Chapter 63:

"We need to move, the battle isn't over yet," Percy told the campers who looked at him now with eyes of wonder and dedication, "the Romans are going to be hit, badly."

"What are you talking about?" Clarisse asked mirroring the confusion on the faces of everyone else around her.

"The romans are still in danger," Percy explained, "Bianca and Nico told me about an attack the Hermes squad discovered coming at the romans. The titan's army, the real one, it's coming straight for them. We need to get there as soon as we can and warn them."

"Another war?" Lee Fletcher asked with glaring eyes, "we just got through one."

"That wasn't the war Lee, it was just the beginning," Thalia sighed, "we are going to have plenty more battles from now on."

Percy nodded, "that's right. So for now we need to focus on helping the romans."

"Well that shouldn't be too hard, everyone here already has their weapons and armour on," Clarice pointed at the demigods suited up in the gear and weapons the gods blessed upon them before the battle.

Percy nodded, "right, this is good, Mera, Chiron," Percy turned to the two instructors who stood back awaiting instructions, "you two in?"

Mera smiled as she bowed, "always my prince. I would follow you to the depth of the underworld."

Chiron nodded as well, "I swore to help Olympus Percy, I would be happy to help."

Percy nodded, "great, then get your armour on and get ready, everyone else pack everything you need, food, water, gadgets, anything. I don't know how long this battle is going to last, I'm wagering Kronos is going to launch an immediate attack upon camp Jupiter in order to surprise us, but if he doesn't than we are going to be there for a long time, and I don't want to make several return trips, is that understood?"

"Yes sir!" the demigods cried out, usually there was a joking tone to their respect, but it was too formal for Percy's taste. Once more the crown on his head weighed heavily on his brow.

At once the demigods all dispersed, Percy turned to the camper councillors that quickly surrounded him like a king and his council.

"Are we seriously supposed to call you 'your majesty' now?" Lee asked with his unique branch of humor.

"I would actually prefer it if you didn't," Percy groaned, he touched the golden laurel on his brow and sighed, "stupid Morpheus, what gives him the right?"

"He is the god of dreams," said Jordan Green, the now councilor of the Athena cabin, due to Annabeth's absence, "it is said that for any king of Greece to be a legitimate king in the eyes of his people he would need to be personally appointed by a god. So while Morpheus wasn't an Olympian, he is arguably the most important god in our entire mythos."

Percy sighed as he rubbed his rubbed, "I wasn't looking for an explanation but that's wonderful to know Jordan, thanks. You are definitely Annabeth's brother." The child of Athena grinned while the others snorted in laughter.

"So what's the plan?" Clarice asked quickly, "how are we supposed to even get there in the first place?"

Percy sighed, "the Labyrinth is our best shot, it's fast and effective."

"Do we have enough rope for over a hundred demigods?" Travis asked.

"We don't," Conner replied immediately, "believe me I checked….for educational purposes of course."

"Of course," Clarisse rolled her eyes.

"Katie, Castor, could you use your powers to create a vine long enough for all of us to use?" Percy asked the head councillors of the Demetre cabin and Dionysus cabin.

Katie nodded, "yeah, we could do that."

Castor shrugged, "it'll be easy if we use a grape vine."

Percy nodded, "good, then get on that pronto. In the meantime one of you contact Bianca and the Hermes squad and tell them to meet up with us at camp Jupiter, if they don't know where it is tell them. Thalia, contact Julia and Rob and tell them we are coming and tell them about what's coming for them."

The demigods all nodded in agreement as they quickly broke off to do their assigned tasks while Percy found himself alone.

Thalia stopped and turned around, seeing the heavy look on her boyfriend's shoulders. She approached him, cupping his jaw with her hands as she lifted his head to meet his eyes.

"You'll get through this," Thalia whispered as Percy wrapped his hands around her waist, "I know you will."

"I hate this stupid crown," Percy grumbled, "it's so heavy...and lame. I mean seriously, who makes a crown out of leaves? Why not swords? Heck even a crown of deer antlers would look cooler than this shit!"

Thalia laughed, "ideas you found in your books?"

Percy smiled as he nodded, "yup George R. R. Martin is a cold hearted bastard, but he sure knows how to write."

Thalia looked down at the golden fleece in his hands, glaring at it with both hate and gratitude, "what are you going to do with that?"

Percy looked down at half of the golden fleece he managed to take away from Kronos and sighed, "I'm not sure...I think we should keep it, just in case anything bad happens during this next battle. The other half currently draping your old wooden body is doing a good job at boosting the barrier's powers, so maybe we can use this half for our own needs."

Thalia smiled, she leaned forward and kissed his lips with a warmth he only ever felt with her. She pulled back and ran her fingers through his hair, "I'll be with you, every step of the way."

Percy nodded, "I know...go, warn Julia. I'll be fine."

"I know, but you are my boyfriend you know, it's your job to worry about the world, it's my job to worry about you," Thalia kissed him again before she walked off to form an Iris message to camp Jupiter.

Percy watched her go and sighed, he put away his half of the golden fleece into his inventory and took off with super speed. He ran into the Forest and approached the Fist of Zeus. He made sure that he could still access the labyrinth entrance, which he thankfully could, before he created a mist with his powers, forming a tiny rainbow before him.

Percy took out a drachma and tossed it into the mist, "Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering, show me yourself," and immediately the rainbow displayed the goddess before him.

"Percy!" the goddess cried out, "you're back!"

Percy nodded, "yeah, I am. Where are you?"

"I'm at Olympus right now, along with the other minor gods and the Olympians."

Percy narrowed his eyes, "I see...this is perfect. Can you enlarge me and put me before the entire council?"

Iris nodded, "of course," she stepped away before the display widened showing Percy a first person view into the throne room of Olympus. He saw Zeus and the others looking straight at him, glaring in curiosity.

"Percy! You're alive!" Triton cried out with a grin, he turned to Poseidon with a smug smile, "see!"

Poseidon rolled his eyes, "yes, yes, and for the record I never said he would be killed, I just said he could have used your help in the battle."

"And I told you he could handle it," Triton shot back.

Percy rolled his eyes, "ladies, ladies, please, you're both pretty, now can we get on with this? I do have things to do you know?"

"What happened?" Zeus cut in, his serious glare betrayed nothing, "is Thalia safe?" he changed into Jupiter, "is Jason?"

Percy nodded, "yes, everyone is safe. But...well we aren't out of the woods just yet."

"What do you mean?" Athena asked curiously.

Percy sighed, "when we were in the Dreamworld Kronos attacked, but I assume you guys figured that out?"

Zeus nodded, "yes, the minor gods told us about Hypnos' treathercy. Very unfortunate, but predictable," the minor gods glared at Zeus' dismissal, but the God didn't seem to care.

"Right, well that's what happened. The Titans came and we...we fought. It was a war," Percy flinched, "it was horrible."

"Ha!" Ares snorted, "that's because you don't have the stomach for it boy!"

Percy glared, "if I didn't have the stomach for it then how come I was able to send their asses packing?"

"Is everyone safe?" Athena asked, her face filled with worry.

Percy nodded, "yeah, Morpheus got everyone out in time. Don't' worry, no demigods died."

"See!" Eunomia hissed, "he is not a traitor!"

"Enough!" Zeus growled, he turned to Percy and glared, "so you won?"

"Of course we won, how else do you think I'm here talking to you?" Percy snorted.

Zeus glared carried hate, "you could have ran."

"We didn't have the luxury," Percy hissed back, "if we did then the Dreamworld would have belonged to the Titans, and who knows what they could do to us in our dreams."

"Percy," Eirene, the goddess of peace in her evry calming voice spoke up defusing the tension in the room, "what happened to Morpheus?"

Percy sighed, "when the titans attacked Morpheus realised his mistake and helped us fight back. But in the final moments in the battle Hypnos did something really, really stupid."

"What?" Athena asked curiously.

"He took over the Nightmare realm," Percy whispered, and yet everyone could hear him.

"He did what?!" Apollo yelled out growing pale.

"Are you certain Percy?" Poseidon asked hesitantly, praying his son was wrong.

Percy instead nodded, "yeah, I'm sure. He warped the Dreamworld, and Morpheus sacrificed himself to maintain the balance. He became the avatar of Dreams while Hypnos became the avatar of Nightmares. And he sent all home."

Eirene cried, Eunomia held her thigh as she cried into the goddess of good law's shoulder. The gods of the minor council all looked defeated, one of their own had passed, giving his life up to make up for his mistakes.

"Good riddance," Zeus spat, "he was a traitor, at least he proved himself loyal in his last moment."

"Father!" Athena hissed.

"Hold your tongue brother!" Poseidon joined, "don't find fault with an action you yourself would have attempted if you could."

"I have never betrayed Olympus! I have never forsaken the demigods!" Zeus roared.

"But you have acted rashly several times before," Hera quipped, "especially when it came to the question of an enemy attack. Or have you forgotten the attack on Mount Othrys?"

Zeus paused as he turned to his wife and growled, "I may have risked our lives in that attack, but I had a plan, and it was the only chance we had to defeat Kronos!"

Hera shrugged, not putting up a fight. Feeling justified Zeus turned to Percy once more and blinked in surprise, "Jackson, what is that on your head?"

The gods all looked in curiosity towards the young son of Poseidon and realised now that he did indeed have a new accessory on his brown. A golden laurel with a bright shining blue gem etched into the center.

Percy sighed, "it's….it's a long story."

"We have nothing but time," Zeus demanded.

Percy shook his head, "no actually we don't. I got a report from the Hermes Squad that Kronos' force are close to camp Jupiter, I'm assuming after the defeat he just suffered the crazy farmer is going to launch another one to try and catch in unprepared. We already contacted the romans and warned them, and as soon as we are done getting ready we are going to San Fransisco now."

The king of Gods growled, "fine, but I expect an explanation when you are done Jackson, don't think this is over."

"I wouldn't dream of it," Percy shook his head.

"Do you have a plan?" Athena asked, "how are you going to get so many demigods halfway around the country in time?"

"I'm going to use the labyrinth," Percy held up his hand stopping protests before they began, "don't worry, we have a way to navigate it. We'll be fine."

Poseidon sighed, "alright, if you're sure."

"Right, oh and another thing, thank you for your gifts," Percy smiled, "it meant the difference between victory and lose. I don't know what we would have done without them."

The Gods seemed pleased with Percy's gratitude, Apollo especially as his chest seemed to grow three times bigger along with his ego.

"Is there anyway you guys could help us more?" Percy pressed, "I know you can't get involved, but surely Kronos broke all sorts of rules when he invaded another God's realm and tried to take over? Don't that give you some kind of wiggle room?"

