Credit Note: Use of the basic world and several of the characters within such as Bell for example are credited to Bleedman. The use of Barasia is credited to Griddles. The use of Mekel is credited to Eclipse02. The use of the base characters such as Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Dexter and the like are credited to Cartoon Network and their subsidiaries and creators such as Craig Mcracken and others.

Story 2: The Chronometal Panic
Prologue: Unanimous

Ten chairs, surrounding a large desk filled with many important looking files, are all filled by politicians, soldiers and scientists.

They all look around to each other and to the report in their hands, seemingly out of breath. One man, seemingly the leader of this get-together gets out of his chair and nears the large screen on the far wall.

He enters a disk into a device and images display across the board in 3 dimensions. He turns to address the men with a stern look on his face.

"Gentlemen. The reports we received one year ago tipped us to a possible terrorist attack. I believe I speak for all of us when I say, this was no mere terrorist attack and no-one saw it really turned out to be; coming." The men in the chairs fidget around, either out of fear or anticipation. The leader continues.

"Almost the entire City of Megaville was wiped out during the past 48 hours by- this." The images switch to a three dimensional picture of World's End. "A... floating base of operations for the Knights- a group of people, once our own citizens, who betrayed their country and killed countless people over the span of only a year." The leader coughs into a fisted hand before continuing.

"We don't have as many details as we would want, due in part to the work of one of the Knight's insurgents killing off all of our scouting parties. All we have is witness testimony and a few photographs." One of the men in the circle speak up. "Sir, what happened to the base, Sir?"

The picture changes again, this time to what looks like a group of children. "We have nothing concrete, but these individuals are what happened to the base." - "Sir, with all due respect, these are just children, Sir!" - "Need I remind you of the roster of most of the Knights, soldier? Kids. Children. Freaks of nature are what nearly destroyed an entire City!"

The leader points his finger at each individual kid. "We have learned most of their names and their ages. Not a single one of them is above the age of eighteen and only one of them are human." The men in the circle start talking amongst each other, others completely silent. "Quiet!" He orders, obliged quickly.

One of the scientists rise from their chair and addresses the captain. "Captain, uhh- sir! What do you mean that only one of them are human? ... uh- sir!" - "At ease, professor. For this occasion only, I will accept that only my men call me, Sir. Cut the pleasantries and speak your... science speak."

He looks around the table, all other nine men are under him, the only one outside his jurisdiction is the scientist. He smirks slightly. "Almost one hundred years ago, the emergence of 'super-humans' was opened to the public. Some used their powers against civilization- possibly for selfish gain, while others believed in Humanity and sided with us. These are some of those freaks of nature."

"Sir... uh, I mean... *cough* Didn't you mention that one of them WAS human?" The captain takes out an extendable pointer and thrusts it to the only male party member. "This young man, I'm sure all of you know." The people in the chairs look around to each other in confusion. "No? How about now." He flicks a switch and the picture changes to a young red haired man in a lab-coat.

Small gasps and words flood the room quietly. "Wait, Sir- I MEAN... *sigh* Isn't that Dexter? Don't we work in joint operations with him all the time for the good of the world?" The leader crosses his arms behind his back and sighs. "He was once a great asset to our great country, but disturbing pictures, evidence and testimony prove that he is no longer on the side of Humanity."

"Can you be more specific, Captain?" He raises an eyebrow before switching the picture back to the entire group. "Look what two of the five are wearing. It looks like a suit of armor, right?" - "You mean, Dexter? He is wearing a suit of... armor? Was it one of his many inventions?" - "Over 90% of our info says that it is not, however, the majority have garbled rumors that it was once his- but it was stolen by the Knights and remade to look like that."

The captain continues after changing the picture to an in depth view of Model D. "According to not-so-detailed rumors we patched together, this was originally some sort of girl-android." The scientist looks deeply at the Metal, specifically at the hair and joints. "Sir...?" The captain looks over to the scientist. "Do you remember Dexter's family?" - "Hmm... I remember his parents clearly, but I do recall him having a sister, though I know little of her. Why?"

"Look at the hair... and the legs, captain." The captain pauses as he looks around the image in 3 dimensions. A few of the men in the chairs fidget as they look themselves, but none of them are saying anything. "It looks a lot like... Deedee, Dexter's sister." The captain looks at the scientist, before he looks back at the Image. "Hmmm..." He mumbles to himself. "Interesting, but how is this useful to us, professor?" He asks with high expectations.

