Alice-chan why don't you go outside now, if you go to the back of the mansion, there will be a little surprise waiting for you'' as he starts grinning.

Standing up, she nods at the man and starts walking out of the kitchen, but before she exits she shyly asks, 'What is your name mister?''

Already busy with looking for ingredients for his next dish, he looks back up and said ''My name is Saiba Joichiro'' before continuing with his search.

Happily smiling as she remembers talking with Joichiro and the delicious food he made, she makes her way through the mansion.

Whilst walking she politely waves and smiles at the guests that are in the back of the mansion, before opening the back door of the house.

Walking through the conservatory before reaching the yard, She spots her father, who is talking on the phone.

Wondering who it is she hears her father loudly laughing with her grandfather.

''It's a pity you can't be here father, the food is most wonderful this year''

''I know Hideyoshi, but I can't let Erina alone, you know how her father is''

''I'm well aware father, please continue to take care of her, but know that the door here is always open to her''

''Thank you son, please enjoy the rest of the night. Say hello from me to little Alice-chan''

''I will father, you will hear from me soon''

As the now named Nakiri Hideyoshi closes his phone he said ''I know you're there, come out''

Spotting a little white haired girl walking towards him, he softened his eyes.

Kneeling down before giving his daughter a small hug he said ''Alice, what are you doing here?''

Enjoying the warmth from her father, she softly replies ''A chef named Joichiro-san said there was a surprise for me in the yard''

Blinking his eyes in surprise before letting out a small laugh, her father said ''That's right, there is a special surprise for you outside''

All the doubt the little Nakiri girl had of there actually not being a surprise flew out the door as she gave her father a small kiss wishing him a happy birthday before running out of the conservatories door.

The man softly smiles, before making his way back to the party.

''Joichiro you really are a man of your word'' as he looks back at the conversation he had half an hour ago.


Shaking hands with his guests and accepting birthday wishes, Nakiri Hideyoshi is following a little red-haired boy looking no older than 7 as he made his way to the conservatory.

Walking three steps behind the boy, he saw the boy wearing a thick red winter coat three sizes too big, small gloves and a large shawl.

He saw the boy grab a large snow shovel before walking up to the boy asking ''What are you doing here, little boy?''

Not expecting this the boy jumped 2 ft in the air and slipped.

His head had little birds flying around him, before looking up at the man saying ''Heya'' with a large grin.

Nakiri Hideyoshi sweatdropped and knew right at that moment ''Joichiro's boy''

Helping the little boy up, Hideyoshi asks ''What's your name, boy?''

Thumping himself in the chest, he said ''Yukihira Souma, the best chef in the world!''

Laughing a little at the boys excitement, he said ''My name is Nakiri Hideyoshi. So Souma-kun, what are you doing here, shouldn't you be inside?''

''Well, Nakiri-san, pops said I should work on a surprise for someone'' Souma said as he grabbed the snow shovel.

''He said I should make a snowman for someone named Alice-chan'' Souma proclaims.

Trying to process what Souma just said, Nakiri Hideyoshi smiled and turned to Souma.

''That's a good idea Souma-kun. If you need anything you can take it from the shed'' before shooing Souma outside.

Smiling to himself, he walked back inside only to receive a phone call from his father

Flashback over

''Have fun my dear daughter, I hope the two of you can become good friends'' were his last thoughts before making his way inside.

As Alice made her way out of the conservatory, she ran right into the snowing night. Forgetting she only wore her expensive party dress, she was suddenly enveloped in the cold.

Not being able to do what she wants, isn't something that we can find in her dictionary (not even at age 7)

As fast as she could, Alice ran back inside to grab a warm coat, gloves, shawl, and shoes.

Quickly getting dressed, she ran back outside in the dark snowing night, to see a small boy in the distance.

Coming to the intelligent conclusion that he tried to take her surprise away from her, She made her way towards him.

We know Souma as a somewhat dimwitted and dense person, but we also know him as a loyal and dedicated person.

Being the dedicated person he is, Souma is trying his best to make his very first snowman for a girl he doesn't yet know.

Already been working on the snowman for half an hour, Souma is busy with the middle part of the snowman, trying to lift the middle part in his little arms.

He grabs it and lifts it. The large snowball is heavy, as his arms start to shake he manages to lift it up to eye level but just before he placed it on the first part.

''Who are you''

He hears behind him, scaring him out of his little jacket.

Suddenly losing all of his strength, the large snowball drops on the ground together with Souma, as his arms were still wrapped around the snowball.