The gods looked at each other with knowing looks before Zeus nodded speaking up, "we will send whatever available troops we have to your aid Jackson. Artemis, are your hunters able to join with the demigods?"

"I have just been informed by them that whoever was forced asleep woke up a few moments ago, they should be ready within the hour father," Artemis nodded before she turned to Percy and smiled, "thank you for bringing them back to me Percy."

Percy grinned, "not a problem. Anyway I need to get everything in order, oh and Ares," the god of war grunted in acknowledgment, "we could really use your help in this."

Ares grinned devilishly, "are you asking for my help kid?"

"Yes, I am."

The god of war meet Percy's eyes and froze at his blunt honesty, he was about to make a quip on Percy's groveling when he noticed several eyes glaring a hole into his figure. So instead he just sighed and waved his hand, dismissing Percy's worries.

Percy nodded and swiped his hand across the message dismissing it. That was exhausting, he had to tread on eggshells to avoid talking about his 'coronation', Zeus wouldn't be able to think straight if he thought Percy was going to unify the demigods against Olympus, which was utter garbage.

The son of Poseidon climbed the rock formation and sat down, he opened his skill tab and clicked on the first one he saw.

Water Control (29/50)

Allows you to control any form of water from any source of water.

Cost-1 MP per minute

58% efficiency

Percy grumbled as he pinched the bridge of his nose, 'this is such a major pain in the ass.'

The changes CHAOS made to the gamer system was vast, the obvious thing was the look of the interaction screens, blue with greek runes running along the side. Appropriate.

But as Percy soon discovered that wasn't the only new changes.

His skills now had limits, which is frustrating. Before he had no limits, he could theoretically reach level 100 for any skill, but now…

Percy sighed, 'I suppose it is for the best, too much power and all that, but then again I really do need all the help I can get,' Percy moved to dismiss the screen, but before he could even think it the screen disappeared on it's own.

The demigod blinked in surprise, 'that's new...maybe it's reactive? Knows when it's not needed?' Percy wondered how advanced this type of magic was, he would wager it was more advanced than anything else in the known world, considering who made it.

Putting the curious thoughts to the side Percy got up from the fist of Zeus and walked out of the forest. He looked upon camp half-Blood just as the first rays of the morning sun began to bath the camp in a warm light.

Percy looked down at his clothes, he was still wearing his school uniform, which was actually kind of funny. He basically just fought the devil in a blue sleeveless vest and brown slacks, isn't that underwhelming.

Percy opened his inventory and took out an orange camp half-blood t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He quickly changed into them, putting his uniform away for later. His gauntlet slipped back into his left forearm, flashing in the morning light, ready for round two.

Just then he heard the marching of over a hundred boots hitting the ground as soon the greek demigods stepped out from behind the trees surrounding him.

Thalia and the other head counselors stepped up to him and nodded. Percy nodded back and looked around, "alright, Castor and Katie are going to pass you a long stretch of rope around to you all. I want you to wind this around your arm and do not let go. The way we are going to travel is going to be messy, and if you get lost we will not be able to find you. Got it?"

No one said a thing. Percy nodded as he quickly got everyone in line. He pressed his hand against the glowing blue delta symbol causing the choice menu to pop open:


Do you wish to fast travel to another known Labyrinth location?


Percy pressed yes and quickly selected the camp jupiter location causing the door to slide open. Percy lead the demigods inside, each crawled in one by one as they soon came upon the more open corridors of the labyrinth and followed Percy as he guided them through it.

He walked for five minutes before reaching the other side, opening the door and slipping out into the entrance tunnel on the other side.

Immediately Percy realised he wasn't alone as several legionnaires turned around at him, lowering their spears in a threatening manner.

Percy put his hands up, "relax guys, it's me."

The legionnaires' eyes went wide as they realised just who they were talking to. They immediately lowered their weapons. One spoke up performing a low bow, "we are sorry ah, your majesty, we didn't know it was you."

Clarisse snorted from behind, "holy shit, they are actually going to call you 'your majesty', this is hilarious!"

The romans glared at the daughter of Ares, whether for disrespecting their 'king', or their behaviour Percy didn't know, nor did he care. He quickly spoke up defusing any tension that was building up.

"Where's Julia? Or Rob? I thought they would be here?" Percy looked around and realised that the entire service tunnel was filled with demigods in line, the tunnel entrance had opened up in the middle of the platoon, hence their startled reactions.

"Praetor Julia is back at the fort while Praetor Rob is up front," the legionnaire pointed out, "should we tell them you're here?"

Percy nodded, "yeah. Go tell Julia we are here, I'll take care of Rob."

"Yes, ah, your majesty," the legionnaire said the title with an uncertain tone before he marched off towards camp.

"Thalia," Percy turned around to face the demigoddess, "take our demigods into the fort and wait outside for Julia to come meet you. I know the Romans are our allies, but I don't want to spok them by marching an army into their camp. I'll join you as soon as I can."

"Got it," Thalia nodded, "alright everyone, follow me!" A stream of greek demigods came into the service tunnel, Percy made sure they wouldn't be harassed by any of the romans there before he quickly rushed to the front lines in a blur of speed, seemingly disappearing to the mortal eye.

"Woah," a female legionnaire gasped, "that is so cool!"

"Man I'm glad he's on our side," a man said with a gulp.

"Did you see the way he fought Kronos?"

"It was like out of a movie! Man I wanted to help me out, but it was like everything around them was being turned to dust! That's some next level shit right there!"

The legionnaires all began to buzz around, recalling the tiny glimpses they managed to glance at the their mysterious new 'king', some accepted the demigod to that position, while others wondered what right he even had.

With Percy:

Percy appeared in front of Rob startling the the romans at the front. The were going to attack when Rob put up his hand ordering them to hold.

"Damn it Percy you're not supposed to do that!" Rob hissed, "what if one of us got you?"

Percy rolled his eyes, "well then I doubt it would hurt." Immediately the romans began to whisper in hushed tones, pointing and staring at Percy. Percy noticed this, narrowing his eyes at the whispers, while Rob just looked uncomfortable.

"Alright, anyway, I assume you brought the greeks with you?" Rob asked glaring the legionnaires around him into silence.

"Yeah, they are going to meet Julia now," Percy nodded, "oh and Rob I would recommend you push the army back a few paceses."

"What? Why?"

"There's an entrance to the Labyrinth back there, one which I used to bring everyone here. And if I can use it to bring a small army into the middle of your ranks..."

"Than Saturn can use it too" Rob nodded in understanding, "will do Percy, now get going, Julia needs to talk to's urgent."

"I'm assuming it's about," Percy trailed off, pointing to the crown on his forehead.

Rob sighed as he nodded, "yeah, it is. The senators are….well they are freaking out to be honest. It's a mess, look Julia will explain to you better than I can."

Percy nodded, "right, if anything happens don't be afraid to Iris me, I'll be here in a flash."

Rob nodded, "right, oh and Percy, can I keep this?" Rob pointed at the flaming greatsword he had strapped to his back, Hyperion's sword.

Percy shrugged, "sure. But be careful, Kronos is sure to be pissed at you waving around his brother's weapon like that. Plus it's bound to bring attention to yourself."

Rob shrugged, "that's a good thing. Keep them directed at me, away from any weaker joints in the front lines. That was basically the Golden Eagle's job, but now..."

Percy nodded, "I'm sorry we couldn't do anything about that."

"It's fine," Rob waved him off, "Jason and Thalia did a great thing with it, and in the end it broke fulfilling it's purpose, I suppose."

Percy sighed, he saw the arc of lightning shot out, he felt the raw mana they were churning out of it, the pure energy. It was a surprise it didn't break sooner to be honest. Percy was distracted by the fight, but even he felt the rod snap in half.

He waved at Rob before disappearing in a gust of wind. He reappeared before Thalia and the others who had just arrived to the gates of the fort. The moment Percy arrived the gates opened and Julia, along with Edgar and Octavian, the people Percy least liked in the entire camp.

"You arrived faster than expected," Julia commented as she fixed her hair in a ponytail, nodding at Thalia and then turning to Percy. Her eyes traveled to the crown he wore and she smiled, "I'm not going to call you 'your majesty'."

Percy shrugged, "would be weird if you did."

"And neither is the rest of Roman!" snapped Edgar in a furious tone of voice.

Percy shrugged, "don't care. Look man I'm assuming right now the senate is tearing itself in half trying to figure out how to get rid of me. So I'll save you the trouble, I promise you I have no intention of trying and ruling ever you lot, frankly it would be a pain in the fucking ass and I have no intention of listening to you people whine all day. Okay? Can we just pretend nothing happened and try to survive Saturn's next attack?"

Edgar and Octavian looked surprised, before matching pleased smiles adorned their faces. Julia on the other hand groaned, but didn't say a thing in protest.

"Right," Percy nodded, "no that that's settled let's focus on the big thing. Kronos is coming for round two and this time he's bringing the big guns."

"How many monsters are we talking here?" Julia asked.

"I'm not sure," Percy admitted with a shrug.

"No wait," Lee spoke up, he took out a scroll and passed it to Percy, "the Hermes squad told me everything they could find about the titan's army."

Percy opened the scroll and his eyes winded immediately. "Oh fuck!" he cursed reading the scrolls contents:

Titan army, observation for the past week and a half.

Confirmed units:

Enhanced animals: 50,000

Satyr: 2,400

Gergosas: 1,000

Empousa: 200

Wyren: 20?

Ice Giants: 10

Undead?: ?

Cerberus: 150

Flaming thing?: ?

Cyclops: 120

Centaurs: 300

Minotaur is seen, but not confirmed

Total possible strength: ~54,200

Unknown number of undead, necromancers have been spotted, unknown number of them, maybe able to conjure more.

Note this is not the extent of the full Titan army. Many more have been hidden, possibly powerful enough to take on a demigod one on one and win.

Percy glared at the sheet, "we are so screwed."

Julia asked for the sheet, and when she read the contents she couldn't help but feel a shiver run through her back. She looked up at Percy, "how accurate is this?"

Percy sighed, "this is a team composed by Mercury himself, it has two children of Hades, I mean, Pluto and a child of Pan. Believe me when I say everything they have reported on can be counted on. It's what they haven't reported on that worries me."

"What do you mean?"Julia asked.

"They said they couldn't be sure this was the extent of the army's might, meaning there could be more coming for us. And if they can't detect them I can' help but wonder just how strong these guys are."

Julia nodded in deep thought, just then Octavian snatched the parchment from her hands and began to read it.

"Octavian," Julia hissed snatching the scroll back, "I am the praetor here, you cannot just do as you please!"

"You cannot hide this from rome Julia!" Octavian hissed, "and I saw what was on that paper! We have over 50 thousand soldiers coming at us! We can't fight against that!"