"Well, sir; you said the Knights finalized this Armor, yes? What if- and bear with me. What if they made it look like his sister on purpose?" - "Meaning?" - "Well, what if they threatened to do something to her? If Dexter was working with them, what if it was to save his sister?" The captain looks around the room. "Before I answer that, before this briefing, one of you Men wanted to give me a certain document pertaining to something related to this?"

One of the men rises from his chair in salute. "Sir, yes, sir!" He picks up a file and walks to the captain. "Thank you, return to your post." After a small exchange of formalities the captain reads the file. After a short duration he lowers from the stand and hands the file to the scientist. "W-what is it? ... ..." The captain says nothing and returns to the stand.

The scientist sighs and the captain addresses the entire room. "What was in that file clarified Dexter's sister's relationship with this armor. A few years ago, Dexter was in a horrible battle with one of his lifelong rivals, Susan 'Mandark' and it ended in his sister's death." The scientist puts the file down and speaks up. "Wasn't Mandark also working for the government?" - "Yes, but they both mortally despised each other and shortly after this accident- Mandark never showed his face here again."

The captain changes the picture to show a low definition picture from 1 year ago labeled 'The first crash.' The scientist gulps as the picture comes on screen and the captain looks at him, they both know what's about to be said. "The file pertained to the unfortunate insanity of Susan 'Mandark' which led to his incarceration to a mental facility where a couple years ago, he inexplicably disappeared from."

He raises his pointer to a far away 'thing' in the picture. "This picture was taken after what was called 'The first war' after Megaville was being suspended in mid-air. The being you see in here is none-other than Mandark, wearing yet another piece of armor." - "Captain, This file also speaks about Mandark's death a few years ago, almost all rumors point to him both being dead and being in the wars. What does this mean?"

The captain sighs. He changes the picture again, to a snapshot of three people in military armors. "Almost 2 years ago, we caught wind of what we initially thought was a terrorist plot and we dispatched what was to be a top-secret mission to the undergrounds of Megaville. What we found was a labyrinth that was specifically protected against scanning technology that was in the works for over twenty years."

He changes the picture to what looks like a factory and continues. "What they eventually found out was this was initially a base for the Knights, where they constructed machines that were used in the 'First War.' There was a gigantic machine known primarily as 'M' or 'Malignancy' to the Knights. Even though their words made no logical sense, this is what they picked up on a spying mission."

The captain leaves the stand and turns off the projector before activating a sound device. Voices surround the room.

"... ... *Kchrrrk...* ... *Pshshhhhht*"

Quiet girl's voice: "How much longer before he comes back?"
Commanding man's voice: "This is still phase one, those three are wreaking havoc in our base, it could take weeks for it to reach full power unless we do something."
Deep man's voice: "What are we waiting for? Let's initiate phase two!"
Commanding man's voice: "Not yet, Malignancy is not at full power, yet. They are primarily guerrilla based right now, if they keep up their ineffective efforts... we will reach the desired power in less then a day."
Loud woman's voice: "So let's just kill them already!"
Commanding man's voice: "They are far too powerful as of right now. If we can activate some of our machines, we can attack them upfront."
Quiet girl's voice: "Can't we just use Mandark himself? He's far from defenseless."

A few people in the room gasp as the audio continues.

Commanding man's voice: "Their power may yet be enough to stop Malignancy in its current state, I would not activate it unless we are 100% ready."
Loud woman's voice: "So what's the plan, Boss?"
*Short pause.*
Commanding man's voice: "Unfortunately, It is very likely that those three are feeding information to the military, we must commence phase two soon... Regardless of our preparation. I've already picked a location to set it in."
Quiet girl's voice: "Damn those people... can't they see what we are doing? I will never forgive them if they kill Susan. If they even TRY to hurt my brother, they are DEAD!"

The men start talking amongst each other quietly.

The captain turns off the audio device and returns to the stand and activates a picture of what looks like a mechanical volcano at first glance, but seems to have extremities; arms and a head.

"The audio cut off there and we lost information on the three until a few days after that transmission. What you see here was the aforementioned 'Malignancy'. This picture was taken the day before the three lost contact with us indefinitely. On that same day, Dexter contacted us mentioning that there was a large energy surge on the outskirts of Megaville right before it came under attack by robots."

