Percy Jackson sat in the middle of his classroom listening to his teacher, Mr. Brunner. The wheelchair bound teacher spoke with a deep voice and enthusiasm that surprised Percy as the subject he spoke about was…..well frankly boring.

Percy's sea green eyes were glazed as he looked at his notebook doodling away a picture of a trident and not paying attention to what was being said.

"...And hence the Gods lived on Olympus for the rest of eternity ruling over the world," Mr. Brunner finished his lesson closing his book. He looked around the classroom and spotted Percy who was doodling on his note book, "Mr. Jackson."

Percy immediately looked up in surprise, "Ah-yes sir."

"Tell me Mr. Jackson what is the purpose of us learning about Greek Gods and Goddess?"

Percy looked around confused. He looked to his side to his best friend Grover, a boy with crutches and a beanie on. The boy shrugged and Percy sighed, "I-ah….don't know sir."

Mr. Brunner sighed, "come now Percy you must be able to guess, think of some reason."

Percy scratched his head and wondered, what were the gods good for anyway? Percy shook his head and said the one thing he could think off, "it would help us passing this class."

The class laughed and Grover gave Percy a thumbs up while holding in his laughter while Mr. Brunner pinched his nose. "Yes Mr. Jackson I suppose that would be an answer to the question, not the one I was expecting but nevertheless true."

Percy shrugged, "I'm sorry Mr. Brunner, who come on what could the actually answer be? What's the point of learning about some dead gods anyway? Shouldn't be learning something else like say...balancing a checkbook or something?"

The class laughed again but strangely this time Percy noticed Grover was very quiet, he almost looked kind of scared like someone was going to hurt Percy for talking like that.

Mr. Bruner shook his head again and slowly started to roll himself to the front of the class, "while it is true for the present day world learning about Economics if far more useful than learning about Greek Gods, but it is not more important. The Greeks invented most of the methods we see today in our lives. Their rule of drama form the bedrock of our entertainment. Their philosophy, the corner stone of the Western world. That is why we need to learn about the Greek Gods Mr. Jackson, to understand where we come from, and what stories influenced the great people who formed our world."

"But I mean come on Mr. Brunner," Percy said with a sigh, "other than being an extended history lesson it's not like they actually have any other use. They don't have anymore power in the modern world."

Mr. Brunner narrowed his eyes, "don't be too sure Mr. Jackson."

Percy shrugged and the class continued moving on like nothing ever happened. But unknown to them, three old women were looking at this scene from far away.

These were the Fates. They lived in a cave that be found by no mortal or demigod, but only a divine and only if the Fates themselves wish it. The women looked as old as time itself with hair as white as snow as fingers with marks of a knitter. Next to them was a river of blue yarn extending beyond them further into their cave.

"A gauntlet has been thrown," said one of the three women dressed in grey robes.

"Challenges us the boy does," said another in a tone of anger.

"We are fate, we are always challenged."

"Indeed we are, but this time we must do something about this."

"And why must we? What would we gain by interfering?"

"Indeed, we have nothing to gain."

"Oh but we do. We have everything to gain."


And so one of the three spoke up, "Perseus Jackson is the one who will decide whether to save Olympus, or let it burn. He is the chosen one, and his dismissal of the Olympians and of us the Fates will not be in our favour."

"It is a problem easily fixed," stated one of the Fates, "we simply have to introduce the boy faster to the divine world, make him reliant on it."

"But that may not be enough," said another Fate, "I agree with sister, we need to boy on our side. We need him to rely on us."

The Fate that suggested the idea nodded, "I propose we give the boy a power that will trap to our service, that he may never leave, else he lose this power. This will ensure he remains loyal."

The Fate that objected before nodded, "very well. But what shall we give him? He is already a demigod. Perhaps then a weapon, like the original Perseus."

"No, not a weapon," said one of the Fates, "he will need his entire life consumed by the gift we give him. A weapon can be replaced and his reliance on it will….be minimum in his mortal life."