Percy rolled his eyes, "we can, 50 thousand of those are mostly just enhanced animals, easy to fight off. It's the other 3,000 I'm worried about. They are too many varied fighting figures, too many unknowns."

"This isn't a battle we can win," Edgar spoke up in a silent tone that drew everyone's attention to him, "you all have just fought another battle, and this time army isn't tired in the least. These aren't odds we can face."

"Well do you have any suggestions?" Julia spat out, "because unless you can transport nearly twenty thousand romans we are screwed!"

"Maybe...but I can," Percy spoke up, "Julia, you once told me you could have the city and the fort disassembled and moved in three to four days, right?"

Julia narrowed her eyes but slowly nodded, "yes...but just disassembleing everything would take the entire day, moving it-"

"Don't worry about that bit, I can help with that," Percy grinned, "if you can have everything taken down into small enough pieces I can store them in my inventory and then we could use the Labyrinth to take everyone away. Then we can reassemble everything whenever we want."

Julia obviously didn't like the idea, but Edgar did. "This is very much possible," the senator nodded, "we can have the city and fort broken down at least by the end of the day, sixteen hours at the most."

"And where will we live?" Octavian asked defiantly, "we have no place to stay!"

"You could stay at camp," Thalia offered looking back to see if there was any objections. Finding none from the greek demigods she continued, "we should have plenty of room at camp, and maybe later we could expand or somthing."

"Staying on greek land?!" Octavian scoffed, "we are Romans, it is bad enough that we are running away instead of staying and fighting, but to run to the Greeks?!"

Percy growled, "I would watch your tone Octavian. This is our home, and we are offering it to you. I thought Romans were supposed to be cultured, not ungrateful little shits," Percy's anger seeped into his voice, activating his bloodlust skill;


You have successful scared Octavian!

Percy dismissed the notice before turning to Julia, "what do you think? Would it be enough?"

Julia sighed, "I'm sorry, but no. Octavian is right," Julia looked constipated just admitting that, "the camp wouldn't be big enough for us all. And certainly not enough to build New Rome on. And it wouldn't be right to rob you of your home."

Everyone looked disappointed to hear that. And then Thalia spoke up, "well, there is one other place you could use," she trailed off looking at Percy.

The demigod frowned for a moment before his eyes lit up in realisation, "that's brilliant!" he beamed as he kissed Thalia on the lips, hard.

Julia and other looked confused. "What are you talking about?" Julia asked.

Percy broke the kiss and turned to Julia with a smile, "I have an island you guys can use."

Julia blinked, "I'm sorry what now?"

Percy grinned, "I own an island called Gardiner island, it's just off the coast of Long Island and just a few miles away from camp. You guys can stay at camp before we get everything evacuated and then I can take you to that island. Theres plenty of room there for New Rome and the fort. Heck there's enough room for your city and mine!"

"You city?" Octavian asked surprised.

"Oh, right, look that's not important. What is important is that we have a chance of surviving this day, Edgar's right, we probably won't come out of this unscathed, so for now we need to move back, get our wits about us."

Julia looked at the others and unspoken words passed between them. Finally she sighed and nodded, "'re right. We can't win this. Octavian, you and Edgar get every senator and everyone in New Rome into the Senate building now. We need to have an emergency meeting."

"Understood praetor Julia," Edgar nodded as he and Octavian took off towards New Rome.

"We are on a schedule here Julia," Thalia pressed, "we don't have time for meetings and debating. We need to act now!"

"I know, I know," Julia waved Thalia down, "but with everything that's been going on," she looked to Percy's crown, "the last thing we need is me pulling rank. We need to be calm and orderly about this. We are already breaking too many traditions by running away, we need the Roman factor in this moving."

Percy grumbled, "right. But still, stupid senate. Would be so much easier if they just did what they were told instead of debating everything."

Julai chuckled, "careful there Percy, you're starting to sound like a dictator."

Percy shrugged, "I'm a dick, what can I say?" Thalia and the others groaned at the pun, rolling their eyes at his lame joke.

Julia did as well before turning around and calling for a legionnaire. The roman came to her at once, "tell everyone to begin disassembling the non-combat buildings immediately. I want everything that that can't be used to hold back an attack reduced to nothing but wood and stone, got that?"

"Yes ma'am!" the soldier saluted before he ran into the fort yelling out her orders.

"Weren't we going to wait for the senate?" Percy asked with a smirk.

"The senate has power over the city, but I command the fort. I'll leave the walls and other buildings that can be used for shelter intact, but everything else will be done in around three hours. Think you can be ready by then Percy?"

The demigod nodded, "not a problem. Until then can we help out in anyway?" Percy motioned to the patient army standing behind him, "we could help Rob with the parameter, I see you have the entire valley blocked off, but we could help fill up your ranks."

Julia nodded, "that would be great. Can I assign them duties?" Julia asked, Percy realised she was asking permission to order around what was effectively, 'his men'.


"Yes!" the greek drawled out.

Percy nodded to Julia who quickly began dividing up people into groups. She remembered the squads in which they operated, remembered their faces and what they were good at, putting them in the most optimal location.

Percy had to admit, that was very impressive. No wonder she was a war general, she must have barely had time to learn all their names, but she still remembered what each of them could do. Percy's opinion of her was already high, this just made it even higher.

As the greek demigods were divided up a rainbow appeared before Percy revealing the face of Percy Decker, the son of Pan.

Percy grinned, "Decker! Where are you? I thought the Hermes squad was supposed to be here already?"

Decker sighed, "I'm sorry Percy, but we ran into some trouble."

Percy narrowed his eyes, "where are you? I'll come and get you right now."

"No, that's the worst thing you can do right now!" Decker hissed, "they have this sort of…. Magical barrier up. Bianca could explain it better, she said it was something she saw Mera use, it keeps magic from getting in. If you come here the monsters will know and they will attack quicker. Right now they are all...well kind of stupid really. They aren't doing much."

"I long will it take for you to get here?"

"Bianca and Nico are working on a tunnel to take us under the barrier, we should be at camp Jupiter by the afternoon."

"I see...and you said the monsters didn't look like they were moving?"

"No Percy, it's like they are waiting for something."

Percy narrowed his eyes, "they are waiting for Kronos."

"How? Didn't you like take that Golden Fleece thing from him?"

"Yeah...he's up to something. Tell Bianca and Nico to keep at it. If anything happens contact me at once. I don't care about the monster's, I'll make sure nothing happens to you all. Got that Decker?"

Decker nodded, "right...and Percy...there's something else."

"What?" Percy asked curiously.

"In the Dreamworld I….I fought against those enhanced animals and I...I felt something."

Percy sighed, "I figured you would."

"What?" Decker's eyes' shot open, "what do you mean?"

"Those enhanced animals are a part of the wild, Argo," Percy spat out the name, "experimented on them. What you felt was probably the little of the poor animals that was left inside."

Decker sighed, "no Percy, that's not what I mean."

Percy looked surprised, "really? Then what did you mean?"

"I...I think I felt my dad Percy," Decker spoke softly, looking around to see if he was being overheard, "it was just for a second, but I swear it was him! He told me to come find him! He looked hurt Percy, he looked like he was suffering!"

Percy closed his eyes in thought, Decker eagerly waiting for the son of Poseidon's opinion on the matter.

'So that's why so many satyr's are fighting on the titan's side,' Percy realised, 'Argo probably captured Pan and used his powers for his own end...which means…,' Percy spoke up, "it could be a trick."

"It wasn't!" Decker hissed, "you once said you're dad was like a bigger version of you, well that's what this felt like Percy! It was like I staring at myself!"

"Decker calm down," Percy cut the boy short, "I'm not saying I don't believe you, what I'm trying to tell you is that it could be a trap, or at the very least very dangerous."


"-Which doesn't mean we aren't going to try and help Pan," Percy cut his protests, "his family Percy, of course we're going to help. But we need more information." Percy thought for a moment before speaking, "how did you find out about Pan last time?"

"I-I connected with one of those enhanced animals, tried to control it with my mind. And when I did I felt my dad, I felt him speak to me."

"How did he sound?"


"Then we have to assume he won't last for long and the little power he does have is probably being used to contact you," Percy cursed, "I always wondered how Argo got so many animals to obey him so easily, guess now I know."

Decker grew furious at Percy's words. The plant life around Decker started to rustle angrily in response to his anger. Percy noticed this and spoke up, "calm down Percy, you need to be calm for this."

Decker nodded as he slowly sighed, "yeah...sorry."

"It's fine," Percy nodded, "listen we have to assume that Pan can't always reach out to talk to you, and that we have limited chances for this to work...for now stay where you are. We'll sort this out after we get the Romans to safety."

"Isn't there something we can do now?" Decker asked, Percy could hear the pain in the boy's voice, he was begging for something, anything that could lead to the rescue of his father.

Percy sighed, "well I suppose we could try and catch some animals. If what you're saying is true and that Pan is somehow forced to control the animals into doing the titans bidding then we can establish a connection with him thought them. Get here as fast as you can Decker, then we can figure out have to catch these things and find out how to save your dad. Alright?"

Decker nodded, determination etched into his face, "alright."

Percy wished the boy well and waved the message away. He turned to see everyone on their way to their assigned slots, even Thalia was with the fifth cohort speaking to her brother who held in his hand the other half of the broken Eagle.

Percy felt sad seeing the beautiful thing broken in half, he had a connection with it, after all he and Thalia did return it home, it stood as a symbol of the union between both camps, but now...well he supposed it still was a symbol of union, just not like before.

Percy realised for the first time since this whole debacle began he had nowhere to be and nothing to do. He had maybe five minutes of free time on his hands and he knew just what to do with it.

He took off into the surrounding forests and ran until he was a mile away. He looked around making sure he was alone and then reached into his inventory and pulled out a crescent shaped device that turned on the moment it left his inventory.

Percy let it go allowing it float above him projecting a screen on a tree trunk before him. Luke appeared on the screen and he did not look pleased.

"Where were you Percy?! I've been trying to contact you for the last hour!"

"We needed to get into position Luke, we couldn't risk the romans being attacked so quickly. I'm sorry I wasn't able to pick up sooner."

Luke grumbled, "it's fine, I'm sorry I yelled."

"No, it's my fault...what's happening? Are you okay? Last I saw Kronos he was pretty pissed off."

"I'm fine, he doesn't suspect a thing," Luke snorted, "but he's mad Percy, really mad. And scared...I never seen him like this. He refuses to talk about what happened. What...what did happen?"

"I managed to fight him off," Percy shrugged.

"By yourself?!" Luke asked in shock.

"No, not by myself. I have this power, it allows me to increase strength several times over, but it's very rare I get to use it...I'm just lucky enough that Kronos set up the situation perfectly for it to kick in."

