Morty pushed past Bird Person and ran all the way up to his room, his hands in his hair as he paced, trying not to think about things too deeply…but it wasn't really working out too well. 'How could Rick do this to me? I mean he said I was different from other Mortys…he pretty much swore that I was the Mortiest of all Mortys.' His thoughts were interrupted as Rick walked into his room with a bag.

"W-we really don't have time for all these f-uRRp-eelings Morty. That kids going to be back, and I need time to figure this out." Taking a few of Morty's things he began stuffing them into a suit case. "Trust me, it's going to be a hell of a ride." Looking back he was a bit shocked to see Morty standing in place thinking. Usually in these types of situations he would have already been stuttering and asking questions as he pulled his hair out but now it seemed the only thing he was trying to do was process the situation. "Ugh…you're still on that?"

"Well Jeez Rick. I-It's kind of hard to grasp your own pointlessness." Morty shook his head. "Man, I-I never thought you'd do this to me Rick." Watching as Rick finished packing for him he struggled as he was dragged out of the room nearly effortlessly.

Looking around Rick forced a smile before looking to the Meeseeks. "Once you finish cleaning up it's been a good party and you can go." With that he returned to his usual disinterest and nabbed Bird Person, bringing him to the side. "Here's the thing. Once I leave I need you to watch the house a-uRRp-nd make sure nothing happens to Beth, my granddaughter, or their idiot. It's going to be a while before I get back."

"L-let me go!" Morty continued to struggle but gave up as he was dragged off to the back yard and pushed into the ship. "This is all r-really messed up Rick. I don't know what you think you're doin but you're on your own."

Rolling his eyes Rick took a swig from his flask and kicked the last of the bottles out of the craft. "Yeah yeah Morty. I'm really intimidated by your r-uRRp-efusal to do anything helpful." Kicking the ship into gear they soon left the atmosphere and sent on their way, his eyes never leaving the space in front of them.

~ ~ ~ almost half a day later

Rick landed in a field on a planet near the edge of the third Milky Way and looked around. "You ready Morty?" Looking back he found the kid holding his bags but looking indifferent. "I-I'll just take that as a yes." Moving a few stones around he found what he was looking for and dusted off what looked like a big glowing button. "This is a little place I used to call home before I came around." Pressing a button he stood there as the ground beneath them began to sink until finally they were standing in a replica of the facility beneath the house back on earth.

"W-why did you live here? I-it must have been really inconvenient for you Rick." Morty tossed his bag over his shoulder and looked around.

"This entire reality is just about 2 years behind my original Morty." Looking back he knew he was going to have to do some damage control, and helping Morty off of the lowered panel he put the panel back and let out a sigh. "Morty we should uh…talk about this. It's become a real pain in my ass."

"A pain in your ass Rick?! W-w-well it's kind of a pain in mine when you-you toy with me just because you need a human shield." Tossing his bag to the ground he sat on the ground and finally seemed more defeated than he was angry. "I just figured…I might really be different from all the other Mortys."

Kneeling down in front of him and placing a hand on his should Rick looked around and narrowed his eyes before looking to Morty. "Look M-uRRp-orty…I know I made a mess. I-I'm a real Dr. Frankenstein and that other Morty he-he's like Frankenstein's monster." Standing Rick took his flask and chugged away until the last drops had finally been drained. "But you're still the Mortiest- Mory I know. That other Morty's got nothing on you kid. Just don't get cocky you little turd."

Ricks words were oddly comforting, and the fact that he'd chosen this universe and stayed for so long had to mean something…and he'd defended him at home right? That had to mean something. Standing Morty looked around before curling his fists and looking to Rick. "I-if you say so then I'll do my best t-to be the best Morty out there. No matter what."

Rolling his eyes Rick looked back as he picked up a laptop looking device and opened it. "Don't start monologuing."

Smiling Morty felt a bit better about everything, though a little peeved at his own original Rick for abandoning him. "S-so what are we doing about the other Morty?"

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