"Then what shall we give him?"asked the Fates that started this subject.

"It would have to be something he would be good at."

"But is should also be under our control, but give him the illusion of control."

"And modern, Perseus would not like it otherwise."

Slowly the three looked at each other and smiled as an idea come to them. They lifted their right arms together and a ball of blue light formed. Suddenly just as quickly as it formed, it disappeared.

The three closed their eyes and the image of Percy sitting in class reappeared. Suddenly the ball of light they made appeared over Percy's head. It seemed however no one could see it as nobody reacted. The light bathed the room in blue before it slowly sank down into Percy.

Percy jerked up as he felt something….something strange. Like a disturbance in his head, only thing is he didn't know what happened. Percy shook his head and quickly tried, and failed to listen in class.

That night Percy went to bed with a raging headache, his classes were getting distracting, the teachers were being boring, again. And worst of all Grover was going on and on about Greek Gods and how they were going to get him or something, honestly that guy acted like such a chicken sometimes.

Percy finally went into his dorm room, luckily Grover was still in the library studying. Percy took off his shoes and socks and crashed into the bottom bunk bed which was his. The last sound he heard before he fell asleep was a 'ping!'

The next day Percy opened his eyes and slowly wiped away the dust in his eyes. He stretched around and yawned feeling great. No headache, no homework….that he remembers and no Grover snoring waking him up in the middle of the night.

Percy nodded and then looked up to see a blue box hovering over his head with black letters in it. Suddenly Percy heard a 'ping' and he shot up hitting his head on the bed above. He rubbed his head and looked again wondering whether this was actually happening or he was finally losing it.

Percy then read the text;

You have slept in you own bed, HP and MP have been restored 100% each. All ailments and negative status effects have been cured.


Percy tried moving his head but the text stayed in one place, exactly a feet away from his head. Percy then moved forward and tried to touch it, only for his hand to go through the screen and then suddenly the screen rippled like he was touching the surface of a lake causing ripples to form on the blue box.

Percy quickly took his hand back and watched as the box disappeared. Did that actually happen? Percy blinked again and again with his mouth hanging out until it began to dry up from being open for so long.

Percy shook his head, maybe it was just his head telling him to lay off the video games or something. Percy then got off the bed and in the process hit himself again on the top bed in which Grover now drolled on, seriously the boy smelt like goat!


Oh no. Percy then slowly looked and in front of him was a red box with black letters, it read;

Skill created!

Skill: Physical Endurance, Lv-1 (5%)

Your Body's durability increased and you take less damage.

3% less damage from physical attacks.

No way in hell, Percy thought to himself as he again made the message disappears with a wave of his hand through the red box.

'What the hell is going on?' Percy asked himself, 'am I going mad? Please tell me I'm not God.'

Just then an idea struck him, something that sounded crazy, but then again he did just see floating boxes appear in front of him.

What if this, and he knew he was being silly, what if this is a game? Then what is this like the Matrix or something? Was he The One? Was his whole life real? Was it all just a fantasy game?

There was only one way to find out. Percy took a deep breath and let it out calming himself, he then opened his eyes and with determination spoke, "status."

A brown box appeared before and it read;

Percy Jackson



The Gamer


Level-2 Exp-30/400









MONEY- 0$/0D

Percy Jackson is a ?, the son of Sally Jackson and ?. He has ADHD and Dyslexia making it difficult for him to sit still in class. His behaviour has gotten him trouble over the years in various schools. Percy is unaware of who is father is, and wishes to find meaning in his life. Percy loves his mother, and hates Gabe, who is a dick.

Status- ? giving Percy - +2 VIT, +2 DEX and the ability to ?

Percy then snapped, whatever holding him together let go and the green eyed boy fell down unconscious. The Fates smiled, this was going to be the best scheme they ever made.

This is my take on the popular, life is a video game story type, simlar to The Gamer. I hope you enjoyed this, please leave a review telling me your thought as it is greatly appreciated and will help on my writing.