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Author Notes:

Hi guys. Whether you know it or not, I changed my pen name. My pen name used to be sprinkles, author of the bloody fic, Finding You. I'll explain why I've described it as bloody in the following paragraph. But as an intro to this fic, I'd just like to say that this is another one of my pathetic attempts at a Recca no Honou fic even though I haven't read the manga and I've really only seen one or two episodes. Again it's AU (only because my info on the series is limited), and please be warned that characters have a high tendency to be OOC, especially Tokiya. Mifuyu's still alive cuz I like her. Hehe…I don't think Tokiya needs to be traumatized – he has too much drama in the anime/manga as it is, and note that I made Tokiya the elder sibling although, for a fact, Mifuyu was the elder sibling. Also, this fic may contain odd humor (hehe…all on me) – I'm taking a break from drama. That stuff kills. Seriously!

Okay, my shotty explanation on why Finding You is one hell of a fic (not in a good way, mind you). First and foremost, though, I'd like to apologize to the readers/reviewers of that fic for having put it on hiatus for longer than expected. Without really knowing it, as I wrote out the fourth chapter, I've already put the plasters onto the wall of writer's block that was already forming as early as the second chapter. I'm really sorry to say that it's caused more trouble than expected, but fear not, I plan to actually find a way to finish it because it's my baby. It was my very fist one! Anyhoo, the only way that I can attempt to bring it to a nice ending is to revise it. If you're willing to re-read the revised version, I can guarantee you that it'll come out finished.

Until then, I can only hope that this is gonna satiate you Toki/Fuu fans until the revised edition of Finding You is finished. Sorry~~~!!!! o(_ _)o


"Mom, I'm going to Mifuyu's house for the weekend. Don't expect me back for dinner or anything, okay? Bye!"

Mrs. Kirisawa wiped her hands on the dishtowel and tried to catch her 16-year-old daughter before she could dash out of the house, but before she even stepped into the hallway to the foyer, the sound of the front door closing had already reached here ears. The older woman was not surprised and shook her head, retreating back into the kitchen to finish the dishes.

Fuuko Kirisawa, duffel bag in hand, merrily skipped her way to her friend's car and greeted the brunette politely.

"Your parents are really gonna be out of town again, eh?"

"Better believe it."

"So what plans do you have up your sleeves this weekend?"

Mifuyu smiled sheepishly as she backed the car out of the driveway.

"I really didn't have any plans. I thought we'd just wing it. If not, I could always invite the gang and we could have another horror movie fest."

Fuuko merely nodded and shoved her bag into the backseat and then invited herself to find a decent radio station.

"Say, is your brother gonna stick around?"


Fuuko raised a brow and looked at her friend.

"But he's always with us when your parents are out." Fuuko looked out her window and when Mifuyu didn't answer, she ventured, "So who's the girl this time?"

Mifuyu shook her head.

"No date."

Fuuko snorted.

"He doesn't."

The purple haired girl only rolled her eyes.

"I don't get why whenever he has a date, he refuses to tell us – to tell me. For crissakes, even Recca and Domon end up finding out before me. Besides, it's not like it's gonna stay a secret for long anyway."

"It's his own business."

When Fuuko didn't answer, Mifuyu heaved a sigh.

"He's packing for the U.S."

Fuuko quirked a brow, but didn't say anything but waited silently to hear more.

"He got accepted into a law school over there, full scholarship and everything for the entire four years of his tuition. He's leaving tomorrow."

"Was he even planning to tell us?"

Mifuyu bit her lip.

"He…well…he already did."

The brunette winced when she felt her friend's energy rise through the roof. It seemed that way all the time, and so, not even looking at her, she could already tell what her friend was feeling.

"Tokiya's an ass."

"Fuuko!" Mifuyu chastised. "Look, I know what you're thinking, but my brother. Well, you know how he is. He just thought that his leaving would only upset you. He felt he'd just get held back. "

The other girl only crossed her arms across her chest, an unbecoming frown resting on her forehead.

"What's that supposed to mean? It's not like he's my boyfriend or anything."

"Fuuko, you know how much my brother babies you. He said that it was better for you not to know. Well, perhaps, until after he left."

"Mifuyu," Fuuko whined angrily, "it hurts more when he doesn't tell me!"

"Yeah. I'm sorry." She cast a sideways glance at her friend and smiled. "Well, that's why you're coming over today and not tomorrow. You can still catch him…"

"And when I do, I'll throttle him!"



Mifuyu shook her head, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips before resuming full concentration on the road ahead of her.


"Mom! Dad! I'm home."

Mifuyu dropped her keys onto the small table that lay just beside the door, Fuuko following with her duffel bag.

Both girls had just begun to kick their shoes off when a silver-haired youth carelessly strolled into the foyer, chugging down a can of soda.

