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Day 01

His first thought of the man the moment he stepped inside the room was that he was quite short, even for a Midgardian. Blood red hair, average build and startlingly clear amber eyes hidden slightly behind thinly framed glasses. If not for the white coat he wore, Loki thought he might have entered the wrong room.

The nurse that had tried to flirt with him stood by his elbow, hovering uncertainly, eyes flickering between him and the patient. "Doctor Akasuna, are you sure you'll take him? I'm sure that there are many other patients-"

He held up his hand, a charming smile on his face. "No, thank you. I have already taken him in as my patient. I'll be his counselor for his whole 21-day stay." After he said that, the nurse gave him a quick nod before hastily leaving the room.

He examined him for a minute before asking, quite bluntly, "Are you at all averse to being called beautiful?"

There were a million and one things Loki could have said to him that moment, strapped to the table like some sort of human lab rat, as he stared at the red-headed man in bewilderment.

He, Doctor Akasuna his mind numbly supplied, took his silence as an indication to continue. "Because I would not mind addressing an art such as yourself in such a manner."

Gaping at him, Loki managed a choke out, "...what?"

As first impressions go, Loki finds himself utterly disturbed.

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A/N: Re-posted story. I'm trying to keep things light between them without bringing in that unnecessary darkness they both have. I'm hoping that this would stay a crack-fic.

-The Last Deathly Guardian