Bill was the first to wake. His eyes fluttered open wincing back at the morning light. He was cuddled up tightly around Dipper. Arms wrapped around his waist and head buried in the side of Dippers neck. He nuzzled Dipper. "Wakey wakey pine tree." he whispered to the boy. Dipper groaned waking up. "Agh morning already?" He wined sitting up in the bed. He winced in pain. "Ah my ass hurts like hell!" he groaned in pain. Bill snickered. "Was I too rough on you?" he chuckled. Dipper rolled his eyes. He stretched and yawned getting out of the bed. Dipper walked out of the room and down the stairs. Bill followed with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, good morning Alex." Stan said half awake making coffee. "Say Dipper... how long is your friend staying here? Its been 2 weeks?" stan asked confused. Dipper went pale. Shit two weeks? Fuck I lost track of time! Dipper mentally scolded himself. There was no getting out of it Dipper was going to have to tell the truth about Bill. "That's what I need to talk to you guys about." Dipper sighed. Stan raised a brow sipping from his coffee. "Oh okay let me get everyone else in the living room for a family meeting." he sighed walking into the living room.

Mabel, Stan, and Ford sat on the couch. Ford had his arms crossed in prediction of what the meeting is about. Dipper was shaking standing up with Bill in the middle of the room. "Well first to start off, this isn't Alex..." Dipper coughed.

"Well then who is it if its not Alex?" Mabel tilted her head like a confused puppy.

"..." Dipper choked on the words, they wouldn't come out.

Bill saw the struggle in Dippers face. He spoke for him.

"My name is Bill... Bill cipher..." He trailed off looking at the ground.

Stan nearly spat out his coffee. Mabel gasped. "YOURE DATING WHO?!" she shouted in shock.

Dipper flinched back a little. "That was the second thing... we are dating."

Stan shook his head in disbelief. "Dipper this could be a trick! He could kill you any second he wanted to!" Stan yelled at the boy.

"No no no no, hes human now." Dipper stated.

"I wouldn't have been injured protecting Dipper from that bear creature if I was demon form." Bill explained.

Stan looked at Ford with worry in his eyes. "Dipper are you sure about this?" Ford asked concerned.

Dipper nodded his head. "Yes... I love him," Dipper forced himself to say the words.

"And I love him too." Bill said putting his arm around Dipper.

The family looked at each other in... shock? awe? concern? Dipper couldn't read their expressions.

Stan sighed. "Okay Dipper... if you love him I guess we will have to accept it." His brother looked at him shocked. "You cant be serious?!" He said. "Letting this demon stay here with Dipper?!" He shouted standing up. Stan shrugged. "He defended our boy, lost his eye over him too. That has to count for something." Stan responded. Ford looked at him in shock. "You are all insane. He shook his head walking off to his lab and shutting the door behind him with a slam.

Dipper and Bill looked at each other with shocked expression.

But that was in the past, a memory, nothing... Dipper tried to tell himself as he sat in his room alone. Bill was down stairs arguing with Ford. He could hear their voices through the think wooden walls. He sobbed into his hands. He was shaking dripping tears onto the desk he sat in. "W-why? w-why...?" he repeated choking on his sobs.

He tried his best to see through the tears in his eyes.

"I hate this!" he banged his fist on the table.

"I hate life..." he laid his head on the small desk and cried until he fell asleep.

Bill POV

Bill's head ached from yelling. He huffed and stormed up the stairs to Dipper's room. "Dip-" he turned his head in shock. The boy was asleep on his desk. Tears stained the wood turning it a dark brown. "Dipper..." His expression changed to pity. He put his arm around his boyfriend. "Dipper, you okay?" he asked quietly. Dipper blinked his eyes open. "N-no, I-im not o-okay." he buried his face back into his hoodie sleeves.

"It's going to be okay-"

"NO IT'S NOT!" Dipper shouted.

"Ford isn't going to let you stay here I heard the conversion downstairs."Dipper finished more tears coming to his eyes.

Bill stood wordless.

"Look Dipper, I will figure something out..."

Dipper looked at him with sad pleading eyes.


Bill hugged Dipper tight.

"I promise."