Luke nodded, "right...well anyway whatever you did I hope you can do it again, because this time it's personal. You rejecting him must have brought up old memories because he's on the war path Percy. He's going to extreme lengths to get more power, hell in order to just remain standing he's planning on dipping himself into the Styx!"

Percy's eyes went wide, "what?!"

Luke nodded, "yeah, my reaction exactly. By dipping himself in the Styx he basically becomes invulnerable. Like Achilles. In fact that's exactly what he's aiming for, he wants the curse of Achilles."

"Where are you now?" Percy asked impatiently.

"You can't stop it Percy, he's already began trekking his way there right now. I managed to slip away for a moment but I'm not sure...look Percy you can't stop this, so you're best bet is you to find a way to beat him with this power."

Percy growled, "I don't like this Luke….are you sure you're safe? He doesn't suspect a thing?"

"No...he doesn't. If anything's wrong I would tell you immediately."

Percy nodded, "good. I'll keep the device with me at all times, don't worry, if you need me I'll be there."

Luke sighed, "thanks Percy."

"No problem. Now, what can you tell me about the army you've amassed?"

"No much," Luke sighed, "it has a lot of monsters in toe. Giants, cyclops, elemental monsters, beasts from the worst parts of the world. Basically hell on wheels."

Percy snorted, "yeah, been there done that. Anything we should be surprised about?"

"Yeah, witches," Luke growled.

"You have got to be kidding me," Percy blinked.

"No, totally serious, actual witches. Yeah, I know, didn't believe it at first either. But Kronos managed to bring them into the fold. And they are fucking crazy man! I saw one skin her own pet alive just to use it's whiskers in a spell!"

"Shit!" Percy hissed, "what can we expect from them?"

"Honestly? I don't know. Each one has her own special branch of magic. I would just suggest you go nuts and kill them before they can say a word."

Percy sighed, "right, okay, anything else?"

"Yeah, plenty more," Luke began to list every monster he knew for a fact Kronos had in his army. He told him everything he knew, including how to beat them. Percy committed all this new information into his head and smiled at the end.

"Thanks Luke, this is going to help so much," Percy nodded.

"Not a problem, just make sure they are safe Percy, that's all I ask," Luke looked beaten as his eyes darkened in remorse. Percy opened in mouth to say something when suddenly Luke spoke up.

"There's something else Percy...something I...I can't tell you."

"What? Why?" Percy looked surprised.

Luke narrowed his eyes, "you know why."

Percy read Luke's eyes and instantly understood what the son of Hermes was implying, "oath on the Styx?" he asked.

Luke nodded, "yeah. He wouldn't let me be a part of it unless I took it."

"And what exactly is 'it'?"

"It''s the end game," Luke's voice became hollow, it was filled with fear and regret, "it's what Kronos is planning on using to win it all."

"What are you talking about Luke?" Percy pressed, "what can you tell me?"

"I-I can't tell you anything...expect this, watch over Artemis...she's the key to everything." Percy's eyes went wide, he was about to ask Luke what that meant when he suddenly began to look panicked, "I have to go, he's coming! I'll talk to you soon!"

Luke closed the connection turning Percy's device into an large paper weight. Percy sighed as he put the device away in his back pocket when suddenly the tang of a bow string ran through the forest.

Using his super speed Percy moved quickly, able to see it pass by his head slowly. He narrowed his eyes, grabbed the arrow by the shaft and followed its line of motion, locking eyes with a brown skinned girl in a silver parka and a tiara on her head.

He disappeared from sight. The girl blinked in utter confusion, one moment her target was in front of her the other he was gone. Suddenly she felt something hard and cold pressed up against her neck as a voice whispered into her ear, "I don't like being spied on."

Zoe felt cold sweats dripped down her back. The voice was familiar, she had heard it before in the Dreamworld where she and some of her demigod sisters were trapped. She turned around slowly to meet cold green eyes glaring at her, they shifted into a searing red, imprinting fear into her heart.

"Let her go," came a clearer voice sounding much braver than Zoe felt as an arrow was aimed at Percy's neck from behind.

Percy turned towards this new competitor only to stop. It was her. Seeing her like this reminded Percy of his dream when entering the Dreamworld, of their marriage, of their daughter. And of the warning Luke just gave him a few moments ago.

Percy knew he couldn't display the worry he was feeling, so instead he activated Gamer's mind, crushing his worries and replaced it with a big smile as his chirped out, "Arty!"

Artemis blinked as she lowered her bow and arrow and stared in wonder, "Percy? What are you doing here?"

Percy grinned, "oh you know, just demigod stuff," he removed the arrow from Zoe's neck, finally allowing the girl to breath calmly. She got up and moved to her mistress's side, Percy smiled curiously looked between the two, "she's one of yours then?"

Artemis nodded, "yes, this is Zoe Nightshade, my most loyal hunter and my lieutenant."

Zoe Nightshade, Lieutenant of the Hunt,

Lv- 34

"Ah, I see. Sorry, should have guessed by the silver parka," Percy chuckled, he presented Zoe's arrow to her, "here, sorry about threatening you. It's just that when people shoot at me I tend to be cautious."

"You did what?!" Artemis' eyes went wide as she looked at Zoe, "Zoe, what is he talking about?"

"I-I saw him communicating with someone my lady," Zoe explained, "I thought him a spy."

"This is Percy Jackson Zoe, did you not recognize him?" Artemis asked with a raised eyebrow.

Zoe bowed back away, "I didn't, forgive me my lady. I am ready to accept any punishment you deem acceptable."

Artemis turned to Percy, "you are the offended party in this regard, what do you think is appropriate?"

Percy chuckled, "come on Artie you know punishing here is overkill. She saw what she thought was a spy and acted accordingly. Heck if it really was a spy then it would have been the right thing to do!"

"So you don't wish to punish her?" Artemis asked in a teasing tone of voice.

Percy rolled his eyes, "yes, I don't wish to punish her. She didn't do anything wrong. Though ah next time Zoe, ask before you shoot someone in the back, it's very rude you know."

Zoe seemed to blush in embarrassment as she nodded, "understood."

Percy tossed her the arrow, who put it back in her quiver. Percy turned to Artemis and looked over her shoulder spotting several more hunters walking up towards them, looking curiously at the boy their mistress was talking too.

Just then a few tips broke out as Percy saw five blue blurs running around the Hunter's ranks, startling them.

"They got out again!" a hunter hissed.

"Catch them!"

"They're getting away!"

Five cat sized Baloths ran out from between the Hunter's feet and ran towards Percy.

The demigod's eyes widened as the pups ran towards him, nipping and biting his ankles. The son of Poseidon grinned seeing the little pups, he turned to Artemis, "they grew up fast!"

The goddess nodded, "indeed they did. They are growing like weeds, very difficult to train. They don't listen to anyone except me, which makes them difficult to train."

"They also bite," Zoe grumbled under her breath.

Percy grinned as he picked one up, scratching behind it's ears, "oh, they aren't so bad, like little cats, you just need to know how to train them."

The Hunters looked surprised at the way the Baloth pups responded to Percy, enjoying his scratches, unlike with them where they clawed their arms if they even attempted such a thing.

"How do thee do such a thing?" Zoe asked in quiet wonder.

"Percy was there when I found them," Artemis explained, "he helped bring them to this world, so I suppose in a way they see him as his father," the goddess smiled, enjoying the sight of Percy playing with the little Baloths.

"You guys arrived quicker than I thought," Percy put the pups down, much to the little ones' frustration, "I saw you all helping out in the Dreamworld, thanks for that."

Zoe blinked, she realised he was talking to her, "y-you need not thank us, we were only performing our duty to protect Olympus," she replied in a quiet tone of voice, respectful, whether out of fear or respect Percy couldn't tell.

"No, I didn't mean that. That flying snake monster, the ones you helped take down? It was heading towards someone I cared very much for. She had depleted her mana and was effectively a sitting duck. You saved her, and for that you have my gratitude Zoe."

Zoe blinked in surprise turning to her mistress for assistance only to find her smiling slyly at the girl. "I-I accept your thanks Percy Jackson, king of Demigods."

Percy laughed, "please don't call me that. I honestly have no idea what Morpheus was thinking when he put this stupid thing on me," Percy pointed at the crown on his head, "stupid god, didn't ask permission or anything. Just put all this on me and was like, 'deal with it'."

Artemis' eyes went wide, "I'm sorry, king of what?!"

Percy blinked, "oh, right, sorry, I forgot to tell you huh?"


Percy winced at her scream, "I meant to tell you, honest. It's just when Zeus started throwing around accusations I knew he would be more focused on removing my head than the army coming at us."

Artemis glared, "tell me everything, now."

Percy nodded as she and Zoe followed him back towards Camp Jupiter. The rest of the hunters trailed behind, weary of his presence, some looked ready to shoot him on sight, others looked afraid and a few looked at him in awe.

Percy began his tale and told Artemis everything. He told her about the war, how he managed to hold Kronos back while the demigods took on his army of animals and shadow monsters. How in the end Kronos was sent packing while Hypnos and Morpheus turned into the avatars of Nightmares and Dreams.

"You managed to fight Kronos, on your own?" Artemis asked in surprise, "how?! You could barely fight off a Baloth!"

"Hey! That's not fair! For the record I never even got a chance at those stupid things! You went all divine goddess of vengeance on it and wiped it out before I even got warmed up!" Percy pouted.

"Well in my defence you were taking forever to do so," Artemis smirked, "but seriously Percy, how?"

"It's a power I had," Percy shrugged, the little Baloths bite Percy's ankle, but the demigod couldn't feel a thing, so he let them at it, "it allowed me to temporarily become stronger based on the number of people that were following me."

Artemis' eyes went wide, "by how much?"

"5% per person," Percy shrugged, he picked up two Booths and held them with one hand scratching behind the ear of another's.

"5%!" Zoe screamed, "there were at the least 500 demigods in the battle!"

"590 actually," Percy corrected with a shrug.

"That would have made you at least 3000% more stronger," Artemis spoke up.

"And it still wasn't enough," Percy's shoulders felt heavy at the admission, "don't get me wrong, I had him on the ropes. He was moments away from getting his ass kicked, but in the end it was just that. I couldn't destroy him….I couldn't even come close. I was 3,000 times stronger than I am now, even that wasn't enough."

Artemis stayed silent, contemplating what she had just heard. Zoe on the other hand was reeling from the fact that the person standing next to her was almost strong enough to fight off a Titan, and not just that, the king of Titans. She knew that before, but now...only now did that fact sink in.

They walked for sometime, soon they could see camp Jupiter off in the distance. Artemis turned to Percy, "Percy...are you ready for this?"

