"It's just practice, not the super bowl," Nazz teased.

"I know," Kevin chuckled.

Nazz chuckled and left.

Kevin went to get his uniform on.

Kevin's friend snuck up behind him in the locker room and scared him. Kevin jumped and spun around. Ryan laughed.

"Gotcha dude," He laughed.

Kevin rolled his eyes but ended up laughing.

"C'mon dude, hurry up," Ryan said.

"Be right out!" Kevin called.

Ryan met Kevin on the field.

Since Kevin was the coach, He stood in front of the others. They team went silent.

"Alright team, listen up," Kevin began, "Tomorrow is our big game with Lemon Brook. So we have to train hard."

"Does that mean you're gonna be grumpy during practice again?" A boy remarked.

"No," Kevin said.

"Good,' The boy said.

"So let's start," Kevin announced.

The teens got into place.

After practice...

All of the boys were sore.

"Good practice, team," Kevin said.

"Horrible practice Kev, we're all sore," Ryan complained.

"But you played well," Kevin said, "We're sure to beat those Lumpers now."

"You're a Lumper," Eddy said grumpily.

"What was that?!" Kevin snapped.

"You're a lumper, lumper," Eddy spat.

"Zip it, dork," Kevin growled.

"You zip it shovelchin," Eddy said.

"I'm the coach, and I'm telling you to shut your mouth," Kevin snapped.

"Whatever," Eddy grumbled.

Kevin left and went outside to meet Nazz. Nazz was on her phone. She looked up and smiled.

"Hey," She said.

"Ready to head home?" Kevin asked, smiling.

"Yeah, how was practice?" Nazz asked.

"Great," Kevin said, "We're gonna beat those Lumpers, I just know it."

"Dude, you might wanna settle down, you'll push yourself to hard. That's not good for a person," Nazz said.

"I'll be fine," Kevin assured, "Don't you worry about me."

"I'm your girlfriend, it's my job," Nazz said.

Kevin laughed. Nazz just rolled her eyes.

"She's got a point," Bella said as she walked past.

Nazz laughed.

Kevin chuckled.

"Come on, let's head home," He said, leading Nazz towards his motorcycle.

"Okay," Nazz said.

They got seated and put their helmets on before Kevin drove off.

They arrived at Nazz's house minutes later.

"See you tomorrow," Kevin kissed her goodbye.

"Bye dude," Nazz said.

Kevin drove off to his house.

S.O.M: I know, it's a short chapter. But hey, I needed something to do.