Chapter LXXXVIII:Break in the Highlands

After being bombarded with lessons and homework assignments, the Furious Flurries were glad that Spring Break had finally arrived. Kay had since sent his thestrals back home so his family could ride them over to DunBroch, meanwhile, in the forest as they were getting ready to go, Hiccup had asked if anyone wanted to be a dragon for a trip: Kay, Emily, and Ivan raised their hands, however, only Emily needed the help of the Dragonstone, as the boys had pulled out bottles of their dragon potion and downed them. In the meantime, Hiccup gave Emily a zap, and the stone turned her into a Monstrous Nightmare.

"Whoa! I didn't see that coming!" Hiccup exclaimed. Kay and Ivan stepped out as a Night Fury and Ukrainian Ironbelly and were also quite surprised to see what became of Emily. They were expecting to see her as something as elegant as Valhalla, or perhaps a Norwegian Ridgeback, anything but a Nightmare.

"Alright, Jenny, Scythe, and Rapunzel, whom are you riding with?" Hiccup asked.

"I'll ride with Merida." Scythe replied.

"I'll ride with Elsa." Rapunzel spoke up.

"I think I may ride with Kay or Ivan." Jenny stated. Kay stepped forward to offer Jenny his back like a gentleman, but Ivan, who also liked Jenny, took his tail and knocked Kay several meters away with a sharp cry as the blow struck him. Jenny put her hands on her hips and told Ivan: "That wasn't very nice." So she moved over to Kay, looked to Elsa and asked her: "Can you make me something to help me old on?"

Elsa pulled off a glove and conjured up a saddle for her, and Jenny transfigured it from ice to leather. Kay looked it over and noted that it was sleek and simple; yeah he didn't mind the idea of wearing it.

Now that everyone was ready for take-off, they took flight and headed for Castle DunBroch.

Ω £ Ω

Elinor, Fergus, Valka, Stoick, Anna, and Rapunzel and Elsa's parents were standing outside Castle DunBroch to receive the Furious Flurries as they landed and dismounted. Ivan returned to human form, but Kay and Emily remained as they were for the present time. Something told them that it was for the best.

"Elsa!" Anna called out, and she ran for her sister while she was still on her dragon. Anna looked at the great white dragon and asked: "Wow, what kind of dragon is that? What's its name?"

"Anna, this is my Ukrainian Ironbelly, Valhalla." Elsa replied. It wasn't just Valhalla Anna was impressed with it was all of the dragons. The others kept their distance from them except for Valka, who was actively greeting Braveheart, Toothless, and Valhalla.

"Alright, so who else is coming?" The King of Corona asked.

"Kay's family and Jessica Dragonvale." Scythe replied. The princesses were a bit busy meeting up with their parents, Hiccup had been dragged into conversation with Fergus after the king noticed that he had since lost a leg since the last time they've met. However the reunions were soon put to an end when they heard a mighty roar in the sky and saw another dragon approaching with a flock of thestrals.

"That looks like the Black family coming!" Ivan called out.

"With a dragon, are you sure?" Hiccup asked him.

The said dragon turned out to be a Skrill, but it didn't look like an average Skrill. This dragon was dark red and black, with some blue in the membrane on its wings, bright red eyes, and teeth like daggers. The wind blowing from its wings were like a hurricane, and its claws were sharp as spears.

As it landed, the dragons, including Kay and Emily took defensive positions, but when the dragon landed, its form started shrinking, and the resulting figure was that of Jessica Dragonvale. In seeing this the dragons relaxed, Emily reverted back to her human form with the help of Hiccup's magic stone, and she ran to greet Jessica.

"Oh, gods above, I've missed you! Our dorm hasn't been the same without you!" Emily told her.

"Well, it's nice to be missed." Jessica replied. She tried to keep from smiling in an effort to hide her fangs. In the meantime the thestrals were landing with the Black family on their backs. It was when they dismounted when Kay reverted back to his human form and introduced his family members to the royals, and soon enough to Mrs. Overland when she arrived. Kay then walked over to Jessica and took note of her jacket.

"Is that my grandfather's knitting?" Kay asked her.

"Yeah, what do you think of it? I certainly like it." She replied.

"Not everyone can pull it off, but you can." Kay replied.

