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Description: Sara is working on a case by herself when everything seems to go wrong.

Rating: PG to PG 13.. the violence isn't terribly descriptive…

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~~ * Unwell * ~~

Sara was standing over the latest Jane Doe that had come into their lab. Of course, she knew that she would be the one to get stuck with it. Everyone else was out in the field. But not Sara Sidle, she thought bitterly to herself. Everyone else gets to have fun. It's Halloween and I am stuck here in the lab, by myself pulling a graveyard shift, and a double no less! Grissom and Catherine had both taken the night off, both of them opting to take Lindsay trick-or-treating. Greg has asked to have the day off simply because he had some costume party to go to. Warrick and Nick had taken off when Brass had called them to a murder scene.

It was so quiet in the lab. Normally Greg's music was echoing through the halls. A very eerie silence had settled over the lab, and it unnerved her. She chided herself, knowing that it was just because she was alone. There is no one else here except for me… There is no one here except for me… She repeated the mantra over and over again in her head. And her response is always the same. "It's because you're alone here is the reason why you're so afraid." She shook her head and laughed at herself. "There I go again, talking to myself." She hunched back over, talking to the corpse. "Let's see what killed you, shall we? Was it murder? Suicide? Hmmm? What are you going to tell me?" Sara shook her head again. "Okay, now I'm talking to a corpse. I'm becoming worse than Grissom when it comes to being attached to my work." Walking away, she pulled off her gloves. Tossing them into the wastebasket near the door, she headed for the break room. Opening the fridge, she stared at it, bewildered. "I know I brought my lunch with me today. Who would have eaten it." Grabbing for the phone, she knew who to call.

"Nick Stokes."

"You know, if you were hungry you could have asked." Sara huffed.

"I'm sorry? Sara, what is with you?"

"My lunch is missing, Nicky. I know it was you… I know it was. Some joke… Leaving me all alone here, and then taking my lunch. So sweet of you." She retorted.

"Listen, Sara. I didn't take your lunch! I wouldn't do that."

Sara knew he was telling the truth. "If it wasn't you, then who took it?"

"I dunno. I have to go, though Sara. The rain is really starting to pour, and we need to gather as many samples before the rain washes them away."

Hanging up the phone, she grabbed the phonebook. "Looks like I'm ordering in."

45 minutes later, a very hungry Sara finally got her food. She immediately bit into an egg roll and sighed with content. "Mmmm… food!" She was almost at the break room when the hallway was plunged into darkness. "Great… Just what I need.  A power outage. She saw the emergency lights flicked on, illuminating her way back to the breakroom. Turning, she stepped the other way to get a soda out of the machine. She slammed directly into something solid. "What the…?" She opened her eyes and realized what she had walked into.

Hands reached out and grabbed her around the waist. One hand snaked around her, pulling her against the assailants body. The bag of food dropped to the floor. The other hand was clamped over her mouth. She kicked at him, swinging her legs violently. Twisting and turning, she fought to be released from his grasp. He wrestled her to the ground, knocking over the Chinese food she had ordered. Cherry sauce slowly seeped out of the bag. "No!" Came the muffled cry from behind the gloved hand. She could taste the powder on the gloves. She continued to twist and turn, fighting him. She scratched him on the face, earning a solid blow to hers. Stars appeared in front of her eyes.

"Where is she?" He growled.

"Who?" Sara questioned.

"My girl, you know Vanessa." He was getting irritated.

Vanessa, Vanessa…He must mean my Jane Doe. "She's state property at the moment." Dammit! Why do I have to have such a smart mouth?

"She's my property!" He shouted. He got up off of her, and got a firm grip of her hair. Pulling her to her feet, he relished in the look of fear and pain that crossed Sara's face. "That's the same face that my Vanessa had before I killed her."

Oh God! Oh God! I know I recognize this voice, but from where?

"So where is she Sara? Where are you hiding her?"

