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Legolas slowly awoke. Something was missing. He rolled over and found the bed beside him empty. He sat up in alarm and looked around . . . the window was open. He was sure he had closed it, the bite of winter would not be long and the air was already beginning to chill in the night.

He groped blindly in the darkness for his clothes and hurriedly tossed them on, not caring if they were straight or not. He grabbed his bow and quiver and ran to the window, not bothering with shoes. He dropped to the ground below and looked carefully at the ground around him in the darkness.

"There!" He thought as she caught sight of her foot prints in the dew covered grass. He quickly followed them into the forest and through the trees.

He had been following for almost an hour when he finally came upon her, standing silently in the middle of a clearing he did not ever remember seeing before. She stood silently in the clearing, the gentle wind slightly ruffling the soft blue folds of her dress.

Then he suddenly remembered his dream in Lorien after the torture he had been through in Valinor. This was the same clearing and she was wearing the same dress. He thought back to the words she had said, evil can be undone. What did it mean? What was she doing?

His keen ears picked up soft chanting whispered from her lips as he stepped closer towards her. He didn't want to disturb her, but he wanted to know she was alright. As he was contemplating what to do a strong breeze suddenly sprang up from nowhere. The gust carried her chants throughout the forest.

She turned to him slowly and he could see he tired expression on her face. He quickly ran to her side, catching her in his arms as they sank to the ground together. She nuzzled her face up under his chin and closed her eyes, falling silent. She stayed like this for such a long time, that Legolas thought she was asleep.

"There is a room in Valinor where you can look down upon the lands below." She began so quietly that Legolas had to strain to hear her. "I remember when I was a child, I would go into that room and sit there watching the places of Middle-Earth. Ulor always wanted to watch the Men of Numenor or the realms of Gondor and Rohan. He said they were the best realms of Middle-Earth.

"But I remember, whenever he would leave the room I would look towards Greenwood the Great. And I remember swearing that, when my time came to walk the lands, I would travel to that forest and find the secrets of it's growth.

"Kirok and I fought much when we were children and when I would not allow him to look upon the dark caves of the demons, for I had watched it once before and it had scared me, he cast a spell upon my beloved wood and made it was it is now today, Mirkwood. I had been furious and cast my own spell, banishing his demons into the darkness of the caves beneath.

"I still remember my sorrow as I watched helplessly as the forest I had loved so dear was darkened and infested with the foul things my brother loved. I swore that I'd right that one day, that I'd put it back to how it was, all wonderful and green. And now I have."

Legolas looked around the clearing they stood in but he could see no change in it's squalor. He loved his realm dearly, but sometimes it's gloom saddened him. He sighed and, scooping Honora up into his arms, started to walk back to the palace. He arrived back at the palace an hour and a half later and, silently sneaking in, hurried to his and his new wife's room.

He gently lay her down upon the bed and pulled the covers over her. Legolas looked to the window and noted by the position of the moon, which could be seen vaguely through the leaves above that it was only an hour away from dawn.

He sat silently on the sill, unable to sleep, and waited for the sun to rise and the forest to become slightly less dark. Below he could still hear some drunken laughter from the celebration of his marriage. Dwarves, he thought, smiling slightly, could go on drinking forever.

Eventually he dozed on the windowsill, his head resting lightly on the wall behind him.

Cries of joy and surprise and wonderment from outside quickly woke him as the sun began to rise over the forest. He looked out across the forest and too saw what they were rejoicing.

The dull greys and greens of the forest beyond had been replaced with vibrant shades of bright green all around them. The sun shone through the leaves above him, as they had not done in many ages. An overall feeling of joy emanated from the forest, instead of the previous feeling of dread.

He jumped to his feet and quickly turned around to wake Honora. She was already standing, smiling at him sleepily as she gazed upon the expression of pure joy upon her husbands face.

"You doubted me last night." She said quietly, coming to his side to watch the sun rise slowly in the forest.

"I will never doubt you again." He said happily, drawing her into a tight hug.

"I am bearing your child." She whispered mischievously.

"What?" Legolas exclaimed, holding her at an arms length and studying her carefully. "How do you know?"

"Ah, there you are again, doubting me. I have seen her in the halls of Valinor." Honora replied.

"Her? I'm going to have a daughter? When? How soon?" Legola asked excitedly.

"Calm calm, Legolas. It will take me as long as any other woman to bear a child." She said, happy at his reaction.

"What will we name her?" Legolas asked quickly, his mind going through all the names he could think of for a little girl, but yet none would seem fit for the granddaughter of Iluvatar.
"Eowyn." Honora said adamantly.
"Eowyn? Yes, of course. I'm sure her namesake will be absolutely overjoyed." Legolas mused quietly.
Honora laughed and pressed her lips to his, passionately kissing him in the light of the first dawn of the Second Greenwood the Great. Many who were walking below saw the view of their Prince and his new bride kissing in the window.

"Mel nye oira?" (Love me eternally) She asked quietly once the kiss was broken.

"Anda sen oiale." (Longer than forever) He reassured her.

Though neither Legolas nor Honora spoke of it, many of the Elves of the Second Greenwood suspected it had been their new Princess that had brought back the beauty of the Greenwood.

Legolas and Honora stayed in the Second Greenwood for many years afterward. Thranduil proudly passed the kingship of Greenwood on to Legolas and then passed away over the sea to be with his father and brothers in the Elvenhome.

Legolas ruled the people happily, and all loved him. Honora travelled often to the Lonely Mountain to visit her brother Durin. It was not much longer after Eowyn's three hundredth birthday that Honora bore her second child, Valasse. Legolas was overjoyed at the birth of his first son. As time passed on the family grew closer together and their joy grew.

Legolas woke with a start one night and quickly looking upon his surroundings found himself in the White Halls of Valinor. He no longer feared the eternal white he found as the got to his feet.

Iluvatar walked in, he appeared as a Man, but his kingly stance could not be hidden. In the place of the white robes he had previously worn, was brown pants and a white shirt underneath a mustard colored vest. His hair was now brown and the beard had been shaved off.

"It's time for you to take my place now, Legolas. Take care." Iluvatar said proudly, then disappeared out of sight and suddenly the walls around him changed from white to a grand forest all around him.

He would be happy here, he thought to himself as he gazed upon the beauty of the forest surrounding him. So would Honora, Eowyn, and Valasse, though they would all be able to return to the Second Greenwood however often they wished. Now they had two wonderful forests with which to run in, and this one would be safe from the transitions of time.

The End

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