Now that everyone was there, they entered the castle and sat down for a hearty meal. When that was cleared away, Elinor stood up and announced: "The reason you've all been summoned here is this prophecy tying our teenagers together, the prophecy specifically defines that Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel, Elsa, and Jack are to team together to fight this dark force. The prices they've already paid begged that we should assemble and aid them to victory. So far, the price has been Hiccup Haddock's leg, the life of one Jackson Overland, and the um humanity of Jessica Dragonvale. It begs that we assemble and decide where we should go next. We know our kingdoms' resources, the question begs what else do we have at hand and what we do next. Merida, this is where you and your friends come in."

"Ye-ye want us to decide what to do next?" Merida asked with surprise. Even Iago, perched on her shoulder, was a bit stunned.

"This is your fight." Elinor replied with Fergus looking over to Merida proudly.

"Well, I know that our kingdoms are in a healthy supply of soldiers an' weapons, both sides have dragons, our foes are powerful and they command these creatures called 'Nightmares'. I know what we have at our disposal, but I think we should establish what our friend's families have, starting with the Blacks'." Merida replied, she was still a bit caught off guard. Iago made his way from Merida's shoulder, and onto the table, so Merida petted him to regain her senses and to relax a bit.

"We are makers of powerful wands by trade, however our talents aren't limited to just that. My husband is a gifted earth elemental, and my son and I are talented in reading magic. Godfrey, not only a talented knitter, can also read souls. We can make potions for healing if Rapunzel, whom we've heard has special healing powers, can't get to the wounded. We also have thestrals and loyal gargoyles to help you out." Ingrid Black stated.

"Hold on, do you mean to tell me that Benny and his lot are more than just architecture?" Kay asked, even his cousins were looking at his mother oddly.

"Oh yes, should there be a time of crisis, the gargoyles can be turned from stone to creatures with armored skin, among other things. All you have to do is put a charm on Benny and they'll become flesh awaiting your orders." Ingrid replied. Well, this was the first time Kay's generation had heard about this.

"Who's Benny?" The Queen of Corona asked.

"He's the head grotesque on our manor, tasked with protecting our home. He's done his job well but he does have a mouth on him." Ingrid replied.

"Don't we know it?" Kay said in a low voice.

"Quit whining, Kay, at least he hasn't gotten as far as calling you a-" Silas began.

"Not for the table!" Kay's Uncle Fester exclaimed.

"We get the drift, Mrs. Black, as long as they can protect them they shall be recruited." Elinor replied. She looked to Merida and Hiccup and asked: "How do you feel about engaging an attack on these foes?" At this Anna gasped with fright, the idea of war never settled well with her.

"The last time we engaged them cost Jack his life and Jessica was bitten by a vampire. You know how it happened; they provoked us to come to them! I think it best if we had them come to us for now." Merida replied.

"Brak, sitting pretty!" Iago squawked keeping his dumb bird act up to hide his intelligence.

"I agree with Merida. Every time they've come our way we've been able to stand against them, except for that time we got the Dragonstone, but it was one against five back then, and apart from the fact that all of our forces haven't assembled yet, they're all the way in Transylvania right now." Hiccup replied.

"Alright then, so we don't engage them right away. In the meantime, Maudie and Mrs. Overland will show you to your rooms." Elinor declared. She dismissed the company

∫ µ ∫

Hiccup blushed furiously when he found out that he would be sharing a bed with Merida. It was at Fergus's insistence that they shared a room alone together. In Iago's words, it was because the Bear King wanted them to 'get used to certain ideas'. However, as awkward as things were for Hiccup, Merida was somewhat glad for the company, as she was still grieving, but perhaps some quiet time with a friend would be the exact thing she needed. So as Hiccup's back was turned she donned a nightdress and crawled into bed, and pretty much fell asleep right there. Hiccup only switched his shirt with something a bit softer, removed his false leg, and settled on the very edge of his side of the bed, only for Merida to wrap an arm around his waist and pulled him into a cuddle like she would a teddy bear! With the darkness still in his heart he wanted to distance himself a bit from her, but with the remaining light in his heart, he was able to allow her remain in that position.

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"Go, Mor'du, and bring me back something choice." Pitch ordered. He sent Drago with him, and they headed for the Scottish Highlands.

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