Seeing this, Alice starts to fufufu a little and walks closer to see small red hairs sticking out of a small mountain of snow.

Laughing a little louder as Souma climbs out of the snow, she can see him starting to tear up a little bit and closes her mouth.

Sniffling a little, he looks behind him to see a small girl with white hairs, red eyes looking curiously at him.

''What are you doing here, I'm supposed to make a surprise for Alice-chan'' Souma said as his golden eyes stare back at her.

Blinking twice, Alice asks ''Are you the surprise Joichiro-san talked about?''

Shaking his head twice, Souma said ''I was making a snowman for a girl named Alice, but now it is broken'' he sadly said.

Walking up to Souma, Alice said as she is 3 ft away from him ''My name is Nakiri Alice, Who are you?''

Souma answers as best as he can ''The greatest chef in the world'' he screams loudly to the world with a volume only a 7-year old can produce.

Alice sweatdropped and said ''Do you want to make the snowman together with me?''

Souma smiled at her, happy she isn't mad because of the destroyed snowman, and nods.

After an hour, the both of them have managed to make a complete snowman, dressed with a large hat, a carrot for a nose and a couple of buttons used as a smile and coat.

They both look at each other, happy with the result

''That was a lot of fun'' Souma said as he grabs the snow shovel.

Looking happily at their result, Souma and Alice started to play in the snow, making snow angels and throwing snowballs at each other.

As time went on, it started to snow harder outside and it got a lot colder, So they decide to continue playing in the shed.

Well, ''Shed'' is a word that would normally be associated with a small, wooden construction used for small tools. But in the world of the Nakiri's you can consider it a large building with not just small tools but also a lounge room and a small onsen.

The two of them decided to play games while they were inside the shed. They played cards, uno, and many more games before playing with the Wii.

After three hours of swinging the controller around as they played their games, Alice said ''I'm starting to get tired'' and rubbed her eyes.

Yawning in response, Souma said ''hmmm I'm tired too''

Because they are still so young, neither of them is embarrassed when Alice grabs blankets from another room and suggests they sleep in the loungeroom.

After taking a little soak in the onsen together, they get dressed in pajamas before sleeping together under the same blanket.

During the night they unconsciously find each others arms and spend the rest of the night in them, both happily dreaming about the fun they had.

Next morning, we find two adults looking down at the most adorable scene they ever lay their eyes on. Both of them grinning as their children don't want to let go of each other.

''Blackmail'' their minds said as Souma and Alice woke up.

Rubbing their eyes they notice where they are before they both blush a little, before looking away when they hear snickering.

''Alright Alice, you can snuggle with your friend another time'' Hideyoshi said as he takes Alice up in his arms.

''Come on Romeo, it is time for us to go back home'' Joichiro said as he grabs Souma.

Making their way out of the shed, Joichiro takes Souma back to their room to take a shower, pack his things and get dressed.

When they are ready to go, they make their way back downstairs to see Alice, Hideyoshi and Leonora Nakiri waiting for them.

As Joichiro is making small talk with Hideyoshi, Souma is left alone and walks up to Alice and her mother.

''It looks like we won't see each other again for a long time'' Alice sadly said as Japan isn't exactly close to Denmark.

Looking back at Alice, Souma said ''We will see each other again, then we will make another snowman'' as he smiles brightly at her.

After 5 more minutes of talking between Alice, Leonora, and Souma, Joichiro yells from the door ''Romeo, it's time to go now''

Yelling at his father, he gives Alice a hug and quick kiss on her cheek before running outside, not seeing the forming blush on Alice her face.

''hmm looks like Alice likes little Souma-kun fufufu'' Leonara thinks as she can see the blush on her daughter's face. Everyone in the Nakiri family knows that Alice learned her teasing from her mother.

Running upstairs to her room, Alice opens the door to her balcony to see Souma walk in the distance.

As she looks at his retreating back, Souma suddenly turns around and looks at her, before giving her a bright smile and starts to wave at her.

Waving back she smiles softly back at him thinking ''I hope to see you again''

At night, while laying in her bed, Alice thinks back at the previous night and how warm she felt all night, the warmth she missed right now.

As she falls asleep she dreams about being with the mysterious boy again, not knowing his name.

Just seeing him makes her already happy.

She decides to no longer care about her name and what it means to the world.

Erina can have it all. All the fame and all the riches that come with it.

People can ask her about Erina all they want and she will happily answer them, just as long as this boy, only this mysterious boy is interested in her.

Unknowingly dreaming about this boy made the seeds that were planted in her heart during the day starting to sprout.

There we have it, The first chapter introducing Alice and Souma

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