He knows my name? Oh God…Fear penetrated her every thought. His pulling on her hair brought her back to reality. "She's… She's… this way…" She said, pointing to the lab. I'm sorry… I have to… She felt defeated already.

He dragged her there, while she continued to get his hands off of her hair. "Where?"

"She's on the table! Now please, let me go! Please?" The last plea was a barely audible whisper.

He smiled as he approached Vanessa. His hold on Sara lessened, and she managed to wrench herself from his grasp. She ran, bolting out of the double doors faster than she ever thought she could. Her attacker whirled around and chased after her. "Hey! Get back here!"

Sara screeched as he tackled her. The air rushed out of her lungs when she felt her head connect with the hard floor.

"You are going to pay for what you did to Vanessa." He snarled.

"What I did? What about what you did to her?" Sara countered.

"I have done nothing but love her!" He cried.

"You're a liar, you know that! You killed her! You ended her life. She is no longer going to be able to follow her dreams! Get away from me!" She cried. She could feel his hands gripping her ankles, dragging her back to the lab.  Once through the doors, she felt the blows begin to rain down upon her. Eventually, darkness began to close in. She welcomed it. The pain was too great. Please, someone help me. She thought as she succumbed to unconsciousness.


2 Hours Later

Nick and Warrick parked the Tahoe. It was well past the end of their shift. Stepping out, Nick noticed something strange. "How come Sara's car is still here?" He wondered aloud.

"She's probably pulling some more overtime." Warrick answered.

"Strange, because she was already pulling a double… I don't think she would work that much, do you?" Nick asked, his own fears escalating.

Warrick shrugged. "We'll find out in a moment or two."

Stepping into the building, they noticed that the power was out. It being morning, light had begun to filter in through the windows. "Power's out. How come the generators didn't kick in?"

"It must have been a bad enough outage. The main one probably just kept the emergency lights and the freezers going." Warrick rationalized.

Nick quickened his pace, worry eating at him. Where is she? He wondered to himself. Fear prickled down his spine. Something was wrong. Something felt off.

He walked toward the break room, and saw a brown bag lying on the floor, with rice, a half eaten egg roll, and some sauce dribbling out of the bag. "Sara?!" He shouted.

Warrick stared at the floor near the end of the hall… "Umm… Nick?" He whispered.

"What is it?"

"Is that blood?"

"That's Cherry Sauce."

"No, no! Over there!" Warrick pointed to the spot he meant.

Nick ran over to the spot. "Something is very wrong here…" Rounding the corner, Nick glanced into Greg's lab. Nothing. He knew where she should be. Running, he pushed through the double doors. His foot caught on something soft, and he went flying to the ground. He turned over, and his eyes widened with shock. "SARA!"

When Warrick ran into the lab, he saw Nick on his hands and knees beside a bloody and bruised Sara. Nick was checking for a pulse. He calmed slightly when he felt it going strong. "Phone for an ambulance." Nick managed to say. He brushed the bloody matted hair from her face. "Oh God, Sara, please be okay." His eyes roamed the room, searching for clues as to what happened. Then he saw the smears on the steel table.

He felt Sara cough slightly, and her eyelids fluttered a little. "Sara, honey, wake up."

Warrick came running back in. "I phoned Gris and Catherine. They're just going to find a babysitter and they're going to meet us at the hospital."

Nick nodded, but didn't look up. His eyes were fixed on Sara. "Sara?" He whispered when he saw her move slightly. "Sara, come on… Wake up. You're starting to scare us."

Me… You're scaring me. But she didn't wake up. As Nick cradled her in his arms, he could feel blood soaking through his shirt.

The paramedics entered the lab. "I'm sorry sir, you're going to have to release her."

Nodding, Nick let Sara be stabilized and then lifted onto the waiting stretcher. He followed them out of the lab.

Warrick waved Nick on. "I'll meet you there… I'm going to dig for some evidence here."

Nick turned around and hopped into the waiting Ambulance, closing the door tightly behind him.