"What does all of this mean, Captain? What does Mandark, or even DEXTER have to do with any of this?" The captain shakes his head and turns the picture one again to one of the Chronometal Model D.

"Although I hate to even mention this mumbo-jumbo, almost all of the survivors from the crash at the 'second war' mention that the Powerpuff girls and Dexter constantly referred to the Armors as "Soul cases" or something like it. Apparently, Mandark was something called 'Model M' and it brought him back from the dead and created what was eventually called Malignancy."

He shakes his head before continuing. "What's more, the survivors mention that the machine that nearly destroyed the city this time was ALSO called Malignancy and was ALSO called Model M, who is in this case- the dead spirit of Susan 'Mandark' Astronomonov." - "H-How can we take any of this as fact?" - "The proof is in the pudding, Professor."

He switches the picture to one that shows a Small girl in a black dress. "Our own men dispatched mentioned a girl, roughly around the age of thirteen, give or take- was mentioned by multiple citizens by the name of Lynn. Our own men saw her take on machines that not even a hundred people could hope to tackle- on her own and without breaking a sweat."

"W-Well aren't the Powerpuff girls that strong too?" - "Hardly, she is roughly 300% stronger then the Powerpuff Girls... or at least she was at one point." - "Well, what does she prove?" - "We have multiple mentions that state that she was the one who started all of this." - "What?"

"We have multiple sources that claim to of eavesdropped on her conversations with the group of heroes, mostly with one "Bubbles" of the Powerpuff girls that mention her starting all of this and being called the 'Black Mother.' Our men support this information with multiple witnesses claiming giant mechanical worms recognized her as "The Black Mother" and returning to their base."

The scientist sits down and thinks to himself...

"The Powerpuff Girls knew of this all along. The Knights even mention the 'Black Mother' as the underlying Cog behind their master plan and she was the original creator of Model M, better known as Malignancy. They not only harbored the criminal who nearly destroyed the city, but they helped her do it too!"

The scientist gulps as the situation goes on, fearing the captain's next words.

"This girl created Model M for the Knights, who killed countless people through the span of two years, nearly destroyed the city and they continue to roam other cities with these abominable 'Chronometals' of theirs and now we have reports that a Gigantic Model M is in the south pole, attacking all forts stationed there, the entire continent was abandoned and we have reports of South America and Australia coming under attack from 'Unknown Beings.'"

He turns off the projector and walks to the end of the stand.

"We all know what must be done with these, terrorists. They are harboring criminals and they are responsible for the construction of the south pole Model M! They are planning on world Domination and it is up to us to stop them!"

"What is it... you are planning, captain...?" The scientist lets out sheepishly. "We must track down and Kill these freaks of nature before they can cause any more damage to the world!" - "W-What?! That's insane! We have no solid proof they have done anything!" The captain looks at the scientist.

"How about... numbers, mister scientist? Over two million 'confirmed' deaths have been registered in the southern hemisphere from these unknown assailants in under a week, countless millions unknown. We have proof of what Model M is and of what Model D is. It is obvious they are planning to take over the world, or something even MORE sinister."

"This is madness! You can't just say that they all must die! We have to take a vote and it MUST be unanimous as the rules of this circle state!" - "You are right, professor. All those in favor of bringing the freaks to justice, say I."

The entire room excluding the scientist yell out 'I' as if they were programmed.

"All those appose?" - "NAY!" He yells out. "Then it's settled, the freaks die." - "W-What?! I said NAY! It was not unanimous!" - "Really? The nine of nine, 100% say otherwise." - "But... There's ten...!" The captain pulls out a gun.

"NO WAIT-" He screams in futility as the trigger is pulled and he collapses to the ground, the men around stare blankly at the bloody actions of their ranking officer. "As I said. Unanimous... they die."

Author's Note: Well this is the start of the second story of the Chronometal saga. The events that took place in the First War, Second War, and what is later to be known as the "Second War Renaissance" have led a lot of leading officials to place blame on heroes involved in the war. Thus begins the next story. The Panic is, at its core, probably one of the shorter stories in the Chronometal Saga, but it's very non-linear. In fact later on you will get a chance to perform a kind of 'choose your own adventure' thing with the story as it branches into 3 very different directions.