"Mom and Dad's not home, Mifuyu. They had to go pick up a couple of things."

The moment he noted the presence of the younger girl, he nearly spit out his drink. Managing to painfully gulp down what was in his mouth, he gave his younger sister a death glare without skipping a beat.

"Nice to see you too, brother dear," she remarked sarcastically. "Anyway, I invited Fuuko over for the weekend, you know, since mom and dad aren't gonna be home."

Tokiya shook his head, Mifuyu detecting subtle anger.

"That's a load of bull. Come on Mifuyu, I'm not stupid." He hissed, and finally noting Fuuko's stare, smiled. "Hey squirt."

"Don't hey squirt me," Fuuko growled and bent over to finish removing her shoe.

Tokiya gave his sister one more scowl before passing by Fuuko and patting her shoulder.

"Aww, come on, Fuuko. It's not like I wasn't ever gonna tell you. I would have."

"When would that have been?" she quipped. "When you got back after four years."

Tokiya flinched at her words.

"Don't be like that, Fuuko. I would have told you once I got there. I didn't want you to…"

"Be upset," she finished for him. "Well, sorry to have to tell you, but I already am."

Pulling the visor of her cap down over her eyes, she trudged into the kitchen with her duffel bag behind her, the other two teenagers following her.

"Look, you two. I'm gonna head up to my room. Fuuko, when you're done reconciling your lovers' quarrel with Tokiya here, just come up."

Tokiya and Fuuko narrowed their eyes at Mifuyu for a moment and then continued walking into the kitchen, the latter heading for the fridge and the former looking like he was ready to fry his sister.

"Scram, Mifuyu!"

The girl only batted her eyes mockingly before scampering off when Tokiya looked ready to pounce on her. When she had left, Tokiya proceeded to go after Fuuko.

"Okay, look. I'm sorry, Fuuko. I never meant to hurt your feelings. You gotta believe me on that. On the contrary, I was actually trying to keep from doing just that."

Fuuko greedily invited herself to one of the soda cans in the refrigerator and then stopped to gaze at her senior.

"You know, Tokiya, for a being of superior intelligence you can be really dense."


"Stop treating me like a kid. We're only two years apart, you know."

Tokiya smiled sheepishly.

"But Fuuko, I've known you for forever. You'll always be a kid to me."

Fuuko growled her response and opened her soda can while walking past him, not saying a word.

Tokiya shut his eyes tight and mentally berated himself. That was never the way you talk to Fuuko Kirisawa – especially to her face. He turned abruptly and called out to her.

"Fuuko! Wait. Okay, I'm sorry. Lemme try again."

Fuuko halted and turned to look at one of Japan's most sought-after men and tapped her foot on the marble floor impatiently.

"Okay. You have five seconds. Shoot."

"You're not a kid, Fuuko. It's just that I really care about you. All I want is…"

"Time's up." She popped open the soda can and turned back round and resumed walking to the staircase with the intention of making it to Mifuyu's room when she heard the boy call out to her.


"Time's up, bud. Sorry."

Tokiya went after her and grabbed the smaller girl by the waist and lifted her from the ground.

"Hey! Hey, put me down. Tokiya!" She was wailing. "I have a can full of soda in my hand! If I spill, you're taking the blame! Tokiya!!"

"Not until you hear me out," he chuckled.

"Tokiya, this isn't funny. Put me down! Put me down right now before I sock you in the gut so hard..."

He bent his head forward, his whisper tickling her neck and ear. Fuuko shivered at the feeling and whether he didn't notice or if he just chose not to say anything about it was between him and the devil alone.

"Hear me out first, okay? And besides, even if you wanted to sock me in the gut so hard, as you put it, you can't manage to do that in this position."

When she didn't answer, Tokiya poked her in the side and to which his response was a long and horrible imitation of an agonizing sigh.

"Okay, pretty boy. But hurry up. I was here to spend time with Mifuyu, not you."

"That hurts, Fuuko."


Tokiya shook his head with a smile. Resting his chin on her shoulder, he trudged into the living room and sat down on the couch with Fuuko on his lap.

"I wanted to tell you that I was leaving. Believe me, but I just didn't want to see you hurt. I know you. You would have gotten upset, and maybe I wouldn't be able to leave. You're too much! Know that? And there's no way you're gonna convince me otherwise."

Fuuko snorted and replied sarcastically.

"So you care that much, eh? You know me inside and out?"

Tokiya shrugged and nodded.

"That's how it is. No joke."

"Hmph. Yeah right. You're going abroad to study law. Lawyers…you can never be too sure."

"Fuuko! Come on. Give me a break."

She sighed.

"Okay. Fine. You've said your piece and I've listened, and now I'm gonna go."

