Nazz went inside.

The next day.

Kevin picked Nazz up for school, like every morning.

Nazz was deep in thought when she came outside.

"You ok, babe?" Kevin asked.

Nazz looked up from her thoughts.

"Uh, yeah," She said. "Just thinking."

"What about?" Kevin asked as Nazz put her helmet on.

"Before Eddy's scam when Edd wasn't such an ass," Nazz sad, sadness in her voice.

"Oh," Kevin said, "Which scam?"

"Remember when we met Eddy's bro, that one," Nazz said.

"Oh yeah," Kevin grumbled.

"I wish they never had that scam, Edd was so nice," Nazz said.

"Yeah, he was," Kevin said.

"Do you remember Ally?" Nazz asked after a while.

"Ally?" Kevin asked, "I think so."

"Well, Eddy told me that she and Edd had a huge fight on the day of the scam, he hasn't been the same ever since," Nazz explained.

"Oh," Kevin said

"Yeah, it's sad," Nazz frowned.

"Sure is," Kevin said, "Well let's go."

"Wait, maybe we should get them back together," Nazz suggested.

"How would we do that?" Kevin asked.

"Bella has Ally's number, I could ask her for it and call her," Nazz said.

"Yeah, ok," Kevin said.

"Maybe he wouldn't be such an ass then," Nazz grinned.

"Yeah," Kevin agreed.

"Let's go, I can't wait," Nazz said.

Kevin drove off to school.

When they got there, Nazz walked right up to Bella.

"Hey, I got a favor to ask," she said.

"Sure, what?" Bella asked

"You have your friend Ally's number, right?" Nazz asked.

"Yeah, of course," Bella said.

"Well, can I have it?" Nazz asked.

"What for?" Bella asked

"Well, me and Kev are gonna try to get her and Edd back together," Nazz said. "I can't ask Eddy without him telling D."

"Good idea," Bella said.

"Here, write it down and I'll call her later when I go over Kevin's," Nazz said, handing Bella a sticky note.

Bella wrote down the phone number.

"Thanks dude, fingers crossed that this works and they don't kill each other," Nazz said.

"Why would they kill each other?" Bella asked.

"I don't know, Eddy did say that they hated each other and would fight if they saw each other outside of school after the bad scam," Nazz shrugged. "They haven't seen or spoken each other in almost three years."

"Aw, that's sad," Bella frowned.

"Yeah, Eddy also said Edd's the reason Ally doesn't hangout with you anymore," Nazz said.

"Why with me?" Bella asked.

"Because she didn't want to start a fight or something," Nazz shrugged. "I don't know, ask Eddy."

"Ok," Bella said. The bell rang and they headed to class.

It was a long day, but the end of school finally came.

Kevin waited for Nazz outside.

"Dude, I got it," Nazz said, handing Kevin the note.

"Sweet," Kevin said, looking at the note.

"Let's head home, we need to call her asap," Nazz said. "Edd's behavior is getting worse."

"Yeah," Kevin agreed.

S.O.M: I know that there isn't much chemistry between Edd and Kevin yet, don't worry, all of that fluff is coming soon. ;)