Percy remained silent, for the longest time he said nothing. It felt as if he was ignoring her, Zoe was about to speak up when Artemis stopped her with a hand motion, telling her to keep quiet.

Finally he spoke up, "I am. I have no choice, but I am. For the first time I know what I'm supposed to do, and I am ready to do it."

"I see" Artemis nodded, "then this is where I leave you."

Percy looked startled, "you aren't joining us for the battle?" He tried not to sound happy, and based on that fact she didn't look suspicious he succeeded.

Artemis sighed, "sadly, no. Zeus has forbidden us from directly interfering in the upcoming battle. He fears that doing so will provoke further actions from Kronos' side. He believes you will be better off without our help."

Percy snorted, "your dad's mad."

Zoe's eyes winded, she turned to her lady expecting her to start attacking this foolish boy on the spot, but instead she found Artemis smiling.

"Yes, that he is. Your father and Athena are doing their best to convince him otherwise but…," Artemis sighed, "be safe Percy, please."

Percy nodded, "always Arty." 'Good, if she's not here than Kornos can't get to her...for whatever he has planned.'

Artemis smiled, she turned to Zoe, "I'm leaving you in charge Zoe. Remember, Percy can be irritating at times, in fact there will be several times you will want to personally strangle him-"


"-But be patient. He won't let you down," Artemis smiled.

Zoe looked stunned, she had never seen her mistress so relaxed around a man before. Even males of her own family. She nodded silently, bewildered as to what exactly was going on.

Artemis turned to Percy and turned up to his crown, "take care of yourself, king of demigods."

Percy grumbled, "please don't call me that." The goddess snorted, snapped her fingers and disappeared in a flash of light.

Percy blinked away the temporary blindness he was feeling and grumbled, "I hate it when they do that," he turned to Zoe, who still looked very confused as to what to make of him. Percy sighed, "alright, let's get going."

Zoe nodded, "yes...lead the way," Percy did and she the rest of the hunters followed, weary as to his presence. Percy could almost feel the glares being thrown his way, he understood why of course, but it didn't mean he liked it.

As they approached the Roman camp Percy walked up to Zoe and spoke up, "have you ever been to new Rome before?"

"I have, but not the others," Zoe pointed to the Hunters, "a few like Phoebe and Madeline have," she pointed at a tall red haired hunter with a hateful glare and a black skinned hunter with a more casual smile;

Phoebe Nightrider, Hunter of Artemis


Madeline, Hunter of Artemis

Lv- 28

Percy nodded at the hunters, Phoebe simply glared back while Madeline nodded in return. Percy turned to Zoe, "why is that?"

"We have been with Lady Artemis the longest, we were there before the Romans and Greeks were separated by the Gods. Though we thought they were dead, not simply hidden."

Percy nodded, "alright, so you know the basic layout of this place?"

Zoe shrugged, "a long time has passed, things might have changed."

"I wouldn't beat on it, you know how Romans are with tradition," Percy stopped before the banks of the Little Timber and turned to Zoe, "stay here, I'll tell them you all have arrived."

Zoe nodded, and then suddenly Percy disappeared in a blur of speed. Zoe blinked in surprise, [that is new,] she switched to her native tongue in surprise.

[I don't understand why we must follow this man!] Phoebe hissed out in ancient greek, [he is so dismissive of us and our abilities!]

[What can we do? It was the lady's order,] Carol, another Hunter argued, the other Hunters all nodded in agreement.

[Why does she trust this man so much?] Madeline asked what the others were thinking, [has she ever mentioned him before?]

[Once or twice,] Zoe groaned, [she always had praise for him and his actions though.]

"Ah, excuse me," Franchie, the youngest hunter to join them spoke up, "you all are doing that thing again."

Zoe blinked, they had all unknowingly switched to their mother tongue. Only a few of the hunters, Artemis' most elite and oldest hunters, could speak it. While the others were used to this, Franchie was not, it was still very new to her.

Zoe smiled, "I am sorry little one, we didn't realise we were doing so," she patted Franchise on the head, the 10 year old girl was small for her age, small and easily scared. But she had the heart of a hunter, and that was all that mattered.

"It's fine," the raven haired girl smiled, "what were you talking about?"

"We were talking about that man," Phoebe spat, "we don't trust him."

"Why?" Franchie asked.

"We have seen the worst man has to offer the world," Zoe explained, "we are weary of them."

"Well the puppies seem to like him," Franchie turned to the Baloths, who had once again escaped their captors running circles around the Hunters.

Zoe was about to respond when suddenly there was a gust of wind and Percy spread before them all startling them. Franchie herself yipped in shock before running behind Zoe's legs.

"I have spoken to one of the praetors, she will be sending someone to guide you all inside," Percy spoke up, "they'll give you all some place to rest, we aren't expecting them for sometime now, so I suggest you use what free time you have to rest up."

"We don't need your suggestions boy," Phoebe spat out. Zoe was about to tell the girl to hold her tongue when Percy spoke up.

"Wow, didn't realise the sexism ran strong in you," Percy whistled, "so sad, so sad."

"What?!" Phoebe's eyes went wide, "I'm not sexist!"

"Really? Define sexism."

"The discrimination of women by men," she shot back.

"See, sexist," Percy waved, "I swear I had the same conversation with Artemis when we first meet."

"How is that sexist?" Madeline asked questioningly, even a few of the others looked either confused or pissed off.

"Well she did kind of failed to mention men in that definition didn't she?"

"Men cannot be discriminated against," Zoe argued.

"Says who?"

"I have lived for thousands of years, I have seen it," Zoe narrowed her eyes.

Percy blinked, "damn, well how many of those years have you spent in civilisation?"

Zoe paused, "what does thou mean?"

"You are a hunter yes? From what I know you all live in forests and tents, yes?" the hunters nodded, curious as to what his point was, "well then how can you say you know what this world's like if you haven't lived in it?"

Zoe was surprised at the argument made, she turned to the others who looked just as surprised as she.

"Look I didn't come here to argue," Percy held his hands up, "I know you all have a reason to hate men and I'm not going to pretend to know what all you've have been through. But as a wise puppet once said, 'fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering'."

Phoebe blinked, "who said that?"

"Yoda," Percy grinned. At the hunters questioning looks he continued, "you know...from Star Wars?" Still nothing, "Empire strikes back? Little green thing? About the height of my knee? Talks in riddles, he does?"

"We have not heard of this, 'Star Wars'," Zoe mashed the words out as if it was foreign to her, "is it a play?"

Percy blinked, "you guys have never seen Star Wars?"

"We have never heard of it, no," Zoe shook her head.

Percy stayed silent, for the longest time he did nothing but blink. Finally he spoke up, "I am so going to make you guys watch it before you leave."

The Hunters didn't know what to make of that. One moment he was arguing that they were sexist, the next he was talking about a puppet and something called a 'movie'. He really was a strange boy.

Just then, out of the shadows cast down by the several trees surrounding them, a large black and white blur jumped out.

"Hellhound!" Phoebe yelled out as she and the rest of the Hunters moved, grabbing their bows and launching an arrow in three seconds.

Percy turned to the invader and immediately realised who it was. "No!" he yelled out, but it was too late. The arrows were flying towards the surprise guest. Percy reached out with his mental powers and suddenly they all stopped mid flight, floating in the air.

The hunters turned toward Percy, who held out both hands frowned in concentration. He let out a breath and the arrows fell down. He grumbled at the hunters, "next time wait."

"Master!" Leo barked as he ran towards Percy.

"Watch thienself!" Zoe yelled out, she moved to intercept the hellhound and Percy but the demigod just waved her away.

Leo jumped into Percy's hands, it's front legs on his shoulders as it licked his face over and over. The son of Poseidon laughed, "stop it boy, I'm ticklish!"

"I missed you master!" Leo barked as it go down before rubbing his head on Percy's leg.

"I missed you too bud, I'm happy you didn't get hurt," Percy smiled as he scratched Leo behind the ear causing the Hellhound wolf hybrid to growl in pleasure.

The Hunters watched their interactions in amazement as they saw Percy play with the giant beast. Finally he stopped and noticed their faces. He chuckled, "what? Thought you guys were the only ones with a monster for a pet?"

Just then the Baloths came running at Leo, yipping loudly. The companion didn't mind the little blue pups surrounding his feet, their bites were nothing to him and they were minor annoyances at best.

"What is it?" Franchie asked, stepping out from behind Zoe to get a better look at the newest pet.

"Well now, who's this?" Percy asked with a smile as he noticed Franchie;

Francesca Bond, Daughter of Tyche

Lv- 2

Percy blinked, 'Tyche, that's the goddess of luck,' "whoa, aren't you a lucky one."

The hunters looked confused, Franchise however looked curious. She looked from Percy to Leo, curiosity burning in her eyes.

Percy chuckled, "he doesn't bite you know. Well, he does, but he would never bite girls, he much prefers to bite men."

"Sounds like a smart dog," Phoebe snapped.

"Yeah, he is, after all I did raise him," Percy grinned back silencing Phoebe who simply glared back. Franchise stepped away from Zoe and walked towards Leo, the hellhound hybrid turned to the little hunter and remained still, knowing any move would startle the girl.

She pressed her hand against his fur, petting it gently. "It's warm," she whispered.

"Yeah," Percy nodded, "he also likes hugs." Franchie looked at him in surprise and hope, Percy nodded at the girl, and she slowly moved, wrapping her arms around Leo's neck, snuggling into his coat.

The Hunters awed at the cute girl trying to wrap her hands around Leo's body, Percy had to admit it was one of the most adorable sights he had ever seen. And then suddenly Franchies' eyes turned from a sky blue to a sea green, flashing another girl in her place.

'Bethany,' Percy thought, that was the name of his daughter, the daughter he had in the dream, his daughter with Thalia. And Franchie was wearing a silver parkha, the same one his daughter with Artemis was wearing. Andrea, if he remembered right.

Percy didn't even want to go down that road of thought, that really got to him. He never really had the time to process it all, but now…

"Percy?" came a call. Percy turned around to find Julia and Carrie White, the librarian of Rome. They both wore armor with their weapons strapped to their hips. For Julia it was normal, but for Carrie, someone who preferred books over weapons, it was odd.

"Ah, that was faster than I thought," Percy nodded, he stepped aside displaying the hunters, "these are the Hunters of Artemis. Hunters this is Julia Brown, the praetor of Rome and Carrie White, the Librarian of Rome."

Carrie looked surprised that Percy still remembered her name while Julia nodded at Zoe, who she correctly assumed to be the leader.

"Welcome to camp Jupiter's hunters," Julia bowed, "we thank you for coming to our aide when you didn't have to. We are eternally grateful. Please follow Carrie, she will show you where you will be staying. We will have a war council a little while later, am I correct in assuming that you are their leader?" she asked Zoe.

