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Nothing drawn can last forever. And every show no matter how great, fades with time. With each passing year shows would come and fade planting memories and happiness inside people. And when the show airs a world is formed, the world would connect with other shows from its network and makes a bigger world.

One network world was filled with interesting and silly cartoon characters, the world was known as the Cartoon Network world. In this world four heroes defended the land from evil villains and monsters.

These four heroes had formed the greatest order of heroes the world has ever knew.

With samurai Jack the warrior, who had a sword that made villains trembled in fear.

Dexter the inventor, who made wonderful and unbelievable machines.

Buttercup the rogue, who had a bad temper and amazing superpowers.

And Number one the leader of the team.

Together, these four friends have formed the order of the Toons.

The four would eventually travel to the lair of him the most evilest villain of the world. The four defeated him and brought peace to the world, and the four faded into the pages of history, bringing an end to their story. But like most stories when one ends another one begins.

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