She was on the verge of hopping out of his lap when she felt his grip tighten. Surprised and slightly ticked off, she gave the boy a disapproving glance.

"Tokiya, I know you want me, but I'm jailbait."

Tokiya chuckled.

"I think I'm gonna miss that tongue of yours more than I'm gonna miss you, squirt."

At first, Fuuko began to flush and wondered if Tokiya had any idea what he just said, but that face soon changed when that god-awful name finally registered in her brain, and when he saw the frown forming on her forehead and the fang of her tooth begin to show, he coughed and apologized.

"Anyway, there was one more thing."


"Forgive me?"

Fuuko was about to say why he even had to ask for there was never anything that he did that could get her so angry that forgiveness would not be a given, but at this, a devilish smirk tugged at her lips and made itself comfortable there.



"You heard me, pretty boy." Her smirk only widened. "I want you, Tokiya Mikagami, to beg for my forgiveness."

To say that his jaw had plunged to the ground would have been an understatement.

"But Fuuko," Tokiya whined.

She only snickered.

"Now look who's being the kid."


"Beg! Otherwise you'll have a guilty conscience forever."

Tokiya hung his head and when he finally looked back up, his dignity smashed to pieces, he could have sworn he saw horns on the tufts of her purple hair.

"Okay, okay, but if this gets out, you're dead, no matter how much I care about you," he snarled.

"Touching, really."

He sighed and began, inwardly smacking himself for trapping himself in one of her childish games yet again.

"I'm really sorry, Fuuko. Please forgive me."

Fuuko only giggled and pushed a finger to his forehead.

"You don't really expect me to be satisfied with that, do you? Come on. I know you've got more talent inside of you than that. I want you to really beg."

Tokiya could only stare in disbelief and then he collapsed onto her body, his hands gripping her shoulders, his head resting in the crook of her neck.

"Fuuko Kirisawa, please! I'm begging you to forgive me. Please!"

Fuuko instantly burst out into laughter, but that was soon broken up when Mifuyu entered the living room and cleared her throat.

Both teenagers turned to her direction, quite taken aback with the stupid smirk plastered on her face. Unfortunately for them, the younger Mikagami had only managed to hear the last word of Tokiya's begging and was now indulging in her own little fantasy as she saw the two so close together.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was I interrupting something?"

She tried to stifle her laughter but failed.

Fuuko immediately hopped out of Tokiya's lap and ran up to Mifuyu, flustered.

"Don't even think about it, Mifuyu! He was just…I was…"

"Yeah, uh-huh." Casually draping an arm around Fuuko's shoulder, she led the younger girl with her towards her room and asked, loud enough for Tokiya to hear, whether he had proposed to her yet.

Upon hearing that, Tokiya sprang up from the seat and proceeded to chase his sister, who was now running madly up the stairs with Fuuko in arm laughing wildly.


"Hey, Fuuko?"


"Are you and my brother really…well…is there something going on between the two of you?" She put down her hairbrush and turned around to face Fuuko who was lying on her stomach and flipping through the television set.

At that, Fuuko looked at her if she had grown another head.

"Mifuyu, I look at Tokiya the same way you look at him." She stuck out her tongue. "So what you're asking, well, if I answered it the way you want me to…that'd be just nasty!"

Mifuyu looked at her as though she didn't believe her, but shook her head and laughed it off.

"Yeah. I guess you're right. I mean, you're my best friend." She made sure that her eyes penetrated the other girl's. "I mean if there was, you would tell me, right?"

Fuuko paused and then nodded. When Mifuyu turned back to the mirror to finish combing her hair, Fuuko sighed and silently wished that she could tell Mifuyu that she'd been in love with her brother for as long as she could remember. But it was heartbreaking to know that it was unrequited, and so she never bothered to tell anyone, not even Mifuyu, her confidante. Heaving another sigh, she finally managed to pick out a television show and then lazily rested her head on her propped arms as she watched.



After hours of merciless rolling around in bed and still not finding any peace, Fuuko flung the covers off of her body and marched downstairs for a midnight snack, hoping not to wake the Mikagamis and anyone else for that matter.

Upon reaching her destination, she was surprised to see that the kitchen light was on. Peeking her head through the opening of the kitchen, she became simultaneously delighted and nervous at the sight of the elder Mikagami reading a piece of paper with a bowl of unfinished ice cream in front of him.

Bouncing into the kitchen, she plopped herself down comfortably into the chair beside him and helped herself to the half-eaten ice cream while peering over the boy's shoulder.

"What cha reading, To-ki-ya?"

Glancing at the girl, who had greedily made for his midnight snack and was now trying to make sense of the words on the paper, only chuckled as he removed his glasses and put them on the table.

"My acceptance letter."

"It is…in english?"


"They sure do use a lot of funny words – even weirder than the ones we get taught in my English class."

