Chapter I: The Dark Ages

The terror he wrought, the power he wielded; he seemed to be unstoppable.

The most terrible thing of all about this powerful entity were the followers: great masters of darkness, of whom each spread their own brand of horrors! Though these followers served their master with devotion, they also pursued their own goals.

There was a woman who pursues eternal youth through any means necessary! Be it her various quests to find the fountain of youth, or to kidnap children and virgins to bathe in their blood or to even eating babies though the darkest of rituals! Another being a wicked prince, whom in pursuit to inherit all the power over his kingdom became a demonic bear! Though his kingdom fell into ruin, he continued to live on to haunt the forests of his homeland and those he journeyed to. These were only but a couple of such wicked minions; nothing compared to the other characters and embodiments of horrible nightmares.

Together they roamed the world, striking terror into the hearts of everyone in their path; whether it would be out in the forest, in their homes, or even while they slept!

Nobody was spared from them.

From their terror: they made children wake up screaming from their dreams, their blood would run cold at the thought of going into the forest, or if their loved ones went out there they feared the worst; they would flinch at the sound of someone coughing for fear of becoming sick themselves, they didn't even like losing their teeth because of the creepy elders who often had missing teeth.

There was no joy, wonder, hope, or even happy memories for the children, as the man in the moon had observed. So he decided that it was time to do something about it, but the plan he had in mind would take a while to set into action.

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So, the years went by, and the man in the moon had acquired followers of his own, and they became known as: Santa Claus, the Sandman, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. With the man in the moon as their guide, they used their new gifts to bring the children joy and laughter! Finally, there was something to relieve them of these dark times! Something to make bravery rise above their fears!

The man in the moon's followers soon became his Guardians of the Children. However, they were better known as simply: the Guardians.

No more were the children plagued with fear and nightmares! Now they had hope, dreams, and the world became a wondrous place! No more did they dread the thought of going into the forest! Now they sought adventures in them!

As the fear diminished from the children, it proved to leave a great cost to the entity that wielded the great powers of terror. As the children found their bravery, so did more adults, and he was soon dismissed as a mere myth or a bad dream.

"There's no such thing as the Boogeyman." He once heard a young mother tell her child; and a moment later another child passed through him.

"NO!" He exclaimed feeling himself as he watched the child skip away merrily.

Ω £ Ω

More years went by, and the Boogeyman was now at his weakest point, but he didn't want to admit defeat. There was still fear left in the world. So he scattered his followers across the world telling them that when the time comes, he will return to power. They left their master, all right, but that didn't keep them from spreading their own brand of fear.

However, the man in the moon knew that within time his beloved Guardians would need more help to keep the Boogeyman at bay from the children. So he began spreading more of his magic across the world, and thus, witches and wizards began to emerge. They weren't mere fortunetellers, medicine men, or mages, they were full on sorcerers and they were free to choose how they used their abilities, and some were selected to be born with even more exceptional talents; but to avoid being feared, most of them practiced good magic. The handful that chose to follow the dark arts often lived and practiced their skills in secret. So they weren't much help to the Boogeyman.

Tired and weak, the Boogeyman sought shelter, but before going into hiding, he looked up to the night sky.

"You may've won this battle, but mark my words, I will return, and everyone will know and fear the name of PITCH BLACK!" He snarled before retreating to a hole underneath a weathered wooden bed frame, and underground he remained, as he was far too weak to roam the world freely anymore. The only thing sustaining his existence were traces of fear his followers produced for him.

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