Zoe nodded, "I am indeed the lieutenant of the Hunters."

"Good, then I shall see you soon," Julia turned to Percy, "the Senate is waiting."

Percy groaned, "great , just great. Sigh, of well," he turned to Leo, "I can't bring him with me can I?"

Julia turned to Leo and gulped, the beast was enormous. When she first saw him in the Dreamworld she thought he was going to attack Percy and rip him in half, imagine her surprise when she found out he was little more than a pet!

The hellhound hybrid was friendly, but the Senate was jumpy as it was, they didn't need this adding fuel to the fire. "I'm sorry Percy, but no."

Percy sighed, "I figured," he looked at Leo and the Hunters, "hey bud, do you want to stay with the women for sometime?"

Leo perked up, "really master? I can?" his tail was wagging from side to side in excitement.

Percy rolled his eyes, "yes, you can, that is if it's alright with you," he asked Zoe.

Zoe looked at the hellhound with narrowed eyes, "if he attacks us we will kill him."

Percy grinned, "that's fair. Got that Leo? No attacking the hunters."

Leo nodded, "yes boss!"

Percy chuckled, "alright then, Franchie, take care of him for me will you?" the little girl looked up in surprise and nodded mutely, "thanks!"

"We better get going," Julia turned to leave when Percy stopped her.

"Wait, I have one more thing to do, Carrie," he turned to the librarian, "can we talk for a moment?"

The girl looked dangerously at Percy, it wasn't really intimidating for him, but whatever made her feel safe. In the end she simply nodded as they walked away from the others, much to the confusion and curiosity of the hunters and Julia.

"What?" Carrie asked in a scathing tone.

"I need you to research something," Percy informed her.

"I'm not your personal google search engine Jackson," Carrie narrowed her eyes, "do it yourself."

"I would, but I don't have time. The Senate is on my ass and we don't have time for me to bumble around the library. This is important Carrie, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't. The last time I asked for your help it was to bring our camps together, this time it is far more important."

Carrie remained silent for the longest time before she nodded. Percy sighed, "thanks. I need everything you have about the curse of Achilles, can you do that?"

Carrie raised an eyebrow, "the curse of Achilles? Why do you want to know about that?"

"I think Kronos is going to use that to keep his body intact," Percy told her, "I can't tell you how I know this, but my source is very reliable. Can you do this for me? Please?"

Carrie searched Percy's eyes for any form of deceit, but found none. She sighed, "I'll have everything about the curse ready for you by the time you leave the Senate."

"Thank you, and please, the few people who know about this the better," Carrie agreed and soon they were off. Carrie with the Hunters and Julia with Percy.

"What did you and Carrie talk about?" Julia asked just as she and Percy finished depositing their weapons at the pomerian line, ignoring Terminus' wild rantings about how Percy's armor gauntlet was technically a weapon, which it technically wasn't.

"It's something important," Percy told her, "but I don't want to worry you over nothing just yet. Let's see what she can dig up first. Then we talk doomsday preparations."

Julia didn't like the fact Percy was hiding things for her, but she nodded in agreement.

"Tell me then, how did you know Kronos was coming after us?" Julia asked.

Percy shrugged, "the Hermes squad told me they were stationed nearby, and so I figured that could only mean one thing, they know about you."

"Yes but how?"

"I...I'm not sure. But I believe it's because there's a spy amidst your ranks feeding them intel."

"What?" Julia hissed, her voice going quite.

Percy nodded, "yeah, it's the only thing that makes sense. Luke didn't know about you, so we know it wasn't him. Kronos has been dead for a long time and Hyperion in jail. That leaves only one option..."

"But a spy?" Julia groaned, "it's just too...bizarre for a Roman to turn traitor."

"Maybe, but either way we can sort this out later. We need to focus on staying alive now. Agreed?"

Julia sighed, "agreed."

As they walked through the streets of New Rome Percy realised that the streets were filled with people. They weren't working, shopping, or even moving around. They were instead staring at them passing by, whispering to themselves.

Percy grumbled, "I wish they would stop staring."

"It's not every day a king graces us with his presence," Julia spoke in a teasing tone.

"Please don't call me that," Percy tapped the crown, "stupid thing."

"You can't really blame them Percy," she argued, "they are in awe of what you did for them. The way you fought back Saturn, I mean Kronos, the way you fought him off, it was nothing short of a legend from old."

"How do they even know about that?" Percy asked, "didn't we send most of them back here before the battle?"

Julia looked surprised, "you mean you don't know?"

"Know what?"

"Morpheus did send them back, but they were still asleep. They watched the entire war from a third person's perspective. They saw everything Percy, they were there when you were crowned king, and didn't object when Morpheus asked them."

Percy looked stunned, "r-really? But I thought...damn." Percy hung his head, feeling the crown become even heavier knowing that the entire city had essentially put it on his head.

Julia saw the weight on Percy and sighed, "I'm sorry Percy, I suppose in a way this is my fault."

"What are you talking about?" asked the surprised demigod.

"Morpheus...before the battle he asked me why I, a praetor of Rome, would willingly follow a greek demigod son of Neptune. I told him it was because I had faith in you...that you would be the one to save us, to guide us through the war. I told him how much I believe in you and...I think that's what pushed him to do what he did."

Percy stopped, Julia mirroring his actions. He looked into her eyes and she into his. After a moment he sighed, "well, now I really can't fuck up. I mean if the you belive in me then I would be an asshole to through that faith away."

Julia smiled as Percy took the lead, her following in his footsteps. She looked at him and felt a pang in her heart. She didn't have to be a daughter of Venus to know it was love, and she didn't have to use her godly powers to know that it would never work out. Julie found herself cursing the fact Thalia got to him first, it really wasn't fair.

They reached the steps of the Senate and found the marble steps to be filling with the people of New Rome. Everyone was here, the shopkeepers, the workers, the teachers. Everyone came and waited at the steps, and when Percy approached they parted like the Red Sea, opening his path towards the Senate door.

As Percy walked inside he could feel their eyes trailing him, their hopes, their hate, sometimes it sucked having empathic powers.

Percy pushed open the doors of the senate and was immediately bombarded by the sounds of the senators and high ranking legionnaires arguing with each other. They looked ready to start throwing around more than just insults when Percy stepped in.

Immediately they all stopped and turned to him. They watched as he and Julia walked up to the stage and stand in the center before everyone else. The stands were packed, the seats were all filled, people even stood in the aisles, alongs the sides, in the back and even more were peeping inside form the open doors.

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears," Percy began smirking as they realised the play he was ripping off.

"Stop quoting Shakespeare!" someone yelled out causing everyone else to laugh.

Percy chuckled as well, "right, right sorry. But you all looked so tense I couldn't help it. Plus I have always wanted to say that," he smiled causing them to chuckle once more.

After a moment he spoke once more, "but I didn't just pick those lines by accident, nor was it because it was the only lines I knew about Rome. It was because that play resembles the situation right now very much. Where Caesar was rumored to be crowned emperor of Rome, where Brutus, who loved Rome far more than he loved Caesar, stabbed his friend with those who hated him."

The senators looked ready to protest, but one sharp glare from Percy silenced them, forcing them to shut up and listen.

"Brutus came to the people of Rome and made his case, claiming how he only did it because Caesar grew greedy and was planning on robbing Rome of its democracy. And then Anthony came and proved how everything Brutus just said was a pile of pegasus shit."

No one laughed that time, they were too focused on him to do anything else.

"I'm not here to rule over you. I am not here to be a fucking emperor of a king. I hate authority, even my fellow greek demigods consider it a joke, I am their friend, not their king. I don't wish to rule, only to protect. I'm not going to order you people to do anything, but I will tell you this. Saturn is coming, and we can't stop his army as we are right now.

We have only one option, to run and live to fight another day."

"You want us to run like cowards?!" a senator asked enraged, "we are Romans! We stand and fight!"

Percy narrowed his eyes at the man. He was fat and balding, he didn't look like he had fought anything except a burrito for lunch.

"Julia," Percy turned to the Praetor, "did this senator stay and fight with us in the Dreamworld? Did he stand and fight against the titan's army like a proper Roman?"

The Praetor caught onto Percy's scheme quick. "No Percy, he did not."

Percy nodded before turning to the senator who was now gulping in fear, "what right do you have to send all these people to death when you yourself would sooner turn and run away? Why should they die for your ego?"

The senator could feel the eyes of the people in the room turn to him, he quietly sat down, refusing to meet Percy's narrowed eyes.

The newly crowned king turned to the people before him, "I don't want to be your king. I don't want to be anything more than a demigod, hell some days I don't even want to be a demigod. Some days I curse the day my parents meet, and those days are the worst. And that's when I look to my friends, to my girlfriend and I realise why it was all worth it. I'm going to fight for you, I have no intention of robbing your freedom. That is all."

Percy stepped aside, motioning Julia to step forward. The praetor cleared her throat, "we don't have much time, as Percy says we cannot stand up to him, not now, most are still exhausted from the battle in the Dreamworld. We need to move, fast. I propose unto the Senate a motion to relocate New Rome."

The people exploded into whispers, each talking to their loved ones on what they should do. As they spoke Edgar got up and walked onto the stage. He cleared his throat silencing them all.

"We have no choice Romans, the monsters that are at our door will not stop until we are all dead and sent up the Styx. We must move."

"It will take us at least four days to move!" a woman argue holding her infant daughter in her hands, "we can't hold them off for that long!"

"No, we can't," Percy agreed turning everyone's attention to him, "but we won't need to. First you will all need to break down New Rome and I can carry it for you."

"How will you do that?" another civilian asked.

Percy sighed "I have a gift from the Fates, it allows me to store items away in a pocket dimension for later use. The only requirement is that I am able to carry the item to store them away."

"How much can you carry?" another one asked.

Percy grinned, "dude, you have no idea." More and more questions came at Percy regarding his abilities, and he answered them all. It took him half an hour, but eventually the Romans agreed. They quickly went about breaking down their city, they focused on the big government buildings first, like the college, the schools, the senate, before going to the housing areas.

It was honestly amazing for Percy to see them work so efficiently like that. It was almost magical the way everyone knew exactly what needed to be done and did it as a single unit.

But Percy and Julia couldn't stay, they left the civilians to do their part while returning to the fort to do theirs.

"That was quite a speech Percy," Julia told him as they entered the Roman fort, which was also not being slowly dismantled. The defensible locations were kept, like bunkers and armories, but everything else, like the baths, the shops, the now empty stables were all gone.

"Thanks, it was something I figured you guys would react to well."

"Did you make it up on the spot?"