"It's called being formal, and what are you doing up so late?"

"I could ask you the same thing." She grinned wickedly. "Do your parents know that their son indulges on kitchen raids in the middle of the night?"

He coughed and hastened to change the subject, teasing her about being a greedy brat for stealing his ice cream.

"I'm not greedy! And I'm certainly not a brat!" she cried. "And for your information, you weren't eating it, and I'm too lazy to go and get my own." She took another bite of the sinfully sweet, creamy chocolate swirl and then poked him in the ribs. "I'm doing you a favor anyway. Junk food isn't good for you. It'll make you fat and then you won't have that god-like figure anymore and then you'll start complaining and then you'll go to pestering your roomies until heaven knows how long why the hell the girls aren't ogling at you anymore…"

By now, Tokiya had resorted to leaning his head against his arm, which was propped up on the table, looking simultaneously bored and amused at her rambles.

"Fuuko, dear, I'm not that shallow," he remarked. 

Eyeing the next spoonful of ice cream in her hand, he brought her hand with the spoon to his mouth and added, "And for you information, I hadn't finished eating my ice cream," and then he placed the spoon in his mouth, still holding onto the younger girl's hand.

Fuuko's eyes widened and she could feel her cheeks burning up. At that sudden feeling, she yanked her hand back, Tokiya half-gagging.

"What are you trying to do, choke me?"

She glared at the boy, who had now gone to smiling idiotically.

"You should consider yourself lucky that I didn't ram this spoon down your throat."

"Why are you such a brat?"

"Revenge against you."


"Tokiya, really, you've been blessed with a brain. Why don't you use it for once?"

"Ouch," Tokiya mocked. "That hurt me a lot, Fuuko." He smiled. "No, really. Why don't you clue me in since I'm so clueless as you subtly put it."

Fuuko finished the last trace of ice cream in the bowl and stood up to place it in the sink where after she proceeded to the fridge and invited herself to the entire pint.

Tokiya watched the sophomore with wonder. It never seemed to stop amazing him how much food she could pack into her mouth and stay as petite as she was. That was only one of the mysteries of the likes of Fuuko Kirisawa, and there would certainly be no doubt that she would be a difficult one to replace.



No, he couldn't have thought that. Was he really thinking that far into his future in the U.S.?

No, he was just up too late and his mind was swimming.

There was no way Fuuko could be replaced; she was just too special of a friend.

Just a friend?

Tokiya started to mentally smash his conscience to pieces when the sound of Fuuko sitting back down brought him out of his reverie. Glancing down at her, she had already started digging into the pint.

"Hey, so are you gonna explain to me what you meant by that comment since I'm kinda lacking of brain cells at the moment?"

For a while she didn't answer, having found her pint more pleasing to the eye than her companion, but when she finally did manage to find her voice, it was quiet and melancholy.

"It's been a while since you've made promises to me."

"Huh? What does that have to do with…"

"I want you to promise me something, okay?"

Disregarding the previous topic, he agreed.

"Okay. I want you to promise me that I'll always be the first to know about everything that happens to you in the U.S. No secrets. I want you to quit babying me; that's such a lame excuse for keeping things from me. I want you to tell me your stories. I don't wanna have to hear it from Mifuyu and especially not Recca and Domon. And of course, since we'll be a Pacific Ocean apart, I won't be able to tell if you're lying to me or not, but I want you to promise me anyway, okay?"

Tokiya was somewhat taken aback at her request for the promises that she had him make with her in the past were never quite like this. They'd be simple. Kind of like making him promise to reserve one day for her or making him promise to buy her food or take her to the amusement park on such day. But then believing that this was the girl's cryptic way to make him promise not to forget her, he chuckled and then nodded.


Fuuko averted her gaze from her ice cream to his ice-blue eyes, which were currently hidden behind wisps of silver hair.

"You promise? I have to hear you say it."

"Fuuko, the Tokiya Mikagami would never make a promise if he knew he couldn't keep it." He reached out to rumple the girl's short, choppy tresses, grinning. "Even to a tomboyish brat like you."

Fuuko held in the urge to scowl as she offered her smallest finger to him, "Pinky swear?"

His eyes softened a few notches as he linked his own pinky finger with hers.

"Pinky swear," he affirmed.

"Good." She shoved another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth and sat there with him in silence.

She was suddenly feeling very tired. The sweets were starting to really take its toll on her. It was either that or she had finally been able to satiate that restless demon inside of her from earlier; she had managed to get what she wanted and all there was left to do was sleep. Feeling light headed, she dropped the spoon into the pint and the placed it on the table, unconsciously leaning over and resting her head against Tokiya's shoulder.

He promised…

And like he said, Tokiya Mikagami did not make promises he couldn't keep.

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