When the Rain Comes


A shot rang out echoed all around her, first loud, then screeching, piercing, and finally, silence; deafening silence. She was frozen in place, fear keeping her there. She was numb. She couldn't feel her legs, her arms, she couldn't... move. Where had the shot come from? Where was the shooter now? Where was... "BOSCO!"

Faith Yokas was even more numb now, and panic wasn't helping her think. "BOSCO!" She called out again, and again she was greeted by silence. Where was he? She was about to call out his name again when she spotted a figure laying on the ground twenty feet away from her. Filled with fear she ran to the still form, and when she got there her suspicions were confirmed; it was indeed her partner.

"Bosco?" Faith asked. She would have thought him dead if it weren't for the simple rise and fall of his chest. Hoping against the worst she checked to see where he had been shot; the bullet had hit his Kevlar vest. Faith sighed with relief as she touched the hole on his uniform with her finger; only, the relief passed when she felt something sticky... Something wet.

Pulling her hand back she saw that it was red, and it wasn't just from where he had been shot, there was a stain all around his abdomen. Realization struck her; somehow the bullet had penetrated the vest. "Oh my God, Bosco!" She reached for her radio. "Request for EMS in here, Officer down. I repeat, Officer down!"