Percy shrugged, "kind off, I thought about along the way really. Just kind of came to me."

Julia whistled, "impressive."

Percy nodded, "thanks", 'but not if you have my kind of WIS score'.

They entered a giant red tent, which now served as their base. The praetor office had already been torn down, it was after all just for show and not really important. This took it's place.

Percy and Julia entered finding Rob, Thalia and Zoe waiting for them looking over a topographical map of camp Jupiter.

"How did it go?" Thalia asked smiling at Percy.

"As well as it could have gone," he sighed as she walked over to him, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

Thalia ruffled his hair, "relax sea brain, you can't have everything easy can you?"

Percy snorted, "whatever you say, Sparky."

"You are so going to pay for that," Thalia shot back. Zoe looked on in utter surprise. What the little she had spoke with Thalia Grace she had found a strong independent woman, but now she was no better than a puppy wrapped around Jackson's fingers. Zoe narrowed her eyes, she didn't like this, not one bit.

"How soon before the civilians are evacuated?" Rob asked.

"Soon," Julia nodded, "everything will be packed by the end of the day."

Percy sighed as he and Thalia stepped up to the table, "that's too long. Can't they hurry it up?"

"No Percy, they can't," Julia sighed, "at the worst case scenario we will have to leave certain things behind, like businesses and luxury homes, taking with us only what we need."

Percy nodded, "agreed. And if you want I can come back here at a later date and move everything, that is if Kronos leaves anything behind."

Rob growled, "look let's not go there. Let's focus on the here and now. Do we know when he's attacking?"

Thalia shook her head, "no, Hermes squad just managed to escape their notice and are making their way here, but before they left it just looked like the Titans aren't doing much."

"What do we know about the army we face?" Zoe asked.

Percy took out the list he got from Lee and gave it to her, "here."

She read it over and cursed, [fucking Hades we are screwed.]

Percy chuckled, "couldn't agree more."

"We can't give up faith," Julia argued, "we don't need to fight them, just hold them back long enough."

"And how exactly do you expect us to retreat?" Rob asked, "we can't get away fast enough Julia."

"I think we can help with that," Thalia spoke up, "I asked the Demetre kids and Castor to make more ropes for use. If Percy can tie it from one end of the labyrinth to the other we could use the Labyrinth as a way to retreat."

"That's a dangerous plan," Rob warned, "I have heard stories about that place. We can't afford to lose men inside."

"If we don't do this then everyone dies Rob," Julia warned, "we have no choice." the son of Mars argued some more, but eventually gave in to the smarter Praetor.

"We need a plan of defence," Zoe spoke, "there is a lot of ways the Titans could vanquish us."

"Agreed," Percy nodded as they looked over the map, "I had a few suggestions."

It was decided that the main focus of worry for them would be the giants and Gregoras the Titan's possessed. They would be the most dangerous opponents and would probably be used for as a tank to break through their defences.

Luckily the Romans' cannons and catapults could take care of them.

Trenches would also have to be dug up, and traps, pitfalls, arrow volleys, the works. Zoe volunteered the hunters for the trap designing, after all those girls did know a thing or two about them.

Just as they laid down the final plans for defence a legionnaire came charging in. "Ma'am! Sir! You need to come quick!"

The entire tent went tense. "What is it Greg?" Rob asked grabbing his blade's handle, "are they here already?"

"No sir," Greg said smiling, "it's the civilians!"

The Praetors grew worried as they quickly ran out with Percy, Thalia and Zoe following suit. They stopped outside the gates of the fort where standing in neatly arranged rows were the adults of New Rome wearing the armour and weapons they were bestowed upon in the Dreamworld by Ares and Aphrodite.

Julia looked confused, "what is this?"

"We couldn't just let you have all the glory now could we?" one legionnaire said as he took off his helmet revealing Saito underneath. The scientist looked aged and tired, but he also looked ready for battle. He had strange white tools strapped to his belt, and something told Percy they weren't computers.

"Saito? What's going on here?" Rob asked, "what are you all doing here?"

"Well a bunch of us got together and realised we all still had a part to play in the battle," Saito smirked, "we wish to rejoin the roman army sir. If you'll have us."

Julia and Rob were stunned, amazed and stunned. Fighting in the Dreamworld was one thing, it was a matter of survival. But rejoining the army and risking your own life? Well that was another thing entirely.

Julia smiled, breaking out of her stunned surprise, "then I would gladly have you all. Welcome back, sixth cohort."

"Aye!" the cheered. The title was temporary and didn't mean much. But it was feeling of pride that it aroused which was important.

Julia and Rob set out to quickly assign the newly rejoined legionnaires. Most were simply sent back to New Rome to help with the dismantling while the others were assigned to sentry duty, especially those who were legacies of Apollo.

Thalia, Percy and Zoe stayed back for most of this, simply watching them all at work. Eventually though they grew bored.

"I shall return to the Hunters," Zoe informed the couple before nodding to them and leaving.

Percy narrowed his eyes, he felt like he was forgetting something, but for the life of him he couldn't remember what it was. Just then his hand graced his jeans, feeling Riptide and Waverider inside and it hit him.

"Thalia, I'll meet up with you and the others later," Percy kissed her forehead, "there's something I have to do."

Thalia looked at Zoe and smirked, "you do realise she'd take a vow of chastity right?"

Percy rolled his eyes, "oh shut up you," Thalia giggled as she gave him a kiss and left, allowing Percy to catch up with Zoe. "Zoe! We need to talk."

The lieutenant of the Hunters turned around, "about what?"

"About this?" Percy reached into his pocket and pulled out Riptide, he flicked the cap open revealing its true form. The bronze shined in the sun, it's metal polished like the day he stole it from Chion. And upon seeing it's from Zoe gasped in recognition.

"Anaklusmos," she whispered in recognition.

Percy nodded as he held the sword up, "Chiron gave it to me...well it's more like I took it from him, but I swear it was totally for a good reason...kind of."

Zoe held out her hand and Percy gave the blade to her handle first. She traced her fingers down the greek letters carved into it's spine, looking at it's sides with nostalgic gaze. Her eyes quickly settled on the tip where a small chip was broken off. She narrowed her eyes, "it is chipped."

Percy rubbed his neck, "yeah...sorry about that. I needed to use it to make myself a new weapon and...if I had another choice I would have taken it, I swear. But I didn't."

Zoe sighed, "I have not seen this accursed blade in a long time."

"It belongs to you yes?" Percy asked recalling the description he read on Riptide the first time he got it. He remembered it so clearly, "I...I just thought you should know. If you want it I don't mind giving it back, I mean technically it is your blade after all."

Zoe looked at Percy and then back to Riptide. She closed her eyes and sighed, tossing it back to Percy before turning and leaving, "keep it, it has brought me nothing but pain and suffering. I hope for thou it proves to be useful."

Percy was a little disappointed she didn't want the blade, after all it was hers. He didn't feel disappointed for himself though, but more for Riptide, it was strange, yes, but it felt like the blade shined less now, almost like it was sad being rejected by it's true master.

Percy capped the sword and walked back to Thalia, all the while wondering just what was the real story of Riptide, Zoe and Hercules.

At 3 in the afternoon:

Percy had summoned his servants out and assigned them duties. The Romans and greeks knew about all his servants, so he found no reason to hide them anymore. He summoned every single one of them, except Aceous. He wasn't sure, but he didn't want to risk Gia's gaze focusing on him by bringing back her supposedly dead son.

The Romans were given Hyperion to order around while the rest were assigned various duties. Timmy and Alecto were ordered to patrol the skies while Marcia, Craig and Zed were limited to the ground troops.

Percy also summoned Cerberus, he let the dog play around all over the place, and when Nico arrived he placed the dog under him and Bianca's care.

The Hermes squad had arrived a little after noon. Nico, Bianca and Decker were thrilled to seeing all their friends agains after so long. In real life that is.

Nico and Bianca set to work immediately afterwards, with Percy's help they were able to build trenches and pit falls in seconds while it would have taken hours normally.

The entire greek and Roman army became very mingled with one another, they had already fought in a way together, and now seeing the Greeks come to the Roman's side only made strengthened their relationship.

Nico also set to work getting rid of all the fairs in camp. It wasn't a popular move, but it was needed. Once Percy mentioned how there were rumors of necromancers hidden in the Titan's ranks everyone realised the ghosts were a liability.

In some cases the ghosts themselves willingly left, swearing to travel the countryside to reach camp half-blood, reuniting with the others once more in the new location for New Rome.

The path in the labyrinth became cleared up, Percy went through the thing five time, following the rope vine that Katie and Castor had made. And once he was sure it lead to from camp Jupiter to the entrance below the Fist of Zeus he had several others test it.

It was a few people at first, Percy didn't know if his powers were the reason one could travel between the points, or it was because the Labyrinth was actually designed that way, after all every time someone went into it they were with Percy in some form. But now that couldn't be guaranteed.

So they had to test it out. Five people went in first with Percy following them twenty feet behind. Then went that was successful it increased to thirty people with Percy following fifth feet behind.

It went upto a hundred demigods going in the Labyrinth and reaching the other side without issue and alone. It seemed that Percy's powers merely helped show the closest route to a desired location within the Labyrinth, meaning if one knew it, they didn't require Percy to guide them.

And so their escape route was secured.

The fort had also been packed up, the construction material was 40 feet high and weighed several tons. Most were wondering how Percy would even transport all of this, and their jaws were all on the floor when he saw it pick it up and throw it into his inventory.

Percy had to release three of his seals to obtain the required strength, but it was worth it. He quickly had everything packed away in the fort and slowly the city of New Rome was being packed as well.

Nearly half the governmental buildings were stored in Percy's storage by now, with a few buildings and the college. The people were working tirelessly, and when he could Percy leant a helping hand. But right now his attention was required elsewhere.

"What have you found?" Percy asked as Carrie lead him into the library. The shelves were being broken down and the books stored in cardboard boxes. They were neatly packed and documented, Carrie's influence no doubt.

She lead him to a corner of the library that was still in one piece, pointing at an open book before them that displayed a warrior fighting in a large battle with the name Achilles displayed in bold on top in ancient greek.

"The curse is something that is giving by the river of the Underworld, the Styx," Carrie worded her sentence carefully as to not accidentally swear an oath on the ancient river, "each of the rivers in the underworld has a particular property. One can heal all wounds, one can wipe away your memories and this one, can make any who dip themselves in it immune to mortal weapons."

Percy read the text quickly, learning in detail just what had happened to Achilles, "so anyone who dips themselves in the river become invulnerable?"

"Yes, completely invulnerable, except for one spot on their body."

"Their heel?" Percy asked.

"No, that is not the case," Carrie shook her head, "from what I have found it is discovered that one's mortal point could be anywhere, it depends on the person. Achelis was just a child when his mother dipped him into the pool holding him up by his ankles. He had no choice in his mortal point, it was chosen for him. But if an adult dips inside..."

"Then they can chose whatever point they want," Percy cursed, "this is bad, this is very very bad. Is there anyway to counter this? Any spell? Anything?"

And to his great surprise, Carrie smiled. "Yes, there is."

Percy blinked in utter surprise, "really?"

"Really," Carrie nodded, "the little Timber, the river that surrounds us, it is a piece of Roman heritage, an enchanted piece of the real Timber than follows the camp around wherever we go. We have no control over it, but it is exactly what you are looking for. The curse of Achilles if a Greek curse, as such a wash in a roman river can counter the curse, making the user vulnerable once more."

Percy's face threatened to split in two with his grin, "Carrie, I could kiss you."

"Do that and I'll skin you alive."

"And yet my feelings don't change," Percy smiled, "this is perfect Carrie, thank you. This is exactly what I needed. I may not be able to fight him back, but at least now he isn't going to fucking untouchable."

Carrie raised an eyebrow, "who are you talking about?"

Percy meet her eyes and whispered, "Saturn."

Fear struck her deep as she connected the dots. "If he gets the curse-"

"-He will be unstoppable," Percy nodded before smiling, "but as you just said Carrie, we now have a way to stop him, at least until we can get everyone to safety."

Carrie eventually calmed down and Percy helped her get packed. It didn't take long, thanks to his super speed, and he wished her well before leaving to find Thalia.

He searched the fort and the army ranks for her finding her in the fifth cohort with Jason and a couple of his friends.

Percy watched from afar as she laughed at a story Jason told her about the time he was chased down by an angry Hannibal the elephant.

"Oh and till this day everytime Hannibal looks at me I swear it's like he wants to strangle me with it's trunk!" Jason snorted as the others laughed.

Thalia chuckled, "well little brother you know what the say, elephants have a long memory. They never forget anything."

"So basically you're screwed Jason," a male legionnaire spoke up causing everyone to chuckle at the son of Jupiter.

Percy smiled as he watched Thalia and Jason exchange stories, it had made him envious to say the least, he never did have a proper brother. John didn't count, he and Percy never lived in the same house, never experienced the same things. It was cruel really, to live in a place surrounded by family and still feel alone to a certain degree.

Percy always felt that the demigods were his family...but they weren't always-

"What's that?!" someone cried out. Everyone turned to the skies and there flying right at them was a flaming iron ball.

Percy's eyes widened, he turned to Thalia, "Thalia! Get everyone ready! I'll hold them off for as long as I can!"

Thalia turned to Percy and nodded. Percy readied his gauntlet and cried out, "Tsunami!" the armor exploded onto his body, covering him in his now iconic black armour with the white cape fluttering behind him.

Next Percy released his strength seals;

Seal Release: Layer 10 Time: 1 1.2 months

STR- 42,467,328 (+11+20+75)= 42,467,436

He jumped into the air, leaping towards that flaming ball. Percy reached it in seconds, he threw his right hand out, thrusting it into the flaming iron ball, and threw it back with all his might.

The small shot back like a bullet out of a gun, flying back towards the army coming in the horizon. Percy floated in the air and looked down, the army was coming at them from the North, simple and direct.

The cannonball landed in the heart of a approaching army, Percy could see with his 8.0 vision that several enhanced animals had died from the impact.

Percy waved his hand forming a misty surface, he tossed a coin in and called up Rob. In seconds the praetor appeared before him.

"Percy, where are they?!"

"They are coming North," Percy told him, "I can see giants, enhanced animals, monsters, everything. But a few of the giants and undead are missing, I think either they are being held back for a second wave or their coming from another direction."

Rob nodded, "I'll move our troops, hold them back for as long as you can."

"Don't worry I fully-"


It reminded Percy of a scene from his trials, when he was sent to a world unlike his own, where everyone he loved died, where he had to defeat Kronos as a human. It was a dream, but it felt so real, and it began with Kronos inviting them while riding a dragon.

Which was exactly what he was doing now.

The beast was green with blackish scales and a wing span large enough to eclipse a a football field. And on it's neck stood Kronos, riding into battle as he pulled on the chains tied around the dragon's neck.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Percy hissed.

Anacleto and Timmy quickly came to Percy's side. They too stared at the giant monstrosity currently flying towards them in awe.

"What's the plan?" Timmy asked.

"The plan is this, Timmy you and I are going after him, I'll take on Kronos you fight the dragon, Alceto, if you see anything else flying that isn't with us, take it down. Got that?"

Alecto drew her arrows, "got it."

"Then let's move!" Percy cried out as he and Timmy charged forward.

"JACKSON!" Kronos cried out.

"Hey!" Percy cried out as he charged in like a cannonball right into Kronos's chest, pushing him off the dragon, falling downwards with him.

Once they were out of the way Timmy used his powers to cause several gusts of wind to push up against the dragon's wings, batting it around like a rubber ball.

Percy and Kronos crashed into the Earth in the middle of the forest surrounding camp. Kronos's back took all the damage with the demigod standing over him. Percy quickly took out his blades, thrusting them at the Titan's eyes.

Kronos saw the blades coming and acted on instinct, activating his powers over time to slow Percy down.

The demigod's body felt like it was moving through jelly, Kronos was slowing him down, but not for long. Using his own powers over time Percy felt the strange way Kronos used his mana to restrain him, and broke through.


You have created a new skill!

Time cancellation- Allows user to cancel the effects of time manipulation

Cost- 200 MP (More based on the skill set fighting)

Percy was able to move once again, but by then Kronos had managed to push him off his body, throwing him into a nearby tree.

Percy quickly got back on his feet and looked up at Kronos, the mad titan had taken out his own blade, narrowing his eyes at Percy.

"This time you will die Percy Jackson," Kronos growled, "you aren't as powerful as you were back in the dream world, I can feel it!"

Percy gulped, "maybe, but I've fought monsters like you before, I have gone up against bigger odds and won. I have been fighting smart long before I have been fighting hard, so this is just going to be me doing a throwback to old times."

Kronos growled as he charged ahead with his blade in hand. He swiped at Percy's sides, aiming to cut off his head and or limbs. But the demigod was too fast for the Titan.

Percy kept dodging out of the way, not allowing a single strike to come close to him, knowing that if it did it would be his last.

Kronos strikes came faster and faster, until Percy was forced to block a strike with both his blades, throwing him through the air and into several tree trunks.

Percy groaned as his arm felt like they were ringing, the blades didn't shatter from the pure force of the attack, and that could only be attributed to the fact that they were indestructible. Any other normal blade, heck, if they were made of Imperial gold they would have shattered.

Kronos stepped up to Percy, a smile on his handsome face. He foot his foot on his chest and pushed.

"Argh!" Percy cried out in pain.

"Scream for me Jackson! Scream!"

He pushed down harder, the pile of broken wood Percy laid down on became crushed into splinters as Percy was pressed down into them.

His body was in pain, it was nearly impossible to deal with. Kronos raised thrusted his blade forward under Percy's neck. On instinct Percy looked down, protecting it, catching the blade with his helmet.

Kronos growled a he used his blade as a lever and swiped upwards. Percy's helmet groaned before it was ripped off from the rest of his armour revealing his face. Kronos blade danced across his face, cutting him from his right jaw to the bottom of his eye. The scar would never disappear.

Percy looked at Kronos, meeting his golden eyes, He grabbed onto Kronos' feet, activating his body form;

Body Form activated: Full Body!

STR- 42,467,436 X 10 = 424,674,360

He pushed upwards, but Kronos couldn't be moved.

"I will send Thalia your love," Kronos spat out, "do not worry, she will join you soon enough."

He brought down his sword, Percy was just about to activate his smoke form and get out of the way when suddenly a pitch black blade came forward and stopped Kronos's weapon in it's tracks. The ting of their clash was loud, it sounded like a metal rod hitting a concrete wall.

And holding the black blade was the last person Percy was excepting.

Her blonde hair was let loose reaching till her lower back. She no longer wore her pencil skirt and white blouse but instead was dressed in blue robes with white borders. She looked at Kronos, meeting his eyes, "heya crazy farmer! Fancy meeting you here!"

"Who in Hades are you?" Kronos asked.

"Mrs. J?" Percy asked in utter surprise.

"Heya Percy! Oh, looks like you're in trouble there, no matter," she flicked her blade throwing Kronos' arm upwards before she sent a punch into his solar plexus causing him to go flying backwards into the air, his sword thrown out of his grip.

"There we go," Mrs. J smiled as looked down at Percy, "well? What are you waiting for? An invitation? Get your fine ass up Percy!"

Percy got up slowly, his eyes went to her fists which was coated black, a familiar hue. His eyes went wide, "haki? But, how can you know haki?"

"Oh come on now Percy, surely you don't still think I'm just an ordinary highschool teacher do you?" Mrs. J chuckled as she snapped her fingers causing her hair to turn from a golden blonde to a deep blue. And her eyes turned from green with golden specks in them, to a sulphuric yellow.

"Y-you're not normal," Percy said as he looked up at her name, demanding her identity;

Tanya Jameson, Real life Lara Croft

Lv- 21

And suddenly in front of his eyes it started to change.

Tanya Jameson, Here to help!

Lv- it's over nine thousand!

"What the fuck?" Percy asked as he blinked, "how-"

"-How am I doing that?" Mrs. J asked, "well you see if you know how to use Haki properly, the entire world is basically your playground. I can make my title read anything I want it too," she snapped her fingers again and once more the words floating above her head changed;

Percy Jackson, Sexy seductress

Lv- Pink fluffy unicorn!

Percy couldn't' believe what he was seeing. For the first time ever his powers weren't working, and this one was given to him by CHAOS itself! He met her eyes, "who are you?"

The woman smiled, "to keep it simple just keep calling me Mrs. J," as she spoke her title changed to just that, "and as for what I am...well that's a long story. And we don't have time. But what you should know is that I'm here to help, always."

Percy was about to open his mouth to ask what she means when he looked over her shoulder and spotted Kronos charging right at them, with his blade in hand. Damn Titan was fast!

"Ah, he's back, quicker than I expected," Mrs. J frowned, "oh well. Ready to do this partner?"

Percy knew he didn't have a choice, he needed all the help he could get. He readied his weapons and stood by her side as Kronos came for them. Before they began their attack he whispered, "if you betray me I will destroy you."

Mrs. J just smiled, "if I ever betray you, I will kill myself. This I swear on the Styx." Thunder rumbled in the sky and Percy could only look on in utter disbelief as she charged at Kronos with her haki infused weapon.

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